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The Wildwood and The Referendum

Posted by Louise

On the morning of the EU Referendum, before I voted, I drew 3 cards.

These 3 cards didn't have a positional meaning (I know, bad me!) but they told the story of something deeper. Come, join me, if you haven't had enough of the EU Brexit nonsense already.

The ramifications of the EU Referendum results are not really going to be felt for a while, months, if not a year or two (or longer). On the morning of the vote itself, I was still undecided. I could see arguments for and against, such as:

  • not wanting to be ruled by those we haven't elected
  • spending money on the EU when we can't pay doctors and nurses
  • other Nationals coming the country who we have to give benefits to, who aren't working for or in the Country (and kudos to those that are and do!)
  • Wishing to remain part of a multinational society
  • military backing in case Trumpy Pants ( my kinder nickname for the mangled apricot hell beast) wins in the USA
  • a coming together of nationals and society
  • stay to reign in the current Government who seemingly want to destroy us even more than they did when Thatcher was in charge

What did my trusted, faithful companion, The Wildwood have to offer for me?

The EU Referendum Vote from The Wildwood, taken 23rd June 2016

The Interpretation

The first was the 9 of Vessels, hinting at being generous. Some will argue that we can't afford it, we're broke. If we vote to stay, we should be able to negotiate some new conditions on the issues that bother us. I say we're all human and in this cycle of life together. The Ace of Vessels hints that there are new emotional times ahead. I honestly didn't think that the vote would go as it did (to leave), I really thought that "Stay" had it in the bag. The Ace hints that there's a lot of new, raw and not quite yet understood emotions running around. Yeah, now I get that! The Ancestor says: "We've been here before. We did it before. We can do it again". I have to think, have we? Well, yes, the two World Wars.

When the fighting was done and the soldiers returned home, just what exactly do you think were they coming home too? Where the other Nations had bombed their home, we'd bombed theirs, we had freed people from imaginable horror... and yet, in spite of all that, here we are. Arguing amongst ourselves, again. Working out what's best for us, again. The Referendum was democracy in action. Like it or not, the results are in. Now it's time to get on with the results.

"Make Britain Great," the Leave campaign said. Great, when, exactly? Please do tell me. I feel history is repeating itself. We've no coal industry to sell off. We've hardly an NHS (that SO needs saving!) the other national treasures have been plundered (thanks to the previous Governments, blue mostly) so let's look at what have we got left.


We have at our disposal, the same resources we had at the end of WW2. Gut, determination, wisdom and sheer dumb luck. Do you know what? We have to make our own luck. So, here's some Ancestral advice. Instead of whinging that something isn't going your way, go and find another way. Get off your arse and make it happen. Some way, somehow. Where's the Bull Dog spirit the Brits are supposed to have? Let's display some true grit!  I'm not seeing it, though; what I am seeing is the spoilt nature of "I want it NOW, for nothing" coming through. This isn't a song (Dire Straits, Money for Nothin') We're over that, people, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get working for it, time to muck in.

The life you want isn't going to be handed to you on a damn plate so please, like our Grandparents and parents did, please get off your arse and come join in everyone who has to make a living in this World.

I've used The Wildwood and the ranting / thoughts are totally my own. The cards showed me the results before they were in, not how I should vote. I just couldn't see their meaning, until now.


Let’s Discuss : The Ancestor

Posted by Louise

The Ancient Ones can show us a way through, if you're prepared to listen to their wise old ways.

With the summer solstice finally hitting, the days being warmer and longer, I wish to take you on a path down through the Wildwood to meet the Ancestor.

AncestorThe Ancestor is like Faith or The Hierophant, but it's so much more.  Our grandparents may seem set in their ways (if yours are alive,  great!) but being able to call on their sage advice when you need to is ace. What is it you need to put structure and thoughts around this week?

The ancestral view of our world is different to how we see it. They've lived through things we never hope to see again. History, though, has a way of repeating itself; mainly because of the lessons we mortals never seem to grasp, but so desperately need.

I then thought about those who have died, may have quickly (or finally) learned all that they needed to, so they no longer need to be on this mortal coil. They've ascended,  become enlightened,  transcended the classroom of life. They've graduated.

This is what I feel the Ancestors are trying to convey.  They're sat in the observation lounge, watching,  trying to shout through the glass to give us hints and tips.  It is going to take us to look at them and read their signals, to understand the messages that they're wanting to convey.

You can work out what message from the old ones do you need to understand this week. What old structure can help you find your way in the depths of life? Those two Silver Birch trees are a gateway; this Ancestor is here to guide you through but the path you actually tread is your own. It's not predefined, it's not set in stone.  You're being guided through life.

These are my ramblings with The Wildwood Tarot deck and I appreciate your visit. In addition, you can have me to guide you right here.


Father’s & Lithia

Posted by Louise

Father's Day, Litha, Full Moon, our British Astronaut comes home and goodness knows what else, all in the space of 48 hours. 

Back on Mother's Day (UK time), I created this spread for our wonderful mum's. It can be used again for the dads and the male role models in our lives. 

father'sBeing a father is a word. Being a daddy and celebrating Father's Day is so much more! There's a magnet on my fridge: "Anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy." And it does.

A father's love can be tough, the buck stop to children's inability to listen to their mother (who thinks she's now a broken record!) or the final (and a favourite) one of: "Wait until your father gets home!"

However, not all father's have iron hands: some have a good mix of a velvet glove and an iron hand, others have just the velvet glove. My Green Man has a good mixture of both, which I find useful and very helpful. From the spread, I know what I appreciate about my husband. I know the other two cards as well, but let's see what the Tarot thinks.

The Tarot Reading:

The King of Bows: What To Appreciate 
I certainly appreciate the daddy's fire and passion. The kids do sometimes too. They know where they stand with him and what they can and cannot get away with. Now, I'm not exactly a push-over, but often, rather than screaming, I send them to their dad. They know what to expect from him! Often, them waiting for him to come home and speak with him, adds to their misery. That may seem cruel, but it gives them extra time to realise that they've overstepped my boundary.

4 of Bows : How Not To Show It
Letting them off anything, when they've been warned, isn't something he does. I'll relent a little when the three of them wear me down but he does not. So once they've been advised (warned) that's it. There's no fun once the punishment has been dished out. Sometimes, they can work or transition their punishment off. This may seem cruel, but they're slowly understanding the effects they have on others. Even the little lady is getting wise to that now!

7 of Stones : How To Show It
He will sit them down and talk with them, making them understand what they've done and how much harder they've made it for poor old mum (yes, sometimes, I've been in tears from their antics) and he makes them sit down and think about their results. He gives them a chance to think, to heal and reflect on the consequences of their actions. Because he makes them do that, things get easier as they get older and the eldest's example is helping the younger two.


So this Lithia, let's celebrate the wonderful fathers in our lives, whether you're able to hug them or not. I walked past several memorial benches in my local park this wet Lithia, some had bunches of flowers on them, clearly still in the memories of those left behind. Some did not, and I like to think that they were remembered in other ways, privately. Now, if Mother Nature could kindly turn off the sprinklers (which seem to be set to drench!) and turn up the external thermostat, that would be fabulous!

I'm glad I finally get to share with you the dynamics of our little family. I doubt I'll share them again soon because family is private, isn't it? 😉

I've used The Wildwood Tarot for the cards and spreads, which I designed and in addition,  I give you permission to use the spread if you so wish.


Let’s Discuss : The Green Man

Posted by Louise

The consort to the Green Woman, The Green Man is our next card. What is he all about?

There are female and male energies all around us. Look around you? Can you see the difference, just in the people standing next to you?Do you notice the difference in the people you talk with?

The Green Man, Wildwood Tarot (c) 2012The Green Man shows up a lot more than people realise. He is certainly far more celebrated than his consort, the Green Woman. I've not yet seen a Green Woman wall plaque for the garden, but I do have a Green Man one. At this time of year, his influence is not as strong as it is in the winter. Without him, the abundance of the flora and fauna we see around us, just would not be possible. It takes two different genders of the same species to procreate, though thankfully, the women do not always carry the babies. (I'm thinking sea-horses. Is there another species have babies that aren't laid or produced by the girls?)

This is a Major card, so he doesn't just show up as a person in your life. He could be a situation that is intense but empty (look at his cauldron compared to the Green Woman's) I never thought of his cauldron as being empty and the book (page 44) says that his cauldron holds the materials of thriving and regenerating nature. Indeed, there are bubbles in this cauldron, but this potion is not ready yet. I guess that is why the liquid is clear.

Using his energy, do you notice the difference in the people you talk with of late? I've noticed a change in attitude, some of it really aggressive (Orlando being a very sad example of this) and a breakdown of boundaries. People aren't accepting the word "No" as a final answer.

The Green Man is capable of bestowing his fertile energy and he can bring you to a new level of confident and assertive dynamism (p45). Personally, I work better with this energy than I do of his consort. I can be a bitter pill for some to take: a little like Marmite. You either love me or hate me. However, you have a choice in how you deal with that hate. Be an adult. Enjoy being an adult, it's time to make it an experience to remember!

If you'd like your own private consultation, you can book your reading slot right here.

The deck I've used is The Wildwood and the images are used with permission from Will Worthington, who owns the image copyright.


What Did I Do Wrong : The Tarot Answers

Posted by Louise

From the list of questions for the Sunday Blog post; What Did I Do Wrong?

This is a question I know that we adults (often parents) ask ourselves semi-regularly,  but when things do not go as planned,  we look to ourselves and others for an explanation.  So,  what did I do wrong?

The question itself isn't the best.  It assigns blame, which isn't always a healthy thing to dish out to anyone,  especially ourselves. Beverley Knight sang it well,  with "Shoulda, woulda, coulda" (though you're not a Fool). What you should have done, would have done and could have done are all questions in hindsight,  but they don't assign self-blame, or blame anyone.  Opportunities are missed all the time, its human nature to not take a path or to go our own way.

With Ms Knight's song in mind,  here's a little spread for you,  to work out your mind on whatever it is that bothers you. Let's take a step forward from last week's Guest Blog post. What could you have done differently?

wrong - Shoulda woulda coulda


Shoulda -  what should have been done - The Sun of Life
What a pain to have such a positive card come up for this? This does happen in the Tarot, frequently. That's where having a good Tarot reader, with ethics and experience, are essential. There are plenty of us around!

As for the should have? Well, this reads for me as you should have been genuine to your higher self, not your ego, not your demands or ambition. So, you should have set that aside and been true to yourself. You've stifled your inner power, not shone brightly enough or allowed others to shine too. Did you help someone up, or put them down? Did you help them focus on their dreams? Did you ask for their help with your dreams?

wouldaWoulda - what would have been good - The Journey

Well, the Journey came out on this one. This card is all about change, adapting. It would have been good if you'd allow the change to happen, instead of fighting it. It would have been good if you or the other person didn't let things rot away and took the chance, the opportunity.

It would've also been nice if some sharing had occurred. Look at this crow; he doesn't look like he's shared that carcass! Is it wrong that he didn't share?

Coulda - what could have have been done - Knight of Bows ~ Fox

couldaHere's the cunning in the tail: the Knight is a cunning person, someone who can and does adapt and change plans in a heartbeat. They think on their feet in the heat of the moment.

This card is saying that reaction, or doing something, may have been better than doing nothing at all. Reacting and acting, may have saved you from some of the hurt, or caused more. We don't really know what it would have done for you, had you gone the other way. It was just something you could have done.

So, there you have it. In this case, it's saying that you're not "wrong" my dear, there was no set right way. You're just sadly out of time to work it all out! As happens to us all at certain times in our lives. We don't have time infinite to work it all out, which is another reason I believe our souls come back to this mortal coil. To work more stuff out.

I've used The Wildwood for this spread, which I designed (Please feel free to use it, I'll post it up on TA and on its own via Twitter or G+ if people ask!) and the interpretations are my own too, based on the cards that have come out. I tend to create my own spreads for consultations I'm engaged with.


Let’s Discuss : The Green Woman

Posted by Louise

The Green Woman is the Wildwood's answer to the Empress.

What do you see when you look at this fern-clad, wild rose Goddess?

Major #3 - The Green WomanThe Green Woman of The Wildwood is more than the Empress, for me. She's life you see springing before you as nature comes into full summer bloom. She's the force behind the weeds that won't die (despite what nasty chemicals you put on them). She's the river that flows, the foxgloves that grow. She's the new shoots of the ivy tree, the falling of their leaves, the leaves on the trees and the heavy summer rain.

The traditional Empress might show all that, but they don't get it to the level of the new shoots of your Orchid, or the new Thistle heads that spring up at you. For me, she's in the Ceanothus blooms that are only now, dying back, the rose buds that are popping open and cascading their sweet scent around everywhere.

My daughter this year, has fallen in love with daisies, buttercups, dandelions and yellow roses (she may have been a rabbit in a previous life 😉 ) and points them out to me with great pleasure. This is what the Green Woman is all about. New life. The broody black-rock chicken I have, who is currently sitting on half a dozen Welsh Summers, is also the epitome of this wondrous thing called life.

The Green Woman is only one-half of the equation (I'll cover her consort next week) but her power is growing as we head to the Summer Solstice. Notice the ferns and the wild roses on her clothes, shoulders and face? She's sheltering goodness knows what kind of animal and small creatures. Birds would have no protection at this time of year to reproduce if the trees didn't come back to life, if the sap that runs through them, didn't flow. The rivers that flow, bring water and nutrients to everything and everyone that uses them. Trees give oxygen and shade, shelter and warmth.

When she appears for you (in any deck) remember that she's the nurturer, a gentle protector, a teacher. She asks that you be responsible for what you do on this Earth, commune and understand the nature around you. Learn from her abundance and turn your face towards the sun. Be happy and find peace with yourself.

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The deck I've used is The Wildwood and the ramblings are partly my own and taken from the book (pages 42 and 43). Images copyright to Eddison Sadd & Will Worthington, 2012.


Guest Post : Is He Coming Back?

Posted by Louise

Very often, we Tarot readers are asked: Is he coming back?

I want to introduce you to a Tarot Reading buddy of mine in London : Anton Rossi.

I think I've known Anton for about a decade (maybe longer, neither of us are really counting) and when I finally got my tail down to the big smoke, we met up for drinks one year. Well, we're still in touch and I asked her to guest blog here. She created the question and the spread: Is he coming back? Her style is very different to mine, we don't tend to work with the same decks (she prefers darker ones) but we both rate Ciro Marchetti, our birthday's are close (though a few years apart) and we both speak as we find. What's not to love about her?!

Here she is and if you want to visit her, you can find her Facebook page and website links at the bottom.

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~ ~ ~

Well... one of the questions that, among others that are asked very often to us readers is: “Will he/she come back?” Often we're asked repeatedly.

I generally do not really answer yes or no questions and so I have created this small spread to help answer the question asked and to give more insight. For this I have used both a Tarot deck (The Buckland Romani Tarot) and a Lenormand deck (Pixie's Astounding Lenormand) to see if a) if they match; b) if they give a slightly different answer. They are two very different systems and, if you are not familiar with Lenormand, feel free just to use the 3 cards Tarot spread.

Also, bear in mind that of the Lenormand I have asked the question straight as above (Will he/she come back?) 

Here is the spread:

Is he coming back to me spread

Tarot & Lenormand Spread

The positions are (left to right) are:

  1. Why did we break up?
  2. What is the lesson for me?
  3. What are the possibilities of a reconciliation?


 1) 7 of Chivs (Swords)

Well, I would say that there have been plenty of misunderstandings, discussions, perhaps arguments that have finally led to this. Many see this as a card of deception and sometimes it can indicate that. But I feel that in this case it could be about one's own ego, the 7 of Swords can be about also deceiving oneself, perhaps trying to believe that what you are doing is really right, there is a method to some madness right? But, ultimately, the reason why this break up occurred is because either one of you or both were likely not on the same page, and one was putting themselves first.

2) The Hermit

The lesson here is that there was the need for some space, perhaps on both sides but, either way, this is a card of reflection. And very much of learning too. So this is the start of a journey, the upsets or pain of this breakup will bring new knowledge to the surface, and this is going to be a knowledge that will help us grow. We will come out the other side much wiser and stronger. With The Hermit you may also need to learn the lesson on patience, from this point on nothing regarding this situation is going to move along fast.

3) Ace of Bolers (Pentacles)

This is a very good card to have for this as an outcome. I think it is answering a yes but in terms of possibilities, it is saying that it is going to take time. Perhaps from this space and break a seed has been planted. The energies of this card are those of something new being created. But it is Pentacles, and it is an Ace, slow to the point. Possibly some months but then it is difficult to be specific with timing in Tarot. This card suggests that the energies have changed and that we will need to learn The Hermit lesson and be patient. But it is indeed a positive outcome.

Overall: I would say that the answer to the main question is yes, they're coming back, but that it won't be immediate. There is still the need for some changes to occur and I feel that neither of these two people are ready to move onto the next step. The Ace as an outcome would suggest that there is a good and solid foundation to this connection so it could be restarted given time.


Okay, so at first glance this is a resounding yes to the question: Are they coming back?

 Sun+ Key = Successful result

Key + Woman = An important woman (significator, this could also come out as a man)

Sun + Woman = Successful, optimistic woman

You could ask, what if the sitter was a man? Well, I asked as a woman so perhaps this picked up on me but if that would be the case I would say that a woman could be the key to the “yes answer”.

This spread is free for anyone to use and experiment with so have fun!

You can find Anton's website here and her Facebook Page is here


Let’s Discuss : The Seer ~ The Wildwood’s Sorceress

Posted by Louise

What does a wise / seer woman look like to you?

Does she have white hair? Is she wrinkly and worn, like old leather? Or does she stare back at you from behind the eyes of the people you look at?

The Seer from The Wildwood Tarot

Seers or witches these days,  don't always look like something from Arthur's Camelot or Terry Pratchett books (though,  I deeply respect Granny Weatherwax).  Seers, wise women, witches,  whatever name you go by, come in as many designs and sizes as a pair of knickers.  There are thousands of us,  each different but each the same, to some extent.

The Wildwood's Witch,  The Seer, is beautiful and haunting, both at the same time. It's expected that she wears clothes to fit her environment,  we all do.  Hers though would camouflage her well. The cloak of the owl, the shamanic totems, the bag of runes, the staff: they're all tools she uses to cart the stillness she needs within.  The stillness creates the magic in which thought,  focus and intent can surface.  From there,  anything is possible.

The runes and cauldron are used to ask questions and gain answers from within and from the Divine.  Answers that we might not otherwise be able to answer ourselves. They add to our silent intent and plans, thus creating a course of action.

What the Tarot offers, this card embodies. I think that's ace, but not everyone can see what good hints and signposts can do for someone. Trying to untangle negative thoughts is like trying to un-spin a spider's web. It's not recommended if you're not trained! However, the Tarot can say: If you push here, this might happen. If you take this silken thread and follow it, you might go here. Life is complicated enough sometimes and we want to see the signposts that are there, we need the help of others. Like the Seer, what is discussed between us, stays that way. I've learned to "forget" about them, until such time as you bring them back into focus at another reading. I need my sleep too!

The deck I've used is The Wildwood, images are copyright to Will Worthington & Eddison Sadd. The babblings and thoughts are totally my own 😉


Always Correct : The Tarot

Posted by Louise

The Tarot is always correct, it's our understandings that are often off base.

This came in answer to my question query from Facebook. "Why is the Tarot, always correct?" Not me, I can be as wrong as a "U" bend at times! But the Tarot, that's not wrong.

I'd love to say, I'm personally right all the time. However, I am human, I'm fallible. The cards are just cards, with images that trigger thoughts and reactions inside your head. So, why is the Tarot correct when the reader isn't always?

looking for the correct experienceFor one thing, personal experience. My experience is going to be so very different from yours. What triggers in your head is going to be different from the thoughts that go through my head; even as we view the same image. It's just like having a different view on a piece of art. It's subjective, depending on your experiences in life. I wouldn't say I had a sheltered life, but thanks to the decisions my parents took, it was an easier life than maybe I'd have had in Glasgow. We'll never know, for sure. (Unless I can get a parallel universe me to compare notes with 😉 )

You'll find when people create a spread, we assign positional meanings to them. That's because we want to know something specific from that card in that place, along with the rest of the cards. It's not just left to "Oh, what do we see??" as we draw the cards out. Well, not all the time!

offering the correct opinionLife experiences can influence intuitive readings, which is why I took the time to learn the traditional meanings as well as build on my intuition. If I had carried on when I was 16, I'd have a lot more wealth of information to hand, but I didn't. I did as I was bid and put the cards away. I've over 90 decks now, I wonder what my mother would say to that? I'll ask her when I see her next!

Each time I write a blog post or any Tarot reader writes a blog post about a card or a set of cards, or any Tarot reader reads your cards, you're asking them for their opinion, their thoughts. They've taken the time to learn what the traditional meanings are, built on and worked with their intuition. They've invested time and often money on courses etc. to build that up. Reading the cards for someone isn't just a "throw away" thing. It takes energy and for the good ones amongst us, we adopt an ethical responsibility to help the querent to their highest good. That does result in sometimes, saying "I can't read for you, I'm sorry" and may contain things that you'd rather not hear, but need to. Sometimes, we're the advice you need, not what you want.

The cards are just literal. I've demonstrated this with the two Queens I've chosen to illustrate this blog. Their nuances and applications come out of your experiences.

I hope that gives you further insight into how Tarot readings work. I've a guest post coming up next week and I hope you enjoy her input.

If you'd like the opinion of the Tarot, with my insight, you can book your reading with me right here.

Until next time, Namaste. #tarot #wildwood #queens #correct #halesowen #psychic #oldhill #dudley #blackcountry

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Let’s Discuss : The Shaman

Posted by Louise

The next card from this deck is The Shaman. The earthly Magician.

The Magician of this deck is The Shaman. He's the one who reminds us that we are all magic.

The Shaman.

The Shaman from The Wildwood Tarot Deck

We forget, as we get older, that the power to make changes is right with us. It always is, just sometimes we forget to use that power. I often akin this card to Paul Hollywood, a British Master Baker (Great British Bake Off). His ability to make bread of various types reminds me of this Shaman. Able to take the ingredients from various sources and make something fantastic out of it.

The Shaman reminds me of that skill and whilst Mr Hollywood portrays it in a physical form, this fellow reminds us that we all have that ability within us. We need to recall that power and somewhere along the way, in this corporate driven World I live in, we forget that we can call on this internal power and tweak things.

The tools that The Shaman has at his feet, reminding us that the tools we need are right there, within us.

Let's look at his tools for a moment. The roebuck skull represents air, a stone knife represents earth, the smoking bundle represents fire and the hollow antler-tine cup, water. He represents the spiritual side of us that should, always, respect the nature around us and the life that lives within it.

This fellow offers insight into the complexities of the human psyche and the natural rhythm of life. The two are not always the same. This magician applies his magic with intent, he studies, he understands. He has spent time and learnt from the past and will help teach in the future.

Some of his magic is within. He will meditate, he will undertake inner working and he offers understanding; he's a complex a being as you or I. His craft requires dedication, patience, wisdom and willpower. He's quite the character, the Shaman.

So, this week, now Mercury has gone direct and we sling-shot ourselves out into life, what does The Shaman offer to you that you can take forward?

This is The Wildwood Deck (by Ryan, Worthington & Matthews) and the ramblings are a mixture of my own and some re-reading of the extensive book that comes with the deck. 

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