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Wildwood : Happy Wanderer

Posted by Louise

This week, we've The Wanderer and the prospect of new beginnings come to hand. So, let's take a leap of faith and let's go find happy!

Finding happiness is a journey, it's moments here and there that make us happy, it's not a permanent state. However, we keep thinking that it is something we must be in, permanently. I'm happy now, writing the blog with my toddler daughter sat next to me as she watches her cBeebies programmes. Not something she gets to do when her big brothers are around!


Major 0
The Wanderer

The Wanderer from The Wildwood reminds us to take a leap of Faith, which in itself can be frightening and certainly not something that makes us happy at the time. However, it does lead to being happy, perhaps, if we can be brave enough to step out onto that rainbow bridge.

Sometimes, we can't stay where we are, either in a career, a job (no, the two aren't the same), the home environment. Things change and we have to find our moments of being happy when they occur.

What makes you happy? Do you have a state of happy in your life? What is it? If you don't, what do you need to do to go and reach it?

What is happy? For me, it's the moments that make you smile, lift your spirits and make your soul soar. A beaming smile from a toddler can do that, a hug from a grateful big brother, a hot cup of tea after a cold morning in the park. There are so many little things that can make me happy, I wonder, what yours are? My daughter has just found out to hit tubs and tins with her hands to make a noise... I've a drummer in the making!

So, this week, share with me what moments make you happy, then I encourage you to wander off and find more, different, happy moments.  Yes, different ones. That's the adventure, finding more.

Blessings to you and I'd love to hear from you via comments!


Wildwood : Who Are You This Year?

Posted by Louise

Mary K Greer has a wee system of working out what your Tarot Trump cards are for the coming year. I know what mine are, do you know yours?

Working out which archetypes are "with" us for a year (usually, birthday to birthday) is helpful. It's like knowing which Angel and Devils are sat on your shoulders. The trick with the Majors, is that they can be good and bad, they can switch from "Angel" in the being helpful sense to the "Devil" and be a burden and difficult to use or understand, or swallows us if we get too close. Do you know who you are? Let me show you how to work it out.

Day of your birth (in my case, 7)
Month of your birth (in my case, 3)
This Year (2+0+1+5=8)
So, 7+3+8= 18.
That gives us The Moon (or with The Wildwood, the Moon on Water). But wait, there's more! 18 is a double-digit number, so lets drop it down to a single digit, which (you've probably guessed it) is 1+8=9, The Hooded Man, or The Hermit. So, lets work out who I am, before we work out who are you!

who are you

Major #18 ~ The Moon on Water

If you're good at observing, you'll know from above, that my birthday is March, so these cards for me, I feel, don't come into force until then.

On my left, we have the Moon On Water, the influence to use your intuition is coming into play this coming year. Things aren't going to be transparent (bummer!) but it is a time to get beyond earthy awareness and this year, its inner transformation. Ever get the feeling that this is what you've been waiting for, but also being a wee bit scared of it?  Good, because that's how I feel about this card and this coming year. It's time to let my soul take form. There are two spirit guides that I am aware of. One, is a powerful salmon. The other, I've had since I was two, he's strong and powerful, a land animal (not featured in this card) but as for his name, I have no idea. This coming year, it's a rebirth! But I have to be careful that I don't reinvent myself too much that I lose who I have been, where I've come from.

who are you

Major 9
The Hooded Man

On the right, we have The Moon on Water's counterpart, The Hooded Man. This is if you like, the negative side of things for this coming year. (Queue the Robin of Sherwood music from Clannad). The Hooded Man is the Hermit in RWS, but this fellow is so much more! He represents the space needed for stillness and contemplation. (A hard thing to achieve with 3 active, growing children!) but he shines a light into every corner of my world (cue Katrina and the Waves) so anything I have to fear, I have to address, cannot hide. The shadow side of him, is that I might enjoy spending quite a bit of time alone, but I've neglected a few things these last two years, my magical studies for one. This Hooded Man survives even this cold, empty landscape because of his wisdom and will. And I feel I am lacking that in so many ways. I'm nearing the big four-oh, and I really don't feel that much wiser than when I was, 19 or 23 or 27. I should do, I feel. This coming year, He is my inner guide and mentor but I need to be careful that I don't lose myself in him and forget to live.

If you'd like me to work out who YOU are for this year and give you my insight, you can book your full reading right here (I'd love to read your year cards for you!).


Wildwood : New Year, New You

Posted by Louise

It's the first post of 2015, so Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours! However you've come to my  blog, welcome!

So, it's a New Year. What about a New You? Yes, I'm being serious here. The card that I pulled was The Shaman. What a great card for the first blog entry for 2015! (And it's going to take me a little while to get used to writing that number) The Shaman is like the Magician from the RWS, but he's so much more than that. He's the hub of the Wheel of the Year, on which this deck is based.

new year

Major 1 ~ The Shaman

Do you see his eyes? They're clear and open, not closed or cloudy and his gaze is steady. On the ground before him, are tools of the elements, indicating that he's able and willing to wield the tools of his trade. Do you want to ask this ancient and profound being any questions? It might be a bit like asking David Cooperfield to show you how he does his tricks; I doubt you'll get an answer, but if you ask Penn and Teller, you might have far more luck.

The Shaman is a Gateway card, offering (as the book says) illumination to the inner universe and the other-world of the universal mind. The magic often happens within, and before we can change the outside world, we must change ourselves within. The Shaman has the skills of communicating with all levels of sentient life, from the Timber wolves that howl, to the bugs that crawl around. He knows what fungi are healing, and which are not (more than I do!).

The Shaman is about working through your inner self, using meditation to bring personal insight and understanding of your true self. Once you've worked out your true self, you can being the practical application and manifest the knowledge, wisdom and power we're all born with, but somehow, lose along the way.

So, my advice for the New Year, with this card, is work out what it is you want, what you really need, then start by making changes to YOU. Once you've done that, you have the tools for you future and therefore, a new YOU.

I've used The Wildwood, which you can find on Will Worthington's site.

Tarot Blog Hop : The Joy of Gifting

Posted by Louise


The Joy of Gifting is the theme for the last Tarot Blog Hop for 2014 is here. We've asked by the wrangler, Arwen, to blog about a specific spread about the Joy of Gifting. Not just gifting personally, but globally. If only the magicks worked that way!

Everyone loves a present or two, don't they? We were given a specific list of questions to answer for this Blog Hop. In fact, Arwen was very specific. Another Hop member, Morgan, created a layout for this, but you know what, I feel like making it look like a tree! I love trees of all shapes and sizes and it saddens me when they're cut down and not replaced. Or, cut down and made into a stupid car park.

So, onto the spread and lets see what useful gifts (other than anger) The Wildwood can bestow upon the Global Community this Yuletide.

Joy of Gifting

Yuletide Spread

  1. What gift would you give the world if you could? Major 14 ~ Balance
  2. What gift would you want from the world? Three of Bows ~ Fulfilment
  3. What gifts have you gotten that has brought you joy? Three of Stones  ~ Creativity & Major 3 ~ The Green Woman
  4. What gifts have you given that has brought you joy? Nine of Vessels ~ Generosity
  5. What is one last thing you would like to share about this season? Four of Arrows ~ Rest

So, what Gift would I give to the World, if I could? Major 14 (Balance) was picked from the deck. Balance I feel, is so lacking in lots of areas in the Global community. Take a look at Syria, Afghanistan, the West Coast of Africa, The Middle East... The list is almost endless but we should be more tolerant and more in balance, more Zen. Okay, with several billion people on one small, little spinning planet, that is a tall order, but even for a day (or a short while), isn't it worth it?

In return for sending out such a gift to the World, I'd like the World to send to me some fulfilment. That feeling you get when something goes right and you make the right choice. Okay, I'm a Tarot reader and I'm supposed, maybe, to know it all, already, you know? But you know what? I don't. No one does and I am firmly of the belief that if anyone claims they have all the answers, they're lying or playing with you. I have no intention of doing either, for I have no energy for it.

Joy of Gifting

The Cards In Their Spread

What gift have I received that has bought me joy? Beyond being a mother (which is why I picked The Green Woman, for she is this deck's Empress) which can be trying, fun, exhausting, exhilarating, traumatic and terrific, all at the same time! When I'm not doing Tarot, I love creating things such as my own cards (Christmas, birthdays, whatever) as well as creating things like my own Tarot bags on my old Singer K class. There's much more to learn, and hopefully I'll add to those skills during this coming year, thanks in part to the Jenome machine that's already sat under the Christmas tree. The Jenome is more portable than the K Class, which means I can maybe, get to a few sewing classes in 2015? *grin*

What gift have I given that has bought joy? Boy, Arwen likes extracting a whole pint of blood from you! That's hard to work out, sometimes, but you never really know, until later, if the gifts you've given have ever really been gratefully received! However, I recall the first present that I ever bought my husband, was before we were married or even dating. It was his birthday, and he was a friend at the time. It was his birthday and I found in a cheap book shop, a set of juggling balls. They cost a mere one British pound, but he taught himself to juggle and entertains the children, even now. Something so simple has bought so much joy, even years after they were given as a simple gift to a friend. That was certainly the Joy of Gifting.

My last note for the season, is rest. Most of you know, I have three growing, bickering, strapping children, and I wouldn't swap them for all the tea in China and India combined. However, at some point, I know I'm going to need rest and the kids do too! The eldest two, who are school age, need their rest and need the time to catch up on their sleep after a whirlwind first term of this academic year. The little lady and her parents are no exceptions, we need our rest and the chance to recharge our batteries. My house is typical I think, in that sense. I don't doubt that others up and down the land, or across the globe, are in the same boat. And so are the teachers! I'm sure they're in a darkened room somewhere, with something tall and strong (and it's probably permanently 5 o'clock somewhere!) Can't say I blame them!

Joy of Gifting

Four of Arrows

So, with that Joy of Gifting ending (and some 850+ words) I pass you onto Joanna Ash's blog entry and I merrily send you on your way, perhaps with a mince-pie, a little warm mulled wine (if you'll have some, I personally, can't stand the stuff) or hot chocolate. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2015 be  prosperous to you, in lots of ways!



Palmistry : Learning The Lines

Posted by Louise

If you've ever scrolled past the blog entry to my FAQ page,  you'll have read that whilst I am interested in palmistry,  I've not, yet, found a teacher. Well, I may have found my answer.

Reading at Zen one evening,  I came across the The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford.  I've never come across this deck before,  but since I'm interested in palmistry (but I'm unable to find someone to teach me)  I figured,  "Why not?".


The Palm Reading Deck

No less than 10 minutes later,  I was reading through the cards,  working out my hand shape and what it might generally mean.  Turns out I'm a cross between a fire and earth hand.  The aromatherapist who sometimes uses the adjoining reading space, asked me what I was doing,  and I explained. In explaining what little I'd learned, we then  went through and worked out her palm and hand shape,  which were totally different to mine. We both agreed, than Not all of it was accurate, but I'll work out the why on that, later on as I learn more. I do feel that was me not knowing what aspects to use or totally understanding how palmistry fits together, quite yet, than anything else.

So now I get to work out lots of other cool things and have my palm print laid out before me,  where I can just turn the cards over and reveal another aspect of myself. Now,  this might take a little while to do it here for Zen (or for myself) but at least I feel like I've started adding another string to my bow!  The time required to learn palmistry is fine, I've the time. A little, regularly, like I did with the Tarot, and I'll get there.

What have you learned this week? What do you want to learn this coming week? What structure of learning do you have in place? Do you have one? Do you need one? If so, why? This week I have a huge blog post to write for the Blog Hop (or at least, get started!), wrap presents, write & make cards... the list and life goes on, but when I do get chance, (when things quieten down) I'll be working with this deck a little more.

If you'd like to reply to any of the questions here, please do! I loves comments, I do :)

The deck in question, for reference, is The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford and has the ISBN number of 978-0-7537-2297-8

Wildwood : Keep Going

Posted by Louise

This week, I'm advised to keep going! I found some quiet time, shuffled the deck and pulled out the fantastic Queen of Vessels! Sitting on my behind and moping isn't the order for this week. Blast!

keep going

Queen of Vessels

Not that I'm one for moping in general (okay, I'm female and a mum, I can mope with the best of them, honestly!) but the Queen of Vessels is just getting on with it, she's keeping going. She's off up river to spawn. Well, I've spawned enough, but maintaining the family after said spawning is a full-time job!

There have been times this week when I've just I've just wanted to hide. I know what I wanted to do and what I've been allowed to do are two totally different things. But seriously, I can't just stop the world because I want to get off (though this week, I've certainly wanted to!) so I've got to keep going.

Like this Queen, I have to go with the emotions, swim along with them and carry on regardless. Being allowed to stop isn't an option that's open to me. It's been times like this I've been grateful for the new (and strong) friends I've surrounded myself with, for without them I'd have gone even more insane than I would have done normally!

What does the Queen of Vessels say to you? This week, I've learned that she's able, and willing, to ask for help. Not my greatest fortè, the asking bit, but hey, as we Scots say, if you dinnae ask, you dinnae get! And you know what's nice? Being able to help someone else out in return, no favours, just because you can.

So I'll keep on swimming up that river, keep going, keep on trying, never giving up. Because, really, is that even an option?

I've used the Wildwood Tarot here, as I usually do. Feel free to comment or share, I do love that!


Wildwood : Carpe Diem, Mr Fox

Posted by Louise

I asked the Wildwood Tarot app what energies I needed to aid me this week and Mr Fox says:  "carpe diem". Remind me to keep him away from my daughter though, she loves this card and she will seize him!

carpe diem

Knight of Bows

Once again, the born survivor comes out to say, seize the day (carpe diem)! The determination the Fox has can lead to success, but I'd rather not do it at a personal cost. The Fox is full of natural wit and cleverness, and this card can guide us towards being fulfilled. The fox anticipates the future, which is a gift to cherish.

Being quick-witted isn't one of my strong points, but avoiding the headlights is. The fox reminds us that leaving old ways behind, being innovative, creative, cunning and improvising a way forward are good characteristics of the fox, as is the phrase "carpe diem", but he has his negative side too. He can be reckless and overly competitive, violent, impatient.

What situation do I need to seize during the coming week? What situation do you need to seize? Where do you need to take the time and make haste, slowly? Yes, I did say slowly. Foxes might be quick enough to get out-of-the-way of an on-coming car, but they're not that quick in their own arena, or so I am told. They like to take their time but they're creatures that very much "carp diem" (seize the day) when they need to.

Have you seen Blackadder? I was sure my favourite phrase about having a plan so cunning I could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, was in there, but it turns out the final animal is the weasel. Not quite the animal we have before us and I rather like this fox's tail!

So, with that in mind (and since my memory about Blackadder shattered enough that I need to revisit some old episodes) I hope this week doesn't require too much thinking, but plenty of "carpe diem" moments! I hope you seize the day(s) coming too!

Thanks for dropping by, you can like this post, +1, re-tweet and do other nice things with it that'll make me smile, including commenting. I'm off to take Baldrick off the spit and tidy away the Wildwood cards.


Wildwood : 6 of Arrows / Swords

Posted by Louise

Following on from the Tribal Help, coping with the mental battle afterwards has me hunting for other takes of the 6 of Arrows.

So, my mental self has been up and down, dealing with the insurance company for a week whilst they sent out an assessor, wishing to speak with a loss adjuster, not getting that, the insurance company holding onto the claim for a week longer than they ought to have done. My mental self has been up and down, back and forth. I hadn't realised I would be so up and down.

6 Swords - Witches TarotWhilst I was setting up at Zen in Moseley on Wednesday, I saw this card from the Witches Tarot by Ellen Cannon-Reed. I don't recall seeing this card before and I did do a double take and explore this deck a little more. I then started looking through the 6 of Swords / Arrows from other decks.


Six of Arrows

At times, I was the Eagle, flying high and over-coming the intrusion, getting things fixed, scheduling this and that in for repair and improvement, getting quotes for another huge family building project. It's never simple and at times, when I felt like things weren't actually going anywhere (but the windmills of my mind were turning) things became very much like the white bird at the bottom. Is that white bird a stork? Is it hurting itself? I've felt like that... internal frustrations and anger, manifesting in stress, which for me, means an eczema flare up.

Whilst trying to find a better (though perhaps different take) on the 6 of Swords / Arrows, I came across these images. None have spoke to me in the same way as that image did that Wednesday night.  Two sides of the same coin were shown at the same time.

6 Swords - Shadowscapes Tarot 6 Swords - Mystic Dreamers Tarot

6 Swords  Llewellyn Classic 6 Swords - HousewivesPerhaps you see these other images as ways to transition between negative and positive thoughts: A way to keep the mental balance in check. So, the Witches Tarot's 6 of Swords "spoke" to me because it did, actually, depict the self mental torture of happiness and boarder line sadness and frustration that happens in life. The Housewives 6 of Swords is quite colourful too, but it doesn't depict, to me, the sadness and shadow side of mental health. It shows you the balance needed, but not what you can do to yourself, or suffer, when things don't go swimmingly well. Or at least, improve and move forward!

So, which rendition of the 6 of Arrows / Swords, speaks to you of the shadow side, the depressed (sad) side? I'm interested in what other images of the 6 of Arrows really show you the depression and defeatist views we all encounter when dealing with major things.

I've used images from The Wildwood, The Housewives, Witches Tarot, Shadowscapes TarotThe Mystic Dreamers Tarot.

Looking forward to your replies!


Wildwood : Tribal Help Afterwards

Posted by Louise

This week, the Wildwood suggests that we ask for help with our responsibilities so we can move forward.



Certain things in life are sent to try us; being intruded upon in a violent way in the shape of a burglary, is certainly one for the "trying" category.

I pulled these cards on the evening it happened, but I've been wondering why and how they fit and today, it came together, in my head at least.

The Wolf calls upon his tribe to help and assist. I struggled with him in another reading not so long ago and it was the insight of another reader (Chloe) that helped me bring this reading into focus today. Yes, I could howl as to the injustice of it, but we got off lucky, nothing was stolen (this time) but the mess left behind leaves me wrangling with the insurance folks as to how to repair it and what is covered.

King of Stones, Wolf, was the husband and I calling on our parents much later, seeking advice on how to be more responsible with our possessions. Some great advice came back with lots of ideas and help from friends with suggestions about whom else to call. It was time to do the homework and investigate things alongside the insurance company. Thanks as well to the neighbour who man-handled the garage door back into it's runs (our first "call") that night then parked his car within centimetres of our garage door to help secure it for the night.


Six of Arrows

The responsibility part comes from ensuring that should this happen again, that things are marked up, locked down and it's made as hard or as awkward as possible for the next time.If someone is that determined, they'll get in but you know what, why should I make it easy for them?

The last card, the Six of Swords, I feel is about moving forwards. The fact that someone broke in, to try and take what wasn't theirs, then left the door wide open for their mates to come and pilfer through, is a thing to be left in the past. Move away from it whilst getting things sorted and repaired, but leave it behind. Continuing on carrying that forward will rock your boat.

Time to carry on with the upwards, onwards and forward and repairing things, huh?

(Wildwood deck used, as usual!)
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Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain Master Hop List

Posted by Louise

I'm the Wrangler of the 2014 Samhain Blog Hop and the challenge to the participants this time, was this: Who would you invite to tea on the Day of the Dead.

Here's the remit the participants were given. Below that, is the Master List itself.

The veil between the living world and the spirit world is at its thinnest at Samhain. To those of us that celebrate this as the Pagan New Year, we're often asked to look back and be grateful to our ancestors, invite them to tea, learn from them. (If you've ever heard me mention my ancestors, you'll know I'm not keen on quite a few of them visiting, so they're never invited! :) )

The topic of the Samhain Blog Hop this time, is to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they'd be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).

My fellow hoppers are:

1/ Louise Underhill
2/ Leeza
3/ Bonnie Fernandes
4/ Arwen Lynch
5/ Joanna Ash -
6/ Joy Vernon
7/ Amethyst Mahoney -
8/ Chloe for TABI -
9/ Christiana Gaudet -
10 / Ethony -
11/ Robin Bondurant Wood -
12/ Karen Sealey -
13/ Chloe for Celtic Lenormand -
14/ Stella T'arot -
15/ Joanne Sprott
16/ Bridgett Trejo
17/ Chloe McCracken -
18/ Alison Coals -
19/ Ania M -
20/ Morgan Drake Eckstein -
21/ Jera-babylon Rootweaver
22/ Olivia Destrades -
23/ María Luisa Salazar -

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