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Numerology : Karmic Completion

Posted by Louise

Karmic completion is the key word for this coming weeks numerology card. The fabulous, number TEN.

So far, the numerology cards have stuck themselves in the Tarot numbering, which, is easy for me! Throughout the numbered minors, they seem to resonate fairly well with the depiction upon the cards, regardless of the suit. I'm sure that view might change as I explore this deck fully. There are, after all, 44 cards and as such, not every number is covered.

karmic completionHowever, this week, we have the number Ten come up and the key words are "Karmic Completion". Ten is the last minor / pipped card, before you reach the mighty Courts So, having things done to the best you can by then, is almost essential. Though, getting things done by then, can be quite the challenge!

The implication with this deck, is that you've learned the lesson from this cycle, cleared or fulfilled a contract (or debt!) from your past. (This bodes well for me this coming week then!) The lessons don't end (Oh, bugger) but this particular lessons you won't have to go through again. (Yay!)

In the Tarot, this card covers the tens in the suits, but also the Wheel of Fortune. Tides can turn, what goes up, can (and usually does!) come down. Getting to a Ten state isn't a straight line, you can jump from a 5 state to a 1, to 3 to 7, to 4 to... well, snakes and ladders , it's not a straight line.

Being in a ten situation, having gone through the snakes and ladders type route, does require that you're somewhat adaptable, flexible and changeable. Does the word harmonize resonate with you? Karmic completion sounds marvellous, doesn't it?

This coming week, this card suggests that you meet your challenges head on, be kind to yourself and remember to love & respect the face (and others!) that stares back at you from the mirror.

I've used the Numerology Guidance Cards for this weeks' heads up. And you want to book a private consultation, you can do so here :)


Wildwood : Bridge The Gap

Posted by Louise

This week, we're going to bridge the gap for the Story Board. Katie at my Tarot group came up with this gem about a year ago. We call it "The Bridge Spread" and here's how it works.

We all find ourselves at a place where we need to build a bridge, but how?! Working out where you're coming from, where you want to be, then working out how to connect the two, can help!

This week, I asked: What do I need to build a bridge over? Using The Wildwood app, I pulled these three cards. The card on the left is the Starting Point and this week, we have the Four of Vessels. I'm not bored, but I am in a cycle of wasted energy. Like most people in England's green and pleasant land, there are thousands of parents waiting for the kids to go back to school. For some, it cannot come soon enough! I'm not bored, but I find doing things with the three kids in tow, almost impossible. These tasks do include doing the weekly shopping, going for blood tests, even visiting the doctors, is hard work!

The Destination is the Ace of Bows, the card on the right. I am looking for a spark, divine intervention. No, I'm not looking someone to sweep me away from this life, not even for a day! I am looking for my muse, my own spark. Being worn out does mean I'm not engaging as I would normally like to be. Perhaps that comes across as bored, but I think worn out is more accurate!

The Bridge is what to do to join the two together. See that wonderful middle card? It's saying have fun! Seek out and find my Joy! (And I now have Arwen's voice saying that in my head!) So, get out, let my hair down and feel like a woman! (Shania Twain). I am sure though that I am not the only one that needs to let my hair down and chill out.

I did a pretty good job of that last night, with a bottle of wine, one of my best friends and crafting birthday cards for my very soon to be nine-year old! It was good to just chill out and not fret about things. Okay, so I've a birthday cake to bake, but since that's fairly simple (and not as complicated as he originally wanted!) I can do that as late as tomorrow!

So, what do you need to bridge over? Have you explored what questions your inner self has to ask? Often, concentrating on what you need to know, rather than having a specific question, you'll get the answers you need! I've been working on a few business things this week and I'm being made to think, my brain hurts as a result! And that's good!

If you'd like to find the answers within, you can seek my help here! Helping someone find their answers, makes me happy too!

The Bridge - Three of Vessels

I've used The Wildwood tarot here, drawn by Will Worthington and created by Mark Ryan & John Matthews.


Numerology : Personal Growth

Posted by Louise

Personal Growth is the key numerology number this week. Which is represented by the fabulous Number 7.

personal growthI love the number 7, partly because it's the day of the month I'm born on, but I've always found that number to be rather magical. The year I was seven was brilliant! Sixteen was fairly okay too. I can't recall being twenty-five, but thirty-four I recall somewhat more clearly.

Personal growth is a rather subjective phrase. It all depends on which position you're coming from. Who am I? Why am I here? (No, we're exploring some questions here Meatloaf, hold onto that beer!) What do I want from my life?  These questions often lead people to turn to the Tarot, or any other divination. People go looking for the answers from without, rather than from within. I wonder, does one listen to the first thing that pops into their head? Sometimes, we don't like the answers that come from within. Quite often, we're restricted by the outside environment. If we're to have personal growth, we really need to listen to ourselves.

Now is the time (according to this number) to set realistic goals for over-coming your obstacles. It's time to follow through.

personal growthThe number 7 is kind of a wake up call, a reminder to find something to raise your conscious awareness. It can be a book, a CD, a piece of meditation or classical music. It can be a walk in the park or some time spent in nature. Whatever works for you.

But the number 7 is asking that you improve your current situation. It's time to adjust and harmonize the natural rhythm and cycles of your life. In raising your awareness , all things become possible. It's time to be a little responsible and raise your game.

Here's the affirmation for the card : As I improve myself, I improve the circumstances of my life.

Cards used are the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan and I picked the number 7, randomly. The babblings are mine, though I've paraphrased some text from the book that comes with the cards.

Wildwood : Back To Life

Posted by Louise

Back to life and back to reality. Notice I didn't say, normality. That, would be insane of me.

I'm glad I took a few weeks of rest and chill out time with the family. I'd like more time away, but wouldn't we all! But with the schools still being off on their summer break here in England (I believe Scotland have already returned to the classroom) there's still a need for the backstop and the calling of Zen. (And I don't mean the establishment I read Tarot at!)

Since I've not posted for a while, I thought (and on request, really) that I'd post a mid-week story board. Using the Pathway Spread for this deck, here are the 3 cards that came up using the app on my mobile.

With this spread, you read the centre card, the left, then finally the right.

So, The Issue? What's the issue, dear? Well, the issue is this: I have a lot of responsibility in this life and like this fellow, it's slowly wearing me out. There's no end of the road with this responsibility, because it's family. The respite comes in the shape of the kids being in bed and when I sleep. Trust me, I sleep!

Action To Avoid? Throwing the baby out with the bath water? Walking away? Letting it all go? Walking away and creating some emotional distance? I think not. This one is stumping me, because here was me thinking a new emotional start would be just the ticket. What do you see here?

Action To Take? Now this, I kind of understand. Be happy! Enjoy the moments! Live life, despite the fact that I'm driven to insanity by my self-made minions! I need to find the fun and laughter in each day.  They are there, somewhere. Even if I am rearranging one bedroom to avoid another accident, there's a joy to be found! (In the end result, after 5 hours of grafting!)

So this week, I share to this story board with you, along with two songs. 1/ Back To Life by Soul 2 Soul and 2/Bring Me To Life by EvanescenceWhat story do you see before you? How does this fit with you? Does it fit? I'd love your comments too!

Remember, I offer face to face & email readings, in case you forgot 😉


Down Time

Posted by Louise

As per the most recent (and decent) blog post, I'm taking time to find my own back-stop and won't be updating the blog or taking bookings for private readings at this time.



Four of Arrows

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're able to find your peace, calm and Zen whilst the schools are on leave!


Nine of Stones ~ Tradition


Four of Stones

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Wildwood : Inner Power & Respect

Posted by Louise

Inner power & self respect are two things I think of when I see the Woodward emerge from The Wildwood: I love this guy, his energy and his power. Not to mention the Lynx cat!

This is someone who certainly commands respect. It's interesting that I pull him from the Wildwood app on my mobile at Lammas, which is the time of year he represents. Now, the summer wanes, the Guardian is back on his rounds.

inner power

Major 11 ~ The Woodward
(Card of the Day)

What do you fear? What darkens your soul? What do you need to be passive about? Now, passivity isn't weakness, by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes, we need to be passive, rather than full on aggressive. Sometimes, we need to be the velvet glove, not the iron hand.

If you've seen Frozen, you'll know that the Trolls sing about people make bad choices when they're mad, scared or stressed. You just need to put a little love their way! But the Woodward isn't exactly a loveable character, he's not hug-able. To me, in this image, he's taking a moment to digest, to think. He's drinking (or has drunk?) from the cup of intoxication that sits in his right hand. He's giving himself permission (and time!) to undo / digest the stress, the fear and the emotion of recent times.

However, despite this, his inner power is, probably, quite fierce. Like a lioness (or any mother) protecting their young, they can be deadly fierce. The book (and I quote) say that "the strength of the Woodward is both a balance and a dichotomy between the energy of the hunter or the guardian, and the grounded inspiration found within the ecstasy of the drumming and war dancing. These energies honour the qualities that provide protection and inspiration".

I'm not quite sure where that moment of time, or place in time, sits. I've never war danced, though others might say I have. Protect my young, yes, that I've done. Have I applied tempered stoicism and a cool, resolute passion? Ha! I only wish I had on several occasions. I wish I had applied cool courage in certain moments. I need to re-find my own "inner backstop" and use my own inner power. I have much to learn about calm, resolute strength.

I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings and that you are able to find your inner power and respect. We all need it! Which is why I'm going to take a few weeks off, and re-find my "backstop". Take care, until I post again!


Wildwood : All You Need Is… Dedication

Posted by Louise

Dedication is what you need, so Roy Castle sang. Does it apply via the Tarot? Oh yes, it certainly does!


Nine of Arrows

It's great when things are shiny and new, you get to throw yourself right at it! But after so many years of reading the Tarot(or perhaps doing the same thing), how do you keep your focus? One great way I've found, is to attend conferences and Meet Ups. Conferences cost a little more to attend, so I choose those with more financial care than the Meet Ups.

The Meet Ups, (I help run), are a great way to enforce the dedication month in, month out. Sometimes, I feel I should personal readings more often, but if I wanted to know the entire path before me, I'd live in the Tarot, not in life! And with three kids around my ankles and waist, I have no choice but to live in life itself!

So, what can you do to keep the dedication alive? The book (or app) says this is the meaning of the card: "The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument of summoning. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating stills to a greater good"

What does that mean, in plain English? To me, this is about making yourself a promise and sticking to it. Every new thing that comes up, you check it against that promise. You summon or invest in things, times & events that relate to that promise, that help make it grow and become reality. You measure everything up to that self-made promise. That, to me, is what dedication is.

Dedication incorporates self-discipline, sincerity and sheer hard work.  We teach our young ones by example. Sometimes, we don't always get to lead by brilliant examples all the time, we're all human (not a T-800) we all make mistakes. "Dedicate yourself to the task of preserving the land and be a part of making the difference"

Thanks for dropping by!
These ramblings are my own, but the deck is (c) by Will Worthington, John Matthews, Mark Ryan and the images are used with permission.

Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

Posted by Louise

Dodge those arrows, you clever goat! Shortly after the last time this card came out, wheels fell off my home wagon. Time to ensure I don't make the same mistake as last time!

The trick with the Tarot, when you get cards that haunt you, is to look at what you missed. We all miss things, chances, opportunities, details. Sometimes, we get to go over and redo things and it is ace when we can do that.


Five of Arrows

Not often, do we get told that things have come back around again (like the Carly Simon song) and that we should grab the opportunity to leap forth, like this goat seems to be. Last time, I took the weekly reading from the perspective of the goat. But what if you're the fellow in the background?

What are you trying to aim for? Shooting a moving target is hard. Ask James Bond. Or Mark Ryan. Or anyone that has shot a bow or a gun. It's possible, but it's much harder.

So, this week, what impossible thing are you aiming for? Is what you're aiming for, just a fantasy? Or is it possible to actually hit your moving target?

Before you fire a bow, a gun or anything, you take a deep breath and release it as you pull the trigger or let the arrow fly. Last time, I forgot that simple breathing trick. I'm sure the goat hasn't forgotten to do that! Taking a big deep breath allows you to calm down and think. It gives you a few moments to engage your brain. I shall have to remember that a lot this first week of the school holidays. My few hours of quiet "me" time have gone out of the window this week, but it'll come good come Saturday at the TABI Conference. I'm SO going to be needing that day!

Until then, try to avoid those Wildwood arrows, keep safe and remember, breathe!


Wildwood : The Quiet Strength

Posted by Louise

The quiet strength that is The Stag, comes and joins us. This week, I so need to hear the beat of the ancestral drums!

The Wheel card from last week didn't go as well as I had planned. Things go up, but things go down and it seems that quite a few of us (myself included) are on a downward turn, which is a pain in the bum, to say the least.


Major 8
The Stag

Wheels turn. Think of the wheels of the car, or a water wheel. Things go south, but they go north again too. The trick is, when things aren't going well, is how you deal with it. I'd have liked to rewind time and undo what happened, but I cannot. Some personal adjustment has occurred (hasn't it just!) and responsibility must be taken. The Stag's quiet gaze is entrapping. It cannot be escaped, dodged or swept under the carpet. Rules are there to protect and serve. My personal realignment of perceptions has occurred, my crazy side has to come back into touch.

I've been caught in the straight gaze from a deer, once. It was so quiet and I don't think I breathed for about a whole minute!

This is what the Stag is about. This  isn't about "he did", "she said" or "they won't", or even blame. This isn't a time for shirking responsibility, this is a time to stand up and be counted, to take ownership and to face things with honesty and integrity. If I've nothing else left within me, (and I really feel like I don't right now!) I do have that!

What do you do when the chips are down? How do you react when the odds are against you? What are the most horrible qualities that come out? What is your inner demon that needs a damn good talking to? I'd slap mine, but she'd darn well punch me back! 😀

So this week, what do we really need to take responsibility for? Whatever it is, do so with grace, dignity and integrity. When it comes down to it, that's all we've really got.

Blessings to you for reading my Wildwood ramblings so far and may you stand up tall, be counted and take responsibility.


Wildwood : Make The Change

Posted by Louise

I managed to find some moments today to draw a card for this coming week and I chose it from the app. Major 10 - The Wheel, came up and I was like: Ha! More change! Then I thought: make the change, girl! Embrace it, make it yours! I own this coming change, because I'm going to make it happen.

It's easy to sit around and go: "I'm bored!" or proclaim: "I don't know what to do!" But the truth of the matter is, for me, is that if things aren't working for you, change it! This isn't a tower moment, the time to change things is here, the Wheel of the Year turns constantly, with each and every passing moment.

make the change

Major 10
The Wheel

I'm very much the kind of gal that gets on with it, gets it done. But like everyone else on this planet that can read this blog post, I'm human. I have my flaws, I have my virtues and most of the time, I'm aware of what they are.

However, I've learnt the hard way: If I want something done, I've gotta do it myself. I've got to make the change myself, I've got to adjust and I've got to make it all mine.

That might sound a little egotistic, and I don't mean it to be, but I'm not going to sit around and wait for things to change, when the person who needs to drive the change, stares back at me from the various mirrors, dotted around the house. It's time to make the changes.

They don't have to be big changes. The changes don't have to be complex. They can be simple little things that make a huge difference. But the message I've received from the Tarot for this coming week, is make the change. Like the weaver who is weaving this shirt, they're making changes as they go, they're adding to it all the time. They're making changes, all the time.  That's what I see is needed for this week.

So, I wish you luck on making changes this week, even small changes can be all that is needed. As Captain Picard so often said: "Make it so!" (And you're Number 1 *wink*)

Deck used is The Wildwood, but the thoughts are my own.

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