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Wildwood : Because I’m Happy

Posted by Louise

This week, I pulled The Ten of Vessels from The Wildwood and immediately, I have Pharrell Williams song in my head. Oh, boy!

Okay, so it's the first thing that comes into your head, given the keyword, but this week, I aim to be happy  in my birthday week. Soon, I'll enter the last year of my 30's and if it's not the grey hair that indicates I'm not quite the young thing I was before the kids, it's the kids themselves reminding me that I'm ageing slowly, with my eldest being 30 years behind me.


Ten of Vessels

With the youngest recently celebrating being a very simple, gorgeously funny two-year old, I've the eldest who is 8, going on 18 and one stuck between these two.What strikes me is that when it's our birthday week, it's time to do the things that makes us happy. That could be tickling the toddler, working out maths puzzles with the eldest, doing reading homework with the middle or our most recent fun thing, playing darts in the kitchen.

The dart board stems from the husband's work, who have one for recreational reasons. Now, we get to practice playing and the kids get to do the maths. Already, the eldest has me beaten on mental arithmetic and the middle one isn't far behind him! Maths wasn't this much fun at school, I swear.

I intend on not celebrating my birthday until the day in question, as I won't see some of my family until afterwards, due to them working but also, I won't be getting my presents until the day in question. Well, one can't have them early, can one? Even if they would make me happy!

So, if Pharrell Williams catchy wee tune doesn't have you clapping along and dancing (it might not, but hard not to join in when the toddler dances) what does make you happy? Do you do something to make you happy each day? Does it make you smile, in a good way? Does it make someone else smile? If not, why don't you try it!

I've used The Wildwood, in case you've not figured that out and you can find it on Will Worthington's website, here. You can make me even happier and book your personal Tarot reading here, if you like.

Wildwood : Reflective Time

Posted by Louise

This week, as the schools return to normal, we have a small celebration to be had, some family time, memories and cuddles to be had!

However, the Moon on Water comes out for us this week and this week, I have to reflect on events two years ago. Holding a baby for the first time, giving them their first cuddle, their first kiss, stroking their little head, taking the time to have the first few moments with them. Smelling their little smell and being in charge of this little delicate human being that you birthed, that you had carried around for nine months.

And almost in the blink of an eye, they're walking, talking, answering you back, being cute, eating you out of house and home with a cheeky little smile on their little face.


Major #18 ~ The Moon on Water

My daughter is the last and youngest, but she's got two older brothers wrapped around her cute little fingers. The eldest knows it, the youngest boy child hasn't worked that out quite yet.

With the Moon on Water, I want to reflect this week on things that have drastically changed our lives. That egg in the water could be anything, a child, yes, but a business idea, a new project, a house move, a house extension. Literally, anything.

It takes months of planning for certain things to come to fruition. A successful pregnancy has a finite period, but some things in life don't have a set time frame. So I ask you, what plans have you got and what time frame are you planning on? What if it goes off plan? What if your plan doesn't come together? What will you do? What can you do?

You won't have all the answers at the time you need them, and the answers are different for everyone. The trick, I think (and the Moon on Water hints at this) is to look within and see things in a different light, change your perspective, slightly. Allow your intuition to surface and don't push for answers right here, right now.

Give yourself time.

Wildwood Tarot was used for this and you can find it at Will Worthington's site.

Now, please excuse me whilst I go and organise a wee party, or two.  But if you're ready for your answers, you can book your private reading, right here.


Wildwood : Take A Break

Posted by Louise

It's school half-term here in the UK and I don't know about any other parents, but can we parents have a break and send them back, please?

Well, no, not really. I don't want to send them back to school just yet. I actually want to spend time with the off-spring. I want to share some creative things and time with them, I want to sit down and watch Guardians of the Galaxy with them under a duvet, eating popcorn whilst the toddler naps (she won't sit still and watch it and I suspect the 5-year-old will struggle too!)


Four of Arrows

But they also need some mornings when things don't have to be done at 80 mph, ready by this time, shoes on by this, lunches mostly prepared the evening before. They need the break but frankly, so do us parents! Everyone's idea of a break is different, even the Tarot has a card for that.

That card, is the Four of Arrows. A time to mentally take a break. Arrows is like Swords in the standard RWS, so this represents a time to just mentally, disengage, switch off and rest.

How often do we want to just switch off the motorway of our brains when we're trying to sleep. Our minds go at 200 miles an hour just when we don't want them to.

It's important to take a mental break from things regularly, but we forget that we're not meant to be plugged in, Matrix style, all the time. We're so plugged in now with smart phones, tablets, laptops, we just forget. Then we wonder why on earth we have issues when we're burnt out. Or why others are burnt out.

So, this week, I'm going to enjoy (I hope!) my time at home with the three kids. We're going to take a break, be a family, laugh, enjoy being together. Yes, we'll probably argue (kids will lose ;) ) and there might be some banning of electronic gadgets. But I am determined we're going to rest. At least, sometimes!

I've used the Wildwood Tarot (here) by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & illustrated by Will Worthington.

Wildwood : Nuggets of Wisdom

Posted by Louise

This week,  after the busy events of last week,  we have the wonderful and wise Salmon offer us some nuggets of wisdom.

Oh boy, it's hard to be wise at the time, to say the right thing at the right time. The Salmon, to me, is about trying and never giving up, but the Salmon is also wise. Probably because of the hazel nuts they ate that dropped into the water.

The Queen is generally a mature lady, one who is able to show great honesty, generosity and in this case, self-sacrifice. I have to ask, which nuggets of wisdom does she want to part with this week?


Queen of Vessels

The Queen can be tender-hearted, kind. Do you need to be kind and tender-hearted to others this week? We forget, when we're wrapped up in our own things, that others don't know what is going on in our heads. We need to keep in mind that others aren't in our heads, feeling our angst or frustrations. We shouldn't take it our frustrations out on those we call friends or on family. Friends, if they're special enough, will forgive us, but why ask them to in the first place? Family don't need to put up with it either, they can't always leave the house and escape your foul mood.

I feel the role this week, of the Queen of Vessels, is to be the one offering comfort. There's a nugget of wisdom. Not, to the extend of the self-sacrificing nature the Salmon has, but certainly to offer comfort and to call on your own intuition.

Are you being too harsh on yourself? Are you being a bear with a sore head? Could you do with just taking a breath and remember that others are human (with feelings) too? It's time to act with some emotional maturity, not taking on others projections and impressions, but living your own life, in an emotional responsible way.

Take care this week and thanks again for stopping by! I've used The Wildwood Tarot and I hope you've enjoyed my nuggets of wisdom, as they've come from the Queen of Vessels.


Tarot Blog Hop : Oracular Anomalies

Posted by Louise

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Welcome to the first Blog Hop of 2015 and the Wrangler this time, is Karen from Pure and Blessed Tarot. She likes tongue twisters and asked us to blog about "Oracular Anomalies".

My first reaction was: What-The-Heck-Is-That?!  Or words to that effect. So I read what she wrote. "I use the phrase because I like the tongue twister effect and I'd like you to tell a tale of any experience that you've had where a card has prompted a brain twister effect on you..."

Oh, by the way, WELCOME! ;)


Major #4
The Green Man

Brain twisters... Hmm... The most recent one I had been over the 6 of Arrows (Swords) but I blogged about that already. The one I am still going through (in fact, I'm being tangled up like a cat with a ball of wool!) is with The Emperor.

Is he such a control freak? Is he really so controlling? What are the good aspects of this archetype? Where are there good aspects? I'm struggling with the good aspects of him. I see The Emperor each day, in the higher up politicians that are supposed to serve us, but only serve themselves.  I struggle to see the good things in this man. There's one of my anomalies.

But someone asked me the other week, about the positive side of the men in my life. My wonderful dad, my brilliant husband, his kind, dry witted and humorous father. What do their positive actions say about The Emperor. And I stopped to think. I really stopped to think. The moment with The Green Man, wasn't by comparing other cards with teach other like the 6 of Arrows, it was through conversations.

I then started looking through other "Emperor" cards. And I didn't see the kindness that I see in the three main men in my life. I didn't see the humour and wit I know these three men have. I didn't see the love. I still had some anomalies. But I'm kinder towards him now, and have been when someone mentioned or suggested that I think of my Pagan God; the penny more or less dropped at that point.


The Emperor isn't always the President of the USA, or the Prime Minister of the UK, Canada or Australia. The Emperor, can be the man you married. The Emperor can be your father, your brother. They're not just Kings. How they react to everyday situations, gives you an idea of how an Emperor acts. I'm not talking the Chinese style Emperor, but the everyday father figures that we all need, want and desire.

And with those thoughts, I give you a warm, Imbolc / Lammas hug, suggest you wrap up warmly (it is cold out there, north of the Equator) or wear a sun-hat (if you're south of the Equator) and remind you to work at the oracular anomalies as you head to Joanne Sprott's site. I wonder what other anomalies my other hoppers have come up with?

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Wildwood : Earth Hands

Posted by Louise

The Wildwood is in the time of Earth, Stones at the moment. What insights can we learn if we combine Earth hands with the Stones of the Wildwood? I want to find out, if you'd like to come with?

I've been thinking about this blog post for most of the day, but it's quite late on a Sunday as I start tapping things out with my paws (I never claimed to have dainty hands, they're very earth like hands and to my mind, paws). They're practically shaped for digging, and I wonder at times, if I were perhaps, a dog in a previous life? Sometimes, I want to wag a tail I just don't have... But that's more dream interpretation and a whole different post that I might (actually, probably never will) share.


Earth Hand

First, let me talk about the earth hand element. Earth hands are quite boxy, the fingers aren't that long. In the time of Stones in The Wildwood, it's the time of organising the material world. These hands were made for making, like boots were made for walking.

Like this time of year, people with Earth hands need to apply themselves systematically, work hard and plan ahead. Earth handed people hate to waste time, money or energy. (Speaking of money... ;) ) and those with an Earth hand are driven by financial rewards, creature-comforts and security.

This is all very familiar with the time of Stones. So is seeing for yourself, having hands on application and experience life first hand. Getting rewarded and being rewarded well for hard work is essential. However, stress is the downfall of an Earth hand, we don't handle stress very well and we forget to unwind after a hard days night. We love sports, physical activity (and walking 10km with the dog in tow isn't an unknown phenomena in this house), getting back in touch with a physical realm, such as building or gardening. These are also rewarding, even if they do need time.


Page of Stones

All those characteristics are very Pentacles / Stones based, which is what the whole suit is based around. Starting with the Ace, the beginning of a project, through to the Ten, the completion of it, to the bumpy road along the way. Adding in the Page, who watches and learns, to the Knight who doesn't stay still, to the rich and powerful Queen in her cave of abundance and to the lonely King, who calls on his friends when he needs them, offering a paw or two when needed.

So, there's clearly more than a link between palmistry and Tarot. I think I'm going to like this! But I am watching and learning, so Lynx, please come with me?

I've used two decks today, The Palm Reading Deck by Frank C Clifford & The Wildwood by Messrs Worthington, Ryan & Matthews.

Wildwood : Happy Wanderer

Posted by Louise

This week, we've The Wanderer and the prospect of new beginnings come to hand. So, let's take a leap of faith and let's go find happy!

Finding happiness is a journey, it's moments here and there that make us happy, it's not a permanent state. However, we keep thinking that it is something we must be in, permanently. I'm happy now, writing the blog with my toddler daughter sat next to me as she watches her cBeebies programmes. Not something she gets to do when her big brothers are around!


Major 0
The Wanderer

The Wanderer from The Wildwood reminds us to take a leap of Faith, which in itself can be frightening and certainly not something that makes us happy at the time. However, it does lead to being happy, perhaps, if we can be brave enough to step out onto that rainbow bridge.

Sometimes, we can't stay where we are, either in a career, a job (no, the two aren't the same), the home environment. Things change and we have to find our moments of being happy when they occur.

What makes you happy? Do you have a state of happy in your life? What is it? If you don't, what do you need to do to go and reach it?

What is happy? For me, it's the moments that make you smile, lift your spirits and make your soul soar. A beaming smile from a toddler can do that, a hug from a grateful big brother, a hot cup of tea after a cold morning in the park. There are so many little things that can make me happy, I wonder, what yours are? My daughter has just found out to hit tubs and tins with her hands to make a noise... I've a drummer in the making!

So, this week, share with me what moments make you happy, then I encourage you to wander off and find more, different, happy moments.  Yes, different ones. That's the adventure, finding more.

Blessings to you and I'd love to hear from you via comments!


Wildwood : Who Are You This Year?

Posted by Louise

Mary K Greer has a wee system of working out what your Tarot Trump cards are for the coming year. I know what mine are, do you know yours?

Working out which archetypes are "with" us for a year (usually, birthday to birthday) is helpful. It's like knowing which Angel and Devils are sat on your shoulders. The trick with the Majors, is that they can be good and bad, they can switch from "Angel" in the being helpful sense to the "Devil" and be a burden and difficult to use or understand, or swallows us if we get too close. Do you know who you are? Let me show you how to work it out.

Day of your birth (in my case, 7)
Month of your birth (in my case, 3)
This Year (2+0+1+5=8)
So, 7+3+8= 18.
That gives us The Moon (or with The Wildwood, the Moon on Water). But wait, there's more! 18 is a double-digit number, so lets drop it down to a single digit, which (you've probably guessed it) is 1+8=9, The Hooded Man, or The Hermit. So, lets work out who I am, before we work out who are you!

who are you

Major #18 ~ The Moon on Water

If you're good at observing, you'll know from above, that my birthday is March, so these cards for me, I feel, don't come into force until then.

On my left, we have the Moon On Water, the influence to use your intuition is coming into play this coming year. Things aren't going to be transparent (bummer!) but it is a time to get beyond earthy awareness and this year, its inner transformation. Ever get the feeling that this is what you've been waiting for, but also being a wee bit scared of it?  Good, because that's how I feel about this card and this coming year. It's time to let my soul take form. There are two spirit guides that I am aware of. One, is a powerful salmon. The other, I've had since I was two, he's strong and powerful, a land animal (not featured in this card) but as for his name, I have no idea. This coming year, it's a rebirth! But I have to be careful that I don't reinvent myself too much that I lose who I have been, where I've come from.

who are you

Major 9
The Hooded Man

On the right, we have The Moon on Water's counterpart, The Hooded Man. This is if you like, the negative side of things for this coming year. (Queue the Robin of Sherwood music from Clannad). The Hooded Man is the Hermit in RWS, but this fellow is so much more! He represents the space needed for stillness and contemplation. (A hard thing to achieve with 3 active, growing children!) but he shines a light into every corner of my world (cue Katrina and the Waves) so anything I have to fear, I have to address, cannot hide. The shadow side of him, is that I might enjoy spending quite a bit of time alone, but I've neglected a few things these last two years, my magical studies for one. This Hooded Man survives even this cold, empty landscape because of his wisdom and will. And I feel I am lacking that in so many ways. I'm nearing the big four-oh, and I really don't feel that much wiser than when I was, 19 or 23 or 27. I should do, I feel. This coming year, He is my inner guide and mentor but I need to be careful that I don't lose myself in him and forget to live.

If you'd like me to work out who YOU are for this year and give you my insight, you can book your full reading right here (I'd love to read your year cards for you!).


Wildwood : New Year, New You

Posted by Louise

It's the first post of 2015, so Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours! However you've come to my  blog, welcome!

So, it's a New Year. What about a New You? Yes, I'm being serious here. The card that I pulled was The Shaman. What a great card for the first blog entry for 2015! (And it's going to take me a little while to get used to writing that number) The Shaman is like the Magician from the RWS, but he's so much more than that. He's the hub of the Wheel of the Year, on which this deck is based.

new year

Major 1 ~ The Shaman

Do you see his eyes? They're clear and open, not closed or cloudy and his gaze is steady. On the ground before him, are tools of the elements, indicating that he's able and willing to wield the tools of his trade. Do you want to ask this ancient and profound being any questions? It might be a bit like asking David Cooperfield to show you how he does his tricks; I doubt you'll get an answer, but if you ask Penn and Teller, you might have far more luck.

The Shaman is a Gateway card, offering (as the book says) illumination to the inner universe and the other-world of the universal mind. The magic often happens within, and before we can change the outside world, we must change ourselves within. The Shaman has the skills of communicating with all levels of sentient life, from the Timber wolves that howl, to the bugs that crawl around. He knows what fungi are healing, and which are not (more than I do!).

The Shaman is about working through your inner self, using meditation to bring personal insight and understanding of your true self. Once you've worked out your true self, you can being the practical application and manifest the knowledge, wisdom and power we're all born with, but somehow, lose along the way.

So, my advice for the New Year, with this card, is work out what it is you want, what you really need, then start by making changes to YOU. Once you've done that, you have the tools for you future and therefore, a new YOU.

I've used The Wildwood, which you can find on Will Worthington's site.

Tarot Blog Hop : The Joy of Gifting

Posted by Louise


The Joy of Gifting is the theme for the last Tarot Blog Hop for 2014 is here. We've asked by the wrangler, Arwen, to blog about a specific spread about the Joy of Gifting. Not just gifting personally, but globally. If only the magicks worked that way!

Everyone loves a present or two, don't they? We were given a specific list of questions to answer for this Blog Hop. In fact, Arwen was very specific. Another Hop member, Morgan, created a layout for this, but you know what, I feel like making it look like a tree! I love trees of all shapes and sizes and it saddens me when they're cut down and not replaced. Or, cut down and made into a stupid car park.

So, onto the spread and lets see what useful gifts (other than anger) The Wildwood can bestow upon the Global Community this Yuletide.

Joy of Gifting

Yuletide Spread

  1. What gift would you give the world if you could? Major 14 ~ Balance
  2. What gift would you want from the world? Three of Bows ~ Fulfilment
  3. What gifts have you gotten that has brought you joy? Three of Stones  ~ Creativity & Major 3 ~ The Green Woman
  4. What gifts have you given that has brought you joy? Nine of Vessels ~ Generosity
  5. What is one last thing you would like to share about this season? Four of Arrows ~ Rest

So, what Gift would I give to the World, if I could? Major 14 (Balance) was picked from the deck. Balance I feel, is so lacking in lots of areas in the Global community. Take a look at Syria, Afghanistan, the West Coast of Africa, The Middle East... The list is almost endless but we should be more tolerant and more in balance, more Zen. Okay, with several billion people on one small, little spinning planet, that is a tall order, but even for a day (or a short while), isn't it worth it?

In return for sending out such a gift to the World, I'd like the World to send to me some fulfilment. That feeling you get when something goes right and you make the right choice. Okay, I'm a Tarot reader and I'm supposed, maybe, to know it all, already, you know? But you know what? I don't. No one does and I am firmly of the belief that if anyone claims they have all the answers, they're lying or playing with you. I have no intention of doing either, for I have no energy for it.

Joy of Gifting

The Cards In Their Spread

What gift have I received that has bought me joy? Beyond being a mother (which is why I picked The Green Woman, for she is this deck's Empress) which can be trying, fun, exhausting, exhilarating, traumatic and terrific, all at the same time! When I'm not doing Tarot, I love creating things such as my own cards (Christmas, birthdays, whatever) as well as creating things like my own Tarot bags on my old Singer K class. There's much more to learn, and hopefully I'll add to those skills during this coming year, thanks in part to the Jenome machine that's already sat under the Christmas tree. The Jenome is more portable than the K Class, which means I can maybe, get to a few sewing classes in 2015? *grin*

What gift have I given that has bought joy? Boy, Arwen likes extracting a whole pint of blood from you! That's hard to work out, sometimes, but you never really know, until later, if the gifts you've given have ever really been gratefully received! However, I recall the first present that I ever bought my husband, was before we were married or even dating. It was his birthday, and he was a friend at the time. It was his birthday and I found in a cheap book shop, a set of juggling balls. They cost a mere one British pound, but he taught himself to juggle and entertains the children, even now. Something so simple has bought so much joy, even years after they were given as a simple gift to a friend. That was certainly the Joy of Gifting.

My last note for the season, is rest. Most of you know, I have three growing, bickering, strapping children, and I wouldn't swap them for all the tea in China and India combined. However, at some point, I know I'm going to need rest and the kids do too! The eldest two, who are school age, need their rest and need the time to catch up on their sleep after a whirlwind first term of this academic year. The little lady and her parents are no exceptions, we need our rest and the chance to recharge our batteries. My house is typical I think, in that sense. I don't doubt that others up and down the land, or across the globe, are in the same boat. And so are the teachers! I'm sure they're in a darkened room somewhere, with something tall and strong (and it's probably permanently 5 o'clock somewhere!) Can't say I blame them!

Joy of Gifting

Four of Arrows

So, with that Joy of Gifting ending (and some 850+ words) I pass you onto Joanna Ash's blog entry and I merrily send you on your way, perhaps with a mince-pie, a little warm mulled wine (if you'll have some, I personally, can't stand the stuff) or hot chocolate. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2015 be  prosperous to you, in lots of ways!


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