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What’s The Insight On…

Posted by Louise

The Tarot can often provide an insight into things that we already know.

We sometimes need to understand a situation at a deeper level. You understand what's happened, but not the why. Perhaps you know both, but need insight to help you "get it" so you can move on.

I was asked this question via Twitter: I know why my short-term memory is a bit foggy of late. What insight can I gain to aid in crispness & focus? I created a small spread to answer this question, which you're free to re-use, should you wish.

1/ What should I remember for my focus? The Sun

2/ What should I remember for my crispness? The Queen of Stones

3/ What is the best insight for me now? Knight of Vessels

The Reading

insightWhat should I remember for my focus? The Sun answers, reminding us that we need to feel the warmth of things upon us. This card reminds me of summer, the smells of it can be remembered even in winter. It's the gift of memory. Use the senses we were given. The smells, the sights, the sounds. The smells especially are what I see with this card.

What should I remember for my crispness? The Queen of Stones is the most practical minded of all the Queens. Bears fatten up over the summer, ready to hibernate. They take practical steps to survive the harsh winters that were once known in this land, which is what I feel this card is saying to you here. Take practical steps. The Queen of Stones doesn't suggest note things down, but if putting things you need to remember into words helps you, then that is something I feel you should follow.

What is the best insight for me now? The Knight of Vessels is an adaptable character. He can swim in water, creep over land. He moves and changes depending upon the circumstances that he encounters. This is the best insight for you now. Adapt. You'll no doubt have good days & bad days. Now is time to be gentle with yourself. When you have good days, please enjoy them and put them into your focus, remember how the days smelled, what thoughts are triggered by the smells. It'll make the bad days not so bad.

The Conclusion

There are a few things you can do my lovely. It's time to use all your senses to help keep your crispness & focus. Remember to be adaptable, try writing things down, take the good & the bad days. It's time to adjust and adapt to the new situation you're in. You can do this though, says the Knight of Vessels: It'll need some adjustment from what you're already used to, to the slight changes the Queen of Wands says that you need to do going forward. Be kind to yourself in the first instance.

I use the Tarot as a tool for personal insights, focusing particularly on The Wildwood & how messages from the Pagan aspect of our society may actually help us. I hope you enjoy!


What would happen if I Focus on…

Posted by Louise

What would happen if you focused on the results of your efforts rather than your efforts? 

What could happen if you choose to focus on both: The end result and the efforts you put in?

Deciding what to focus on can be tricky.  We all need more money,  we all want more things,  we all want the better things.  During these tricky times,  it's hard to get the balance right.  We focus sometimes on the wrong  things, micro manage ourselves into holes we struggle to get out of.

What might happen if we were to focus on two aspects? I suggest focusing on the end goal & how you might get there. Between the two is the bridge,  the "how we get there" from where we are now.

Reading Points

What's my main goal? The Guardian

What's my end result? Knight of Bows

What's the way to connect the two? The Hooded Man

Major-15-The-GuardianThe Guardian.  The main goal looks a little scary,  doesn't he? Well, he does at that. He's meant to be.  Your main goal is on the other side of him.  The fear you have, manifests as him.  Are you afraid of being a success? Believe it or not,  that does happen,  a lot. He's the Devil,  standing before you, teasing,  scaring, manipulating you.  He's your ego saying  "you're not good enough" when you are.

Your goal is to overcome your irrational fear of being successful,  of achieving your goal. As an example, me.  I can apply plenty of times he's come up in my Tarot career and no doubt, he'll carry on appearing when I'm stopping myself from achieving what I should & what I know I can.

Knight-of-Bows-WMKnight of Bows. This cunning fox is smiling at us.  Can you see that? Well,  I think he is! He's the result that says : I came,  I thought,  I feared and I won!  Until the next time.  Your end result is having a plan, sticking to it and following it through. It about adapting to the situation, being quick of thought enough to leave something behind if it's not working out. It's knowing when it's time to move on.

He's saying be determined, don't anticipate the future,  roll  with it. Be witty,  be quick,  take advantage when you can.  Try a different approach, don't do it the same way.  Go your own way.

focusThe Hooded Man.  This is your bridge between the two, the connection method.  You can clearly see the lantern,  he's living his own way by listening to his higher self. The wren  represents that listening part, that's what that little bird is good at. Speaking & giving voice to the quiet soul within.  The light beyond the door shows that there's shelter,  even in these harsh conditions. He is gaining more wisdom by allowing himself to think, contemplate and process his own thoughts.

You are capable of this yourself you know. We all need time to think about what action we need to take next. Most of us either do not get the time, make the time or care to think. Some of us though, do. It's safe to assume that you do, you're here, reading this after all and I thank you for taking the time to join me.

I've used The Wildwood Tarot to write this blog entry. You can buy your own personal reading or consultation via this link. 


America, What Will Happen Now?

Posted by Louise

America, what will happen when the election is over?

This is a question with so many ramifications, its tricky to answer! What will happen to America after this election?

Watching the American election, or even keeping a slight track on it and you cannot help but ask the question: What will happen once the circus is over? No doubt the circus will find a way to hop on over the UK, it usually does.

When the dust settles, when the clowns have gone home, what will happen then? I asked The Wildwood what might happen.

The Reading:

AmericaThe first card out was the Three of Arrows. To me, this is saying that some (okay, probably fair to say that half) aren't going to like the final result. America will speak & the loudest, most popular voices will be heard and acted upon. There will be some who will wonder what the heck happened. Well, sorry America, Britain has been there with Brexit. What it means for us, Goddess only knows, it's dragging us around like a ball and chain. What it'll mean for you guys, well, it's going to hurt half of you, whichever one gets into the Oval Office.

Major-17-The-Pole-Star-WMThe second was Major 17, The Pole Star. This tells me that there's hope, even from the ashes. You've risen from the ashes before, America. Now that the drawn out process is over, it's time to look to the future and to build on the results. There's a whole new future for you to take advantage 0f, to learn from. You just have to decide what your future is going to be like now the results are in.

adjustThe third & final was the Page of Bows. To me, this is learning where your passions lie, working the system as it is now, redesigning as you're going. America, you're going to have to adjust, change tact & see which way the political weather is blowing. There's a huge first coming for both America and the United Kingdom, if it goes the way I feel it will. I am astonished that I'm alive to even see it. If it doesn't, my children will be. Whatever the results are, there's change coming America, are you going to embrace it, or try to deny it?


Well America you've got a few changes coming your way. But you knew that. The tell-tale sign here is how you deal with the results, the aftermath and the change that is coming, that was always coming. The important thing is to have hope, look to the future, grab it and seize it with both hands. But you're going to have to change for the future; what you were is no longer serving you.

I used the Wildwood Tarot & I hope that you enjoyed this blog post. I've years sat here, waiting for you to explore & digest with pleasure. Your personal readings are available from this page, if you should wish!


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If I let the worry go….  The Wildwood Answers

Posted by Louise

Worrying  doesn't solve anything but we can't  stop doing it anyway. 

If  you were to let go of the worry,  what might happen?

In some cases,  worrying can get worse, in others,  nothing changes and in some,  things actually improve!  We do sometimes wonder when it's all over and done with, what on earth we were worrying for! Though sometimes, we were right to worry and we were just ignoring our guts when we got our warnings.

My 3 card spread.So, if you were to let go of the worry, what might actually happen?

1/ What worry do you really need to let go of?
2/ What do you really need to keep a hold of?
3/ What might happen as a result?

The Reading

1/ What worry do you really need to let go of? The Queen of Vessels

This is usually a happy-go-lucky card but we need to look at the shadow side to see what it is we need to let go of. The Queen can be self-sacrificing, she can be bossy & direct & she can just not give up when she really ought to have done long before now. This card here indicates that there's maybe something to give in, but not give up. Stop trying to control everything and just be, so that others can be themselves.

2/ What do you really need to keep a hold of? The Nine of Stones

This card says that tradition is the key here. Note how he's meditating, even whilst holding onto a snake in one hand and a torque bracelet in the other. There's something to be learned by both items, though I doubt I'd be brave enough to hold a snake with my eyes closed! (Or even at all!) However, it's the calmness this gentleman displays that you need to keep a hold of and keep around you.

If I let go of the worry3/ What might happen as a result? 

This is one of the best cards that could have come up. The Green Woman has before her a pool of energy, ideas, muse, thoughts and helpful advice for herself and those around her. It's all yours to start tapping into, but only if the energy you're spending on the worrying is redirected into something far more constructive in  your life.


What could happen if you gave up the worry? A lot of things: the energy you're using could be redirected into something far more productive for yourself. Such as replenishing your own intuitive well of ideas, plans & schemes. You could do with keeping a hold of the calmness that you've found, even if things aren't quite as balanced as this image represents.

I hope you've enjoyed my insights and ramblings. To the person that kindly volunteered this question, I hope you are able to let the fear go and tap into the creative well within.

With blessings to you all

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p.s. The deck used here is The Wildwood, with images used with permission from Will Worthington. The spread is my own, feel free to use that for yourselves. 


Mercury Retrograde : What Did We Learn? 

Posted by Louise

Mercury retrograde is nearly over,  but what did you learn? 

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct again on the 22nd. Not a moment too soon! What did you learn  through this period of stuck,  backwards and jarred communication?

Communication with important,  though we don't always know how or what to communicate when Mercury is going backwards in the skies above.  We sometimes find out  when Mercury goes direct & the answers come, or when we don't hear from someone for a time & we wonder why.

I asked the Tarot,  "What was my recent lesson with this Mercury retrograde?"

The Spread:

triangle spreadThe positives from  the situation: The Knight of Cups

The negatives from the situation:The Page of Cups

What to take forward: 3 of Pentacles

The Reading:

Mercury Retrograde spreadThe positives from this Mercury Rx are interesting. The Knight is one of the dynamic four of the Courts, Knights are energetic, young, impetuous and in this case, the emotional one. He's learning what is acceptable to others, what sits well with him and what doesn't. He's all about the self-learning of his emotional self. He'll stir things up a little just to learn more about himself and others. To me, he is not emotionally trying.

The negatives from this Mercury Rx leave me sad. This Page is a step back from the Knight we have above. The dove near the cup being raised aloft isn't quite letting the Page stroke it and the ships are sailing away. The mermaid might be safer, but I don't feel that she's learned anything of use, except maybe how to get things go. Maybe, in hindsight, that is not quite such a bad thing after all.

What to take forward: now this is interesting. The figures in this card haven't yet worked out how to work together, to play on each other's strengths or pick up the other's weaknesses. At the moment, there's not much co-operation. That may yet come, so there is hope, though it's not going to be a simple walk in the park.


Most of this Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is down to what you've learned emotionally, about yourself & others. Therefore you need to act with some kindness and take a step back. Sometimes, you just need to carry on regardless and others need to accept that about you. They're the ones that need to build a bridge to get over their emotional selves. They, like you, need to work in partnership to bring out the best in everyone. It's not always about them or you, sometimes it is so about others outside of the immediate equation. Hence there has to be a new dynamic created, to get things done. Finally, the question here is: how are you going to make the dynamic work?

I've used my cropped Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner for this post, which you can buy from Amazon.


What Are My Options Now? The Wildwood Answers

Posted by Louise

Options are a given right, aren't they? Well, we'd like to think so.

When something happens to us that prevents us from doing what we've enjoyed doing for the majority of our lives, we often ask: What are my options now?

This question has come from a friend, a fellow mother who asks the question after being diagnosed with an illness that will slow her down tremendously: What are my options now? This question can be used in a multitude of situations, the answers & cards though will be unique. Feel free to change the spread offered to suit your own, or I can do it for you.

The Spread

triangle spreadI chose a three card spread for this, in a triangle shape. This is often easiest work out what will play with each other & what will not. At the top: What do I need to consider? To the bottom left: What do I need to avoid? To the right, What's my next step? More cards can be added to each position as you wish.

The Reading

referendum1/ The Top Card = Ace of Vessels ~ What do I need to consider?

What do you need to consider here? The Ace of Vessels says that this is a new emotional beginning for you. This is the time to lay the conventions of the past behind, the preconceived ideas. Take the time to re-learn emotionally what it is you wanted to do with your life. You've the chance now of a new beginning, you don't have to feature convention, you can begin to go your own way. You can take it slow, you can start whenever you like, as slowly as you like.

wasting, issue, psychic, tarot2/ The Left Card = Major 12, The Mirror ~ What do I need to avoid?

This is pretty big, so please don't just take my insights here: add your own.  The Mirror is about tradition into the hidden depths of knowledge, the unknown & unconscious aspects of our lives. This to me is about not questioning the "why has it happened?" or the "why me?" all the time. Though, I can get that's playing on your mind a lot.

Your energies are better spent in the dealing & healing from what you have, the reflecting. This card shows a figure in the boat, which may be Arthur, on his way to the Isle of Avalon to heal. He cannot question where he is, he's bound, in a coma. This card can also show the question of "What did I do wrong?" coming up all the time. The answer is nothing! If you're going down that road, please go and see your GP, asking to be referred to a counsellor.

King-of-Arrows3/ The Right Card = King of Arrows ~ What's my next step?

This is another big card, but instead of stopping you going over and over the bridge you're trying to cross, it's showing you the other side of your destination. The next step is about how you think, communicate, act. It's all about how you conduct yourself, your goals and aims for what and how you are communicating. What is it you're trying to do when you speak about your condition? Is it to let off steam? Is it to bring the attention of your condition to others? Speak out with an aim, a purpose. It is not enough to just speak, there has to be intent behind it. That intent has to be communicated, spelt out. That might seem daft, but how many times have you heard someone speak and thought: Get to the point, please!



You've changes going on, due in this case to medical. You're being forced to take things at a much gentler pace. You can't go at the previous 100 miles per hour you had before. Trying to carry on as you were will make it worse for you. The cards suggest you slow down, don't reflect too much on the why it happened, or what you did wrong. If you're going to speak out about it, give that voice a purpose, a meaning, an intent. It will help if you make that intent clear in your communications. Decide on what your intent is and stick with it. It's time to put some meaning behind your words.

I hope this helps you and if you want to know how to get out of the stuck situation you're in, you can book your session here.


Let’s Discuss : The Stag

Posted by Louise

The Stag, Guardian of the Wildwood comes out to liven up our creative souls. 

This half human, half animal Stag Guardian of the Wildwood reminds us that our rights and wrongs are not those of the Wildwood or nature itself. 

The Stag

We humans are good at changing things around us to suit our needs,  but not always for the better. By nature, we're a destructive,  wasteful and  greedy breed of being.  However,  this axe reminds us that whilst we are sometimes like this,  we can and are able to break the cycle.  We can act with responsibility,  use but save and replenish our natural resources.

We've forgotten that in truth,  we're the guests on this blue and green ball called Earth. The current human politics has blinded us to what we're doing to this place we live in, on a Global scale.

On a personal level,  karma is at work.  The Stag is a reminder to treat others as you wish to be treated.  We're responsible for our actions and their consequences. Even the human politics that we're undergoing at the moment, is part of the energy of The Stag, though not his most handsome side I have to admit. It's realignment time.

When The Stag comes out it is time to be aware that something within us has moved,  fallen into place, realigned.  It can be something small and seemingly insignificant. Or it can be huge, mind-blowing, life changing. Storms can announce themselves on a breeze, yet it helps if you can read the signs, but not everyone can read every sign. That is just too much for anyone to undertake.

So, the mountain of questions that come with this card start with these: How are you treating others? What do you need to take responsibility for? How and what do you need to change? What do you need to carefully construct? What resources are you taking out & what are you putting back in its place?

Let me know how this card comes up for you in the next week, I'd love to read your feedback!

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To book your private Tarot Consultation, just visit this page. The Tarot deck used is The Wildwood


Let’s Discuss : The Archer

Posted by Louise

Getting your point across is part of the journey of life, says The Archer.

The Archer is your Wildwood's Chariot. She's the one that gives you the dead set focus we all get from time to time. She'll also be the one to dance in your imagination, changing your focus as she goes.

The Archer:

the archer takes aimIt's not enough to just go: I need to focus! There's an aim (pun intended) to be achieved, a goal completed, when the Archer and her hounds come calling. The words "I can't", "I'm not good enough" or "It's impossible" aren't enough to stop this lady from getting to the end game. That is, the target achieved.

The bow shown on this card is of the Meare Heath design, popular in Somerset from the Neolithic population, going by the dated relics found from that area. The two hounds at her side represent her intention, her power. One is following her gaze, the other not so much: yet. Knowing that these deerhounds can take down a deer, is not lost on anyone. It's not a sight I ever wish to see, but then, I'm not having to hunt for my food (unless you count the supermarket at Christmas time, then, maybe... 😉 ) to feed my family, tribe or settlement.

However, she does demonstrate that man is capable of making tools that fit his needs and extend his purpose. That stems from that bow to the computer I use to type these words into this blog post. The Archer is not one for messing about. The bow is now a symbol of our past, the period of time when we did have to hunt for food and survive without the modern conveniences we have, such as central heating, good windows, a solid roof.  This bow could also have a spell or two worked into its length, ready to be loosed by whoever fired an arrow from the sinew string.


The Archer asks you for a number of things. Are you ready to commit? Are you ready for the next step? Will you release the arrow (your intent) and do you have the right intent set with your ambition, imagination and creativity? There are a lot of things to consider here with this lady, least of all is harnessing your own potential.

The Archer is bold, brave, daring, focused. She's full of intuition, inspiration, imagination and is willing to pass on great wisdom. If, you're willing to listen. When she comes out in a spread, I find she's asking that you be brave, step into your own power: use the talents you were born with, apply the knowledge you've gained, the cunning you've learned. Breathe, be calm and let loose your soulful arrows to achieve your goals.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. The Archer is my second favourite card of this deck and I wonder if you can you guess what the first is? Until the next update, stay focused, breathe and be bold!


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The deck in question is The Wildwood, which you can buy directly from Will's site. The words are a mix of mine & from the book that comes with the deck.


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Emerging From The Wildwood

Posted by Louise

Here I am, emerging from the sabbatical I took away from technology & life.

Returning to nature is always something that my soul sings out for when I find myself in a rut. Like the Pole Star, I'm emerging to a more social aspect of my nature, after a good few weeks away.

Life gets hectic. Jobs, kids, schools, family: it can drain us. I took my two-week return to nature earlier than normal, because of plans I am involved with at the end of the month, meant I could not be away then. It turns out, that I needed the recharge then and not later on. I can always take another "break" later!

emergingComing back to my home life, the work schedule etc. reminds me of this Wildwood Image; The Pole Star. I've been in those woods, Wales is full of them. I've been in a tent and heard the sounds of foxes playing close by. The kids have heard owls hooting in the night, seen red kites swoop and swoosh over our heads at Bwlch Nant Yr Arian (over a hundred, beautiful, majestic birds). We have felt the chill of nature in our supposed "summer" months, walked, explored, played, read. I have felt blessed with my lot in life and I have good reason to too.

The kids enjoyed their time away too. They loved playing in the campsite play area, making friends, riding their bikes. They've been happy emerging into their day after a bowl of cereal and bacon sandwiches, returning only to refuel or reluctantly obeying the instruction that we're off out somewhere that day to explore.

Now I've had the chance to reconnect with nature and really chill out (because of limited or no internet!) and sleep! Oh, it's been bliss to sleep in, even on an air bed. Wrapped up in my sleeping bag, I've had no reason to feel the early morning dew of nature, though I have frowned a few times when yet again, it was raining. Wales is supposed to have less rain than Scotland, isn't it? I might have been wrong on that! 😉


Already, we're halfway through the month and whilst my mind is maybe still in chill-out mode, I know that it's time to get things licked into shape. It's time I was emerging from that darkness and headed once again into the light of life. I will have to sit and take in the evening skies at home, though the light pollution will hinder my ability to do that, to some extent.

If you're also emerging, hello! Here are some questions to ask yourself for the remainder of the month. What do I wish to accomplish this month? What do I need to achieve my goals? What are my goals for the next three months? I'm working out the answers to these for me, are you?

I've used The Wildwood to illustrate my words, which is used with permission from Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

My reading consultations will be available again from the 15th of August. Blessings to you all!


Isolate Deep Within The Wildwood

Posted by Louise

It's time to isolate myself from The Wildwood.

Taking time out is necessary for us all. It's time The Wildwood and I went into isolation for a time.

Society demands our attention from pretty much when we open our eyes, to the moment we close them. I'm sure that one day, hopefully NOT in my lifetime, it'll be a part of our sleeping world on a regular basis. It can get too much, it can cause burn-out, exhaustion, depression and other nasty wee things that we cannot fix. Sometimes, we just need to set the technology to the side, isolate ourselves from it.

The kids are even getting antsy when they've been on their technology for too long. They need to isolate themselves from it, return to roots, grass, climb trees, ride their bikes, go and get mucky. Technology can be brilliant but it's increasing encroachment on our lives can leave us feeling strange, disconnected.

I was at the TABI Conference yesterday (what a day that was!) and I learnt a new technique that is so simple... I'm surprised that this hasn't come to light before. Maybe it has and today was the first day I'd been introduced to it. I don't know, but I am going to share it with you before I go wandering off further into the Wildwood to find rivers and streams, trees to climb and sleep under the stars, forage for berries and other goodies.

It's a spread where you separate the Majors and Minors in a deck. You then think of a question and a wee spread then draw the first major. Then you draw a minor to go with it. The Major is the issue that you need to deal with. The Minor is how to deal with it. Let's play!

Question: Why do I need to isolate myself from my technology?

Answer: Because of (1) to help you (2) so you can (3).

(1) The Ancestor and 7 of Vessels - Because: It seems like you need to return to the natural way of things. (Ancestor). To do that, let it go for a time. You'll get to come back to your modern gadgets, your devices and social media, but you're exhausted. Your heart isn't in it right now, so come away, deeper into the Wildwood, journey back into nature to renew and also replenish yourself.

(2) The Green Man and Page of Vessels - To Help You: replenish your well. Like the Green Man, your well needs refilling. To do that, you could do with remembering what is really important in your life. Yes, you're here on this Earth to help others, but you're here as their mother too, you need to reconnect with the children and be playful.

(3) The Blasted Oak and Two of Bows - So You Can: change things up, create something new and better, so you can rebuild on what is good. It's time to get rid of rotten branches. You can do that by deciding what it is you actually want to do with the blog going forward because you can then decide on how or what services to order. Therefore, you can change things around. The choices are yours to decide!


In conclusion, the sentence goes like this: You need to isolate yourself because of burn out & exhaustion. To help you replenish yourself, have fun so you can change things up as a result, come to decisions with a fresh mind. 

That might seem a little weird because I broke it down further and made it into two sentences, which is fine. That's because I like simple sentences in my blog posts. I like to write a lot and also get the message across, rather than confuse you with my wordsmithing.

Finally, I'll be back on-line August the 15th and as a result, the payments will be suspended from now until then. Most of all, until then, why not unplug yourself from the social media? Go and have fun while remembering what it is that makes life great! 

I've used The Wildwood here, which you can order from Will's site directly. The ramblings are my own and the spread was devised after a TABI Conference Workshop! 

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