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Listen for the Controlling Hidden Emotions

Posted by Louise

I asked the Wildwood for advice for this coming week. It's response was humorous!

Listening to the controlling hidden emotions can be a journey and if you want help to listen to yours, come and book your private consultation.

The Wildwood's sense of humour isn't something I usually see, but for the week ahead and what advice it can give, makes me chuckle a little! The first card up for "What to look forward to" was The Wren, Page of Arrows. So, simple, honest, straight forwards communications.

listenDo you look forward to chatting straight talking people? They tell you what you don't want to hear, they're honest with you and they don't stand for your sweeping nonsense. Well, I DO enjoy people and clients like that and I enjoy talking with people who ask questions. I enjoy engaging with those that can make me be honest with myself too. Offering "advice" when it's not been solicited is hard, but it can and should be done! It's called ethical boundaries and not everyone needs to hear an unwanted motor-mouth of opinion run on and on.

King-of-BowsI then asked the Wildwood, "What do I need to avoid this week?" It's response was the King of Bows, or The Adder. Great, avoid people who want to control everything you do. I have three of those such people in my life, they're called "the kids"! *LOL*

But there are others, the Wildwood warns, that are around who want to just want to be in charge, keep themselves at the "top of the pile" and who will happily step on you. Funny enough, a friend's husband posted today (whilst this was in draft) that he was looked down on while he minded his 4 kids as his wife took 10 minutes to shop and grab something. He had a wee rant on Facebook about it, which is how I learned of what happened. The commentators didn't get chance to meet his wife, or learn that my friend's husband works 40+ hours a week, then takes the time to mind the kids he help make.. Goddess help them if they ever DO meet my friend, great things come in small packages, including feisty women!

Major-18-The-Moon-on-Water-WMThe "more advice" card is the Moon on Water. A card all about using your intuition and realising that hidden waters can run deep. There may be no "visible" path, but the moon light suggests that there is.

It's time to become aware of what lies beyond people's mortal existence. Those people who commented on my friend's husband and his "supposed" "draining family situation", didn't see past the end of their noses. It's now time to transform your views, your awareness and not project them onto others. The book (or information from the deck on this card) indicates that consciousness is not within you, but that we're within the consciousness of the Universe. I rather like that. It's time to adjust and wake up to being a part of this great consciousness and not project your opinions on others. It's time to listen to your own controlling, hidden emotions and intuitively deal with them.


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Motivation, Wildwood Style

Posted by Louise

It's time to get motivated and focus on the goals, now we're half way through the week.

Motivation is important and the Wildwood says to keep my eyes on the prize! What's your prize? If you're not sure, you can hire me to help you, right here.

Knowing where you've come from is great, essential even. Knowing where you'd going to when you're lacking motivation can be a pain in the proverbial bottom. If you're not motivated or you have not got a scoobie, it's time to find your focus.

motivationTake The Archer from the Wildwood. She's focused, but how do you get motivated? In my case, I talked with a business coach to get things in my head sorted. Whilst I don't talk business all the time, or have gone down the coaching route, a Tarot reading is very much like an informal counselling session. I do prefer it to be a brain storming session though and not just a monologue from yours truly!

The arrow that the Archer here is poised to release, has goose feather fletches and a flint arrow-head. It may or may not have a spell upon it, like the Celts did, or have geometric signs that Native American Indians had for their medicine arrows. The point is, to be direct. Arrows in this deck are like swords in the traditional RWS, the Archer here is The Chariot. You wouldn't drive a car if you didn't know how to, or know where you're going, or release an arrow without knowing your target.

So, where do you want to go? What do you wish to achieve? How much money do you need to make? Break that down to a week, how does it look now?

It's time to create a positive motivation. I've just seen a great meme on LinkedIn from Pinky Love (who is a motivational coach) that says: "Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and focus on what could go right."

Which is just fabulous! Focus on the positives, not the negatives. Focus on what you want to create, not what you cannot. Add in some motivation then go and make it happen. This should be easier now Mercury has gone direct.  Until next time, stay motivated!

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Direct, Mercury Style

Posted by Louise

It's Sunday and time to take a direct look at what the week has in store!

Being direct is sometimes a good thing, though unless you've been asked for an honest opinion, it's often not wanted nor welcome. I don't offer advice, unless I'm asked and then, it's in confidence.

With Mercury at long last, going forwards from tomorrow, it'll be a welcome relief to being able to say things as you mean them, without them being twisted around by the planets above or people using that as an excuse because they're not wishing to communicate properly.

directThis week, the Wildwood seems to be in something of an agreement with my mind-set. Though, I swear I dreamt about the middle card last night! The Knight of Arrows is represented by the Hawk, a bird of prey with sharp talons and a good hunting instinct.

The Hawk is good, Tarot wise, for seeing through the clouds of mis-information that others give out.  He's the person who champions and upholds beliefs, for themselves and others. Is that your issue this week? It certainly seems to be mine, for I tend to speak out before I engage the little grey matter. The issue is  that I also need to be vigilant, not impulsive.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe Action that I'm advised to avoid taking is the Wildwood's version of The Devil. This Guardian in-stills fear, so giving into fear, or reacting out of fear or irrational thoughts is not advised. The Devil can invoke the fight or flight instinct, and I'm not often one to run from a battle,  if the odds are favourable.

The Devil is wise, courageous and strong, those as the aspects I need to employ, not the negative ones. The challenge is here, do I take it on or walk away? I need to be direct and not keep changing my mind.

Major-2-The-SeerThe Action to Take comes in the form of The Seer. This card, I love and totally get! She's suggesting strongly that I use my instincts and insight. That I put into voice what my inner self is telling me I need to do. The Seer also balances emotions, intellect and willpower, urging us to create the change in our world that we wish to see.

If you're going to do something positive, this lady is there to help and foster those positive vibes and turn it into something we can use. It's time to focus my power, let it flow through me and use it where I need it to heal partnerships, sexual relationships. In this case, I feel it's more to do with the manifestation of my own powers and esoteric insights.

It's my time to direct myself, to bring joy and knowledge to others!

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Hump Day – Kind of Magic

Posted by Louise

It's Wednesday, Hump Day, so lets add in some magic whilst we wait for Friday!

Before I get started with the blog post, I wanted to remind you that you can book a private consultation with me here on this page.

Wednesday's are a pain. They're neither at the start, nor at the end and it's still two days before Friday even hits. It's magical because it's a day when you can look behind and forward, at the same time. It's when Friday nights starts getting planned out in their finer details. And it's also magical because of the card I pulled to look forward to the coming weekend.

magicI drew The Shaman, the Magician of the Wildwood deck. He's busy doing what I've been doing today; finding the right recipe to achieve what he wants to achieve and working out where he wants to be and what it's going to take to get there.

Wednesday's are great for taking some time to work out what you've achieved so far and what you've still left to do to get to your goals.

What are your goals for 2016? How are you getting on with starting to achieve them? I've needed someone to sit and focus my mind. I can do that for other readers, mums, dads, witches, folks who are busy as heck, but not for myself, I drew a blank. My brain had turned to scrambled eggs, so I turned to someone who I picked up on via recommendation: Daimon Mediation. Nikki is ace, visit her FB page or via Twitter.

Have to say, after an hour talking with this lady, I was raring to go, ideas were forming in my head, the magic was starting to happen. Now, I just need to get on with the ideas she's given me today. Who is your muse? What are you trying to achieve? What didn't work in 2015? Do those less. What did work in 2015?  Do those more! What do you like to do?  Do that too!

So, that's the magic for today, the hump day! What's yours? Do please share!


Build the Bridge : Get Over The Hump

Posted by Louise

It's time to work on a 3 card spread with you. You're stuck, so how do you get out of being stuck?

This spread isn't my design, it's from Katie, a member of my Tarot Group. This was used so many times during 2015, it's become a popular favourite. This is in a similar format to my Quick Update Reading.

The spread, is this: Where you are currently, where you want to go to, the Bridge over the obstacle. It doesn't matter what the obstacle is, it's there and you've got to get over it. So, let's do that! It's laid out the same as the Wildwood's Pathway Spread.

Where are you now: King of Stones ~ Wolf
Taking this from a business point of view, you're wanting help, direction, inspiration. You're wanting your intuition to kick on, but it just won't. This is where talking with others, taking your inspiration from your peers (If you've had their permission to pick their brains) and knowing where you've come from, is good.

I still see this as calling on your tribe. I've called on mine and now I'm waiting to confer with them to help my inspiration.

DestinationWhere are you going to: Eight of Bows ~ Hearth fire
You're going towards happiness, by fulfilling your dream and your aims. You're going towards times of celebrations, happiness, providing. This is a change from what times before. It's a great feeling, doing what you do and doing it well. Not only that, you get rewarded for it. That's an ace bonus, for whilst Spirit lives in this world, Spirit can't pay the bills, buy food or heat the house. Those things are necessary to survive in this mortal world.

build a bridgeThe Bridge: Six of Bows ~ Abundance
This is what connects the two cards above. I usually raise it above the other two a little, to create a triangle, but well, that's hard to do on the blog. But, how can this bridge the two? In this case, it's by looking at what I already have and using what I already have to better effect. It's by stock taking (of sorts) and seeing what I do best and well, and continue to do more of that. It's by setting targets. You don't have a party, then get the food & games ready for the day after, do you? You plan, you prepare. This is part of what has to happen here.

So, it's time to sit down and plan the points in 2016 you want to get to. This, may not be a pretty process, but it needs to be done. What's your plan? What bridge do you need? I'm here to help!

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Star Man : Time To Say Good-bye.

Posted by Louise

It's time to say good-bye to the one and only, Goblin King.

The Star Man has returned to the cosmic dust from which we all come from. It was rather shocking, hearing it on the radio as I got the kids up and dressed Monday morning just gone. So much so, the eldest child hugged me, not quite sure what to do with a mum who suddenly went into slight shock!

new yearThe best memories I have of him are as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. The best song, has to be, this: Dance Magic. He was superb in this movie and I often wondered why he wouldn't or didn't do any others. He was in a few movies, as I now find out, but before Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook or anyone else, there was Bowie. (Before him, was Rutger Hauer, but that's something different)

He was forever reinventing himself and his persona, he changed his power up, down, sideways and every way to get his point across.

7-of-Vessels-WMHe was, in my mind, a total magician, genius and it turns out, he may have been designing his own Tarot deck. I now wish he'd had the time to publish it. I hope he finished it and I hope his estate print it if all 78 are there. I'm pretty sure there are a few thousand people across the World who would buy it: I know I would! (But I'd only buy it from the Bowie Estate, not collages or rushed jobs)

So, what kind of tribute can the Wildwood give such a Shaman? For starts, there's a specific card just for mourning: The 7 of Vessels. Rather fitting for Bowie, given the skull in this card!  There is of course, the Shaman right above, but there's also The Star card, to which David Bowie himself has returned to. To which we all must return to. Since his death, the world has continued to turn, the night comes, the day arrives, the Moon shines on.

conferenceLike many people on hearing the news, I went and bought his BlackStar album. He'd only released it 2 days before, I didn't even know he'd launched it on his birthday, or that he had cancer. I don't think a lot of people realised that fact either.  He was intensely private, that I know. I'll be watching the extras episode of him at some point soon: even though I dislike the series. Just to watch Bowie. And the kids are now of an age when they can Dance the Magic and see the Star Man at his very, very best.

You did blow our minds. We don't hold any power over you, we never did. Rest in eternal peace.

Normal blog service & readings will resume on Sunday this week. I am still available for private readings, right here.


Gentle As You Go : The Wildwood

Posted by Louise

Mercury is going retrograde (meaning reverse) so it's time to be gentle with yourself and others.

Gentle! Yes, that one word you might use with a child who is greeting a new pet, or teaching a dog how to take nicely. There are many occasions to use this word, so many I shan't even begin to try to list them.

gentleThough, I'll wager you don't apply it to yourself. Do parents, ever? Seriously?!  Even if you're not a parent, I'll bet you don't apply it to yourself. Now however, is the time to do just that.

When was the last time you showed yourself some loving and care? When did you last take ME time, or talk with care to anyone?

Let me recite a story that happened this evening. I had done the food shopping today, this morning in fact, to a store I go to weekly with the toddler. She loves to help fetch things that are low down (partly because it keeps her entertained!) Something I bought this morning, didn't make it home. Goodness only knows what on earth happened to it, but I had to go back, it was vital to this evenings dinner. I get behind a lady in the queue who, for some unknown reason, did not stop her conversation on her mobile to concentrate on the transaction with the cashier.

The cashier was rather peeved, understandably. It would not have taken a few moments to say: "Call you back, I need to do X". But I left the store knowing that this lady before me, had told her other friend this, that and something else before, but "she never listened". Is it so hard to give yourself a few moments politeness and courtesy?

This I feel is an aspect of the card I hadn't really considered before, being considerate and polite to others, as well as yourself. Why had I never spotted that before? A bit of a Homer moment and I say: "D'oh!"

So, here's what this card can mean for you.  Be gentle with yourself first and foremost, be polite and considerate to those around you, even if you're only spending ten minutes interacting with them. Would being considerate, really hurt you?

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Deck used is The Wildwood, the thoughts and observations are my own.


New You for a New Year

Posted by Louise

Everyone and I mean everyone, is going on about a New You for a New Year.

There are some that are like: It was fabulous in 2015, why would I want to change that? And that's great! But it wasn't ace for everyone and everyone I know, has things they need to embrace, to change. We're human, we all have to change, to improve. Otherwise, we end up bored, dysfunctional , aggressive, bored, angry, repressed.

new year is a Hooded Man YearNo one wants to hang around with someone who is so angry, negative or aggressive. And things are going to come at you this year that are going to challenge you, make you think, bring you to your knees and drag you up again. Heaven help you if you think it's going to be easy in 2016! This year is a Hooded Man year (2+1+6=9, also known as The Holly King, The Hermit)

I've been trawling the various Tarot groups that I'm a member of on Facebook and the New Year spread I've chosen to do was designed by Jill Scott. I chose to use it because I feel it's the best overall spread, and as she says on the graphic spread she made, it can be used for each month as the months approach, or each week. It's down to you!

So, using The Wildwood (I'll be adding another deck this year, keep your eyes out for it) I printed the spread out on A4 and put the cards upon it. I drew the top two first, then left to right on the bottom row.


Here's the raw spread I used that Jill designed.

Jill Scotts Spread

*This will change ~ The Archer
This is interesting, The Archer came up. I see this as my focus and direction will change. At the moment my ideas are a little.. stagnant? So letting things flow and come forth, is a good thing! Changing means you are, probably, alive. What do you see here for this card?

*This will remain unchanged ~ 6 of Arrows
Not one I wanted in this position, but that's OK. Letting go of the past, transitioning away from what has gone before, can only be good thing. I get "trapped" into bad ways of thinking (as a lot of us do) and it takes time to change your mental habits.

*This is the bright side of change ~ 2 of Vessels
Ah, a more sunny outlook on life, a deeper connection with true friends. This is good! I'm personally, choosy about who I share my personal time with (my Facebook profile doesn't suggest that though! :P)

*This is the shadow side of change ~ The Seer
Hmm, the Shadow side has to be considered too, for without the darkness, we don't appreciate the light. So, this year, as it's a Hermit year, I need to perhaps consider things more than I have. Engage the brain and don't forgo the creative side. Do you see anything else?

*You can depend on this ~ 7 of vessels
This one has thrown me. The key word is mourning. Be at peace with the past? Why do I need to be at peace? What do I have to mourn? I don't want to let important things go, but I realise things do end.

*You will be tested by this ~ Queen of Bows
This is another that has me wondering: What?! The Queen of Bows is a dedicated person who has great self-assurance (from the book) so am I to be tested by a Queen of Bows? Who might she be in my life? I don't know anyone who is jealous of me! As a situation, it could be that her courteous understanding is testing me. She also represents the harbouring of slights or insults and undermining the plans of others. Ah, burnout is listed as a negative event, as well as being the victim of sorcery or petty spell craft. Lots to watch out for, I think!

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the questions I've put to you. I'd value your insight, to combine it with my own!

What cards did you draw for yourself, using this spread? Do share!

Blessings for 2016!

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Happy New Year

Posted by Louise

It's Hogmanay and as such, it's out with the old and in with the new year!

So, I've made a wee message for you all:

Thank you post


Office Party : Tarot Blog Hop

Posted by Louise

Office Party season. The Wildwood comes bearing the Secret Santa gift for one of you, my co-workers. What does it contain? Read on to unwrap the gift at your office party!

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Welcome to the latest Yule Tarot Blog entry from me. Whether you've landed here from Arwen's entry or directly because you like coming by, blessings of the seasons to you and yours!

The Office Party season is upon us and the usual "Secret Santa" was handed out weeks ago.What did you decide to bring to the office party and for whom? Me, I bought a duplicate of The Wildwood card of the Moon on Water. I've made it into a bookmark, so I'm able to hang it on the very well decorated Christmas tree with some golden curling ribbon and smile knowingly.

Upon the back of the duplicate card I've printed and stuck on a note. I smile as another person places their gift carefully within the tree, but I pay no attention to who has placed what. There's plenty of people here at this party, so there's plenty to engage with. I personally, like to sit in a corner and chat with friends, make friends with the host's dog (if they have one) and maybe have a wee dance later on, if I like the music.

As I watch, some usual characters reveal themselves. There's the drunk loud mouth who has had too much to drink way too early in the evening. Probably the Knight of Arrows. I see him wind his neck in as the boss walks around the room. Clearly, he's not that drunk yet. I wonder how much the boss heard? Looking around to another group of people, I see the mother of the office. She's the one who makes sure we all have what we need. Food and drink are on the agenda tonight, but during the day, it's the information we need, easing interactions between departments. She says she's in PR, but PR is also considered to be internal relations, even at the office party. That's the Queen of Bows.

office partyThere's another character I see from the corner of my eye. Up he comes to me, smiling sweetly and greets me with alertness and deference. He's playful and wise, but don't mistake his play for actually being nice. If he can use you for his own goals, he will. Stepping on you to get where he wants to go, won't be an issue. He's determined and very much, the Knight of Bows.

By the bar, an argument has occurred, but I haven't seen it all take place. However, both parties are being separated and the girl  is being taken to the ladies by the mother hen of the office, the Queen of Vessels. She'll be looked after, but the so-called boyfriend is nowhere to be seen now. I sit back and watch as people are asked to take a gift assigned to them. I notice that my gift is taken down from the tree by someone who others hardly see at the office. They say it's the quiet ones you need to watch out for, and this lady is no exception. She watches and makes note, listens and acts as a result of what she sees. People are often surprised by her ability and speed to get what she needs from any department or anyone. She looks around, trying to read each co-worker and work out, did they put the card and the message there? I take a sip from my drink and continue to watch. I need not say anything, for there is no reason for me to say anything. She won't look my way, though she'll have seen me.

earthI make my way to retrieve and my coat to make my way home, hoping that this coming year, someone's life will be transformed by themselves. I hope that they'll  begin their inner transformation and awareness, rather than trudge the endless wheel of the office job. I hope that they'll want to research something that speaks from their core, that excites them and transforms their soul, for the better. In these dark days, that's one thing to do rather than sit in front of the goggle-box, eating and drinking yourself into a stupor each and every night.

What did I write on the back? "You're within the consciousness of the Universe, it's not within you. Be transformed this Yuletide Season."

I hope you enjoyed my little Yuletide tale and I thank you again for stopping by! Now, if you'd kindly leave a comment, compliment, a word of acknowledgement before you hop to Joanne Sprott's tale of the Office Party.

Merry Yuletide!

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