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Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

Posted by Louise

Dodge those arrows, you clever goat! Shortly after the last time this card came out, wheels fell off my home wagon. Time to ensure I don't make the same mistake as last time!

The trick with the Tarot, when you get cards that haunt you, is to look at what you missed. We all miss things, chances, opportunities, details. Sometimes, we get to go over and redo things and it is ace when we can do that.


Five of Arrows

Not often, do we get told that things have come back around again (like the Carly Simon song) and that we should grab the opportunity to leap forth, like this goat seems to be. Last time, I took the weekly reading from the perspective of the goat. But what if you're the fellow in the background?

What are you trying to aim for? Shooting a moving target is hard. Ask James Bond. Or Mark Ryan. Or anyone that has shot a bow or a gun. It's possible, but it's much harder.

So, this week, what impossible thing are you aiming for? Is what you're aiming for, just a fantasy? Or is it possible to actually hit your moving target?

Before you fire a bow, a gun or anything, you take a deep breath and release it as you pull the trigger or let the arrow fly. Last time, I forgot that simple breathing trick. I'm sure the goat hasn't forgotten to do that! Taking a big deep breath allows you to calm down and think. It gives you a few moments to engage your brain. I shall have to remember that a lot this first week of the school holidays. My few hours of quiet "me" time have gone out of the window this week, but it'll come good come Saturday at the TABI Conference. I'm SO going to be needing that day!

Until then, try to avoid those Wildwood arrows, keep safe and remember, breathe!


Wildwood : The Quiet Strength

Posted by Louise

The quiet strength that is The Stag, comes and joins us. This week, I so need to hear the beat of the ancestral drums!

The Wheel card from last week didn't go as well as I had planned. Things go up, but things go down and it seems that quite a few of us (myself included) are on a downward turn, which is a pain in the bum, to say the least.


Major 8
The Stag

Wheels turn. Think of the wheels of the car, or a water wheel. Things go south, but they go north again too. The trick is, when things aren't going well, is how you deal with it. I'd have liked to rewind time and undo what happened, but I cannot. Some personal adjustment has occurred (hasn't it just!) and responsibility must be taken. The Stag's quiet gaze is entrapping. It cannot be escaped, dodged or swept under the carpet. Rules are there to protect and serve. My personal realignment of perceptions has occurred, my crazy side has to come back into touch.

I've been caught in the straight gaze from a deer, once. It was so quiet and I don't think I breathed for about a whole minute!

This is what the Stag is about. This  isn't about "he did", "she said" or "they won't", or even blame. This isn't a time for shirking responsibility, this is a time to stand up and be counted, to take ownership and to face things with honesty and integrity. If I've nothing else left within me, (and I really feel like I don't right now!) I do have that!

What do you do when the chips are down? How do you react when the odds are against you? What are the most horrible qualities that come out? What is your inner demon that needs a damn good talking to? I'd slap mine, but she'd darn well punch me back! 😀

So this week, what do we really need to take responsibility for? Whatever it is, do so with grace, dignity and integrity. When it comes down to it, that's all we've really got.

Blessings to you for reading my Wildwood ramblings so far and may you stand up tall, be counted and take responsibility.


Wildwood : Make The Change

Posted by Louise

I managed to find some moments today to draw a card for this coming week and I chose it from the app. Major 10 - The Wheel, came up and I was like: Ha! More change! Then I thought: make the change, girl! Embrace it, make it yours! I own this coming change, because I'm going to make it happen.

It's easy to sit around and go: "I'm bored!" or proclaim: "I don't know what to do!" But the truth of the matter is, for me, is that if things aren't working for you, change it! This isn't a tower moment, the time to change things is here, the Wheel of the Year turns constantly, with each and every passing moment.

make the change

Major 10
The Wheel

I'm very much the kind of gal that gets on with it, gets it done. But like everyone else on this planet that can read this blog post, I'm human. I have my flaws, I have my virtues and most of the time, I'm aware of what they are.

However, I've learnt the hard way: If I want something done, I've gotta do it myself. I've got to make the change myself, I've got to adjust and I've got to make it all mine.

That might sound a little egotistic, and I don't mean it to be, but I'm not going to sit around and wait for things to change, when the person who needs to drive the change, stares back at me from the various mirrors, dotted around the house. It's time to make the changes.

They don't have to be big changes. The changes don't have to be complex. They can be simple little things that make a huge difference. But the message I've received from the Tarot for this coming week, is make the change. Like the weaver who is weaving this shirt, they're making changes as they go, they're adding to it all the time. They're making changes, all the time.  That's what I see is needed for this week.

So, I wish you luck on making changes this week, even small changes can be all that is needed. As Captain Picard so often said: "Make it so!" (And you're Number 1 *wink*)

Deck used is The Wildwood, but the thoughts are my own.


Wildwood : Dodging Them Tricky Hurdles

Posted by Louise

This week, I feel there's a lot of dodging to be done, some hurdles to jump and basically, sharp pointy things to avoid.

Life I think, is an obstacle course. Only, it's not a straight line, you don't know what obstacles are coming or what you're supposed to do with them. Keep a bean bag on your head? My five-year old can do that. Jump like a kangaroo for 10 meters? Yep, he won that race, because they'd practised and he knew what to do.


Five of Arrows

Life isn't a rehearsal, it's not something you can practice, like the sack race. We have to do the best we can at the time, hope we've dodged the necessary arrows and bullets. This feeling of flying through the air, for me, shows up in this card.

The goat is dodging the arrows, somehow. Either the archer isn't very good, or the goat just has an advantage of moving fast! He could also be restless, unable to sit still and stick out a project. Or avoid a few crocodile pits and get the job done.

The questions this coming week, are varied.

What do you wish to avoid? What Do you need to avoid? Whom do you need to avoid? What situations require that you actually just jump over them and not engage? What will you be setting your sights on? I ask that, because that goat is focused on getting to the other side, jumping to safety. He's not just jumping through the air for fun: or is he? Those arrows declare that he's not, but this goat might be an adrenaline junkie! (How mad is that thought??)

I've got all the adrenaline I need, dodging the life my self-made minions throw at me! I love them all dearly, don't get me wrong, but the amount of arrows they can throw at me!! Sheesh, I do feel like I'm jumping through hoops, or dancing over arrows that are aimed at tripping up mum! Perhaps I ought to turn them around? Hmm... interesting thoughts!

This week, I've used the Wildwood Tarot and if you'd like your own personal reading, you can book yours here.

Wildwood : Elevation And Dance

Posted by Louise

After two weeks of organised chaos, it's time for elevation of the spirits and some celebration.

I like U2's music, so when I was searching for a card for this week (after not having posted last week due to the chaos that is life) and I came across this card (amongst others) I decided that this is what I'd dance to, if I were celebrating! Which, I am 😉


Four of Bows

As to why, well, that would reveal the gamer in me, but when things in life go well, what do you do to celebrate? How do you celebrate? What music gets you going? For me, anything with a good beat gets me or the toddler dancing. She knows the jingle to the most listened to radio station in the car and house. When mum starts dancing, she joins in. I clap when she starts and then I join in too.

It doesn't take much to start swinging those hips in this house, but it takes a fair bit to really celebrate!

What can you celebrate? Fathers Day was the 21st,  that deserves to be celebrated. Good fathers deserve their moment of elevation.  The Summer Solstice was also the 21st, the longest day a day to be celebrated, for lots of reasons. Not the least, is that it's going to start getting dark and whilst it does that slowly, we should enjoy the warm and celebrate things, our spirits and make memories to keep us warm in the cold months. Elevation of the soul is a wonderful thing. Making new friends, meeting up with older ones and enjoying their company. Meeting a shared goal, despite not knowing each other beyond basic pleasantries.

What did you do this past weekend to celebrate? What will you do this week to cause a celebration? What self elevation did you undertake? What goals have you set that you could achieve this week? Here's another couple of questions: Whom will you celebrate with?  What do you dance to?

Let me know when you're ready, I love a good hip-swinging tune to dance to!

The deck used is the Wildwood, created by Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews & this post part of the West Midlands Blogger Link.


Wildwood : Hone Those Skills

Posted by Louise

This week, I've delved into the Wildwood to find that special card for this week. I want to hone my skills and to do so,  there's hard work to be done. Time to get those candles going!

The Wildwood hasn't offered up this card, I've consciously "pulled" this card from all 78 cards. This week, I want to work hard, play hard, and rest hard. And yes, there's some hard work for me to do. I'm not afraid of the hard work, that's the least of my problems. What does concern me, is the time. Time is not a friend of mine. With a small young family, it hasn't been a friend for some years now, and it won't be for years to come. So the figure of this Eight of Stones, working late into the night, on their own, in a dark cave with nothing more than a few candles. I'm used to working when the kids are asleep, or busy doing their own thing. I really need to hone these Tarot reading skills.

Hone The Skills

Eight of Stones ~ Skill
Card of the Day

This card says to me, work when you can. No distractions, no half measures, no excuses;  focus, stay focused and hone those skills. I kind of like that, being tough on yourself. It's been a while since I've needed to parent myself.

I learned the other day, that a distraction robs you of 25 minutes time. It takes that long to get "back into" the task you were distracted from. So, launching Trello on my tablet, I start to make my lists. Lists are great, but I've four on Trello so far, just to try to keep a tab on what I need to do for each part of my life.

I find that if I have the TV on, I get distracted more (so yes, I have to turn the TV off). The TV I find, is just as bad as Facebook for distractions.

So this week, what are your distractions? What do you need to turn "off" in order to get focused and do the work at hand? This can include Facebook, Twitter, G+, the TV, the radio...  What tools do you use to get focused? I've mentioned Trello (it's free and frankly, who doesn't LIKE free apps and gadgets?) but there are others out there, I know it.

This week, I'd like you to share with me what apps you have that seem to be good, that seem to help you stay focused and get the jobs done. My Trello lists are getting longer, so time for me to get stuff done and get to bed. This week, is going to be pretty busy! Bye for now!

I've used The Wildwood, as created by Eddison Sadd (Ryan, Matthews & Worthington) and this is my own ramblings and observations, unless otherwise stated.


Wildwood : Keep Calm And….

Posted by Louise

The Wildwood, this week, offers us the calm, gorgeous and shy, Queen of Bows. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not shy, but calm? I need to apply that trait a little more.

Yes, okay, I'm not the calmest person out there and with three kids, my Zen sometimes just doesn't even get out of bed, even with a cup of coffee, Lapsang Souchong or good strong English tea on offer. And as the possibility of normal (or what passes as normal) beckoning tomorrow with the return to school, the pragmatic, highly practical, Queen of Bows comes to say: Keep Calm and Get Ready.


Queen of Bows

She could be saying a lot of things too. The Hares are prolific breeders but they're also so full of potential. This week, it seems that anything is possible! She's the sympathetic companion of life. Does that sound like you? Does it sound like someone you need in your life? This Queen (and because it's a court card, doesn't mean that the person displaying these qualities has to be female) is wise, gentle, witty and they will give you the strength of your own resolve. They're going to be popular, dedicated and on your side.  They're the calm in your storm.

How do you influence those around you? Are you the cool, calm and collected one? Are you the one that encourages others around you? Are you the sympathetic ear that everyone needs?

There is a down side to this Queen, though. Everyone has a shadow side, even the Courts. Do you harbour slights or insults? Do you cast aspersions where, frankly, you ought not to?

However, I am reminded to keep calm and be "enlightened".  This week, I feel this Queen is telling me to about acting on my anger, but to get on with things that I can control and do something about. Ironing school uniforms for the coming weeks it is, then! Calmly, perhaps? 😉

This image was bought to you thanks to the kind men behind the Wildwood, Mark Ryan, Will Worthington & John Matthews and the blog post entry is all my take on one card. I can read your cards too, if you like?
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Wildwood : Feel Fulfilled

Posted by Louise

This week, The Wildwood says, Feel Fulfilled. After spending this past week, as busy as a bee in a wild meadow, you bet that I am!

It is very easy, I think, to feel hassled and frazzled in this modern age. Occasionally though, you get to stand still and appreciate the fulfilment of all that you do. This past week, I've been busier than I really don't know what (well, I do know, but I'm not going to post rude words on my blog!) and now that it's over, I'm feeling very happy and fulfilled.


Three of Bows

This week, the Three of Bows comes out to join us and usually, there's a destination involved with the Three of Bows (aka, Wands or Rods) but I rather like this keyword better than destination. Taking stock, being happy in the moment, stopping for a moment to think, to  breathe....

 This figure is certainly telling me to halt, to go no further until I feel ready to move along. I've come a long way, it's time to take stock.

It's an unusual feeling, after a brilliant week of running here, there and what seems like, everywhere. Fulfilling plenty of readings and I feel, helping a lot of people along the way. I certainly hope I have helped a lot of people along the way, though I always wonder if I truly have.

So today, at the start, I find a two pence piece at the edge of the floorboards where I'm reading today as part of Zen's 20th Birthday and immediately think: "Today is going to be a good day! Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck!" And good luck, I certainly had. I was booked all day and even with some cancellations, I and the other readers were fully booked, right through the day.

Now that the sun has set, with a cold beer in one hand, the net-book on my lap, the dog under my feet after a good grounding meal of fabulous fish and chips I am happy to feel very fulfilled. Stuffed might be a good word, but I've not been that greedy, tonight!

I've used The Wildwood and my experience from Saturday 23rd May to write this blog post. Thanks for stopping by, for reading, for any comments you might like to leave (which add to my fulfilment)

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Wildwood : Let It Go, Let It Go

Posted by Louise

If it's not enough that my toddler loves Frozen,  "Let It Go" pops into my head when The Wildwood drops "The Emotional Rebirth" card. Come on, Wildwood, that perfect girl is gone!

Within the last 10 days in the UK, the General Elections have happened. The Conservatives are back in power and there's an up-roar that involves riots in London that may or may not have been started by the law enforcement. I don't know, I'm not there. However, even The Wildwood says: move along! Let it go.

let it go

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Card of the Day

Emotions are still on a high with the human political front in this country. Friends are being lost and friends are being made, all because we support one party's views over another. The political scoring system in the UK is in my view, outdated. It was fine back in Thatcher's era, or even Blair's. But we're in the 21st Century and we need to change it. There's more than Blues and Reds now, fighting for self governance.  Will the fat cats, those who benefit from how it is currently, let it be changed? Well, we'll see. Not without a damn fight, IMHO. They won't let it go.

However, these things aren't relative in the realm of spirit. They're really insignificant, totally not part of the soul's journey on this realm. It's time however, to get on with things and get over ourselves, our ego and get on with making the best job this as we can.

Putting on my Ann Robinson hat, I ask: In this week, what ego do you need to let go on? What hump have you got to say good-bye to? What emotions need to flow down the river? Whatever it is, it's time to let it go.

I've used The Wildwood Tarot today. Thanks for joining me and oh, I love comments!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Distasteful Neighbours

Posted by Louise

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tarotbloghopWelcome to my entry for the Tarot Blog Hop on Beltane. Our wrangler this time, Morgan Drake Eckstein, asked us to talk about the distasteful cards. The last Blog Hop, the consensus was, that we needed these in the deck.

Hello if you come here normally, or arrived as you've skipped forward from Maria's blog entry. Now, which cards for you (I'm listing just  3 below) cause you to have a negative reaction? Which ones have you hanging your head and wishing for another card, other than the one you've turned over? Which ones make you go "eek" when they appear with nicer cards? In The Wildwood, there are a few.

Distasteful Neighbours

Major 8 ~ The Stag

To my mind, Justice is always one that makes people go: Oh bums! Or something similar that might be more colourful! In The Wildwood, Justice is The Stag. The protector of the greenwood, holding in his hands a tree of life shield and a double-headed axe.  Like the old tales of Herne the Hunter, this being is dressed in animal head and hide, implying that the Justice this Stag gives out, that nature gives out, is long-lasting. Nature can be cruel and devastating, but the idea of "forgiveness and reward" are not applicable to mother nature. Those are human terms and we're responsible for our actions. The consequences are ours to bear and be aware of. The Justice of Nature reminds us we are but guests upon this Eden.

Distasteful Neighbours

Major 11 ~ The Woodward

Another distasteful Neighbour that makes folks go: Oh what?! with the Wildwood cards, is The Woodward. I guess, he'd be Strength in the RWS versions, but in truth, The Stag and The Woodward are a combination of them both. This is where the RWS meanings don't apply to The Wildwood. The Woodward is strong, he symbolises inner power that comes from facing fear, understanding the darkness.  He's the strength we turn to (or find within) in our darkest hour. Unless you're in Africa, you're not going to find a lady putting her head into a Lion's mouth, you are more likely to find a strong person, standing at the back, being the buck that ends it all. That is not done through fear, that is done by acknowledging that there is fear, and using it to their and our, advantage.

Distasteful NeighboursMy third and final offering of distasteful neighbours for this hop, is a Court Card, one that I've had an issue with of late, and one I hardly ever pull from the deck or from the app, and that is the King of Vessels, The Heron.

Now, whilst they might be gorgeous birds to some, I don't see it/ I see them as lonely creatures, I've never seen a baby Heron, not even on the Wildlife programs I love so much. The Heron might be gifted with psychic perception and reflection, or hold many esoteric secrets, or be the equivalent of The Crow in Celtic mythology, but I really don't get him in this deck. Is he the distant father, who never gets to see his kids, supports them from afar and loves them regardless? Or is he the quiet uncle that quietly sneaks you another few sweets, after mum has said "no more" ? This is one I'm going to have to get over and create an Oracular Anomaly for.

On their own, they're not so bad, are they, but if you were to get a spread with those three in it, I'd be sat there, for quite a while, and thinking insane thoughts. Even if they come up in a spread, I'd still have to take my time with them in this deck.

Lets see what my lovely (and not disgruntled) neighbour & wrangler, Morgan, has to say on the subject. He's up next!

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Deck used, The Wildwood by Mssrs Worthington, Ryan and Matthews.

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