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October Tarot Evening Schedule

This is my Tarot evening schedule for October, if you'd like to join me, book with the establishment I'm at. I'm also available for private one-to-one readings during October, just contact me to book the when.

Wednesday 1st October - Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Thursday 2nd October - Sanctum Therapies, 7pm until 10pm

Wednesday 8th October - Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Tuesday 14th October - The Crown Inn, Fairfield, 6pm until 9pm

Wednesday 15th October - Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Thursday 16th October - Tarot Academy Class, Bowling Green Inn, Stoke Prior, 7pm until 10pm (No private readings at this venue)

Wednesday 22nd October - Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Wednesday 29th October - Zen, Moseley, 7pm until 10pm

Major 17 The Pole Star

Major 17
The Pole Star

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Weekly Power Animal : Please Decide

As I return to our somewhat normal schedule, the Antelope from the Power Animal Oracle comes out to join us and says: Please, decide!

Whatever it is you decide to do, sitting on the fence and thinking about doing it, isn't going to get it done. Hesitating and equivocating about any decision you have to make, isn't the thing to do. If you chose to sit still and do nothing, that's fine, but at least you've made a decision!

decideWhat faces you this week? Have you an idea? Is there something you've been putting off doing? Or deciding upon? At the moment, I've no inclination of what will come, I've nothing pending to make a decision about. At least, as far as I am aware at the moment!

The key this week, is to make a decision but not a knee jerk one. Basing the decision on the will of spirit and instinct (intuition), all and available facts would be the most prudent, according to this card for this week.

Making a decision sometimes is not easy and it can be frightening. What if you make the wrong one? But what if you don't? What if you hurt others? But what if their ego is just stopping them from getting to something great? What if your ego is stopping you from achieving something brilliant? What if is a great fear question. Fear can manifest in a number of ways, it can stop us from doing things because we then become incapable of making a decision.

What will you decide to do this week? Will you decide to join a gym? Will you decide to start doing something and stop putting things on the back burner? Will you just do something, because you can? Or will you stop doing something, because, frankly, it's had its time and you've had enough?

This week, I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do. The message to me is quite simple. But boy, I know executing it, often isn't. I've had a few weeks where this were left to slide because of circumstances not giving us an affordability to make any decision.

I'd like it very much if you decided to leave me a comment though!

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Tarot Blog Hop : That Tarot Quantum Leap

It's The Autumn Equinox and as I celebrate a fantastic twelve years of marriage, our wrangler asks when did the Quantum Leap of Tarot happen for me?

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Firstly, WELCOME, whether you've come from Joanne's site or landed directly here! I have freshly baked bread, berry jam and butter.  It's getting cooler, here in the Northern Hemisphere and it's Blog Hop time again! In order to answer Morgan's question (he's wrangling this time) you may need a little background and context.

I tried to read the Tarot back when I was sixteen (so, SO many moons ago now!) but what was in the little white book (hereby known as the LWB) and what I felt, where two totally different things. My mother walked in on me and asked me, rather reservedly, if that was the Tarot? I said "Yes?" and she pulled a face. "I don't want to see them again in the house, okay? They're evil" she said, walking out of my room. Which was weird, as my maternal grandmother, read tea leaves!

quantum leap

Ace of Vessels
Waters of Life

But that's by-the-by, the two (the book and I) were out of kilter, so I did as mum said and put them away, though I did try to sneak a few more goes after that point I'm sure. Until I was twenty-four, living with my fiancé (now husband) and he bought me a book about Witchcraft. In there, was one little, teeny chapter all about Tarot. It spoke to me and made my soul sing. It got me to dig out my only deck at the time, the Traditional Rider Waite and with the hubby's suggestion of finding a Tarot group on the internet, I found TABI.

My Quantum Leap moment happened somewhere within my course time at TABI, the organisation I joined that very November (some twelve years ago, how synchronistic is that?) when things just started to flow, connect and actually work. I learned a lot from that course (no, I don't believe it was that long ago!) and I never really stop the learning.

Quantum Leap moments happen during readings, both for the client and myself. I have a problem with The Emperor Card (Major 4, or The Green Man). I can't see the positive side of him very often. In fact, hardly ever. I still read Tarot books on my "down" time, starting with that card and then any others, to gain perspectives I might have missed. It is all about learning and working to that Quantum Leap moment, one step at a time.

We're in the time of the Vessels, from the Wheel that the Wildwood uses. The time of emotional restarts, which is probably why there's traditionally, a lot of job moving around this time of year. We want to change how we feel and if we've fallen out of love with our paid jobs (I haven't, this is my paid job, but might not be yours) then we strive to change it. Or we decide to change it before Yuletime comes.

Which brings me to the next Quantum Leap thought: what if, you just jumped? Just went for it? What if, you changed jobs / got out of a situation, before things turn south and head down the nearest lavatory? Here's a little spread to help work out that: What if?

Quantum Leap

Autumn Equinox Spread

Card 1: Benefits of making a change now
Card 2: Drawback of making a change now
Card 3: The next step

Have fun with that little spread and now, it's time for you take a cupful of fruit punch from the bowl by the door and wander off to see what Stella at US Games has to offer.

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Wildwood : Going Through the Motions

Mercury is about to go Retrograde and I have the urge to throw everything out and start again. However, the Tarot advises to go through the motions, join in life, make the most of the moment and wait. Darn it, waiting is not my favourite pastime!

I'm an impatient soul most of the time. I'm Pisces, I never stop swimming around. I'm the butterfly that flutters from one pool of nectar to another, I don't know how to stop and stay still. However, the Tarot this week, advises me (and you!) that we need to actually stop and join in the dance of life. That's the middle card, the Five of Cups. It's time to renew our energy and we can do that by joining in the exultant sincere ecstasy of life as it is, right this moment. Well, since it's my middle child's birthday (and a small, significant one) that's exactly what I shall do, for now. Go through the motions.


Pathway Reading - 17th September 2014

See the card on the left,  The Seven of Bows? That's the card about clearing everything out that no longer serves a purpose. Cutting away the dead wood,  getting rid of the crap that we've accumulated and returning it to the Earth from which is came. However, the Tarot advises that isn't what I should do, right now! Why is that? Well, for one, it expends energy in a direction I shouldn't be. The whole point of today (and the rest of this week) is to enjoy the party, join in and BE with those we love and who love us in return. Go through the party emotions and enjoy the moments for my kids sake, as well as my own. Busying myself in a task that can easily wait, takes me away from the fun that the children want to have with their mum and dad. Result = bad idea!

The card to the right is the action to take and the Four of Stones is about protecting those around me and myself. I could exhaust myself, but then I'd end up a cranky, tired mum and what fund is that? The sun rising brings hope and renewed vitality, so you know, taking it easy, resting a little more (a few early nights might even help!) and giving my spiritually, wounded self some protection, is necessary. Am I spiritually wounded? That is entirely possible but I'm in the middle of it, so it is hard to say, isn't' it? But resting is better than wearing myself out, I say! Time to go through the motions and be a good girl! (Ha! Is that even possible?!)

I've used The Wildwood Tarot with this reading (as normal!) and if you'd like to comment or share this post, it would make me happy for you to do so!


Weekly Power Animal : Adapt

This week we're joined by the lovely,  Mr (or Mrs) Fox and they're here to remind us that we need to adapt to the changes happening around us.

Adapting to change is the biggest way to accept it. We can try to be a sea-side breaking barrier, but will that achieve anything of use? If the waves coming to us are too big, common sense tells us, to move. It's self-preservation.

adaptIt's also not easy to adapt to the change, to embrace it, but isn't is healthier to accept that things never stay the same? Okay, you may have had to get crow-barred out of the situation you were in (boot, bum, kick!) but honestly, you're not a limpet or a sea-snail, you don't have to stay in the same place for the rest of your life. I rather think the days of having a job or one house for the rest of your life are long gone, but that doesn't mean you have to change careers!

So, this coming week, with the latest Solar Flare hitting the planet, with the Pisces Super-Moon waning and the Autumn (okay, Fall, but only if you're in the USA) slowly getting a good grip on our environment (Spring if you're in the Southern Hemisphere), what are you willing to accept in regards to change? What are you not willing to accept? Foxes move when the danger level gets too high for them or the cubs. Foxes adapt by finding food that we've thrown out (hey, it was going to the compost bin anyway, right?) or if you're my cat, by catching it. Foxes catch their food too, if they can get access into your chicken run! But that's another blog post ;)

However my point is, Foxes adapt, so use their ability to change your rigid thinking this week. There are patterns of behaviour we all have that help us "cope" but are you coping well with things? If not, it's time to adapt so you can get unstuck. There's an infinite list of possibilities just waiting to happen, you just have to change lanes and aim for one of them.

fox, adapt

Red Fox, resting

It's not the first time that taking a walk outside of my own four walls and breathing in nature, has yielded a great thought, idea or a plan that I've come up with. A plan, so cunning, I could put a tail on it and call it a fox. Cheers, Baldrick!

I've linked this beautiful image to the blog post I snuck it from, but the other image is from Steven D Farmer's deck, Power Animal Oracle Cards, which I took myself (hence why there's two (c) on it.

I'd love to hear back from you, to have your comments and for you to share the blog post. Knowing you've done so, makes me a happy little bunny (that's staying well out of that cute fox's path!)


8th September : Getting to the Point

I was poorly last week. This week, I'm back in the saddle and gearing up for a great week doing face-to-face readings; but what's the point?

The point of my job, is to be direct, but to be gentle with it. My role, is to cut through the woodlands, the trees, the nonsense, the smelly stuff (insert your own chosen word here) and point out the obvious, which, when observing from the outside, is clear to me.  This is the central card here in the spread shown below, The Archer. The Archer is direct, no-nonsense, driven. For the moment, I feel that is what I'm being asked to engage with, the path to follow.

The Archer, The Lovers, Page of Bows ~Stoat, point

Action To Avoid ~ The Lovers | The Issue ~ The Archer | Action To Take ~ Stoat

What won't help with my role? The Lovers comes up in answer, and as much as I love myself and my family, they shouldn't come up in the reading, nor be used for comparison. They say when two people fall in love, it's rather sickly. Well, that reminds me of sugar-coating things, beating about the bush. I've been called tactless before (well, several times!) but I don't need to go the other extreme either and be all sugar-and-spice (I can still be nice though, honest!)

The Page of Bows carries all these thoughts forward. The stoat is a great hunter with a fierce hunting instinct. I'm not going to embody that personality trait, per say, but being able to reconcile The Archer and The Lovers and merge the two. The book says that my gifts are seen as widely recognised and honoured. That's a great feeling and a great honour. As someone else in this trade was quoted to this morning: With great power comes great responsibility.

What's the point of your job? What do you see in the cards? Are you sugar-coating things too much? Could you do with being a little more direct, more decisive, more to the point? It's time to engage a higher gear, aim high, fire true and strive towards your target with confidence.

I've used The Wildwood Tarot deck for this weekly reading, which I'd be very happy if you'd share around a little.


Face to Face schedule for September

For the chance to have your face to face reading with me, here's my schedule for September:


September 1st, Zen @ Digbeth, 11am until 4pm

September 4th, Sanctum, Halesowen, 7pm until 8pm

September 10th, Zen @ Digbeth, 12pm until 4pm

September 11th, Zen @ Digbeth, 6pm until 9pm

September 14th, Zen @ Digbeth, 11am until 4pm

September 18th, Tarot Meet Up, Stoke Prior, 7pm until 10pm
(No private readings at this venue)

September 25th, Zen @ Digbeth, 6pm until 9pm



* anything in blue is a new date for this month
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Weekly Power Animal : Healing

This week,  we're joined by The Snake who reminds us that the healing gifts we have,  are loaned and should not be feared.

We all need to heal,  either physically,  psychologically or spiritually.  Our mind is one of the strongest healing forces we are born with,  so keeping them clear and not letting them get bogged down can only be helpful to us.


Are you afraid to think of actually achieving your goals? Are you afraid of passing that test or exam? Of going for that new job,  perhaps? We always jump when we're made to,  but what if we jumped when we realised the situation we're in was making us ill?

It's recognising that illness and then doing something positive about it.  Let's imagine that we're caught in an alien vortex of white light and we get told the truth,  gently.  Well,  we can do that ourselves,  no aliens involved.

We can visualise ourselves standing in the white column of light and purge what doesn't resonate with our soul. We can allow the psychic debris to flow down to our get and back into the Earth beneath our bare feet.  Mother Earth is quite good at recycling crap into new life,  just think of the worms in a compost bin.

Letting ourselves be afraid of healing our psychic,  spiritual selves is very counter productive and if we can help others heal,  we can heal ourselves too.  We can show compassion and love to others and to ourselves,  which is healing.  Isn't that a true miracle?

This week,  let's take this new month and heal ourselves,  and those around us


Weekly Power Animal : Being Grateful

It's midweek and instead of the Tarot reading (which happened on Sunday) I've pulled a Power Animal Card and we're joined by the Kangaroo, who is grateful.

Today, the fantastic kangaroo comes out to join us and she is here to remind us that we need to be grateful for all that we are blessed with.

Kangaroo & Gratitude

It's hard to remember the good things we have when things start (or are) going wrong. We focus on the negatives, rather than the positives (thinking of the 5 of Cups) because of how we've had the "material world" drilled into us. I now have part of one of Lilly Allen's tracks (The Fear) going through my head. Not one of my usual clairaudiance visitors, but hey, she sums it up rather well (even if she swears a lot in her songs;) )

"Thou shalt not want". How often do we hear that? Does it mean we can't want for things, like new clothes? A working washing machine? No... just that we shan't want for the basics of life. Air, food, water, shelter and importantly, love. If you're lacking in any of these, be grateful for what you do have whilst you search for the aspect that's missing.

What we think is missing, may not actually be. It could be that we haven't consciously acknowledged it, that it is sat right in front of us (like the Kangaroo's pouch) but we need help to realise that the gift is right there.

What do you need to be grateful for? Friends? Family? The friends that are more family than family? Do you need a hug? We are allowed to say, thank you, no thank you, help me, love you, hug me please. The words that are the hardest to say are often the most important and the ones we need to say the most.

Count your blessings today. I know I do and shall, but I always count my husband twice ;)

Image linked from CrystalWoman's site on Photobucket, but the card is from Stephen Farmer's Power Animal Oracle Cards.


18th August : Energies Around Us

Back from a great fresh air holiday, I investigate what energies are around myself and mine as we end one chapter and work out what comes next.

It's great to get away and relax. It becomes essential when you can't see the woods for the trees. It also helps you refocus and reassess the energies around you. Are you heading in the right direction? Are you happy with where you are? If not, what are you going to do about it? We had some changing news upon our return home from a holiday. It was anticipated, but still, unwelcome.

So, now that things are going to change (we will make it a change for the better!) I've asked the Tarot what energies are around us at the moment and these are the cards I drew.

The Energies

The Energies

 On the left, we have the Three of Arrows. This is the positive energies around at the moment. Hmm.... jealousy being positive? I wonder how? It could be that the energy of being jealous is normal, that we're to embrace it and let the thoughts flow. That's... interesting.

The second card represents the negative energies around us at the time. It's the Wren, the little voice that sings in the depths of Winter but it's often the voice of reason. However, with the emotions of jealously flowing, are we listening? Or are we listening to the wrong voices? It's a possibility, but there are a few that we need to listen to, everyone else, whilst most likely well-meaning, ought not to be listened to. Like advice, you can ignore it if it doesn't fit.

The last card is the Green Man and represents further energies to embrace. It comes up as the final advice card for energies to embrace. The Green Man can be quite forthright, vindictive but he can be empowering, guiding, a no-nonsense kind of approach. I can surmise who might fill in that role, and it's not just one person.

What energies do you see in these cards? Do you see more positives in the Three of Arrows? Do you see more negatives in the Page of Arrows?  Feel free to comment, I love comments and talking Tarot!

I've used The Wildwood Tarot here for the reading.
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