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Wildwood : Wake Me Up

Posted by Louise

It's time to get something new under way. The winter nights are drawing in, so what's going to wake you up and keep you entertained?

Wake Me Up by Evanescence sprung to my mind as soon as I saw this card.  Just because the nights are drawing in, going out and spending time outdoors is often curtailed by the poor weather. The desire to stay in and be warm , overtakes us. But whilst you sit down and enjoy the comforts of home, what are you going to do to keep your brain awake?

wakeThe Ace of Bows came up from The Wildwood and I immediately thought, engage your brain! What about starting a new hobby? Or picking up one you had last year? How about doing a small correspondence course on a subject that you've been wanting to do?

I've recently picked back up the astrology correspondence course I started back, oh goodness knows when! Added to that, my three kids, the card crafting and Tarot reading, blogging on two sites, I doubt I am the one going to be bored! I personally, don't need or want anything new right at this moment!

But this blog post isn't just about me. What are you going to do to engage your brain this winter? What new thing is taking your fancy? What are you doing to wake yourself up? What are you doing to add spark to your life?

So often, we do things for others, chasing butterflies and pleasing others, but never ourselves. I often think Winter is a time to be a little selfish, a little greedy (and not just in the form of nice tasty treats!)  and engage your brain.

So this winter, wake yourselves up! Engage the brain and get on with a new thing! Smocking might be good, go and investigate smocking! Learn new things! I'm off to do more astrology course-work, crochet some blankets and learn how to make crochet flowers. There'll be more tarot stuff, soon!

I've used the Wildwood Tarot and my own inspiration for this blog post.


Wildwood : Share the Love

Posted by Louise

It's time to share the love on my Facebook page, as well as subscribing directly here on the blog!

share the loveShare the love, as a statement, reminds me, Tarot wise, of the Two of Vessels from the Wildwood and the Six of Cups from other decks. Sharing the love isn't just about the perfect life partner (though, there's perfect for me whom might not be perfect for you). It's about being friends, being friendly, encouraging others to join in the celebrations!

Why am I on about sharing the love, after the week of sheer violence we've witnessed in Paris, Mali, Japan, Nigeria and various other places around the World? Well, because if we can't love our neighbours, if we can't see further past the end of our nose, I have to wonder what kind of human race we are.

I firmly believe we, as a unique race, are better than the actions that have been demonstrated of late. I believe we're disconnected from each other and we're listening to ego way too much!

I want to share the love, I want to connect with, engage with, think with like-minded people. Life is complicated enough without being at loggerheads with our neighbours, school friends, peers, bosses, husbands, wife, children, etc. etc. There are a few sayings, proverbs if you will, that I remember growing up with:

Treat people as you wish to be treated.
If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all.

What I'd like to do, is share something with you!


Yes, I'm having a GIVE AWAY via my Facebook Page. I'd love to get my page to 750 Likes (because it's a target I set way back in January) so in order to get the last 25 or so, I'm offering a FREE Three Card reading for the 750th like and a Tarot Bag (handmade by me) for the 749th like! (Worldwide postage here, folks!) so I'm sharing the love and hoping that you will too by liking my page, but also, I'm asking that you share this the page to your friends!
(If you share the thread that I've pinned at the top and post you've shared it, that'll help me identifying the winners :) )

Who would love to have a Tarot insight, delivered to their news-feed, for free? Would you share my page to some of your like-minded friends? I'd love it if you did! I'll do another give away for blog subscriptions when I'm near the 100 mark. Thank you!


Now What : The Wildwood Answers

Posted by Louise

It's been over a week since I communed with my maternal grandmother, but I'm left with this sense of: Now what?! It's a very 4 of Cups moment!

Now what? How often have I heard that question in my Tarot Counselling Career? The answer, is quite often. However, I'm usually the one with the cards, helping others! Seems this week, I need to help myself too. So, I used the app on my tablet (where little madame cannot damage my cards) and asked the question through the Wildwood App (check your smart phone store 😉 )

Now what

The Significator (5 of Vessels) What's the issue, dear? The Issue is about me being happy! Do I go through the motions? (Yes, a Buffy reference 😀 ) Or do I just need to do something, rather than sit on my petite, mummy behind? The issue is I'm not a happy camper, I'm now in a "Meh" state after talking with Mary. Bugger.

The Bow (Page of Bows) What is my focus on the issue? The focus is, I'm watching, seeing what happens next. I may be able to perceive the truth, but what do I do with that "truth"? I'm looking around, waiting for the right "pray" before I take action.

Conscious Limb (The World Tree, Major 21) What do I think about the situation? What do I think? I don't really know!  There are now so SO many potentials, there's SO many more ways I can take this. It's a little over-whelming, being honest!

Spiritual Limb (9 of Cups) What do I feel about the situation? I'm feeling numb, like I've not really recovered from getting very hung-over a few days later. I'm eating, breathing... but I really am going through the motions until my spiritual self can finally say: Yes, I'm happy!

The String (The Guardian, Major 15) What drives the issue? The issue was the cave, a challenge, the fear. I had to over-come that, but now I have, I'm not sure where to go now I'm out the other side. A bit like Fall Out 4, I'm out of the Vault, now what?!

The Fletchings (King of Bows) What is the solution? The solution comes in the King of Bows. Is he calling on friends? Is he asking for help? Maybe I should do the same. But whom do I call? To whom does an empath talk with after such an experience, a hurdle like this? I'm meditating, but I'm still locked within myself on this. Now what? seems to be my favourite phrase this week!

The Arrowhead (6 of Arrows) What is the outcome?  The outcome is taking each day as it comes, absorbing what happened a little each day, letting it go a bit more each day. This isn't a chalice I have to keep with me. It's water (or poison?) in a bottle I must slowly pour away. Some days I'll swing into waters much too calm, others I won't and the aim is to navigate between the two.

Now what

Whew! So, it's time to carry on the navigating of my life through choppy waters, sticking mostly to the narrow river of neither calm or choppy and doing what I can to keep on an even, mental keel. Like I didn't have to do that to start with!  Thanks for joining me again for my latest post, sorry it took a little time from the last one, but well, Mary got in my head and it took a wee while to remove her.

I've used The Wildwood app, cards etc. as designed by Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews. You can find the app from your Smart Phone Store provider, Fools Dog designed it and you can hear Mark's sultry tones throughout.


Wildwood : The Commune with Grandmother

Posted by Louise


It's time to grab yourself a coffee, for a long post about me communing with my Grandmother, is coming up following on from the Tarot Blog Hop.

Mentioning either of my Grandmothers is usually a cause for me to spit with some distaste. Whilst my children know exactly whom their grandparents are, I really do not recall mine. I couldn't pick them out of a Police line up. They were there, clearly, as my parents are their children, but it was more a case of name only. The faces behind the names weren't known, I hadn't seen or spoken with them since before I was eight years old, leaving Scotland behind (for a lot of good and difficult reasons).

Yet, for a while, I know my deceased maternal has wanted to chat with me. Usually, she visits my sister and I get messages from her that way. Though, my dear sister learnt quite quickly that I'm not always receptive to any of my grandmother Mary M's messages. (Both my grandmothers are called Mary, so I use Mary M to distinguish her as my mother's mum, so you know)

grandmotherHowever, as part of the Tarot Blog Hop, we were asked to commune, communicate and commemorate with our ancestors and since Mary M won't leave me alone (even though I've been trying to avoid her for a few years) I decided now was the time to get "our wee chat" out-of-the-way.

I sit before the wood burner, that roars into the night. The room is warm, silent, quiet with just the dog before the fire, the Wildwood Tarot deck to hand and my huge footstool to lay my cards upon.

To represent and invite Mary M, I drew The Ancestor card first. The others I drew in answer to the questions I asked her. I advise you now, some of my questions to her can be sharp, but since she was one of the many reasons I got dragged away from Scotland, I feel I've a right to be a wee bit curt with her.

My first question: What were you thinking? I know she died of heart failure, bought on by excessive drinking. I also know she was part of the reason we left Scotland. Could she not see the harm she was helping perpetrate? The card I pulled out was the Knight of Vessels, represented in the Wildwood by the eel. I believe via this card, that she wasn't thinking. She got lost in the ruin (mothers ruin / gin) and couldn't drag herself away, or put up much of a fight. This Card has he elemental assignments of Earth of Water, but I'm reading this in reverse of Water of Earth. Emotions ruled before common sense and emotions continued to rule, the head didn't get much a chance to get out of the alcoholic fog.

I recall now an incident, when I was much younger. I had the chance to sneak a fair few alcoholic drinks from the parental liquor cupboard. Occasionally, I did, but I remember stopping myself one night (or one of the voices inside my head shouted stop) and me vowing to never be like "her" (Mary M). I am aware I have an addictive personality and the best way for me to get over something, is to never actually start. (I never smoked as a result, because I knew I'd never quit). She was alive at that point in my life, so it wasn't her that stopped me.

Ten of Stones HomeMy next question: I'm told you read tea leaves. Why did you stop? The answer comes in the form of the Ten of Stones, Home. She did it to protect the home. Protect it from whom, I wonder? Neighbours? The Church? (This would be in the 1960's and a very Roman Catholic part of Glasgow, so... ) I wonder if her husband, my grandfather, had something to say about it? I pulled a quantifier and the Eight of Bows... Well, there's my answer, family disapproved. Whether they be brothers, sisters, her parents, my grandfather's parents, husband, I don't know. But, the pressure from the Clan was enough to call it quits.

DedicationMy third question: You've been hovering around for a while, what did you want to tell me? The Nine of Arrows, dedication, comes up as the answer. Wow, I didn't actually expect a word of encouragement from my Grandmother. I really expected blame and a huge argument, awkward cards. But if there's any indication from the other side that I'm actually doing what I'm meant to be doing, this is it. Like anyone, I have my self doubts, but I try to not feed the ego wolf, but feed the id wolf instead. It seems to be working and I am certainly on the right path! Keep going and keep being dedicated to it is the message I read here.

4-of-VesselsWhat action do you suggest I take? is my fourth question. For this I get the 4 of Cups in answer. Boredom? Seriously? What the heck do you mean by that?! That I stay doing just this? Give up? Or to not get bored and not waste my energy? There's inspiration around this lady in this card, there is around me; I know, I've three of them!

Reading the book (as this card really did throw me in reply to that question!) the last sentence drew my eyes. It reads: "Challenge should not be feared; opportunity should be grasped and utilized to its natural limit". That, as an answer, I can take.

Knight-of-Bows-WMOkay, you've helped me out, so what can I do for you, Grandmother? The Knight of Bows (my daughters favourite card) comes up in answer and I'm wondering just what to make of this card in this position? Foxes are clever, they're savvy, street smart, determined. As I said above, I never really knew Mary M. Maybe these were qualities she had, but never used. Foxes are able to change paths at a moments notice, their cleverness can guide you towards fulfilment. Does this mean I will sense you around again? I know another ancestor who is around me and mine, dislikes that idea, which is why I've had to clear the space and air to talk with you this evening. I guess time will tell on that score! But perhaps I need to be as ambivalent to Mary M as I am to foxes? I'd love your views on this, readers!

Queen-of-Arrows-WMLast question, then I shall let you go. What are your final thoughts? The Queen of Arrows comes up in the last card and I know from previous blog posts, that Swans are great gliders, but their huge webbed feet do all the hard work under the water. I feel a sense of a lot of hard work coming my way (not sure how I feel about that, but hey, I'm a mum of three, I should expect it!) but work I can take in my stride, with grace and style. I'd like to think, Audrey Hepburn, eat you heart out, but I think it's more than that. I'll have to let you know, post event. Swans are also very protective of their young when danger looms. Don't think I need any assistance in that regards, but if it's on offer...

Thank you for staying with me for well over a thousand words, and just a few more to say thank you to Aj Brokaw at the 4 of Wands Blog for their Ancestor Spread blog post, where some of my questions came from (as I didn't know exactly what to ask Mary M).

Thanks also to AniaM for the fabulous Wildwood Reading cloth, my sister for the opening gambit question (isn't she fabulous?!) and to the creators of the Wildwood (Mark, John & Will) for creating such a wonderful tool!


Tarot Blog Hop : Commune, Communicate, Commemorate

Posted by Louise


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Commune, Communicate, Commemorate with those who have gone on before us.

It's Halloween and our lovely wrangler, Arwen of Arwen Tarot, gave us this brief: "It’s Samhain or MidFall. This is the last of the three harvests in the Northern Hemisphere and the advent of Spring in the Southern hemisphere. It is a time that I know as being a thinning of the veil…a time for the honouring of those who have crossed over before us. This will be a hop focused on communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones.

communeIf I could ask my grandparents a question or two about their lives, I'd have to pick my maternal Grandmother. She's been "felt" around my life a few times, but I usually send her away with a snarl and a reminder to never darken my thoughts again and for a while, she hasn't. In life, I really didn't know her, I don't remember her at all. In truth,  she has more peace to settle with my mum than she does with me, but that's over and done wi'. She's buried now, I cannot change that. But if I wanted to open the veil....??

I do know, she read tea leaves at one point, then stopped doing so when my mum was in her teens. I never knew why. I never got to ask her if some of my gifts come from her side and why she never passed on those skills to my mum. Did she read cards at all? Playing cards, perhaps?

Major-13-The-JourneyIt got me to thinking, if she could answer me in Tarot, what would she say? I did ask for the reveal to be in a dream but I didn't get a reply that I can remember! However, the Ancestor card is certainly one to pull out of this fabulous deck, since I'll be asking to commune with my ancestors.

Another card that might come into play is The Journey Card. This is certainly about the ending of a cycle, the end of not knowing what my chosen ancestor was like, how much of her is really within me. It's about taking what is useful and then using it in a clever, constructive way. Not easy, but certainly do-able.

The ravens are the guardians of the spirit of the dead. What doesn't serve us, needs to be recycled and let go, so that we can make way for the future.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe final card for me this season is The Guardian. He's the Challenge that lies before us and as afraid as we might be, we can't move forward until we face that unknown. Are you afraid of him? If you're not, you're either a Fool or a God who has nothing to fear, but (and Star Trek, TNG reference here) even Q had lessons to learn.

What fears do you need to face now? Who do you need to talk with to overcome those fears? We're all afraid of something, we're all human. I know what I am afraid of, but I need to face that fear and perhaps this year, I will. Instead of running, I'll face it. Why now? Well, I'm the big-four-o next year and I no longer wish to carry this burden around with me. I'm finally ready, I think, to let it all go. (No, Elsa's not coming to sing for you here, sorry! She ran and didn't quite face up to what she needed to until well after that song 😛 )

So, for my sanity (or what might pass as sanity) I'll meditate with my grand-mother this Samhain and put my ghosts to rest. I know she's been ready to commune with me for ages, but I have not. Now, I am, so I'm going to do this. Guardian, bring it on.

Hope my post wasn't too dark for you! If it were, Chloë (going forwards) or Morgan (heading backwards) might have something lighter for you.

Blessed Samhain!

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Wildwood : Endurance Path

Posted by Louise

It's half term, time to hunker down, teach and not make it all such a challenge!

Endurance is certainly something any parent finds that they need when the little darlings are off school. This week, whilst I love time with all three, I'm reminded that it can be useful and not to wish the time away. I asked the Tarot what I needed to know this week and I've used the Pathway Spread from The Wildwood.

The middle card is first up and The Issue is to find the calm in the storm that the little minions come with. This time with them is a challenge, but it can be a good, if I make it that way. I don't need to make it so my emotions, or my kids emotions, are left in tatters or neglected. It's time to find the time to chill out, be with them, let them be with mum. Unfortunately, that in itself is going to be a challenge.

So, lets settle down and chill out. Not a skill I'm good at, but one I hope the kids will indulge and teach me.

Yes, it relies on team work, but it shouldn't be a gauntlet, a challenge, a competition. There's been enough of that around of late. The far left card is about Action to Avoid and indicates that things shouldn't be squandered. It's time to educate ourselves and the kids about a few things and enjoying spending time with them. Don't make it into a challenge, holidays are for chilling out, not working out!

So, don't take the kids into the dark den of doom, there's no need.

The Action To Take is about instruction, passing on information, skills, wisdom, knowledge. What's the best way to do this? Through play! I've a few activities lined up, but there are also the lessons of traditional wisdom, without the use of smart phones, tablets, pads and other things. We risk losing the interaction of the generations if we lose the gift of good instruction. It's not just the kids that need to learn patience, share the experience. We risk losing the ability to teach without the younger generation. Google does not have all the answers 😉

I hope you've enjoyed my little sample reading, knowing it wasn't such an endurance. If you'd like me to read for you, you can book your private consultation right here.

I've used The Wildwood for this blog entry, as usual and all images used are with kind permission from the creators, Mark, Will and John.


Numerology : Individuality

Posted by Louise

It's time to show off your individuality.

Individuality is a common enough power word these days. It gets bantered about as much as the word "super foods", "blue berries" or anything else that's good for you. Being yourself is hard though. We're often taught from the moment we start walking, to be in with the crowd, find friends, fit in. Being individual is tricky.


The number 11 is like two legs (okay, so I've used a bingo call to highlight a point... eyes down, keep on reading 😉 ) and highlight a power / master number. There are three, that I am aware of. 11, 22 and 33. My numbers work out to a 33 life path, but that's a different post.

Apart from Legs 11 (last bingo quote, I promise!) what else does the number 11 make you think? The keyword of individuality that this card indicates has, suggests that embracing both aspects of yourself is key. Think of one part being a number in the light, the sun. The other, in the shadows. You have to stand between them both to be the full you.

Seeing this number indicates that it's time to speak your own truth, march to the beat of your own drum, despite the opinions of those around you. Doing so is quite tough; in fact it can be downright scary.

In order to change something, the Number 11 (being a master number) you're being asked to embrace and find your own connection the source (or Divine being, and there's more than one right answer here) and harmonize with the cycles of life. Step into the true self you were born as, improve the relationship with those you can, have the strength to end those you cannot. Aim to improve the quality of your life.

For this Blog Post, I've used the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan, published by Hay House.

Private consultations can be booked via this link. Looking forward to seeing you!


Wildwood : Respect Of The Week Storyboard

Posted by Louise

Respect is the word for the week from the Wildwood, as well as being in your own corner and wondering what on earth is going on!

RespectThe Wildwood can be quite literal. It's not a gentle, granny deck, it's very much an "in your face" kind of deck. The first card I pulled out via the app is the Nine of Bows, Respect. I'm taking this fellow at his word! Have respect for yourself and for others. Treat others as you wish to be treated, but also, don't feel you have to put up with people being rude.  You don't have to be mean, but if someone starts taking the micky, feel free to stand your ground. It can be scary to do so, but the power is yours to wield, so do with respect for your boundaries and those boundaries of others.

cornerThe middle card immediately got me thinking of fighting in my corner. This card probably isn't two males having a scrap over a girl, it's probably two girls having a fight over who has what burrow or nest. We girls can get territorial like that. We want the best of things and yes, we're willing to fight for them. However, "fighting physically just because", isn't my style so I don't equate it to the message from the Wildwood as being scrappy. I equate it to more as being willing to stand your ground, than actively seeking combat. In martial arts, you're taught to void confrontation, rather than seek it out.

7-of-Arrows-WMThe final card I see as: Why wonder? This defending of your rights isn't about you setting boundaries, it's about others being surprised that you are. Of course, they're going to proclaim that you're the bad guy, that you're the demon. Yeah, right!

You may react like the woman in this picture. It's all just too much! Maybe it is, but don't their insecurities affect your security. Notice how the arrows don't actually touch the lady here? I can't be sure if she's going: Oh, bloody hell! Or: Why is this nonsense (change for another word) happening to me? I'm much more the first and then, I get somewhat pissy, loud & bossy.

So this week, I must try to kurb my pissy nature, but not go "oh woe is me" and land blame at my own feet. Remain grounded (that goes for you as well as me) and if necessary, fight my corner and command respect. Inner pissy bitch can take the high road this week.

I hope this helps you this coming week. I've used The Wildwood app (available from Fools Dog on GooglePlay & iStore) to draw the cards. (They're far safer from my 2-year-old that way!) 


Numerology : Love Partnership

Posted by Louise

Love partnership are the biggest thoughts on the minds of most humans on a regular basis.What has numerology got to say about this rather emotional subject?

Numbers occur in our lives from the moment we're born. Through the heavens, we're born at such-and-such a degree of this aspect, a certain degree of that aspect. This week, the number that comes up is Number 26 (which, if you add them together, makes 8).

PartnershipThe book that comes with this deck starts on about finding a new love, or having love find you "just around the corner", if you believe. Opening yourself up to love and wanting to reciprocate is often the first step, but having them fall into your arms from above, is a tad ridiculous. Sorry!

You're more likely to find a love if a) you're really ready for it and b) the timing is right. If, like me, you're in a love partnership (I've been in one for 13 years) then this number can also signify the deepening of the relationship. Like a roller-coaster, things go up and things go down. Sometimes, pretty damn fast too!

In both cases though, this card asks that you focus on what you can offer to a love partnership. Relationships aren't about what you'll get, it's about what one can offer. It's the same with parenting too, it's what you offer that matters more. The hugs, kisses and tantrums are just payment in thanks as they grow up.

So this week, it's time to sit down and think about what you have to offer. Yes, you read it correctly. You get to sit and think about your good qualities, what you can offer to a love partnership. Note, partnership: Equal footing with your partner. It's not just a romantic partnership, this can be business or education related too. Providing you love it!

How often do we do something constructive for ourselves? I'll wager, not often enough! So, take time now, for when Mercury goes direct around the 9th of this month, you'll be ready and you'll know what it is you have to offer.

I've used the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan for this week's Oracle insight. Thanks for reading and if you want to leave an insightful comment, I'd like that!


Wildwood : Dealing With Mercury

Posted by Louise

Mercury is retrograde. Often, it's an excuse to blame the Cosmos for poor communications, can the Wildwood help in this regard?

I asked The Wildwood, What do I need to know about this Mercury Retrograde? So using three cards, I enquired as to what will help this week, what will not help and some further advice.

The first card up is the King of Bows, he's here to help and to remind me that getting to the top of a pile is tough, staying there is tougher. But I don't have to stay at the top. I have permission to make my point, to articulate and use the passion within, but I do not have to always be the one at the top.

The middle card is what won't help this week. The King is a reminder to not do things alone. The Wolf can call on his friends, but in this image, he's alone. I don't have to ask in staying at the top, I have no intention of staying there. Asking for help won't work, not this week, there's nothing they can do to help, offer though they might.

The Ace though, is great advise for moving forward. The ace is the start of the suit linked to communications.  With Mercury being retrograde, communications can get skewered. However, you can't just stop talking, thinking or doing whilst Mercury seemingly travels backwards in the Heavens. What you can do, is being concise, direct, clear. Now, I'm not one for pussy footing around, but saying what you mean and meaning what you say, seem to be the order of the week. That, I can handle.

So this week, get to the top of your game, say your piece and then feel free to slither back to where you're comfortable. And if you're comfortable at the top, work to stay there. For me, I'm happy being one of the support crew. I'll leave the centre stage to the Leo's in life.

If you'd like some support in your life, you can find my services, rates and book your own private consultation, right here.

Of course, I've used The Wildwood here, with permission.

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