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Numerology : Love Partnership

Posted by Louise

Love partnership are the biggest thoughts on the minds of most humans on a regular basis.What has numerology got to say about this rather emotional subject?

Numbers occur in our lives from the moment we're born. Through the heavens, we're born at such-and-such a degree of this aspect, a certain degree of that aspect. This week, the number that comes up is Number 26 (which, if you add them together, makes 8).

PartnershipThe book that comes with this deck starts on about finding a new love, or having love find you "just around the corner", if you believe. Opening yourself up to love and wanting to reciprocate is often the first step, but having them fall into your arms from above, is a tad ridiculous. Sorry!

You're more likely to find a love if a) you're really ready for it and b) the timing is right. If, like me, you're in a love partnership (I've been in one for 13 years) then this number can also signify the deepening of the relationship. Like a roller-coaster, things go up and things go down. Sometimes, pretty damn fast too!

In both cases though, this card asks that you focus on what you can offer to a love partnership. Relationships aren't about what you'll get, it's about what one can offer. It's the same with parenting too, it's what you offer that matters more. The hugs, kisses and tantrums are just payment in thanks as they grow up.

So this week, it's time to sit down and think about what you have to offer. Yes, you read it correctly. You get to sit and think about your good qualities, what you can offer to a love partnership. Note, partnership: Equal footing with your partner. It's not just a romantic partnership, this can be business or education related too. Providing you love it!

How often do we do something constructive for ourselves? I'll wager, not often enough! So, take time now, for when Mercury goes direct around the 9th of this month, you'll be ready and you'll know what it is you have to offer.

I've used the Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan for this week's Oracle insight. Thanks for reading and if you want to leave an insightful comment, I'd like that!


Wildwood : Dealing With Mercury

Posted by Louise

Mercury is retrograde. Often, it's an excuse to blame the Cosmos for poor communications, can the Wildwood help in this regard?

I asked The Wildwood, What do I need to know about this Mercury Retrograde? So using three cards, I enquired as to what will help this week, what will not help and some further advice.

The first card up is the King of Bows, he's here to help and to remind me that getting to the top of a pile is tough, staying there is tougher. But I don't have to stay at the top. I have permission to make my point, to articulate and use the passion within, but I do not have to always be the one at the top.

The middle card is what won't help this week. The King is a reminder to not do things alone. The Wolf can call on his friends, but in this image, he's alone. I don't have to ask in staying at the top, I have no intention of staying there. Asking for help won't work, not this week, there's nothing they can do to help, offer though they might.

The Ace though, is great advise for moving forward. The ace is the start of the suit linked to communications.  With Mercury being retrograde, communications can get skewered. However, you can't just stop talking, thinking or doing whilst Mercury seemingly travels backwards in the Heavens. What you can do, is being concise, direct, clear. Now, I'm not one for pussy footing around, but saying what you mean and meaning what you say, seem to be the order of the week. That, I can handle.

So this week, get to the top of your game, say your piece and then feel free to slither back to where you're comfortable. And if you're comfortable at the top, work to stay there. For me, I'm happy being one of the support crew. I'll leave the centre stage to the Leo's in life.

If you'd like some support in your life, you can find my services, rates and book your own private consultation, right here.

Of course, I've used The Wildwood here, with permission.


Power Animal : Coyote, The Wise Fool

Posted by Louise

Wise Fool, come to a new land... The dulcet tones of Clannad seep into my music loving consciousness at those two words. Are you (or I) a Wise Fool this coming week?

When things go wrong, and in life, they do, we're often our own worst enemies. We beat ourselves up, wishing, and trying, to undo the dastardly deed we've done. Though, we can't. Time doesn't let us, even for Witches, we don't all have a time piece like Hermoine Grainger that can let us be in two places at the same time.

Wise FoolWith two words, the song White Fool, from Clannad's Sirius Album, come to mind. Not that I'm being racist or anything (I can't actually think of the right word here!) but the lyrics remind me that anyone can, and does, make a mistake. The song is aimed at the immigrants from Europe who went to the Americas.

It is nice to be wiser after the fact, but  harder when you are the fool and you can't stop telling yourself off, chastising yourself, reliving your own mistakes. When we start doing this to ourselves, we really don't need external enemies, do we? That's when we need to be the Wise Fool, and stop feeling ashamed. The burden of doing so, can be carried by no one for long.

I'll share another thought and show my nerd side for a moment. Hubby is playing Witcher 3 and I love following the story lines of great games like this. In it, there's a demon you, as the Witcher, have to defeat. It's called a Hym and it feeds off the self-destructive guilt we all have when we drop a clanger. It never stops, the more it feeds, the stronger it grows. Yes, it can be defeated, but it's not easy to do. You have to be wise, clever and honest.

Now, to mention a proverb about everyone having two wolves inside of them, and a boy asks his grandfather, which one wins? "Why" says grandfather, "The one you feed".

This week, let us starve the Hym dog and feed the other. Hym is equivalent to ego, Id isn't. Id is my poor pooch, recovering from her sarcoma operation last Tuesday. She's on the mend, but she gets my attention this week. And this Coyote has come to remind me that I need to laugh with myself about my follies, not at myself for follies.

Lets look back and learn the wisdom that is there, then have a giggle that we didn't notice it before, and then look forward. Tally-ho!

If you'd like to have my view and wisdom on things, my encouragement to laugh with yourself, then you can find a list of my services here. I've used the Power Animal Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer this week. Hope you like!


Tarot Blog Hop : Mabon Creativity

Posted by Louise

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Welcome to my entry for the Mabon Blog Hop! Mabon is the second harvest and this time, we've been asked to design a card that shows the spirit of Mabon! Damn, Maureen Aisling Duffy-Bose has corralled us right into the middle of things this time!

Reading her brief again, I can include a proper Tarot card, which is good! Whew! I don't have the time this weekend to get a Tarot style image together.

6-of-Bows-WMBut before we go through that, what does Mabon actually mean? It's the second harvest, which is when you'd harvest your potatoes, carrots, soft fruits, cabbages... Can you tell I've got an allotment with all this produce ripening and waiting to be picked? Walking the dog, as you do, I'm seeing a rather large stack of blackberries growing this year. The daughter and I are enjoying a sneaky handful of blackberries on our morning walks. There's certainly more wild soft fruits around than last year. I have a sneaky feeling that the winter is going to be rather harsh this year.  Time to bring all that goodness in, if you can! It makes me think of the Six of Bows. Look at all the baskets of produce set around the clearing!

Mabon is the festival for thanksgiving, for restoring balance and integrating the summer into winter. Yes, you read that right. Winter; the time of snow, cold winds, roaring winter fires, hot chocolate and big winter coats.


Blackberry & Apple Crumble - Fruits

Mabon is an Equinox, the time when a Pagan is supposed to balance themselves out, reconcile opposites and working on seeing things as part of a whole. It's also the time when day-time and night-time are of equal length. It's time to understand the unseen (or even just believing that they're there!) and working them into the seen, balancing creation and destruction, death and rebirth, materialism and spirituality. It's time to celebrate our whole selves, male and female aspects, the conscious and unconscious. It's time to celebrate it all, good and bad! Just as well I've got three celebrations this weekend alone! Birthday parties and wedding anniversary, to name the three!


Blackberry & Apple Crumble with oat topping

We're also in a rather perfect place to enjoy custard with that crumble. Oh, I've not shown you the full thing! (Before it was cooked, but of course, by the time you're reading this, it'll already be eaten!)

I'll be stuffed by the time this Mabon is finished, but I for one, shall be thankful for all the fruits that I've managed to grow this year, and those that failed dismally! (My tomatoes in the greenhouse, failed, but those at the allotment did fantastically well!)

It's encouraging my friend and I to plant more next year, and plan where we want things in 2016. Bring it on! But first, where's that crumble? I need to make some for Karen (who is up next) and Chloe (who came before me) whilst I prepare to do more consultations.

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I've used The Wildwood Tarot and some of my imagery for this blog hop, but the Double Spiral below is from Page 192 of my Sacred Earth Celebrations book by Glennie Kindred! Time to dream a new dream!

Double Spiral


Wildwood : All You Need Is…. Insight

Posted by Louise

Insight, says the Wildwood. An understanding, a gut instinct. The Seer has these, she trusts them. Do you?

Emotions can cloud our judgement if we don't understand them. The Seer seeks to understand these and through that, gain insight. Within this deck, she sits at the quadrant of Water, acting as a speaking mediator of the feminine. I feel she's softly spoken, standing as she does at the heart of inner personal knowledge, she has no need to shout (unless you're being deaf or ignorant). It is also noted in the book that The Seer may speak in riddles. She has answers, but they're not going to come to you on a plate for you to just devour! Be prepared to do some work with her to find the answers that are right for you.

Major-2-The-SeerIn the meandering path of life, The Seer acts as the emotional voice, the quiet ID that we should listen to, rather than ego.  She might appear in dreams, or even better, send some insight to you via dreams (hence the riddle speak mentioned above). Or music. Something that might make your soul dance. Anything that gives you an insight to something else that links to your situation.

The Seer is grounded, as shown by the feathered cloak, which also represents thoughts and intellect. She's mature, grounded by the energy and memory of the conscious Earth. She can be a catalyst for creative or artistic work, so you day-dreaming is just you, talking with your own Inner Seer (male or female!), gaining insight. She's the one that links the emotions to a piece of music, the memories of a good story, you recalling how a film emotionally affected you, or made you laugh.

When we're inspired, we can change the world, make it more beautiful. It takes skill as a mediator of the elemental forces to do this, so this week, as the full moon strikes, listen to your dreams. What do you want to create? What good deed did you do today? What insights did you learn today?

Ground yourself, tap into the inner Seer within and learn what your inner self has always known, but your conscious self hasn't heard. This may take time, but keep at it. It gets easier the more you practice. A little like crochet.


Women Who : Lie

Posted by Louise

Women Who Do Too Much is a cheeky little deck and this week, with the full moon, we're reminded not to lie to ourselves.

lieLie, lies, liar... It has a rather negative connotation to it. As soon as you hear it, you think of pants on fire, someone with horns on the side of their head, someone you no longer wish to trust.

But, what if (and when?) we deceive ourselves? We get lost, we forget what we said, to whom, when we said what to ourselves. What happens when we lie and deceive ourselves though? We become unhappy, miserable, discontent.

Look at the mirror that we stare back from. Either the bathroom one or the one in the hall, one with a good light on it. What do you see, staring back at you? Do you like the person that stares back? Forget the wrinkles, the laughter lines, the grey hair, the hairs that grow now where they didn't before. The person who stares back at you is you. Do you like what you see? What do you like about them? Do you like their sense of humour? Do you like how they help others? Are they a friend, or foe? Are they a real, honest person? Would they help out in a sticky situation? Like Bridget Jones' big knickers, would they cover your arse if you asked them to?

WHDOM Self Deception FrontThis week, with Venus going direct, the trick is to be honest with yourself, remove the rose-coloured spectacles and decide whom is staring back at you from the mirror. In a society that wants everyone to be "perfect", it's rebellious to realise we're not and to accept who we are, not by our looks, but by our actions.

It is the actions we undertake that we need to wake up to. Are you being honest with yourself? Are you being truthful with yourself? What lies are on your plate? This week, lets sort them out and bin the self lie and deception.

It's time to love ourselves for whom we are, being honest with it. There's no more time for lies. I for one, am getting too long in the tooth for that!

I've used and photographed the card from the Women Who Do Too Much Oracle deck by Anne Wilson Schaef, published by Hay House Inc. (That's a link to their app, hunt through your preferred on-line supplier for the card deck)

Numerology : Time For Leadership

Posted by Louise

Leadership is so often misunderstood, misconstrued and misused. This week, the Numerology Cards reminds us what leadership really is.

Number 81 isn't a number I'm terribly familiar with. For, starts, I don't actually know anyone who is over 80. Secondly, the Tarot only counts to 78! The word associated with this card makes me recoil. Any head of a Western Country thinks they know what leadership is; I beg to differ. Forcing the country you're picked to lead (if you're picked at all!) to do your own "thing", to my mind, isn't leading. That's dictating. Power (in my mind) has gone to their head and they're not leading. Leadership is about having confidence in your ability to motivate, inspire and encourage those who walk along the same path as you are.

leadershipYou're being asked to lead, lovingly, with care, compassion and with authority.

Are you needing to improve your current situation? Okay, we're in a sticky holding pattern for some weeks to come, but that doesn't mean you can't act and lead with compassion. The best leaders I've ever had the pleasure to work with, were alongside me. They didn't dictate from the back and drive the carriage, they guided us from within the group.

People graciously follow when they believe their best interests are being taken into account. They also follow when they feel they're being listened too and you can demonstrate that you're listening.

This week, whose best interests are you taking into account? Are you leading from the front? Or are you guiding from the back? Have you thought about leading from within? Are you working to the greater good of the goal, or to your own aims? What is the greater good for the goal you need to achieve?

Here's this week's affirmation: I lead others and in turn, serve a higher purpose.

I hope you've enjoyed my ramblings for this week. I've used The Numerology Guidance Cards by Michelle Buchanan, published by Hay House.

Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Wildwood : Follow the Path

Posted by Louise

Path working is hard work and taking Tarot advice as you walk along life's winding road, can be a good thing. If you want to know, ask. If you don't want to know, avoid asking.

This week, I've taken the Pathway Spread that the deck comes with to ask: What do I need to know this week? As usual, the Wildwood has been somewhat direct. This deck never misses its mark. (It never misses me and hits the wall)

What's the issue, dear?! Three of Arrows ~ Jealousy
Emotions may be tense this coming week. Now, I know that there's a few eclipses to occur and that things are messed up, hung up and delayed in a meandering loop until around the tenth of October. Until then, due to the angst of not being able to drive things forward, there may be feelings of resentment that can be destructive. This internal anger can be aimed towards family, friend or those we work with daily. The path of anger can be devastating. Be careful with those emotions.

What's the action to avoid? Major 5 ~ The Ancestor
This card is all about following a new path, trusting your inner voice. So, why is this bad? Your inner voice may well be not be coming from a place that is deep and quiet in The Wildwood. It's not time to begin the path again, but to carry on from where you were. On this note, the aspects of the Ancestor that I feel I should keep are overpowering strength (to not lose my temper) and patience of nature.

What's the action to take? King of Vessels ~ The Heron
This fellow is all about playing fair. He'll wait for the penny to drop in someone's psyche. To me, the King of Vessels is linked to Cancer and Cancerians are patient. They're quite prepared to give someone time to come around to their way of thinking. They'll plant their little seeds of thoughts and watch as, a little time later, you think of the idea and claim it as your own! Patience is not one of my virtues, I'm as sure as hell I was at the back of the queue for patience, if there was a queue there at all! Being like my father in temperament isn't a bad thing, I'm not that sure I can be him, or even come close to his standards.

For the remainder of this week, patience and quiet strength are the signposts of this meandering path of life, but succumbing to jealous emotions isn't. We're in a six-week holding pattern, start playing nice. Okay, Wildwood, think I've got this sussed. Thanks!

I hope you've enjoyed this mid-week reading. My Tarot consultations are far more dynamic and interactive though!


Numerology : Karmic Completion

Posted by Louise

Karmic completion is the key word for this coming weeks numerology card; the fabulous, number TEN.

So far, the numerology cards have stuck themselves in the Tarot numbering, which, is easy for me! Throughout the numbered minors, they seem to resonate fairly well with the depiction upon the cards, regardless of the suit. I'm sure that view might change as I explore this deck fully. There are, after all, 44 cards and as such, not every number is covered.

karmic completionHowever, this week, we have the number Ten come up and the key words are "Karmic Completion". Ten is the last minor / pipped card, before you reach the mighty Courts So, having things done to the best you can by then, is almost essential. Though, getting things done by then, can be quite the challenge!

The implication with this deck, is that you've learned the lesson from this cycle, cleared or fulfilled a contract (or debt!) from your past. (This bodes well for me this coming week then!) The lessons don't end (Oh, bugger) but this particular lessons you won't have to go through again. (Yay!)

In the Tarot, this card covers the tens in the suits, but also the Wheel of Fortune. Tides can turn, what goes up, can (and usually does!) come down. Getting to a Ten state isn't a straight line, you can jump from a 5 state to a 1, to 3 to 7, to 4 to... well, snakes and ladders , it's not a straight line.

Being in a ten situation, having gone through the snakes and ladders type route, does require that you're somewhat adaptable, flexible and changeable. Does the word harmonize resonate with you? Karmic completion sounds marvellous, doesn't it?

This coming week, this card suggests that you meet your challenges head on, be kind to yourself and remember to love & respect the face (and others!) that stares back at you from the mirror.

I've used the Numerology Guidance Cards for this weeks' heads up. And you want to book a private consultation, you can do so here :)


Wildwood : Bridge The Gap

Posted by Louise

This week, we're going to bridge the gap for the Story Board. Katie at my Tarot group came up with this gem about a year ago. We call it "The Bridge Spread" and here's how it works.

We all find ourselves at a place where we need to build a bridge, but how?! Working out where you're coming from, where you want to be, then working out how to connect the two, can help!

This week, I asked: What do I need to build a bridge over? Using The Wildwood app, I pulled these three cards. The card on the left is the Starting Point and this week, we have the Four of Vessels. I'm not bored, but I am in a cycle of wasted energy. Like most people in England's green and pleasant land, there are thousands of parents waiting for the kids to go back to school. For some, it cannot come soon enough! I'm not bored, but I find doing things with the three kids in tow, almost impossible. These tasks do include doing the weekly shopping, going for blood tests, even visiting the doctors, is hard work!

The Destination is the Ace of Bows, the card on the right. I am looking for a spark, divine intervention. No, I'm not looking someone to sweep me away from this life, not even for a day! I am looking for my muse, my own spark. Being worn out does mean I'm not engaging as I would normally like to be. Perhaps that comes across as bored, but I think worn out is more accurate!

The Bridge is what to do to join the two together. See that wonderful middle card? It's saying have fun! Seek out and find my Joy! (And I now have Arwen's voice saying that in my head!) So, get out, let my hair down and feel like a woman! (Shania Twain). I am sure though that I am not the only one that needs to let my hair down and chill out.

I did a pretty good job of that last night, with a bottle of wine, one of my best friends and crafting birthday cards for my very soon to be nine-year old! It was good to just chill out and not fret about things. Okay, so I've a birthday cake to bake, but since that's fairly simple (and not as complicated as he originally wanted!) I can do that as late as tomorrow!

So, what do you need to bridge over? Have you explored what questions your inner self has to ask? Often, concentrating on what you need to know, rather than having a specific question, you'll get the answers you need! I've been working on a few business things this week and I'm being made to think, my brain hurts as a result! And that's good!

If you'd like to find the answers within, you can seek my help here! Helping someone find their answers, makes me happy too!

The Bridge - Three of Vessels

I've used The Wildwood tarot here, drawn by Will Worthington and created by Mark Ryan & John Matthews.

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