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Wildwood : Feel Fulfilled

Posted by Louise

This week, The Wildwood says, Feel Fulfilled. After spending this past week, as busy as a bee in a wild meadow, you bet that I am!

It is very easy, I think, to feel hassled and frazzled in this modern age. Occasionally though, you get to stand still and appreciate the fulfilment of all that you do. This past week, I've been busier than I really don't know what (well, I do know, but I'm not going to post rude words on my blog!) and now that it's over, I'm feeling very happy and fulfilled.


Three of Bows

This week, the Three of Bows comes out to join us and usually, there's a destination involved with the Three of Bows (aka, Wands or Rods) but I rather like this keyword better than destination. Taking stock, being happy in the moment, stopping for a moment to think, to  breathe....

 This figure is certainly telling me to halt, to go no further until I feel ready to move along. I've come a long way, it's time to take stock.

It's an unusual feeling, after a brilliant week of running here, there and what seems like, everywhere. Fulfilling plenty of readings and I feel, helping a lot of people along the way. I certainly hope I have helped a lot of people along the way, though I always wonder if I truly have.

So today, at the start, I find a two pence piece at the edge of the floorboards where I'm reading today as part of Zen's 20th Birthday and immediately think: "Today is going to be a good day! Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck!" And good luck, I certainly had. I was booked all day and even with some cancellations, I and the other readers were fully booked, right through the day.

Now that the sun has set, with a cold beer in one hand, the net-book on my lap, the dog under my feet after a good grounding meal of fabulous fish and chips I am happy to feel very fulfilled. Stuffed might be a good word, but I've not been that greedy, tonight!

I've used The Wildwood and my experience from Saturday 23rd May to write this blog post. Thanks for stopping by, for reading, for any comments you might like to leave (which add to my fulfilment)

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Wildwood : Let It Go, Let It Go

Posted by Louise

If it's not enough that my toddler loves Frozen,  "Let It Go" pops into my head when The Wildwood drops "The Emotional Rebirth" card. Come on, Wildwood, that perfect girl is gone!

Within the last 10 days in the UK, the General Elections have happened. The Conservatives are back in power and there's an up-roar that involves riots in London that may or may not have been started by the law enforcement. I don't know, I'm not there. However, even The Wildwood says: move along! Let it go.

let it go

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Card of the Day

Emotions are still on a high with the human political front in this country. Friends are being lost and friends are being made, all because we support one party's views over another. The political scoring system in the UK is in my view, outdated. It was fine back in Thatcher's era, or even Blair's. But we're in the 21st Century and we need to change it. There's more than Blues and Reds now, fighting for self governance.  Will the fat cats, those who benefit from how it is currently, let it be changed? Well, we'll see. Not without a damn fight, IMHO. They won't let it go.

However, these things aren't relative in the realm of spirit. They're really insignificant, totally not part of the soul's journey on this realm. It's time however, to get on with things and get over ourselves, our ego and get on with making the best job this as we can.

Putting on my Ann Robinson hat, I ask: In this week, what ego do you need to let go on? What hump have you got to say good-bye to? What emotions need to flow down the river? Whatever it is, it's time to let it go.

I've used The Wildwood Tarot today. Thanks for joining me and oh, I love comments!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Distasteful Neighbours

Posted by Louise

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tarotbloghopWelcome to my entry for the Tarot Blog Hop on Beltane. Our wrangler this time, Morgan Drake Eckstein, asked us to talk about the distasteful cards. The last Blog Hop, the consensus was, that we needed these in the deck.

Hello if you come here normally, or arrived as you've skipped forward from Maria's blog entry. Now, which cards for you (I'm listing just  3 below) cause you to have a negative reaction? Which ones have you hanging your head and wishing for another card, other than the one you've turned over? Which ones make you go "eek" when they appear with nicer cards? In The Wildwood, there are a few.

Distasteful Neighbours

Major 8 ~ The Stag

To my mind, Justice is always one that makes people go: Oh bums! Or something similar that might be more colourful! In The Wildwood, Justice is The Stag. The protector of the greenwood, holding in his hands a tree of life shield and a double-headed axe.  Like the old tales of Herne the Hunter, this being is dressed in animal head and hide, implying that the Justice this Stag gives out, that nature gives out, is long-lasting. Nature can be cruel and devastating, but the idea of "forgiveness and reward" are not applicable to mother nature. Those are human terms and we're responsible for our actions. The consequences are ours to bear and be aware of. The Justice of Nature reminds us we are but guests upon this Eden.

Distasteful Neighbours

Major 11 ~ The Woodward

Another distasteful Neighbour that makes folks go: Oh what?! with the Wildwood cards, is The Woodward. I guess, he'd be Strength in the RWS versions, but in truth, The Stag and The Woodward are a combination of them both. This is where the RWS meanings don't apply to The Wildwood. The Woodward is strong, he symbolises inner power that comes from facing fear, understanding the darkness.  He's the strength we turn to (or find within) in our darkest hour. Unless you're in Africa, you're not going to find a lady putting her head into a Lion's mouth, you are more likely to find a strong person, standing at the back, being the buck that ends it all. That is not done through fear, that is done by acknowledging that there is fear, and using it to their and our, advantage.

Distasteful NeighboursMy third and final offering of distasteful neighbours for this hop, is a Court Card, one that I've had an issue with of late, and one I hardly ever pull from the deck or from the app, and that is the King of Vessels, The Heron.

Now, whilst they might be gorgeous birds to some, I don't see it/ I see them as lonely creatures, I've never seen a baby Heron, not even on the Wildlife programs I love so much. The Heron might be gifted with psychic perception and reflection, or hold many esoteric secrets, or be the equivalent of The Crow in Celtic mythology, but I really don't get him in this deck. Is he the distant father, who never gets to see his kids, supports them from afar and loves them regardless? Or is he the quiet uncle that quietly sneaks you another few sweets, after mum has said "no more" ? This is one I'm going to have to get over and create an Oracular Anomaly for.

On their own, they're not so bad, are they, but if you were to get a spread with those three in it, I'd be sat there, for quite a while, and thinking insane thoughts. Even if they come up in a spread, I'd still have to take my time with them in this deck.

Lets see what my lovely (and not disgruntled) neighbour & wrangler, Morgan, has to say on the subject. He's up next!

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Deck used, The Wildwood by Mssrs Worthington, Ryan and Matthews.


Wildwood : Four Years Blogging?!

Posted by Louise

WordPress kindly informs me that four years ago, I created my account. Four Years ago, the first blog pages of this site went up. Happy Birthday, Dear Wildwood Blog!


Major #4
The Green Man

In celebration of this, I'd like to share with you the various fours from this deck. First up is the daddy of them all, The Green Man. The Emperor in RWS, he is the protector of The Wildwood, the man who comes up with great ideas, encourages us, coaxes us, guides us. I often wonder what he or The Green Woman have brewing in that cauldron of theirs. I wonder what advice I'll be listening to in the next, four blog years?


Four of Arrows

The second four that I pulled up, is the Four of Arrows. After a fantastic, but exhausting weekend, I could do with a rest, but that just isn't going to happen. There's a lot to be done, both on this website going forward, in life and on the other blog (yes, which really needs updating!) and as the Oracle card from last week said, things in moderation, a little at a time.


Four of Bows

The Four of Bows, is next out of the  small pile. Celebration is the key and ideal for how I feel in general at the moment. There's a lot going on, a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate in this life. Getting plants into their soil beds might not seem like that a big thing to celebrate, but it is. This is the first real year I've had at this allotment and I'm going to enjoy it! Watching your middle child ride a bike without stabilizers is another thing to celebrate. Hearing your youngest talk, string four words together and make themselves understood is amazing and something to celebrate. Add all these into the pot, and suddenly, there's a lot to be thankful for.


Four of Vessels

The Four of Vessels is the next of the Four to come up, and if you think I'm bored, I'm not. Tired, perhaps. Aching? Oh you can bet I am, but bored?? Not at all! My energy isn't wasted, it's being put to good, productive use. I believe I was put on this Earth to "get things done" and sitting around, being lethargic (unless I'm ill!) just isn't my style. There are options all the time, doorways to go through and explore. Sometimes, you get a honeysuckle creating the archway, or a Ceanothus, or wisteria. Nature is beautiful and you can sculpt her to be more visually pleasing . Things take time, nature takes time, years in some cases, before she's ready to let her flowers bloom. However, one thing I can never be accused of, is being bored.


Four of Stones

Finally, but by no means least, is the Four of Stones. A sanctuary, a place to go when dusk falls, a place to rest and recover. Given all the busy-ness of the activities above, you'd think I didn't have time for the Tarot, or to eat, and breathe. But I make the time. I find ways to protect me and mine, to  take shelter and rest. Life is for living and sleep is essential to that living. Without the energy to go forward, we stay stagnant, like horrible smelly pond water. Since I cannot find another useful thing to say here, I'm off to have that rest, within my shelter and under blankets.

I hope you've enjoyed these takes on the number Four within the Wildwood and whichever one resonates with you, please do let me know with a comment. You're welcome to like the page on Facebook and / or  re-tweet it. That, always makes me smile.


Women Who : Clean

Posted by Louise

I felt like pulling a card from the Women Who Do Too Much, to pull the Cleaning card?! Sheesh, even the Oracles are telling me to clean and sort the house!!

CleanHaving been ill with what appears to have been viral tonsillitis (and boy, did that knock me for 6!) things have been a little... err... slack. The redecorating hasn't been done, it's very hard to climb a ladder when you can barely stand up!

This week, I've a mountain to climb in catching up my tail in regards to cleaning, however, when I pulled this card, I did think: Oh, go away! (Or use some other colourful language here, I do swear, honestly)

Then I turned the back over, remembering that there's further advice on the card, and I had to smile. "Do a little bit of cleaning at a time" says the card. And oh hell yes, that's exactly what I aim to do!

CleanSo, I got hooked up into Trello (through other things), and my "to do" list is getting longer as I add things on, but it's going down at an even slower pace. This is normal, right? (Ha, and I know there are a lot of things that aren't normal, for everything has its oddities that set it apart)

However, a little bit (of doing / being clean or anything) is always a good thing! So when I've finished typing up this blog entry and posting it, I'm off to the workshop to see where the sugar soap is and how much paint I have in stock already compared to what I know I am going to need. Before I paint, the walls need to be clean.

Little and often is the order of the day (indeed, of this week!)  so off I go to go and do a little bit more, because I must.

I've used The Women Who Do Too Much Oracle deck by Anne Wilson Schaef, for a wee change. I can't find it on Amazon though, so I can't share a link, but it's a 50 card deck & book. Go, explore & enjoy!


Wildwood : Recuperating

Posted by Louise

The Wildwood isn't telling me its time for recuperating this week, I'm telling the Wildwood, I have to.

The first day back to school for my boys and I take ill with aches, shivers and cold. This morning, I could barely stand up, let alone take the boys to school! But with some cold and flu drugs being absorbed into my system, I fought my way through and did what all sturdy mums do: Carry on regardless!


Four of Stones

However, when the chance arose, I did nap, despite the ill-timed interruptions from the concerned neighbour next door and soon, I'll be heading to bed, drugged up and hopefully, to sleep properly so I can heal.

It made me think of this card, and whilst this card doesn't have the wood burning stove going at full pelt, this little deer is doing exactly what I need to do: which is protect one self.

Sometimes, the need of the one out-weighs the needs of the many.

So with this little post, I bid you good health, hope you don't catch the lurgy from reading my post (thankfully, I know it's not possible!) and hope to catch up with you next week. I need to be better for Thursday for the Meetup, you see. Trying to lead a group when you're suffering with aches and shivers, isn't wise.

I know I'm also very late with the Ostara newsletter, so I've chosen to leave that behind. I've started drafting Beltane's, so keep your eyes peeled on your in-boxes come May 1st and if you haven't signed up, why on earth not? Go on, it's free (and we all like free things) and I'll even try to be humorous! (Yeah, I know, not my style, but still, one can try 😛 )

Be safe, until I post again with The Wildwood!


Wildwood : Still as a….

Posted by Louise

This week, Captain Still, the King of Vessels himself, the Heron, stops by my little Wildwood corner. But he'd better keep his beak out of my fish pond!

Several years ago, a Heron properly emptied my fish pond, bar one fish. When I got it stocked up again, the netting went over the top, keeping Mr Fish-Eater out of reach of my new little fishes. However, they're not just about the empting of fish-ponds!

Card of the Day

King of Vessels ~ The Heron
Card of the Day

The Heron, the King of Vessels, is very much a symbol of a silent figure. If you've ever seen one in the ponds of many of our parks, you'll recall how graceful they look. Until they try and take flight, then they look gangly and awkward.

Heron's are great at waiting, they're patient, silent and when they strike, quite deadly, at least to the fish they've just captured.

This isn't a card I've pulled out very much, so I've had to check & read the book. The Heron is apparently the guardian of many esoteric secrets and is said to stand in the gateway between life and death, to act as a mediator on the soul's journey to the Celtic otherworld and reincarnation.

The Heron, by accounts from the book, has a deep belief in fairness, honesty and honour. It colours everything that you do, when the Heron is by your side. The profound depths of character (I'm quoting from the book here) one has, is stirred into action, they carry all before it. The Heron can appear too rigid, too self controlled.

I get the rigidity, the self controlled, the stillness, but for the King of Emotions? They don't fit with him, not for me. The book has the following listed for tracks and pathways: Artistic ability, honesty and integrity, purposeful equality, responsibility, consideration of others, affection, support and companionship. Some of those qualities, I get with the King of Emotions. I get that he's a still character with emotions that runs deep, he's not as huggy as us Pages, but he cares. He has an emotional boundary that won't be crossed, unless you're family.

One of the best bosses I ever had, was a King of Vessels. He'd never hug you, the protocols of work prohibited that, but the emotional support was there, always. He made me think, emotionally. This is how I see the Heron, confined by protocols, but there emotionally.

What other qualities do you see in this particular King of Vessels? I'd love to read your take on him!

I've used The Wildwood, drawn by Will Worthington and conjured up by Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

Wildwood : It’s an Injustice!

Posted by Louise

I've finally found thirty nano-seconds to write a blog post during the first week of the Easter school break. Even the Wildwood is saying there's an injustice done, somewhere! Ha! I suspect, it'll be to me, being Pisces.

I'm not sure whom, over the next two weeks, will be crying "It's an injustice!" The eldest two, or me. But the Two of Arrows (Swords, if you like) isn't all about having the injustice done to you. It could also be done by you, by not having the information or not paying attention to things.


Two of Arrows

Over the next two weeks, there are bound to be things that I don't see, that the kids don't see. Are they important? I hope that whatever I missed, is not important. I hope that whatever the little darlings get up to, isn't too dangerous or too restricting for them.

The biggest thing I find with the Two of Arrows, is not cutting your nose off to spite your face. An old Scottish saying, I think, that means doing something to detriment yourself where you really don't need to. There are others around who will do that for you, certainly, so why bring yourself down?

I am certainly enjoying the more relaxed morning get ups though. It's nice to not have to run things to a military regime just to get the eldest two to school on time, with all their necessary kit. It's exhausting for them, and for me.

So during the Easter / Ostara break, be careful of the injustice that we cause or suffer from. Be careful of acting on information that isn't complete and going off, half cocked. I'm good at that, so I hope I curb it during these two weeks!

Thanks for dropping by, for taking the time to read my blog entries. I've used the Wildwood Tarot, as usual. If you'd like your own private reading, you can book it here.

Wildwood : Spring Equinox

Posted by Louise

Spring has officially sprung and even the Wildwood is sharing the warm spark of the season. What will spark in your mind, now that the weather is warm enough for fleece, jumpers & body warmers?

Oh, whilst I love the Winter and snuggling up in front of the log burner, a Tarot deck (or blog) to hand, and a big soft bed to curl up in when it's time to sleep, I too love the warm of the spring and the summer that follows!


Ace of Bows

I love the banks of yellow daffodils in the spring time too, even if it does mean a busy time for me as a gardener. But that's okay, I love the rewards around the Autumn Equinox and getting physically up close and one with nature.

But between now and then, it's time to get the spark of muse going and see what makes you get out into nature and enjoy it. What makes you get excited? What makes you research things?

Like all seeds, they need a good solid base of soil from which to grow. What things are you doing to keep the ground that the seeds are in, fertile? What are you doing to keep yourself fertile?

Me, I go dig in the garden, or head to the allotment. I calm down from the mental highs by physically beating myself up, wearing myself out, in a constructive way. I just might need to spend twenty minutes in the shower afterwards, but that's okay! I also find that any creative spark I need for one project (say, making a few cards or something else crafty) is started by doing something totally opposite.

So this week, the advice is; give yourself the time and space to let the muse strike. If it means you do something that isn't sitting at the computer and trying to think of things to write, but getting out in nature and enjoying the spark of warmth, then give yourself that time.

I hope you enjoy the warmth, the spark and life! It's SPRING, after all, even The Wildwood says so! I'm right here to help you find the answers you need with the power of Tarot.


Wildwood : Call to Action

Posted by Louise

Even though I'm yawning my head off, the King of Stones is calling me to into action. Tired?! Ha! That's for wimps! (NOT!)

I'm one of these creatures that requires eight hours sleep, per day or more! However, the last few mornings I've been woken up at a most unsociable hour by the boys. Whilst I'd love to put my head down and sleep, I've more chance, being honest, of plaiting fog.


King of Stones ~ Wolf
Card of the Day

When the King of Stones came out via my Wildwood app (courtesy of Fools Dog) I chuckled a little and thought: Being called upon to act for the good of the pack!

Then I thought, what IS the pack? The family, for certain. Calling to action? Or calling in reinforcements? Ha! Calling on Daddy (my husband) to be the daddy and lay down the law to the boys.

As I said above, I have to have eight hours sleep. I'm the crankiest, grumpiest, snappiest woman on the planet. Forget Momma Bear with PMT... I'm a snarling dragon if I don't get enough sleep!


Growling Dragon (Or me without enough sleep!)

So, I asked the husband to have a word with the boys. I dislike being a grumpy, sleepy, snarly dragon. They, I am sure, dislike being growled at for waking me up at stupid o'clock. So, I'm calling on their daddy, I'm calling on my reinforcements. I've never been afraid to call on my husband and say: Sort the boys out (before I lose my temper) and he with me. Sometimes, it's good to switch roles and hand the baton of the "bad" parent over to the partner.

I'm grateful that I can. Some aren't that fortunate, that I am aware of.

So this week, I wonder what calls of action you are being asked to make. Or are you being called to do something, to help someone else? Are you the one that forever helps other members of the family, of your tribe? Remember to keep yourself healthy and safe.

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