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18th August : Energies Around Us

Back from a great fresh air holiday, I investigate what energies are around myself and mine as we end one chapter and work out what comes next.

It's great to get away and relax. It becomes essential when you can't see the woods for the trees. It also helps you refocus and reassess the energies around you. Are you heading in the right direction? Are you happy with where you are? If not, what are you going to do about it? We had some changing news upon our return home from a holiday. It was anticipated, but still, unwelcome.

So, now that things are going to change (we will make it a change for the better!) I've asked the Tarot what energies are around us at the moment and these are the cards I drew.

The Energies

The Energies

 On the left, we have the Three of Arrows. This is the positive energies around at the moment. Hmm.... jealousy being positive? I wonder how? It could be that the energy of being jealous is normal, that we're to embrace it and let the thoughts flow. That's... interesting.

The second card represents the negative energies around us at the time. It's the Wren, the little voice that sings in the depths of Winter but it's often the voice of reason. However, with the emotions of jealously flowing, are we listening? Or are we listening to the wrong voices? It's a possibility, but there are a few that we need to listen to, everyone else, whilst most likely well-meaning, ought not to be listened to. Like advice, you can ignore it if it doesn't fit.

The last card is the Green Man and represents further energies to embrace. It comes up as the final advice card for energies to embrace. The Green Man can be quite forthright, vindictive but he can be empowering, guiding, a no-nonsense kind of approach. I can surmise who might fill in that role, and it's not just one person.

What energies do you see in these cards? Do you see more positives in the Three of Arrows? Do you see more negatives in the Page of Arrows?  Feel free to comment, I love comments and talking Tarot!

I've used The Wildwood Tarot here for the reading.


I'm taking two weeks off as downtime, to spend quality time with the family, so I'll be back open for business on Monday 18th August 2014. Until enjoy my previous posts and please do comment when you can, I love comments!

Time Off!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Inner Queen of Pentacles

Lammas is upon us and with this blog Hop, the wrangler, Joanna from Sun Goddess Tarot, asks us how we celebrate and what do we inspired by with the Queen of Pentacles.

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Queen of Pentacles Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

Whether you've come from Arwen's blog before me, or dropped straight in just because you can, I bid you welcome and ask that you stay for a wee cuppa tea! Lammas (Or Lughnasadh) is the first day of the Harvests. The bountiful fruits of the summer need to be drawn in, stored, ready for the coming onslaught of the colder months. Hard to believe that it's nearly five months until the weather outside becomes frightful. But until then, we have cake, picnics and fun in the warm sun!

The last time I recall it being this hot, I was pregnant with my eldest and I craved the cooler nights of Lammas. But now, I've three children, all growing fast and today, we will probably celebrate with chocolate cake (Queen of Pentacles right there, Mrs Practicality!), fruit kebabs and burgers. All that including swimming lessons and today promises to be a very busy day.

How else might I channel my inner Queen of Pentacles? Let me answer that by sharing with you the following; I've got to pack clothes for five people, the camping gear for said five people and get us to the camp site. Then pitch the new tent and get down to having some fun with the kids! But first, it's time I started packing, so excuse me whilst I go and have fun with some bags, cases and work out how on earth I'm going to get all this gear where it needs to be!

Lets see what the lovely Hilary has to say about the Queen of Penctacles and Lammas.

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27th July – Power of Language

We're back with the Power Animals for this week and we've an interesting animal to help us communicate in our language and in thinking before we speak; A lesson I never seem to learn.

I'm terrible for opening my mouth and letting my belly rumble before I've engaged my little grey cells. By the time my grey cells have engaged, the moment is over and done with, I've said what I've said and you can't undo it. I never seem to learn that I need to think and ponder first, before I engage my mouth.

imageParrots use a lot of body language to "talk" and communicate with others. They're beautiful birds, colourful, vibrant. Language and communication can be that. We often call foul language pretty colourful, don't we? Or is that just me with three sets of infant ears to protect?

The other word in this list to the left is mockery. The word mockery, by definition, is: "teasing and contemptuous language or behaviour directed at a particular person or thing."  Certainly the shadow side of the Parrot card, isn't it? Is it nice to be mocked? You don't need a mother of three to give you that answer! Nor do you need an Oracle Card, app or a Tarot reader to tell you that behaviour isn't very nice. We try to educate our children that mocking people isn't nice, but we as adults do it ourselves, don't we? It can come across as humour and when others laugh, it endorses that humour, so we learn to think that it's acceptable, that it's okay. But it's not.

Beautiful Parrot in Flight

Take the situation in Detroit at the moment, bought to my attention the other side of the pond by Social Media. That's ironic? That's wrong and to my mind, makes a mockery of being the "First Nation" with a bill of rights that is longer than my inside leg measurements of 31 inches, if it were to be laid out.

Blogs can be the positive side of communication, at least that is how I use mine and this week, even if the rain does fall, I shall endeavour to engage my brain before I speak and double-check my emails before I type. Now that, is going to be a challenge!

The image is taken from the Power Animals app via PlayStore.

20th July : Bully Richness

This week, The Bull from the lovely Druid Craft Animal Oracle comes out to join us. If we're looking for richness, financial gain or for things to improve in general, the time has come to make it all happen.

image The Bull is a symbol of wealth, so if you were thinking about work, it's auspicious to draw this card or come across this post. However, true wealth is really found within: the heart and soul. Our ancestors understood that. Perhaps we still do, though the Governments of our time would have you believe working 50 hours a week to earn a decent wage is better. (Can you see that tongue poking into the side of my cheek? *grin* )

The Bull is also a sign of fertility, potency, prosperity and abundance. However, they're not over night success stories, they involve hard work and time. Two things that often these days, don't go together. It's like the 8 of Discs / Pentacles. Repetition, repetition, repetition. You keep putting in the hard work until success strikes and you get the richness (8 of Wands to 9 of Pentacles, anyone?)

Richness isn't just financial, as I said above, but that's how many folks equate success these days. It's no wonder why people become drained or depressed, or that the banks have such control. However, the Bull and his energy can help you.

We've all heard of the "bull in a china shop" mentality, but that is said to people who are motivated far more than the people saying the phrase. Okay, the high energy levels are exhausting, but this isn't a marathon. This is a sprint. It's a bit of extra energy and oomph to get things done. I must have said this phrase a lot recently, it was even written down at the latest Tarot evening. It's time to get off your arse and do something about your situation. Nothing will change if you sit there and whine, moan and complain. People will just start ignoring you, like the boy who cried wolf.

I've used The Druidcraft Animal Oracle for the "Week Ahead" post, just in case you were interested.

13th July – Protect And Survive

I downloaded a power animal app this weekend, having not been able to find Ciro Marchetti's Oracle of Visions. The key words are interesting, as it is what I want to do, not what I feel I ought to do.


I feel like I should shout out my lungs at the top of the world, at the moment. I don't know why, but having the rat come out is kind of synchronistic, advising I should just stay in the shadows, watch. That might be the wiser option. The first part, abundant reproduction, I've certainly done my part towards! Stealth, I do need to practise; I'm not as quiet as I need to be, I know I don't observe as much as I ought to.

I do feel as if people expect answers from me all the time, being a mother and wife, I'm supposed to have answer, aren't I? The thing is, I don't. I know that to have them all to hand is a lie, for it is pretending. It's okay to not have the answers, I just need to be kind to myself when I need to give something time to evolve, the time to change and have the answer: Que Sara, Sara.

Perhaps engaging head-on won't be the best defensive tact to utilise, but that's okay. There are other options, other ways and the rat is very very good at finding other ways around problems, puzzles. This isn't a case of: "Dude, where's my cheese?"  Its a case of" "Dude, this way, on the unbeaten path for more cheese!"

I've now got the song, Protect & Survive by Runrig going through my head, and this is what I think rats are very good at doing. Maybe taking a leaf out of their book isn't so bad. I shall have to check with Master Splinter though, he'd know!

The image is from the Power Animals app via PlayStore.


29th June : Minty Mind

To continue the Oracle theme of the week, I've jumped to the Druid Plant and Animal Oracles and this week, Mint comes out to focus our minds.

I've been feeling, oh, unfocused for a few weeks now? I guess unfocused is a good a word as any. I'm not bored, far from it. Too much to do and no time in which to do it all, so I do what I can. But my mind unravels and starts creating chaos within itself. If Mint can help focus my mind, then I'll have a very large dose, please!

Mint - Druid Plant Oracle

Mint - Druid Plant Oracle

The world in which we now live is so fast paced. Far more than thirty years ago when the house phone was in the hall and connected via cable. When computers were things in large rooms with tape drives or punched cards and cost more money than the houses in half of the town I lived in.

Breathing somehow isn't enough, I manage to fill my lungs up and breathe deeply, then exhale. But something is needed to calm and focus my mind. Mint is (was?) traditionally used to aid concentration and digestion. Its sharp scent can cut through the hazy fog of thought, just like eucalyptus oils can cut through the fog of a cold. I love mint, its bite can make you draw a sharp breath in. It can be renewing, like brushing your teeth first thing in the morning after a night on the town, or a good mint tea to aid an upset tummy.

The druids used it, so they claim, as have the Chinese, the Egyptians, Greeks, Arabs, Hebrews and goodness knows who else. It has been used from scent on the floor, to garlands adorning the dead, to making tea. It has such a wide variety of uses, doesn't it?

So, this week, lets find something minty to focus our minds. Use it in the bath or carry it close to sharpen your senses and aid concentration. Or hug it in a mug of hot tea. In the mean time, I'm off to find a good crop of it to get high on.

I used the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm, which is now sadly, out of print (and seems to be costing a small fortune on Amazon) and illustrated by the ver talented, Will Worthington.

Tarot Blog Hop : The Joy of Litha

This time around, our Wrangler has asked that we discuss what we're joyful about. What lightens you heart? How do you spread joy to others?

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If you've dropped by from TABI's blog, I bid you welcome! I hope that you're feeling the joy. I blogged recently about what makes me happy, but let me chat a little about how I like to share that joy with others. I like being sociable, I like talking and making people smile. I like being silly with the kids, or getting them on their scooters to have fun in the park.

Five of Vessels Ecstasy

Five of Vessels

I also like writing, sharing images and pictures, dancing around the house with the kids, even the baby will have a little dance, though she hasn't quite got her balance! (Remind me to capture that on video for you some time soon, okay? :) )

If dancing doesn't do it for you, what does? For me, gardening is another outlet that makes me happy. I never have a dull moment when I'm clearing the garden, planting things, growing things. I can get engrossed in the garden and I can (and do!) lose hours in there or the allotment.


Major 19 ~ The Sun of Life

I'm not seven any more, my days aren't that carefree. There's so much to do, hardly any time in which to do it, but spending time with the family is another thing that makes me happy. The baby is now technically a toddler, "helps" mummy do the laundry and dish washer. Though, she's more adept at taking things out of the washer than putting them in, bless, she tries and enjoys copying mummy. When she does it with that huge gorgeous smile, it brings me joy. wpid-wp-1403304911571.jpegHow can you not love that gorgeous smile? The Sun of Life is what I feel when she turns that smile on, whether she's eating, running around, playing with her big brothers or being an inquisitive little lady.

I know today, there will be questions about what we're doing, where we're going, who we're going to see, if we're going to have lunch out.... I'm expecting the Spanish Inquisition, but hey, it's a weekend, it's always Inquisition time with my three!

The plan, for what we have of a plan, is to enjoy the sun, be with friends, explore and enjoy life!

What would happen if you did the same? I hope that spending time with those you call family, brings joy to those around you, to you and to your loved ones this Lithia. For me and mine, we'll be out, enjoying the sunshine!

Thank you for reading and stopping by. I wonder what brings Ania joy? Click on a link below to find out.

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19th June: Thank You, TABI


It is nice to be thanked and it is even to see gifts you've made, given or received, being appreciated. It's nice to say, thank you.


Absolutely Fabulous, Darlink!

Sometimes, you can't see the gift being appreciated, for it needs to grow, of the recipient needs time to play with the said product. In this case, the "gift" was a rose and she it was sent, had just had its first pruning, so I had to wait to let it grow and flower. Those folk with TABI know, I love gardening as much as Tarot and my favourite flower is the rose.  I've loved roses since I was around 9, when I saw my elderly neighbour prune his and cut off a rose accident my from a branch he had pruned and was going to throw away.

I played my face and he gave me that rose. Into a little vase it went and for as long as the flower was there, I enjoyed its scent. It did of course, die, like all cut flowers and flowers in general, but I loved that red rose for the length of time I had it. It was because of this elderly ex-fireman of a neighbour, that I got into gardening. It is at his grave I place the joy of watching Gardening programmes, learning what I could.

Ten of Vessels Happiness

Ten of Vessels

The picture of the rose you see above (or to the side, depending upon your settings) is one TABI sent me earlier this year. Its called "Absolutely Fabulous" and the colours are just that: absolutely fabulous! The scent is divine and its growing really well in my tub of home-made compost and well-rotted manure. How can we celebrate this in the Tarot? Well, I talked through the Wildwood Tarot, looking for cards that were especially happy and generous, group settings and

Now, since this was given to me as a gift by the Tarot community that helped teach me the Tarot, a journey I began again some ten years ago now, I find it fitting that I pulled the seven of stones,  ten of vessels and the nine of vessels to reflect on such a journey.

So, thank you TABI!


15th June : Weekend Power Animal ~ Boundaries

Raiding my Tarot store cupboard, I spied an Oracle deck I've wanted to use, but never have, so for the purposes of the blog, I've decided to draw for us all, a Power Animal card for the coming week.


Bear ~ Boundaries

So shuffling the deck (after wiping the sticky stuff off from one of the kids!) I drew The Bear. When I opened the deck the other day, this was the card at the top of the deck. I felt the message then, just as I do now.

Her key phrase is "stand your ground" and we as a family have lots of things planned for this weekend. Reading what Stephen D Farmer wrote in book, (p25) this bear is about defining who you are and who you are not. When you can say a clear "no", then you have the knowledge to say a clear "yes".

Mercury is retrograde at the moment, so the time to keep your boundaries and thoughts in check. Others may not know what they want. Chances are, neither will you. You and others might have a better chance of knowing what you don't want, more than what you do, but that's okay!

So where do you want your boundaries set? What are you comfortable with? What do you wish to do? What do you not wish to do?  Stand your ground and I hope you have a great week!

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