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Soul Mate : The Wildwood’s Take

Posted by Louise

I asked for questions for the blog and this one came up. I'm sure everyone in this profession has been asked this one: Are they my Soul mate?!

 A soul mate can be a very loose term for something that is often very different from what is actually being asked

Firstly, let me please define soul mate. It's a noun that says: Soul mates are people who are ideally suited to us as either friends or romantic partner.

Secondly, let me offer another phrase that will substitute soul mates about 50% of the time (from my experience); Life Partner.

The two are not always the same, in my experience. If you're having to ask a Tarot Reader, psychic or someone else in this profession, a question that goes along the lines of "My life with X is hell, are we soul mates?" the answer is very likely to be very negative. If your life is hell, then by the definition of the first point above, your souls are not aligned, therefore, they're not a soul mate. If your life is hell and they're a long-term partner, you may want to change tact and work through it or let the other person go, walk away. As per the first point, your best friend can be a soul mate, but you're not necessarily going to marry them!

soul mate spread template@Mitzy12 on Twitter asked this question and I wanted to clarify what my definition of a soul mate was before I shared her question with you and the Wildwood's answer. The question was: They say everybody has a soul mate, do we have to search for that person or do they somehow cross our path ? I love Mitzy's question: it's open-ended and from that, I designed a 3 card spread to answer it.

Tcards on the soul mate spread he three questions within it are closed because it takes the overall question and breaks it down. I used the Infinity symbol because I'm sure this question is as old as time itself!

Let's begin!

Do I have to search for my soul mate? The Blasted Oak came out. To me, this indicates a negative reply: chances are you'll meet them as they fall out of a tree! Okay, that might be a little Back To The Future in reply but don't discount it. Meeting a significant other when you're down on your luck happens a lot more than you ever get to hear. They might not be a significant other right away, but if they can come and help you out during your worst moments of life and stick around, they're worth keeping.

Do I already know my soul mate? The Eight of Arrows was our answer here, hinting that they're there, shining a light for you, encouraging you on. Only people who already know you who are in your life would encourage you to keep going through the internal storms that can rage inside.  That's what real friends, proper soul mates do.

What kind of soul mate are they? The three of Stones comes out, with the keyword that I'll pay attention to; Creativity. This to me, isn't a romantic soul mate, they're the friends that inspire you, help you and encourage you to grow, change, adapt. They're the friends that will lay down with you on the darkest of days, or skip along next to you singing: "Someone's going to get it" whilst swinging a cricket bat at their side! (Figuratively speaking)

Overall, these cards indicate that your soul mate isn't the romantic kind, they're the lifelong friends that will be there for years to come. You may find that they come through for you whilst you're in a dark moment. It is in those moments, we learn who our friends really are whilst we learn who we are.

Feel free to use my spread and draw your own cards, learn about yourself and others who are in your life. I'd love to see some of the cards you draw on this subject so please do reply and share!

If you'd like to book your own reading on this subject or any other subject you can book your personal reading right here or contact me to offer up a question for next week!

With blessings!

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Let’s Discuss : The Wanderer

Posted by Louise

I thought I'd start again with the joyful, Wanderer; The Fool of this deck. Let's discuss him a little more.

The first card of any deck, when you open it, can make or break you looking at the other seventy-seven cards. Thankfully, this deck just makes you want to turn it over, to see what The Wanderer looks like!

wandererYou're often told to never judge a book by its cover, and the same can be said with any of the Tarot decks that are out there. This I find more true, especially if pictures can tell you a thousand words.

This thousand words, begin with the rainbow bridge. I mean, come on, who on earth puts their trust in a bridge that is made from a rainbow? Well, clearly, this person, The Wanderer. They're so trusting that things will fall into place for them, that those of us watching, are astonished when they actually are in place! They're not carrying any baggage, save the clothes that they wear upon their back. Maybe that is why they're light enough to cross a rainbow bridge.

Trust is one key aspect I see with this card. Though, it's not the only one.

Self-belief is another, very strong characteristic I see with this person. It's not just that they're confident, they really and I mean really, believe in themselves. They don't care what others think of them, they're not living up to the expectations of others and trapping themselves in a cage that they'll then spend years, getting out of. How I wish I had that time again! I'd be a very different woman now, I'll wager.

I walked the path I walked and looking back, it wasn't great in places. However, it's brought me to this moment in time, to appreciate my children, my husband, the path I've walked. I've learned a bucket load of things on the way, there's still more to learn.

I often wonder if this Wanderer is the younger, mid teens me. Could it be me now? I wish at times, we could go back and change just one thing (reminds me of Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac, the first album of theirs that I ever heard). I love the Tango in the Night album. I played it almost as constantly as I did Clannad when I was growing up. If this were one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it would be amazing, wouldn't it?

So, let's reflect on this card. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
What are you going to do with it?

p.s. If you'd like to book your own Tarot reading, you can do so via this little link. Thank you!

p.p.s I learned about Meta Tags thanks to this post. Talk about new beginnings and being, The Wanderer!


What Could You Do With Knowing?

Posted by Louise

This week, there's so much going on, what do could you do with knowing about, in advance?

Getting a heads up can be beneficial. It gives you time to think, adjust and adapt, long before the rolling stone that is life comes and tries to knock you sideways. 

Knowing what energy coat we need to wear, can be helpful. We can all look out of the window and work out if we want shorts on, or a long heavy skirt, trousers... whatever. We can all make that decision because we can see the effects outside already. Energies aren't that obvious, though they're as transparent as the wind, they can be just as hurtful and energy-zapping.

Let's take a peek at the energies for this coming week, and get our "heads up"; knowing is better than not, isn't it?

knowledgeWhat might be helpful knowing? Nine of Arrows ~ Dedication. I smiled as this card came out. Keep your focus, ignore the thoughts and comments of everyone else if they're not true to the path you're walking. Dedication is the name of the game and for that, you need to be "lost" in your own world. This is a little like The Chariot (Archer in this deck) in their focus and dedication. This, however, is more to do on an everyday level. It's not the setting up of a big project, it's the getting down to work, getting stuff done. That list of jobs to do needs tackling. Sitting back and thinking: "Ach, it can wait". Well, no, it can't because miracles don't happen like that. Neither do house cleaning fairies. Or blog posts.  They don't get written themselves, though, at times I wish they would!

quantum leapWhat won't be as helpful in knowing? Ace of Vessels ~ Waters of Life. Okay, so this as the next card can only be described as my Samuel Beckett card: Oh boy!

Getting emotionally attached to one idea, or one way of doing something is certainly restricting. This is a large pool of water, it gives life. Emotions can do that and emotions can take away parts of our life if we let it. So, as this card so clearly illustrates (thanks to Will Worthington). Go with the flow! Don't try to force things where they don't want to go. Water can be guided, but it can cut and carve its own way quite well. Look at the Grand Canyon or the River Nile.

Water eventually, will corrode whatever stands in its way. It's best to try and move it around something, or better yet, don't let it flow too fast, unchecked.

knowledgeEnergy to embody this week is... The Shaman. What a brilliant card to finish on! All that knowledge and power sit within you. You can make things happen if you want to. I usually describe this fellow as Paul Hollywood, the Master Baker. He's got all the ingredients, he knows the recipe and he can tweak it this way and that way, depending on what he wants to do with it.

He knows more ways to do something (like bake bread) than you will likely ever know. He's forever adapting things, learning new knowledge, skills, methods. He's not shy at working hard and he's powerful with it. Not to mention, older. Notice the grey?

I'm kind of glad Mr Hollywood doesn't have such a long, white flowing beard. That would cause havoc in the kitchens with the mixers, wouldn't you say?

This week, enjoy making things happen. Enjoy trying new things and tweaking old things. It reminds me of "Reduce, reuse, upcycle!"

Go on, give it a try! Let me know how you get on. I love chatting with you all! (SpookyMrsGreen: No, your recent kitchen renovation doesn't count my lovely 😉 ) And if you want to know your specific card for this week, feel free to order your reading, right here.




Let’s Discuss… Hard Lessons

Posted by Louise

After my trust and faith in humanity was let down recently, I drew the Three of Stones to work out why. Breathe, woman!

It's quite easy to get sucker punched when you get a curve ball thrown at you. What happened earlier in the week was my fault, I've learnt that. Seems I always learn the hard way.

hard lessonsI tend not to pay attention to things, or my higher self, when I'm "in the moment". I should listen to myself, I really DO give great advice, even if I'm not so great at following it through. Earlier this week, that cost me but you know, it's a hard lesson learnt, it didn't harm anyone or anything (beyond my ego) and it taught me to have better processes and steps in place before I undertake a reading. That, I can improve on.

I was as annoyed as heck (still am, but I'm finding my Zen on that) and it disturbed my sleep. Anyone who knows me knows I can sleep for all the tea in China and the heather in Scotland. Rise me up before my 9 hours, and I'm a Dragon from the depths of Hell.  Even my kids know that! (As well they should!)

To ground myself, I looked through all 78 cards to ask: What do I need to learn here. The 3 of Stones caught my eye via the images on my laptop, and that was that.

The first thought I had, was "Breathe!" then "That was a quick, hard lesson, wasn't it? Now, sort it out so it won't happen again!". Spirit guides don't tend to mess around. I tend to get clients who need straight answers, a motivational kick, a final reminder. I needed one myself and my spirit guides were spot on. As always. Maybe this client will do as he was asked, but that little voice within says that he won't. Regardless, I've had my lesson and now I've shored that aspect of my business up, it's time to move on and get on with life. I connected within myself for my true message on this front.

What do you need to connect into this week? What do your guides say when you think of an aspect that you're facing? If you'd like help with that, I'm right here


Energies During a New Moon

Posted by Louise

Energies rise and fall. We can sense them more at the New Moon. Which way will they fall for you?

Finding your feet and keeping them grounded when your energies want you to fly, can be tricky. With the broom at the ready, what does this New Moon have to share with us all? If you'd like to find out, let me know.

I know that this month's Full Moon is in Taurus. To me, this Sun Sign is stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, hot-headed, temperamental, possessive. They can, however, be the most helpful and loyal of family members, staunch friends, great advisors and frugal. They're dependable, generous, down to Earth. I designed this little spread with the question: What do I need to know about my Lunar energies this Full Moon?


The first card drawn doesn't matter, they're read in a circle, for there is no light without shadow and there is no bright light without understanding the darkness. Lay your cards out any way you wish.  New Moon Spreads tend to last for about 2 or 4 weeks, depending on when the next Full Moon & New Moon hit. This is a long time to be stubborn!

Here's what The Wildwood offered for this Taurus New Moon Spread.

earthNegative Energy To Release : The Onyx, Page of Stones.
This might be a strange one, but since the Lynx doesn't and can't actually speak, this suddenly becomes quite easy to understand. No more can you sit in the shadows and do nothing. Something has to be said and keeping silent isn't going to help. Something has to be said, though it may not amount to much. When they (The establishment) come for you, who will speak up then? Release the silence, let them hear your roar. Be stubborn, be the bull in a china shop, cause havoc, make people think. For only by doing that, will a true and informed decision come to light.

energiesPositive Energy to Utilize : The Ancestor
There's wisdom within us that we do not understand or comprehend. It's there, guiding us. Call it intuition, our drive, Vulcan logic or something else, there's the ancient wisdom passed down as it pulses through our veins.

We should tap into it, like the snows that fall, melt, vanish and fall again, it comes back to us again and again. What does your deep intuitive self, say when you meditate on this image? It's the beat of that ancient drum in your veins that you need to listen to.

It's time to pass through the gateway of the Silver Birch trees and connect with the elder wisdom within us. Please leave your emotional baggage at the gateway, you won't be needing it where you're going in this card. It will only take longer to talk with this lady if you wish to try to take that nonsense with you.

Dancing energiesGrounding Energy : 5 of Vessels ~ Ecstasy
This is an unusual card to have as the base card. It took me the time to write the other two to work out what this one was on about. It's about being happy! And going through the motions. It's about dancing through life rather than crying and whilst you're dancing, you may as well do something useful, like dance a spell.

This is a card I relate to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Going through the motions. Nothing seems to penetrate your heart, but you can't sit back and wait for the feelings to come back to you, you still have to get up in the mornings, go to work, school, food shop, feed the kids, walk the dog, scoop the poop (bet you never thought I'd say that on this blog!)

Well, once you get going, you often forget to be miserable or forget why you're doing what you're doing.

There's always a catch, though: Try playing a Taurus at their own game! See how far that gets you. If of course, you want to play their game at all. It might be wiser to just forget that and find something else to spend your energies on.

I hope you've enjoyed this New Moon Blog Post, I look forward to catching you soon!



Tarot Blog Hop : May I?

Posted by Louise

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May I please present to you, my entry to the Tarot Blog Hop? Thank you!

Welcome to blog hop entry, especially if you've hopped on over from Chloe's blog. Karen Sealey, our esteemed wrangler for this Hop, wanted us to play on the word "May", as we're posting this up on the first of the fifth month. She's something of a laureate with a waterfall of words and is far better than I am at using them. If there was a competition for word structure and playing with words (Countdown style) I think she'd win it. There are several others who are good like that in our Tarot community too. I envy their ability to understand the structure of our language better than I.

permissionHowever, may I be grateful for being able to make myself understood? I think I may! (See, playing within the remit there!) What tarot card shows you the "May I?"  question, more than any? "May I" is asking for permission. Sometimes, we don't need it, but we seek it anyway and get upset when we're not granted it. Well, duh, why ask for it if we know we're going to be denied it?

The first card I picked out was the Five of Bows. This giant isn't asking for permission, he's not saying the other side of may either. He's creating his own permission, is own empowerment.

I think it's Rule #18 from Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS, which says: It's better to ask forgiveness than to get permission. May I be forgiven for that one?

What else, can the word relate to, if not just for permission? It can offer one of help too. "May I get that for you?" is another, asking for permission and offering help, both at the same time.

Six of Stones

Help comes in many forms, but we so often use the word "Can" in today's vocabulary. However, it's all the same when you come down to it. There's a want, a need, a desire somewhere and we want permission to go for it, reach for it, try it. We don't want to hear that we can't, we want to hear that we can. That we may try.

The other image that came to mind was the more traditional 6 of Pentacles, but here again, we see the beggars holding out for more, asking, may they? When they've done nothing to help themselves in the first instances. How reliant are we on the permission of others? Why do we seek that permission if it's going to make us miserable? Why do we rely on others rather than just doing things ourselves?

Major-6-The-Forest-LoversTake a busy family, mum, dad, kids; a little like mine. If the kids didn't ask permission to eat certain foods at various times, they'd never eat what I cooked for them, or eat with the rest of the family. If they didn't ask for permission to do something, they'd miss out on family activities, or get hurt. I don't want them to get hurt. Communication is the key thing when using the word "May". Permission is sometimes needed.

There is, at this time of year, there was often the biggest question in the minds of Pagan folks. The ultimate permission giver we all seek, are afraid of and at times, are glad we did undertake the biggest adventure of our lives. May I spend the rest of my life with you, please?

That by far has been the biggest and best adventure I've ever been on. What has yours been?

So, now I've bamboozled you with my limited wordsmith abilities, how about you hop on over to read Joanne's laureate take on this whole word-play thing. Now, she's a clever lady who may enlighten you further.

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Let’s Discuss : Balance

Posted by Louise

Temperance is all around us, but difficult to maintain.

The polarized energies of Balance (Temperance) is often hard to obtain. We go too much one way, causing ourselves issues and harm. Then we go too much the other, to compensate. Balance in itself, is tricky! Sometimes, we need help with that.

balanceBalance is essential in life. The two colours used on the snakes here, red and white, are significant. Red represents blood, fire and iron, whilst white represents milk, ash and bone. Our bodies contain both blood (red) and the bone (white) as well as lots of iron and other minerals and nutrients. I chose this card to discuss in detail, as we're nearly at May Day, Beltane.

The balance that this Wildwood card represents, is the balance between human and nature. We're now somewhat detached from the reality that we need the Earth to survive. Some of us, still get it. The majority of us do not. It's taken for granted, especially if you go to a super market and you get strawberries in October!

Balance isn't just about being at one with nature or the Earth. It's also about being balanced internally too. Not too meek, not too outgoing, not too quiet, not too noisy. Finding that balance is a trick that we're taught we must strive for when we're able to communicate verbally with our parents and peers. Being in balance isn't easy, ask my 6-year-old, who really does swing from one extreme to the other over the slightest little thing.  Him more, than the other two.

Being patient is another aspect of this card that can cause some issues. Does the Queen song: I want it all! fit with this, do you think? I think it fits rather well, for that's the mentality most of the Western population. They're not prepared to wait for it until it's in season, or when the time is right. Instant gratification is the most chosen method. I feel we must teach our children that they must have patience. I can start with my three.

What do you need to keep in balance this week? What do you need to apply patience to this week? Share with me, if you wish!



What Do I Need To Know : The Week Ahead

Posted by Louise

To know what is coming, is to be prepared, correct? Well, maybe....

Knowing what is coming, or what may come, is like looking at the weather forecast and deciding if you're going to wear a rain jacket, or a fleece;  a combination of those two. Or whatever suits your needs.

Sometimes we want to know what may be coming our way. Either we need an umbrella, or to girder our loins... Others use it as a crutch, the ultimate word before they leave the bed in the morning. Even some, to the extend that they WON'T leave bed until they've drawn a card.

This spread, comes courtesy of Lisa @ Angelorum. Mary and I used this at our last Meet Up, and whilst Lisa may have created this for Mars retrograde, we found it to be pretty useful in general: so I've used it this week. Please, enjoy!

situation, knowSituation : Page of Arrows : Okay,  please, you need to listen. People are telling you things but you don't hear what they're saying. This might be because they're using big words, or because you don't want to understand what it is they're saying. Or even the person its coming from, you dislike. Please, pin your ears back and close your mouth. The two don't often work well together. One or the other, yes?

You have two ears and one mouth, for a reason. Why is that, do you think?

Don'tDon't : Two of Arrows : Make a decision rashly. Find out all the facts first, but don't make a decision without knowing as much as you can find out. If someone is asking that you decide on the bare facts, what is in it for them? What are they hiding? If they insist on you agreeing to their plans, NOW, know that there's something not right. Don't agree. Take a step back.

Things are SO out of balance and kilter, you can't see it. That's OK, but knowing that they are, may help you.

know, mournDo : Seven of Vessels : Now, you may be hurting, you may feel rejected, but that's no need to react in a bad way. This week, take the time to let go of what it is that's hurt you.  Know that the feelings associated with that, don't need to be projected onto another person. Work it through, let it go and say good-bye to the hurt. Forgiving isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign that says you acknowledge their hurt to you, and you're not prepared to carry it around any more. That's its Strength.

Now that, is great!

I hope that this weeks' mini reading has helped you. If you want to book your own reading, full or otherwise, you can do so right here.



Let’s Discuss… The Mirror

Posted by Louise

It's time to reflect and ponder.

This is a new part of the blog, where I take a card and hope to explore it to the fullest I can. If I can find enough words! 😉 So, let's discuss... The Mirror Card.

The Mirror is placed in the Wheel around the Autumn Equinox (my eldest son's birthday) and she is your gateway into the unknown.  She's the one who can tap into your hidden knowledge and, wisdom and insights. She's particularly partial to those of us on a spiritual journey.   She can be linked back to Arthurian times, with Morgan leading Arthur into limbo and healing him on the Isles of Avalon. (Though I don't recall Morgan doing that?)

mirrorI find that the hidden knowledge is reflected back as you think deeply. Asking yourself questions and being honest with your answer(s) is one way to use this card. Reflecting on what has happened when something is over and done with (try 6 weeks after, if that's not too soon for you!) can be helpful too. Though, that does require some strong objectivity on your part. It also requires patience and prudence, as well as trust.

Look at the card again. Can you see there's a figure in the boat? That figure is supposed to be Arthur, on his way to the Isle of Avalon. However, what if that figure in the boat is you, heading off within yourself, to your inner Isle of Avalon.? What might you find there?

What answers do you contain within? What could you have surrendered to? What should you have given in to? Where were you not patient?

With this card, if you're working with it, pay attention to your dreams and listen to what comes up in your meditations. That is, if you meditate. If not, you may need to whilst you're working closely with The Mirror.

I can  assist you in your journey if you wish!





Career Path – Is This The Right Path?

Posted by Louise

We're often stuck in our career as much as we are in general life, sometimes more so!

What  happens when you're not sure if you're on the right career path? Let me offer you a reading on that subject.

We spend so much of our lives working, often working for others in jobs we don't like with people we'd rather not be friends with on social media. I find that a damn shame, but I've been there, done it, walked away. Sometimes though, we get it right and if that's the case, you won't be needing my help. If you do, I write this for you.

RespectWhat are the pro's of work? Every job has it's good and bad points. Focus for a few moments on the good.

The Woodwose suggest that you've got the respect and you command it. You give it out when you need to and you make sue that those you work with respect you, even if they don't like you.

That's a damn hard thing to pull off in an office, even more so if you're working for yourself. The other pro here, taking on the self employment aspect, is that you have to respect yourself & treat your business as a proper career. You have to create rules and processes and you can't hide behind anyone else's nonsense any more. Rather cool!

earthWhat are the con's? There is always the other side of the coin to consider, the shadow side, the side most people don't want to deal with.  Mostly, it's the management, the boss.

Sometimes, it's the work and this card hints that you're having to watch your back all the time and watch what you're saying to whom. Often, office gossip can be more of a hindrance than anything else you ever do, or achieve.

Page's are often the messengers of their suit.  In this case, the message is that you're still learning how to deal with these aspects of your career in a practical sense.

career answerWhat's the answer? The King of Bows comes out as the final card and you've got to hand it to this Tarot deck: It doesn't mess around! Take control, it says! Be in charge and just do it, get to the top, fight your way to it.

Be honest, have good intentions and show your integrity.

Employ your maturity and strength of wisdom, your resolve and your positive energy. Don't allow your leadership to be undermined or challenged. Your career path is strong and you'll realise your goals.

All in all, these are 3 positive cards to say "Yes", You're on the right path, just watch what you're saying and how you're acting and own it. Own it all!

Let me offer my services once again, should you have doubts on your own career path.


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