Wildwood COTD: 10 of Vessels (9th May)

I totally ran out of time yesterday so I didn’t post this card. Apologies if you were standing by the bed, waiting for it!

The whole deck’s art work is just so beautiful. Will Worthington, I am in love with your art work my friend! And I’ll hopefully tell you when we meet in July at the TABI Conference and birthday party!

But anyway, down to this card. I was in a good mood when I pulled this card out yesterday and the good mood ran all day. I didn’t do much in the way of housework, I spent the day playing with the toddler, fighting against the weather to put the washing out (or not as it turned out!) and sorting the lunches for said toddler and myself, as well as the dinners out. But, I didn’t stress, I just let the day flow and unfold. I had no expectations and very little targets to meet.

Even when the plaster came around to see what I need doing with regards to the bay window, I was chilled (although I had mistimed dinner and it was in the oven going nice and crispy) and soon enough, the evening befell. I’d been trying to work out how best to do a certain Tarot reading and yesterday, it just flowed. Once I’d worked out the positional meanings, it fell out of me like the waterfall in this card. A glass of red was the reward once the Reading itself was sent off via e-mail. A good day all around!

How I hope for a good card like that for today.  Best get shuffling and see what the deck holds for me today, hadn’t I? 🙂

Wildwood COTD: 10 of Vessels (9th May)
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