This card shows a green woman, her hair emerging from her head like vines, raising her hands in a blessing. However, seven arrows pierce her.

For me personally, this is highlighting the nerves I often feel before I undertake a Tarot Reading. I have one to do as part of my involvement with TABI and I am always slightly nervous before I start. What spread do I use? What would be the best way to answer the Querents question? What if I don’t get across the story in a good way for the Querent?

OK, I know it’s a two-way conversation, once I’ve sent the reading out and if any feedback comes back to me, but I still think about these things because I care. Like this card suggests, I need to find my feet and ground myself before I begin. Which, I do anyway. But perhaps today, I’ll pay that ritual more attention than I would have usually.

Wildwood COTD: 7 of Arrows
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