This card shows a man sitting in a Zen like position with three goblets above him and two either side of him, while he holds a very large bowl in his lap. Before his feet are three other large vessels, vases I think, to take the overflow.

Vessels in this deck relate to water, so it covers the emotions flowing around, over and about us. It also covers the emotions flowing away from us.

It is not easy to work out sometimes, why we feel what we do. Is it empathy? Is it someone else’s anger that’s fuelling us? Are we not emotionally engaged sometimes? Or are we just so full of emotion that we can’t contain it? Looking at this picture, this gentleman is certainly full of emotions as it flows all over him. But what of the emotions we do not want? Sometimes, we have to let them flow so that they do not eat at us. And today might well be one of those days.

Nine of Vessels from The Wildwood Tarot

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Wildwood COTD : Nine of Vessels
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