Wildwood COTD : 6 of Bows & The World Tree

Today, Priestess Tarot pulls out two cards. Why? Well, because I can (haha!) and because I’d also recently pulled the 6 of Bows. But they both compliment each other and wanted to share in their joy. As I sit here and type up my thoughts, I look out into the garden and my mind starts wandering about the abundance card and the people that might not be able to see such greenery and English garden beauty, for various reasons. We could, if we so wished, live pretty much anywhere we wanted: provided the jobs pay the bills. Others do not have that choice. Others may not have a fantastic park in which to enjoy with their family, sitting on their doorstep (or pretty much on their door step) or even have their health. So, all in all, I am pretty lucky. Sometimes, its good to remember that 🙂