Green Man Tree Oracle – Card of the Week

Welcome to my New Feature, the Card of the Week!

I’m now working on combining the Wildwood with the Green Man Tree Oracle (I love trees!) so every week, I’ll be posting a Card of the Week from the Green Man Tree Oracle!

The card this week is The Ash. It’s a strong tree, but strength does not equate to power. Strength comes in many forms: The ability to bend. The ash’s roots go deep and provide the tree with nourishment, inner resources and an ability to grow.

Ash trees in this Oracle advise us to consult our roots and be sure of our inner directions before we start.

Ash / Nuin

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Before I left the house this morning, I turned this card of the day over so I could ponder on it while playing taxi and take hubby to work. The scene of the three smaller vessels overflowing into the main cauldron and then the water spilling out into four smaller ones before heading off down the river feels quite refreshing.

I’ve made some changes to the website over the last 48 hours and I feel pretty happy with those change. I hope the customers notice that things have changed, but if they don’t but I shan’t be worried if not: I know the changes are there.

For me, the changes are like a new start. They say that a change is as good as a rest; so lets see if that’s the case.

Wildwood COTD : Two of Bows

This is a new card for me and not the one I was expecting to pull out for today. Today, I am very much in a 4 of Arrows / Swords place. I am so tired I just want to sleep but it’s not possible today. However, up came this fellow. He reminds me of Zeus, though I am sure that was not quite the intention Will or Mark had for this card!

However, this is the card that’s come up for today, so it’s time to embrace it. And so far, I have. What decisions will you make today? What options are there? Which one grabs your attention (and mine!) and passion more? Which one feels more at home with you? Is it a logical decision or was the decision made from emotions?

What a card to ignite such an inquisition!

Two of Bows

Wildwood COTD : Five of Vessels

This is a great card to come up after yesterday’s The Sun of Life! To be honest, if this had come up yesterday, I’d have taken it too!

For me, this is a card of celebration, of partying, of joy. With the RWS it’s not usually so jovial, but in this deck, it is! There was lots to do today, clearing up wise. It was hard to do when your now five year old is playing with his new toys all over the floor! But, today it got done. That however, did not stop him nor us, going shopping to spend some of his birthday money! The smart lad spotted a bargain on Marvel DVD’s and he was so happy that it was infectious. It was a pleasure seeing him enjoy himself, spending his money on things he wanted and being allowed to do it too.

So for me, today, it’s been like looking at this card: seeing someone happy doing what they want to do because they’ve been allowed to do it. Fantastic! 🙂

Wildwood COTD : Card 19, The Sun of Life

Today, is my eldest son’s birthday. And what better card to have for today than The Sun. I had hoped to turn this card over by sheer dumb luck, but I did not. So, I went a hunting and pulled it out anyway!

When I was pregnant with my eldest, this card came up a lot. And this is how he makes me feel: like I could burst! I had never imaged that I could have so much love for one I gave birth to. I knew I’d love him, I just did not realise how much I could love someone. Despite all the tantrums he’s thrown at me over the last five years (and the ones yet to come!) I still love him. And his little brother.

So, whatever your reasons today, share the love you have around. It might just make someone’s day 🙂

The Sun of Life

Wildwood COTD : 9, The Hooded Man

This has to be my favourite card! And in amongst the rushing around in preparation for tomorrow, comes the quiet, still figure of The Hooded Man (yes, cue the Clannad theme Tune for RoS). The little wren on the rock also offers guidance to the place of sanctuary: a reminder to take it easy and find the time to relax from the hustle and bustle of right now.

I find it incredible that five years ago, I was in the early stages of labour. Tomorrow, my eldest will be five years old. It seems like a long time, five years, but they have passed us by so quickly. So much has been learnt, so much is still to be learned. I’m looking forward to the next 5 years with my eldest and his younger brother.

And yet, no matter how many times I see this card, I do still want to pull that hood back and see who is underneath it!

Tarot Academy Meet up – 15th September 2011

Are you local to Halesowen, Bromsgrove or in the surrounding area? Do you want to meet up with other Tarot enthusiasts and Tarot readers? Are you curious about the Tarot but don’t have anyone to ask questions to? Would you like to browse decks and books before you part with your hard earned cash?

If so, the next Tarot Academy Meeting is on the 15th of September, in The Bowling Green Pub, Stoke Lane, Stoke Prior. The meeting starts at 7pm and if you want to come and join us, please follow this link. (You’ll need to sign up to Meet Up to tell us you plan to join in. When we know you want to join in, we’ll send you a voucher via e-mail. If you bring the voucher with you on the night, the cost for the meet up is only £5! Without the voucher, it’s 1/2 price at £7.50)