Are you local to Halesowen, Bromsgrove or in the surrounding area? Do you want to meet up with other Tarot enthusiasts and Tarot readers? Are you curious about the Tarot but don’t have anyone to ask questions to? Would you like to browse decks and books before you part with your hard earned cash?

If so, the next Tarot Academy Meeting is on the 15th of September, in The Bowling Green Pub, Stoke Lane, Stoke Prior. The meeting starts at 7pm and if you want to come and join us, please follow this link. (You’ll need to sign up to Meet Up to tell us you plan to join in. When we know you want to join in, we’ll send you a voucher via e-mail. If you bring the voucher with you on the night, the cost for the meet up is only £5! Without the voucher, it’s 1/2 price at £7.50)

Tarot Academy Meet up – 15th September 2011
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