Wildwood COTD : #3 The Green Woman

And today, I pulled out the Green Woman. Before I turned the net book on to type this up, I wondered how she was manifesting. I saw her in my mother in law, enjoying herself as her two grand-sons played in the garden with their grand-dad. I smiled and took the leaf out of her book and watched my boys play, race, ride, run and have fun. You forget, as a parent sometimes, to enjoy your kids and watch them frolic and play.

Turning the net book on I see a post from a friend that makes my heart sink and I have to deal with it. I didn’t create a group on Facebook to feed nastiness and allow the trading of personal insults, but that is what has happened over-night (UK time wise). It is sad, but that is life: not everyone gets on. But there’s a place for it and Facebook Public Groups are not the place for it. Not in my group.

The group was created with nurturing and assistance in mind. Like the Green Woman, it was intended to be a cauldron of good ideas, full of like minded people supporting each other in peace, and showing mutual respect, even if they disliked someone. Somewhere along the way, parts of this were forgotten.

So I hope that if someone / anyone from that group reads this blog entry, also shares in these thoughts and nurturing believes. I hope that they understand where I am coming from. If not, I might have to dig out The Woodward or The Archer…. (:D)


  1. Jim Maher September 3, 2011 at 12:12

    What is wrtten re; The Green Woman is the whole idea of why I myself sought out assistance (from my own son) as how to catch up with the world on a societal network site. I am so glad I did . My computer skills at best could be described as suffering from a poverty of content…however I am enjoying it & have met some wonderful very learned people from many different parts of the world.
    Exactly what I was looking for ” A cauldron of good ideas”,,,, when parts of this cauldron’s contents are forgotten we “need” to be….. “reminded”….. of how/why it came to manifest in the first place… For us !!!!
    Debate is fun, individuals have different view points….. for a plethora of variables…..
    There is only one thing that is needed in such an environment (where anonominity is eay to hide behind): for acknowledgement to these variables:
    ……… RESPECT………

    • Louise September 3, 2011 at 21:49

      Jim, thanks for the comments and feedback and thank you for visiting my site!
      ……..RESPECT BACK…….

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