It’s Monday. I can tell it’s Monday. I didn’t want to get up and I was dreaming about cup cakes and I lady I met more than 5 years ago! It was quite a weird dream. I’ve had a lot of stuff to do this morning and most of it was caused by the dog (don’t ask!) so when this card came up I had to wonder why?

The card shows three arrows, piercing a wooden heart, hanging on a tree. The heart is alight in the top right and looks like it will burn. In the bottom point of the heart, blood drips onto the floor. The key word for this card is Jealousy.

I have to ask what am I jealous about? Given the morning I’ve had, I’ve hardly stopped to think! What could I possibly be jealous about? So far, nothing comes to mind, but the day is not over yet and I am not yet, in my bed. So, we shall see!

And if I had shot those arrows to be that close together, I’d be feeling pretty pleased with myself!

Wildwood COTD : Three of Arrows
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