Today, the wild horse that is the Knight of Stones, comes galloping past me, flinging up the stones that are beneath his hoofs. And so today my day is quite busy. I knew it would be anyway, but after a phone call, it got a little bit busier!

Today is not the main concern, I’m already thinking of next week, when I’m out 4 days from Saturday (not all together mind you!) and there will be a lot of too-ing and fro-ing to be done. I wish I could harness the energy of the horse and bottle it, keep it aside until next week. Or I could simply just go to bed earlier and get some more sleep!


In regards to a post yesterday by The Tarot Lady (which, regrettably, I could not post a reply to because it had been closed by the time I had thought of a suitable response) I am going to follow the words of The Beautiful South, and carry on regardless. Yes, the Tarot industry like the others has bullies in it. But if and when you DO stand up to a bully, deal with it and walk away. I have but the bully I stood up to is still playing the song of “Woe is me”. That is their prerogative and while I am tired of hearing that tune being played on the world’s smallest violin (can you tell I’m really not bothered by it?) it’s now background noise. A bit like my toddler’s car toy: I’m phasing my ears past the noise.

And to my self made / imagined demons: There’s the door, don’t you come back no more! Thank you Tina Brooks for helping me meet my guide, Africa. I thank her too for meeting with me last night and being my guide.

Wildwood COTD : Knight of Stones
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