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Today I have TWO cards to share with you. The first is the general card for today and it’s the 3 of Vessels, with the keyword of “Joy”. In this we see three herons, flying over three different coloured cups. I love this card, it’s made me smile already, but having just verbally talked with someone I have only so far “met” on the Internet, I am very joyful anyway!

What have you got to be joyful for today? Later, I have to brave this horrid weather and fetch my eldest from school and even in the rain, I will let my soul sing!

Remember to let your soul sing, make friends, be happy in the now, and most of all, have fun!


I also drew a card for how this evening might work out. I’m at a Ladies Pamper evening at The Talbot Hotel in Stourbridge. I drew Major 12, The Mirror. A card of major reflection, dreams, understanding, trust, patience and prudence. So, time to breathe and let the magic flow this evening!
{will add the image later on}

Wildwood COTD : 3 of Vessels
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One thought on “Wildwood COTD : 3 of Vessels

  • November 29, 2011 at 15:09

    Love the descriptions of the cards….very fluent

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