Today, we have the Four of Arrows come out to join us. And I so sympathise with this card today! All I have wanted to do today is go back to bed, close my eyes and go back to sleep. Tonight, will certainly be an early night.

But despite my requirement for rest, I have managed to do certain chores around the house and I have enjoyed spending the day at home, pottering about (as us Scots say) and just enjoying things. I also managed to persuade the eldest child to come and help me tidy the greenhouse out, so that is set for the winter. (No, it’s not bubble-wrapped, but it’ll get a wash down tomorrow)

So, rest up while you can. I recall now the words my parents gave me when I became a mother: when the baby sleeps, YOU sleep!
Yes, grand-dad!

Wildwood COTD : Four of Arrows
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