Wildwood COTD : Knight of Vessels

Today’s card of the day is the Knight of Vessels. Here we can see an eel swimming through the water. The Knights are the “go and get ’em!” brigade and I love the Knights! They’re charismatic and charge here and there like, well, blue arsed flies! This Knight is from the Vessels area, which deals with our emotions. Is he acting on impulse from the emotions he’s feeling? Are the emotions his? Or is he feeling someone else’s?

Today, he reminds me of being nervous! We had the delight and pleasure of one of my son’s school friends, a young lady, come to visit. She was very well spoken, nervous, polite, playful, charismatic, not a jot of trouble and a delight to have around. I was not sure who was more taken with her, my eldest or his younger brother! I can only imagine that she was nervous, but while it showed through a few times, it was soon over-come. Well done her!

It also showed through with my eldest: He wanted everything to be perfect, rather than just going with the flow. A trick for my son to learn and probably, his class-mate.

Card of the Day
The Eel
Wildwood COTD : Knight of Vessels
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