Wildwood COTD : Seven of Vessels

Today, the next card in the numerical sequence from yesterdays post comes out to join us. The Seven has the keyword of “mourning” and it is not easy to work out exactly what it might be referring to today.

What have I to mourn about? I have not lost anything that I am aware of. I held a six day old baby today and it was amazing to see how tiny they are. I have gotten so used to my two year old, I have forgotten how tiny new born babies are. Am I mourning not having one of my own? Not yet: While I would welcome another child, the time I feel is not right.

What else could it be? Perhaps it was something else? Today, most of the big firework displays are occurring. Why not do it tomorrow, when it’s the 5th of November and the proper day for Bonfire Night? I am not sure. However, after dinner, we headed up to the display at the Cricket Club. It had started by the time we had set out, but we got a chance to view it as we walked up the road. I love firework displays. We had a firework display when we got married. I’ve missed out on the fireworks displays since the children were born, either because they were too small to go or I didn’t go outside to see them from the top of the garden as they were in bed, asleep.

This year, I got to see all of the second half of the display and the tail end of the first half. The toddler didn’t like it, the eldest claimed he wanted to go home. But I stayed for the larger bangs and whizzes and watch as the fireworks went off in a massive and spectacular display.

Perhaps I was mourning not seeing them before?

I still feel I’m missing the point though.

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Vessels
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