Card of the Day

Today, I bring you not one, but TWO Cards of the Day! It was not intentional that I pull two, or that 2 Majors showed up. I turned over The Archer to find that The Mirror was beneath it and also showing, so I’ve used both.

It started out trying to comfort a friend without getting involved in her situation. I fear if I do become involved, I’ll add to the woes, which won’t help anyone. But something has to be done, so a quiet discussion with someone else and I hope things can start to improve.

It carried on being both The Archer and Reflective in equal measure throughout the morning. By the afternoon, I was in a very reflective mood and caught up on a little of the work I am behind on.

Card of the Day

I am sure that today sits on a pivital sea-saw, I’m just not sure how that might be possible, yet. But you don’t get two Major cards come at you, one behind the other like that, unless it means something.

TABI’s Blog site is also getting a facelift, of sorts. One of TABI’s wonderful bloggers, Chloé, has taken on this role from Alison Cross and is now carrying on the baton of blogging TABI’s exploits. It’s going to be a new change and finally, Ali can get down to what she wants to do.

So here I am, sitting by my nice warm log burner, warming my toes and I feel that today has been straight to the point, reflective and will eventually be revealing. I just hope I like what comes out of it!

Wildwood COTD : Majors #7 The Archer & #12 The Mirror
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