Wildwood COTD : Ace of Bows

Today’s Card of the Day is the wonderful starting point of the Ace of Bows. A start of passion, fire, new thoughts and journeys. Yesterday we had the Nine of Bows, and the Wodwose commanding Respect.

The Spark of Life
Ace of Bows ~ Spark of Life

Today, however, we have the Spark of Life. From the depths of The Wildwood, comes a rugged man-made bow. An idea has been formed, somewhere, somehow by someone and now something new has been created and will exist.

I cannot quite recall if I had any good ideas today, personally. I have seen others with good ideas, heard of friends whose friendships will (I hope!) start a-new due to a mis-understanding. Their friendship may even grow stronger as a result.

Whatever and wherever things have happened today, if you’ve had the Spark hit you, treasure it, let it grow. Then decide if you like it. Like the cotyledons of a young plant, how something starts out isn’t always how it grows or ends up when it is matured.

So parteth my wisdom for the day. Sorry it has taken me so long to write these thoughts down, today, I have not had the Spark hit my thoughts. Well, not that I can recognise just now.

Wildwood COTD : Ace of Bows
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