The Card of the Day shows up another Court and another card I’ve not personally had of yet. It’s the Page of Stones in the shape and form of the Lynx.

The Lynx
Page of Stones - Lynx

We can see the Lynx creeping down from the trees, looking right at us. I struggle with the Court Cards in general but I found a great way yesterday from the Tarotholics Anonymous group about looking up Shamanism and the animals that feature in this deck.

Lynx are the listeners in the animal world and are cousins to the Bobcats, the other animal listeners. However, the Lynx won’t go and find out the information for itself, it absorbs information by osmosis. You can find more information here.

So, the Lynx according to that site, appears around Yuletide, which is where Mark and John have them placed too. So the message today I feel, is to listen but don’t go out and find gossip or the news you seek: it will come to you somehow. And you can order such insight from me, here.

Wildwood COTD : Page of Stones
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