Today’s Card of the Day is my own Tarot Card of my astrological sign. Some systems don’t use Pages in their equations (the Golden Dawn do not) but I am very much this card most of the time! I love the playful attitude that otters have.

Page of Vessels ~ Otter

We see this cheeky little chap, standing on a rock, watching the water floating past. I wonder what he’s thinking of? Do otters think as we do? Will he jump in? Will he stay where he is? He’s being cautious, trepidatious.

What I feel from this card is some emotional uncertainty, insecurity. It’s not usually what I pick up from this card, but today I am. It could be because I am tired, it could be for other reasons. I could be chasing my tail and worrying over nothing, or entering a time of uncertainty.

To be honest, I’d rather swim in the water and go find somewhere to rest up until this time of uncertainty is over. I doubt I’ll get the chance, so best I swim along with the flow and get it over with.

If you feel like this all the time, you can buy a reading from me here and see what is bothering you. I’ll be doing that later on.

Wildwood COTD : Page of Vessels
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