Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

Today’s Card of the Day comes to us from the Court Cards of the Tarot and today, the mightiest of them all, The Wolf. In this Deck, he is the King of Stones, the suit of which sits in the Mid Winter Solstice. I have had Mr Wolf before but to be honest, I struggle with understanding his meaning. So, I went looking on line for a different take on Wolves in general.

What do wolves mean, in Shaman terms? I found this page (and he goes through other animals), but I’ll phrase the meanings here:

  • Facing the end of one’s cycle with dignity and courage (Does this mean death?)
  • Death and rebirth (actual or metaphysical?)
  • Spirit Teaching
  • Guidance in dreams and meditations
  • Instinct linked with intelligence
  • Social and familial values
  • Outwitting enemies
  • Ability to pass unseen
  • Steadfastness
  • Skill in protection of self and family
  • Taking advantage of change

That’s quite a list for one card! So, let me break it down for me, personally. I suggest you do the same: I’m not about to die (that I am aware of!) and I am not in search of any Spirit teachings right this moment, so it’s not the first 3. Guidance in dreams and meditations? Possibly, I hardly remember my dreams any more.  Instinct linked to intelligence? There’s always that going on in my life, given my line of work, along with the social and family values. I don’t have any enemies I need to outwit right now, nor do I wish to pass unseen anywhere. Being steadfast is a good virtue, I’ll take that one! Steadfastness is another I’ll say “yea” to. Skill in protection of self and family? That’s a “hell yeah” and taking advantage of change? I’ll mutter a “if I must” on that.

There’s some change going on in my house for lots of reasons. Some of which I won’t go into publicly, it’s not the place to do so. But I will try on all these points. Gosh, this Wolf is far more complicated than I had first ever given him credit for. Blooming heck!


Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

One thought on “Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

  1. How cool is this card! I’ve been reading about Red Riding Hood and the Wolf and the Wolf keeps showing up in one way or another…as does Red.
    Love your site~
    P.S.~Just started my blog, and it’s slowly taking shape.

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