Today we have the last card from the Major Arcana, The World Tree (or World in RWS). The maze before it I feel is the maze of life, winding its way down the hill towards us. The World Tree represents the cycle of life, the coldness of winter, the warmth of summer and the seasons in between.

Card of the Day
Major #21 ~ The World Tree

What does this say to you today? For me, it’s a case of: grab and live your dreams, through thick and thin and back again (Stevie Nicks’ “Love’s A Hard Game to Play”) and if you need to, change them.

Today, the World is there for the taking, the grabbing, the living of. Wisdom and knowledge is available here in the heart of this grand oak tree, if you wish to navigate the maze and enter the warm hearth. This card may relate to material gain, spiritual happiness or emotional security, or a mix of all three.

Winter doesn’t quite want to let go just yet, but spring is getting stronger and will be here in force in the matter of a few weeks. And about time too!

Enjoy your Tuesday, live your life, be wise, act with kindness to yourself and others, breathe the rich air, take care of yourself and rejoice!

Wildwood COTD : Major #21, The World Tree
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