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Wildwood COTD : King of Bows

Posted by Louise

Today we have the King of Bows come out and join us, Mr Practicality himself. Today though, I am SO going to need his energy! This morning, I am helping out a charity that has somewhat saved what little sanity I had when I became a mum.

Card of the Day

King of Bows ~ Adder

Anyway, that's for me today, what does the King of Bows mean for you? He's the King of the Rock, despite the pretenders at his feet.

So today, I'm going to be slippery, energetic, productive and practical. The total master with the bow (or fire).

This king is mature, resolved, energetic and wise. He's also honest, talented, hard-working a good father figure... but wait, I'm female! Does not matter, someone somewhere thinks I am a good mother. I just hope it's my two sons! You can more about what the Adder has to say, in shamanistic terms, here.

So today, I feel that this King is lending you or asking you to let this persona come to light. And if you'd like some advice from the Wildwood, I am here to offer it when you're in need of it.

Today though, it's a Saturday. I hope you enjoy it and embrace the good times that come along your way, as any wise parent will do.

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