Wildwood COTD : Nine of Bows

Today on this Tuesday, we have the Nine of Bows with the keyword of Respect come out and join us. The Woodwose is not someone I tend to mess around with when he decides he’s going to show up. That bow and his demeanour demand the respect.

Nine of Bows ~ Respect

The Bows in this deck are the fire suit in this deck. Every time he comes up, I end up in a pickle and I don’t think today is going to be any different. Oh boy!!!  The last time the Woodwose came charging out at me was March 21st, and as I look back at my entry that day, I read that the Woodwose is patient and compassionate, as well as commanding.

So like most people do when they see this fellow, they either back up, back away or stand their ground aggressively. There is perhaps, another way? That is, to stand ones ground with patience and firmly, but without aggression or confrontation.

Personally today, the last option was presented, which is why I posted it. It was demonstrated to me by a woman who suffers from ME. We’ve met due our children and have so far, not spent that much time together over tea or in each others company, though we arranged to meet today, to let the kids play and burn off all the energy that little kids have. Even at 1-year-old and 2 1/2, the kids were being taught and showed respect. Respect for each other, another’s’ belongings and towards each others pets.

So today, the hint I believe is to act respectfully, as well as give respect where respect is due.