New Reading Venue

For those that follow my newsletter, you may already know that I am about to begin reading the cards at a new location. That location as of Thursday the 5th of July is:

Sanctum Therapies in Halesowen

and I am pleased and thrilled to be working with such a fantastic group of people.

Link to Sanctum Therapies Website
Sanctum Therapies

Readings are available from 7pm until 10pm and are due to last for half an hour at the rate specified on this page (£25). Sanctum also take credit card if you want or need to pay via that method and will be handling the bookings for me.


Green Man Tree Oracle : Blackthorn ~ Straif

Green Man Wisdom : Magic is everywhere

And as I work on the Oracle Card for the coming week, the song from Queen (A kind of magic) now goes around my head but my initial thought is: Oh yes, I already know that! The question though is: Do I pay attention to knowing that? My answer is: sometimes.

Blackthorn ~ Straif

However, like most people who are busy with life, work, children, house, conferences, we forget to take a step back into ourselves and sink deeply into the ever-flowing stream of our magical dreams.

Thanks again to The Goddess Tree for an amazing source of information. I see from the first page of the book that the Blackthorn has a strong ability to foster waking dreams. From the Goddess Tree site, I see that it’s very associated with Morrigan, as she is the Goddess for battle, fertility and strife. Her name has two meanings, Great Queen and Phantom Queen. Morrigan is not a Goddess I have personally done any work with.

It’s got strong magical links beyond Morrigan as Wizards used to carry staffs made from the wood and in parts of Ireland, it’s considered bad luck to carry a blackthorn staff. Now, it’s said that the blackthorn flowers / blossoms at midnight on Christmas Eve. In Burnham-On-Sea, it is commented that Jesus landed with a saint in Burnham and travelled to Glastonbury and that each Christmas, a decoration of blackthorn is sent to Her Majesty for the Queen’s table decoration for Christmas morning.  Blackthorns sister plant is the hawthorn, another tree of Morrigan. They were often grown together, and while hawthorn was often wound around the maypole, the blackthorn decorated the top of the maypole itself.

Ogham ~ Straif

Until now, I had no idea that blackthorn was part of the hedge of thorns preventing the prince from reaching Sleeping Beauty unscathed. I did have some inclination that the thorny crown upon Christ’s head at his crucifixion was blackthorn.  Thorns from the blackthorn were used in magic to pierce wax models of poor unfortunates and as such, only adds to the darker side of the blackthorn.

The fact (or more accurately, the information I have from the Goddess Tree website) is that this tree is sacred to the Luantishees. They’re a type of fairy, from what I can gather from a Google search. I never knew there was more than one type of Fairy! You do learn something new all the time.

So this week, what are we being asked to remember? For me, it’s to reconnect with my inner magical self, to remember that what I cast or wish for has a darker side and element to it. It’s also a case of learning lots of things all the time, different sources, collecting and massing information.

And as for waking dreams? Yes, I get those. I shall have to add Blackthorn to my garden list of trees to plant. Enjoy your week of strife and inner contemplation. I am in for a good week, aren’t I?


Wildwood COTD : Major #21, The World Tree

It’s Sunday but that will probably not matter to two little boys. The card indicates that the Wanderers Journey is at an end, with all four seasons are represented in the branches while the labyrinth sits at the base of the tree.

Major 21 ~ The World Tree

Life is a journey, often it is not about the destination, but the journey and the twists and turns along the way. I often think rather unfavourable thoughts when I hear that and I’m in the middle of a melt down, but in the end, I find that it is true. Harsh as it may be, I find that the end of the day, it is rather true.

The journey of the path you were on has ended. (Which is rather a shame, as I only got The Shaman the other day!) but a new one is beginning. If that is the case, that is where the Shaman fits in from two days ago.

Again, the key words of knowledge and wisdom come to the forefront with this card, as they did with the Lynx and with The Shaman. The journey afoot could be anything to do with spiritual happiness, emotional security, learning, responsibility, rebirth, renewal attainment and personal triumph. Is that enough for you to start a new journey on with? It is certainly more than enough for me, it had me at spiritual happiness!

This is an indication that the primal source of creation is right with us, right now. So, Sunday or not, it’s time to get to work on whatever idea you have to improve yourself.