My children have pulled today’s card and tomorrow’s card. Today, the little fella pulled the Three of Vessels, which has the key word of “Joy”.

Card of the Day
Three of Vessels ~
Card of the Day

And so today, it has been joyous. The eldest has returned to school, normality, for a short time (until the 18th) reigns with just the little guy and I. The time left with just him and I will be so sort lived… 10 whole days!! And yes, I’m counting down.

What else does this suggest to you? It suggests to me that family and joy can come from lots of different places (notice the three different colours of the chalices)

Times are changing, it’s one of the three constant things in life (beyond death and taxes) and it should be embraced. The times we have together are so fleeting, enjoy them whilst we can!

Embrace love, embrace the chances we’re presented with, celebrate your life’s achievements and connect to those that make you fly! If others don’t help you fly, feel free to fly away.

Wildwood CotD : Three of Vessels
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