Joining us this week, is Balin. He’s yet another character with the Arthurian legends that I know nothing about. His story goes that he wounded Pelles with the spear that was apparently used to pierce the side of Christ on the cross. Pelles would remain unhealed until the Grail winner found his way to the Castle.

BalinCamelot Oracle
Camelot Oracle

Now, he was chasing Pelles because he was on the hunt for a Knight who was killing innocents using a cloak of invisibility (it was around before Harry Potter then, that thing 😉 ) and Balin was out for revenge.  The story told in the reference book (Pages 20 & 21) do not say if he was asked to seek revenge, or took it upon himself, but on the basis that his aspect is that of impulsiveness, combined with determination, generosity and hot-headed courage, I would say he probably wasn’t asked by the innocent man’s family. Was he asked by Arthur? Maybe, for the same story implies that he was in the newly founded Knights of the Round Table and this was his first adventure.

So what does Balin represent to us this week? Besides his impulsiveness and hot-headed courage?

Well, it’s exactly what he represents that we need to watch out for. Are you rushing in, as Balin does, where others fear to tread. Why? Is it out of a sense of wanting to help, an injustice that you see as being committed? His anger is powerful, his urgency is great and unwitting, but he has to have some good qualities, otherwise he wouldn’t have made it as a the Knight of the Round Table. Can he help you get to the bottom of why you’re undertaking the task you are? What is your true motivation? If anyone is good at working that aspect out, it has to be Balin.

The book also says that with Balin as your champion, even if your fearful, or being held back by others (or your own ego / fear) he can help break the barriers down and help you move on. If siblings are the cause of strife, he knows several ways of over-coming such difficulties and can help set the record straight between you. Ask him to help you, as you would do perhaps with an Angel: it’s no different, just knowing who to ask for help is often half the battle.

Camelot Oracle ~ Card of the Week: Balin
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