We’re back with the Card of the Day (CotD) slot and to kick us off, we have the Ace of Arrows.

Ace of Arrows
The Breath of Life

I spent most of January finishing off the 30 Day Tarot Blog Challenge so for February, we’re back into a familiar routine with the cotd. The Ace of Arrows though, suggests a new beginning. Whilst the Card of the Day slot isn’t new, it is a new beginning for we’re into the second month of a New Year already. Where did January go? Oh yes, it was mostly covered in snow and blooming cold!!

What does the Ace suggest to you? For me, it’s a new beginning, a restart, reboot or starting again. Since Arrows in this deck relate to Swords in the RWS, it’s about communication, thoughts and how we deal with both. Sometimes, it’s easier to not talk, but it comes down sometimes to how we deal with the communications. It doesn’t help if you’re tired etc. but take a breath, calm down and let your thoughts gather.

Another aspect of this card, which hit me on the school run, was not documenting things. I highly suggest that writing things down, which is a bit rich since I’ve the brain span of a Goldfish right at this moment. I forget to write things down, forget to put things in my iPhone Calendar (my usual method of remembering an event) and at the moment, I’m leaving things until the last blooming minute, which of course, then makes me a ratty, heavily pregnant mad woman. Well, more than usual!

If we were to combine this with Blaise, what does this suggest to you? For me, it’s to slow down, start making a list (it’s never to late) and chill out mentally. Start again, breath slowly and carefully and stop rushing around, allow yourself to feel a Little Groovy.

Wildwood CotD : Ace of Arrows
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