Wildwood : Let It Go Now

The painted skull and burial offerings remind us we have the right to mourn. It’s time to let it go, to release what holds and traps us in the past.

Seven of Cups Mourning
Seven of Cups

We all have situations where we wish we could have done better, chastise ourselves for being human, inconsiderate, intolerant. It may also be a time to say goodbye to a loved one or a period in our lives. Mourning is personal and can take weeks, if not years to work through.

Death comes to us all, the times of change do too, sometimes we want it, other times we don’t. When it happens when we don’t want it, we can get angry and upset both with life and those around us. We can get angry when we do want it and change doesn’t come too: seems the universe can’t win.

Future LifeWhat ever the reason for the exhaustion, the overwhelming of the senses, The Wildwood reminds us we can let go, we can and should grieve, let the emotions run their course and empty themselves. Humans are like a damn: get too full of emotions and we burst, probably not in a good way.

In what ways can we let go? We cry, we fight, we throw tantrums when we fail to understand and bury our heads in the proverbial sand. However, at some point, we have to come up for air, let go of the baggage and carry on, though often a little wiser.

Some things are harder to get over though, especially if we’ve lost a close loved one. Those things are harder to mourn over, to adjust after, but we can do it, we were made with that ability and as much as it hurts, the pain is part of the process.

Whatever it is you’re mourning for, let it go, for the context card says that we’ll need this experience either for a future life, or for a time later on in this one, far removed from the here and now. For only then, when the dam is dry, can we walk through the shallow pool to the other side and carry on slowly, one step at a time.

Decks used are:
The Wildwood Tarot, published by Connections, created by Mark Ryan and John Matthews, (c) by Will Worthington
Deck of 1000 Spreads by (c) Tierney Saddler.

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Search for the Truth

Galahad joins us this week and searches for the truth and spirituality, whilst offering clarity and insight.

TruthThe son of Helaine of Carbonek (last weeks card) joins us with his search for the truth. Galahad was chivalrous, strong, brave. He had vision, which is (according to John) why he left home. Galahad wanted to begin the task for which he was uniquely suited. His quest for the Holy Grail made him so very single-minded.

From Elaine’s point of view, Galahad never showed her any love and neither did Lancelot. However, John writes that the relationship between the very estranged father and son was both touching and enlightening, for Galahad’s last words to Bors were: “Remember me to my father, Sir Lancelot”.

Does he then offer a profound level of perception to both everyday concerns and spiritual goals? John seems thinks so. It also appears that for all of Galahad’s clarification and insight, he will speak with us honestly and never try to hide the reality of any situation.

So what does Galahad offer to us as an action call this week? He asks that we be true to ourselves in the search for any spirituality, in this quest we call life. He offers to us an understanding if ourselves and is there if and when, we want the hard knocks delivered with some bedside manner.

He also offers to us the ability to find clarity and foresight. If we can be clear about what we want, we can have foresight on how to achieve it.

So what are you wanting to achieve this week? With the schools here in the UK mostly being off for half-term, a week without the children fighting or squabbling may be on the cards. (Good luck if that is the desire!) It may be you need  to organise a few things for the kids to do when it rains (for it will rain) or just in general have something of a game plan.

So lets spend a moment to clarify your desires and targets, be they material, spiritual or general. Lets be truthful here! Once we have  that, we can achieve our goals with foresight and planning and truth about those goals. Time now to get to it!

Wildwood : The Hooded Man has the Character of You

The Hooded Man comes out to join us and reminds us that we have our own character to attend to.

Major 9 The Hooded Man
Major 9
The Hooded Man

Attending to our own character, our own attitudes, energies and thoughts is often a hard one to do, until we’re faced with a situation where we can do nothing else. Whether the thoughts hinder or help us, how we think about a problem is often the solution to the problem, or a part of it.

When things go wrong, and they do, do you play over and over in your mind how you would have liked things to go? Do you play that incident on re-play, editing it time and time again? I do this, a lot. I aspire to the Queen of Cups, the lady who has control over her emotions, but usually I act like the Page of Cups. I don’t mean to, but I have discovered this week that I’m human, like everyone else. I’m not sure what galls me the most: the fact that I am human (lol!) or the fact that at my age, the mother of three, I returned to how I acted in my late teens, frustrated in-articulation and all.

You card from Deck of 1000 SpreadsAs us Scots say,  I opened my mouth and let my belly rumble, without stopping to collect my own thoughts, especially after my own Oracle post on Sunday! Seems I cannot win, no matter what I try!

The truth is, the answer lies within. It always has. The Hooded Man reminds us of that. We can choose how to act, how to speak. We don’t always listen to ourselves because we’re human, but when we recognise the frailties that we each posses manifest, we can either better ourselves or carry on regardless.

Personally, I’ll be beating myself up for a few more days yet over what happened, really work on this character thing. Some might say I’m kicking myself, or chewing the fat over this incident. But I’d rather do it to myself than have someone else do it to me: wouldn’t you?

In the mean time, the Hooded Man reminds me to listen to the little voice within before I remove the hood and speak.

Tarot deck used is The Wildwood by John Matthews, Mark Ryan and illustrated by Will Worthington. Context is the You, Character card from Tierney Saddler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads.

Week Ahead : Camelot Oracle ~ Be Sensitive

This coming week we’re joined by Elaine of Carbonek (Or Helaine) and reminded to be sensitive to those around us, especially if they’re vulnerable.

Elaine‘s story within the Camelot histories is yet another that was unknown to me. I did not know she was Galahad’s mother or that Lancelot was his child. Elaine has gone through so much in her journey from loving someone who was drugged (whether she drugged him or not is not clear) so he thought she was someone else (Guinevere), to motherhood and not having much love returned from her son.

sensitiveI wonder how on earth she coped, being in that situation? In the image, she’s pregnant (probably with Galahad) but she’d been left to raise the child by Lancelot, so she found no love in return.  Does the old adage: “Be careful what you wish for?” come to your mind? It does to mine!

She’s a sensitive soul, but she’s one that can empower us. She’s one to help us make a decision, but we must always remember that we are always free to make the choices we do, we’re just sometimes shown alternatives so we can make an informed or a better decision.

Our feelings often disable us, prevent us from making any kind of choice. This is fear, our ego’s talking. Did Elaine listen to that ego initially? She must have stopped listening to that side of her somewhere along the path either before or after Galahad was born.

The joys of motherhood are untold, they simply cannot be written, if they were, they’d repeat over and over and it would seem boring. However, when the anguish hits, we need to work around it, through it. Elaine has already moved beyond those debilitating feelings.

This is her message this week: Work through the feelings that disable us, the ones that make us freeze like deer in the headlights. She is there to help us assuage those negative, disabling feelings, no matter the strife or anguish. We can and must move forward from those feelings, trust your own sensitive nature.

Good luck to you this week in doing this work! I have no doubt it’ll be hard but it will be so worth it. If you need help in doing this, you can enlist my help via this method.


Deck used is the Camelot Oracle by John Matthews, illustrated by (c) Will Worthington.


Wildwood : The Journey And Change

The Journey card comes out to join us today and with it, the context of what we cannot change joins it. Talk about hard hitting us with a staff, Wildwood!

(c) Will Worthington & Eddison Sadd
Major 13
The Journey

So the Wildwood has picked up a staff and wielded it at us to remind us, that the journey we are on isn’t something that we can change. The Journey card within the Wildwood links to the Death card in traditional RWS decks.

Death is the Tarot doesn’t always mean actual death. From all the readings I’ve heard about, read, spoken to others about (and that is several thousand now) it’s only Death in very rare cases. Usually, it means transformation, change, transition. Things change, that’s a constant in this mortal coil, it’s one of the certain things beyond taxes and death.

Here we see a crow remove muscle and sinew from the skull of a deer, ensuring that the last pieces of life continue to give life to those that need it and what cannot be taken, nature herself will grind to dust slowly over the years (or make it into a fossil).

1000 SpreadsWhat we cannot change is the fact that one day, all of us will be the skull. It happens to us all. We will also change as we grow. The hope here is to improve upon the person we were yesterday, be a better person today and leave for the crows (metaphorically speaking) that which we cannot take with us.

We’re all on a Journey of life, it meanders this way and that. Sometimes we fall and graze ourselves, sometimes we fall flat on our faces. Sometimes we surprise ourselves and find our rainbow bridge, as the Wanderer does in the first card of this deck.

The trick I feel we need to employ is the mindset that holds us back, prevents us from changing or from taking what we need in a situation that is no longer suitable and moving on (as the crow does here).

You can’t change the fact that things change, so lets deal with it.

Weekly Oracle Forecast : WE 19th May ~ Living the Vision

This week we’re visited by Dindrane from the Camelot Oracle and reminded that we need to be living our own vision. What is your vision and are you living it?

DindraneDindrane certainly didn’t mess around and she certainly wasn’t one to sit at home and wait for the men folk! I like her spunk but I’m not sure I like her self-sacrificing nature. Like most of the characters in this Oracle, I’m ignorant of their characters, until I feature their story a little on the blog. Here’s some background on Dindrane.

There’s some debate between John and Wikipedia, but that does not surprise me. Dindrane was dedicated, of that I have no doubt. She was sure of her path, her life’s purpose. To me, she was something of a Seer, she used her intuition, she knew what she was needed for and when.

The context for this week (provided by Tierney’s 1000 Spreads) is Romance. Was Dindrane romantically involved during her life? The text from the book and the Wiki page do not highlight on that aspect of her life or give any hint. However, lets explore her dedication and drive in relation to romance.

romanceWe strive to find “the one”. The soul mate to make us happy. But that isn’t always the case. We’re not always meant to find “the one”, for we’re not always meant to find them in this life, we have other things to work on, other aspects of ourselves. Do you know when you’ve met someone and you can’t stop thinking about them? Sometimes we find them, sometimes they’re the best friends that stay with us through life, thick and thin and back again.

If we’re lucky, the best friend is the one we choose to marry, to spend the rest of our lives and have children with. Sometimes (especially with today’s modern society) that person could be the same gender as us and we get to adopt a child, give them a loving and supportive home where others could not.

By following Dindrane’s drive to follow her own path, her own heart and with her self insight, we can achieve what we want and need to achieve. In the context of romance, the drive we have can either make or break a romance.

So here’s this weeks consideration: What drives your romance? It is spontaneous or is it something upon which you have to work at? I’m lucky, I knew my destiny was with my husband, that we’d have children. Beyond that, we’ll follow our guts, like Dindrane. What’s your commitment to your current romance? Or to the one you want?

Deck used is the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan, illustrated by Will Worthington. Context card is from Tierney Saddler’s Deck of 1000 Spreads (image to be added later)

Wildwood : Empowerment & Clothes Shopping

Today we link the Wildwood into a rather mundane task: Clothes Shopping. How can the Five of Bows, with the keyword “empowerment” aid us in clothes shopping?

Five of Bows

The weather for today was mixed and with the need to get out of the house, I ventured forth with just the baby girl in tow (well, more like she was in front) to the local shopping centre. I had a few errands to run, lunch to get and some peace, at last.

Ticking off the first two items was easy. The third, not so much. Who would have thought that shopping for two new pairs of jeans would be such a torment? The card today is the card of empowerment, but I certainly did not feel empowered whilst undertaking this task!

Of all the jeans on offer, only one set caught my eye, but to find another pair with the same cut, length and size had me leaving the store and the shopping centre with nothing. So I posted to my personal Facebook profile, threatening to “go native” as the lack of choice in the clothes department left me feeling rather frustrated.  How can this be empowering? Turns out, very, as I had friends from Moscow, Canada, Europe and fellow Brits agreeing with me and suggesting which shops, brands etc. to go and look for. For the last twenty years, I’ve shopped at one particular store for my jeans, they fit, I knew their sizes and how they fitted me. That is alas the past, for they don’t any more.

So now I am empowered to go and explore new shops and avenues, re-learn what sizes and shops I need to go and visit all over again. I have permission from my friends around the World, not just myself.

The truth is, I don’t need their permission or blessings, though to have it is fabulous. I need to give permission to myself, empower myself. So that’s the crux of today: What do you need to give yourself permission to do? Clothes shopping, self-improvement, read a blog post, get your point across… it doesn’t matter, give yourself the permission you need. Empower yourself and if you can, others around you (even if you an ocean apart)!