Week Ahead : The Meaning Fool

Mercury goes direct this week and the Meaning Fool comes out to remind us to say what we mean and ensure that it holds a meaning for you.

Mercury retrograde (for me anyway) has bitten hard, I’ve had technology die, play up, birthdays have arrived, loom, medical appointments are scheduled and I’ve taken the time this week to enjoy my children during their half term.

Fools Wisdom
Meaning Fool

The Meaning Fool (p11) is inviting us to reflect upon our present intentions, choices, priorities, direction and words. So, what’s the purpose of your course of action now? How are they significant to you? Others don’t need to understand what you’re doing, or why, that’s for you to know and them to work out. If they suggest that what you’re doing is meaningless or futile, well, carry on with confidence and a smile on your face. If you understand the meaning, then that is all is necessary.

Are you honest about saying what you do? Do you really mean it? If not, why not? The only person who really needs to believe what they say is you, so if you’re not, what are you doing about believing in yourself?

Fools waste their words when they blab words that don’t come from the heart, when they don’t actually reflect the truth that they believe. The Meaning Fool reminds us to pause before we speak (a lesson this Pisces has a hard time remembering), take the time to find the right words to convey the feelings inside.

Now that Mercury is going direct this week (though we’re still in the pull of Mercury being a pain in the rear end until the 20th of March or so) the chance to find the voice within is here, but if it’s still not with you, there’s time to revise, practice, review and catch up. There’s still time to learn how to honestly express yourself and learn the power that is within.

This is The Fools Wisdom Deck by Sonia Choquette, with the copyright being held by Silas Toball.

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  1. Ellene February 24, 2014 at 10:15

    “Set a watch before you mouth” I have tried and will try over and over again. but it is so hard when emotions flare up
    Sometimes I use the image of the two of swords to quiet down before I share my opinion
    Enjoy the time of with you children 🙂

    • Louise February 24, 2014 at 10:28

      What a great saying! Not heard it before, but I get its meaning 🙂
      Thanks Ellen and I have enjoyed the week with the kids, glad they’re back at school now though 😉

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