If I let the worry go….  The Wildwood Answers

Worrying  doesn’t solve anything but we can’t  stop doing it anyway. 

If  you were to let go of the worry,  what might happen?

In some cases,  worrying can get worse, in others,  nothing changes and in some,  things actually improve!  We do sometimes wonder when it’s all over and done with, what on earth we were worrying for! Though sometimes, we were right to worry and we were just ignoring our guts when we got our warnings.

My 3 card spread.So, if you were to let go of the worry, what might actually happen?

1/ What worry do you really need to let go of?
2/ What do you really need to keep a hold of?
3/ What might happen as a result?

The Reading

1/ What worry do you really need to let go of? The Queen of Vessels

This is usually a happy-go-lucky card but we need to look at the shadow side to see what it is we need to let go of. The Queen can be self-sacrificing, she can be bossy & direct & she can just not give up when she really ought to have done long before now. This card here indicates that there’s maybe something to give in, but not give up. Stop trying to control everything and just be, so that others can be themselves.

2/ What do you really need to keep a hold of? The Nine of Stones

This card says that tradition is the key here. Note how he’s meditating, even whilst holding onto a snake in one hand and a torque bracelet in the other. There’s something to be learned by both items, though I doubt I’d be brave enough to hold a snake with my eyes closed! (Or even at all!) However, it’s the calmness this gentleman displays that you need to keep a hold of and keep around you.

If I let go of the worry3/ What might happen as a result? 

This is one of the best cards that could have come up. The Green Woman has before her a pool of energy, ideas, muse, thoughts and helpful advice for herself and those around her. It’s all yours to start tapping into, but only if the energy you’re spending on the worrying is redirected into something far more constructive in  your life.


What could happen if you gave up the worry? A lot of things: the energy you’re using could be redirected into something far more productive for yourself. Such as replenishing your own intuitive well of ideas, plans & schemes. You could do with keeping a hold of the calmness that you’ve found, even if things aren’t quite as balanced as this image represents.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my insights and ramblings. To the person that kindly volunteered this question, I hope you are able to let the fear go and tap into the creative well within.

With blessings to you all

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p.s. The deck used here is The Wildwood, with images used with permission from Will Worthington. The spread is my own, feel free to use that for yourselves. 


  1. Catherine Green September 27, 2016 at 20:48

    I know several people who need to see this Tarot reading! Thank you for sharing, I will send it to them now 😉

    • Louise September 28, 2016 at 07:04

      They and you are most welcome! Thanks lovely!

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