Oh, It’s Monday, ah, Blue Monday

It’s “Blue Monday” – the day of the year we’re supposed to be the blue-est we’ll ever be. 

So, for being so blue, what can we do about it?

First of all, this song just comes right into my head: Yazz – The Only Way Is Up! As did this one; Blue Monday – Rob Seger.  Now, both of these show very different sides of the same coin; the end of the month is nearly here & we’ve had fun and the time we’ve had. We need our rest on Sunday because Monday is a mess. (Yes, I was listening to Rob Seger as I typed that!)

In the end, we are blue because realisation drops in for us, often unwelcome & unannounced. However, it’s harder when the mornings are dark enough for the kids to complain they’re up out of bed before the chickens even want to get up!

So, I devised this little 3 card spread for you to use to help you look at why you might be blue. Feel free to use it yourself or develop your own as a result. I don’t mind!

The Spread & Cards;

1: Why am I blue?
2: What should I not do about it?
3: What should I do about it?

Why am I blue? Okay, I’m going to draw these (i.e. I picked them out, I didn’t do this one randomly because this is going to visualise what I already know & have taken action against) directly. Why am I blue? Can you see the resources that burn behind this man & woman? I can; that’s what’s happened to me. I’ve used up all my financial resources, there is no recourse, there’s no “more” to draw from those hives. Let’s say I swore a heck of a lot when I’d realised how badly I’d exploited myself at this angle. Post-Christmas can suck, can’t it?!

What shouldn’t I do about it? Well, ignore it for one! I did last year & like a butterfly, flitting from one situation to the next, I paid it no attention. Not this year. Remember I said that this year was a Justice year? The Woodward IS the backstop & I’m employing that ethos to life for me this year. It’s not just about me, but how I act on certain things. This aspect is one of them. I am the backstop, the final line. I have to discipline myself; no one else is going to do it for me. If you spot another adult who can adult better than I can, please do send them my way! 

What should I do about it? Well, this card isn’t messing about. Neither am I. It’s time to face the problem head on & get it sorted. No faffing around, no daydreaming, no running away, no burying this head of mine in the sand & ignoring it. It’s time to face it, confront it & beat it. The mind monkeys have been having a field day over this for years. The time to permanently shut them up has arrived. Am I scared? Yeah, dealing with my own finances in such a logical way is not my usual repertoire, so this is going to be so new!


It’s time I faced the music & dance. Frank had the right idea with the opening line; there may be trouble ahead, but let’s face the music & dance! It really is the time to do the right thing, for myself. So, how brave can I be this year? The answer is; VERY. Don’t believe me? Ask me again at Ostara, feel free to hold me to account.

Okay, I think that’s enough of me rambling on about how to beat the blues! The next best thing after confronting your problem head-on is to then go get lost in a darned good book. You know who I’ve come across lately? Angela Marsons with her DI Kim Stone series. It is so #BlackCountry and I LOVE it! Go, enjoy them if you can & if not, do what you do to relax, knowing you’ve finally pulled up your knickers to get this sorted.

Blessings to you!

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Oh, It’s Monday, ah, Blue Monday
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