Oracle of the Week : White Poplar

Green Man Wisdom: Animation is the pulse of life. This is one of those trees that I have probably seen around, but never noticed. Having read the book, I probably have done exactly that: walked past and never noticed it. It is one of the three trees associated with the Maid (Aspen) Mother (White Poplar) Crone (Black Poplar) theory. It sways in the wind, it’s never still and is full of nervous energy and animation. This tree is associated with resurrection and according to the ancient lore, Hercules wore a crown made of white poplar leaves as he descended into the Underworld. It is said that a white poplar stands at the threshold of the classical underworld, its roots sitting in the river of Lethe (or the river of forgetfulness). (If that is the case, I must have been left under a white poplar at some point, I can forget anything and nothing at times!) The bark, leaves and buds are often used to make incense for use in divination, especially around the time of Samhain (Saw-heen or Halloween) when old, outworn thoughts are allowed to drift away with the smoke of incense fires. As I walk about in this…

Wildwood COTD : Six of Vessels

The Card of the Day today is the Six of Vessels, with the key word of “Reunion” . In this card you can see six small bright vessels that look like floating candle holders & candles, float gently on the surface of  a small pool. In the background you can see a waterfall gently flowing water into the pool from a hill. Above the hill, tall trees stand, casting shadows all around. The trees look like they’re poplar trunks, but I could be wrong. We can see two otters off to the right that have come to the pool to drink. Since otters are creatures of the water, it does not surprise me to see them. The book indicates that there may be affection and love in a relationship that may take time to resolve. Ha! If only it were that simple!