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Tarot has had a big impact on my life from a relatively young age. I first felt called to read the Tarot when I was about fifteen, although fully developing my innate Tarot skills has taken a long time. As anybody who understands the Tarot will tell you; it’s a lifetime’s journey of learning.

about Priestess TarotMy reading of Tarot has been influenced by my training with TABI, the Tarot Association of The British Isles, which initially appealed to me because of its strong code of ethics. I have continued to work closely with the association, becoming TABI Chair in 2011, enabling me to share my expertise and to demonstrate my deep commitment to the development of Tarot in the UK.

So, why is Tarot of such great appeal? For me, the Tarot is like a mirror, it reflects back what’s going on in your life, allowing you to think and take stock. It’s a really useful and insightful tool, which helps all sorts of people, in all sorts of situations, move forward with their lives.

Some readings will be general and others specific. However, my own readings are objective, perceptive and pragmatic, (I am after all, a busy mum of three and understand life’s demands). You’ll get the most out of a reading, because I won’t be afraid to ask the sort of questions that only your grandmother would dare to ask! I won’t be ignoring the ‘elephant in the room’. But, I will find a way of focusing your question to put to the Tarot to be the most beneficial to you. This in order to provide the greatest help and benefit to my clients. After the reading, it is up to each client to decide how to progress with the insight provided.

LouiseMy reading of the cards is enhanced by my practice of Paganism, as well as my experience and knowledge of esoteric disciplines including Qabalah, I-Ching, Astrology, Numerology and Mythology. These add to the richness and depth of my Tarot reading, ultimately providing you with greater insight and information.

I believe the Tarot helps us to access our own inner resources, articulating our emotions into tangible thoughts, that we can act upon. I aim to provide you with clarity: where you are and what you can do to improve your life and the lives of others around you. Or, maybe you just want a general overview of what is going on with you or about you. I will always try to be gentle, but I will ask questions of you, I will expect you to work on the outcome you need and I will aim to help you to articulate your emotions into tangible thought.

So if you would like to receive the wisdom of the Tarot, please contact me to arrange a reading.

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