You’re Gifted – Please Start Using It

We all have our gifts, talents & passions. Now, with the last blue moon for the next 5 years, it’s time to be utilising yours! Please don’t use the excuse you’re not talented/gifted in something. We ALL are!  The trick, with working out what you’re gifted is, it to understand what makes you happy when […]

The Tarot Blog Hop : The Musical!

The Tarot Blog Hop is 50 with this Hop! 50 posts have been created, shared, cascaded, hopped between & across. Wow, 50! Happy birthday to us! Now, we all know the internet is made of Cats & with that in mind, it’s time to become a cat! Well, almost as it’s musical time! PREVIOUS BLOG […]

Determine Your Own Story

The cards are great at telling a story, but what happens afterwards, when you’ve left the Tarotists table? Well, as one great fellow Tarot Reader says; the rest of the story is down to you! I’m sure if you’re reading this blog, you’ve had a Tarot reading! If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? Maybe nothing, […]

Set Your Future – Only YOU Can!

It’s a new week & already, most of the month has passed! We don’t always need a New Year to set our goals, we can do that every day of the week, but since today is a Monday, why not set your future now? Your future is in your hands. When you’re eleven, you may not […]

The Year of the Earth Dog – Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is about to start. Are you ready for the Year of the Earth Dog? It’s New Year time again, but this time, for our Oriental friends.  Reading up on when the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog happens, is quite confusing. Despite the fact that the New Year actually began for […]

Happy Imbolc / Groundhog Day – Lighting the Fires of Self

Today is Imbolc or Ground Hog Day. What fires will you light on this festival of Brigid, the Keeper of the Sacred Fire? It’s important today to remember to listen to our intuitive selves, listen to the inner wisdom of our intuitive selves & bring the new growth into our lives.  It’s Imbolc & this […]

Thanks Rabbie – The Beauty of Poetry

It’s Burns Night on Thursday, the time for haggis, neeps & tatties! It’s also the birthday of Scotland’s most famous of poets, Rabbie Burns. I didn’t get introduced to Rabbie Burn’s beautiful, wonderful work until I was 13 or 14; so quite late! Poetry wasn’t even something I recall my English language teacher putting before […]

Oh, It’s Monday, ah, Blue Monday

It’s “Blue Monday” – the day of the year we’re supposed to be the blue-est we’ll ever be.  So, for being so blue, what can we do about it? First of all, this song just comes right into my head: Yazz – The Only Way Is Up! As did this one; Blue Monday – Rob Seger.  […]

Time To Clear Your Mind for 2018

Clear your mind they sang, and the rest will follow.  I “may” have misquoted that song title but it was on purpose. The New Year is well underway, so it’s time to clear your mind from the previous year! If you’ve managed to let go of all the stuff from 2017 already then you won’t […]

Welcome 2018 – Our Justice Year

Welcome, 2018! You’ve been expected & in some cases, much wanted already! Now that 2017 is behind us, what does 2018, our Justice Year, have in store? You might wonder why on earth I said: it’s “Our Justice Year”. Well, take 2018, then add 20 to 18 & you get 38. Add 3 & 8 […]

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