The Week Ahead : New Adventure Awaits

The last card from the Camelot Oracle comes to join us and if we were unsure about starting a new adventure, we need not be, for it promises to be more than we think. The White Hart was often seen

The Week Ahead : Restless Power Descend

This week Arthur’s Father, Uther, comes out to join us. With his restless lust for power, he has come to show us the way. Uther is one of the most popular Arthurian figures of all time. He is of course,

The Week Ahead : The Skill of Perception

This week, the enchanting Ragnall comes to us, in both maiden and crone apperance. What is your desire? Lets improve our perception this week. Ragnall is not one of the names I know, but I did know Gawain was married,

The Week Ahead : Testing & The Questing Beast

The Questing Beast, the aid of any challenger, comes to us this week. After one testing week, we may have another. This week however, help is at hand. The Questing Beast heralded the start of the Grail Quest, before the

Week Ahead : Perceval And On-Going Remembrance

This week we remember those that have gone before in Remembrance Sunday and I wonder why people give their lives that others may live? Today as the poppy petals fell, the young and old remember those that fell in WWI,

Week Ahead: Pellinore And Purpose

This week the father of eight strong Knights of the Round Table come to join us with his qualities of honour, purpose, strength and honesty. Pellinore was one of the first to join the Knights of the Round Table, however

Week Ahead : Intelligence has Subtlety

This week we’re joined by Palamedes, a Saracen Knight of the Round Table. He was clever, full of intelligence but subtle in his approach. Palamedes (or Palomides) was the only Saracen Knight to sit at The Round Table, according to

Week Ahead : Time to Contemplate the Myths

This week Nasciens joins us and I admit, I’m already going: Who? So, lets explore his background in these myths and contemplate things for a while. Nasciens is a character in these legends that I really don’t have any idea

Week Ahead : Morganna and Cunning Knowledge

Week Ahead : Morganna and Cunning Knowledge

This week we’re joined by one of the more famous characters from the Arthurian Legends: Morganna. What can she lend to us about knowledge, wisdom, cunning and foresight? Well, there are various stories abound about Morganna and her fight with

The Week Ahead : Honesty and Determination

This week we’re joined by Linet, or Le Damsel Sauvage.  She’s an honest one, feisty, full of truth, honour, knowledge, determination and when she is able, full of healing. Linet comes to Arthur’s court seeking assistance to help free her

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