Week Ahead : The Tear Fool

This week, even with the madness of the kids not being at school, we have the Tear Fool come out and join us. I’m all for letting the tears flow, but why this week?

The Tear Fool
The Tear Fool

When I started this post on Easter Monday, I hadn’t any inclination that less than 48 hours later, I’d want to cry. Okay, so I’m female, and we’re supposed to cry at the drop of a hat, right? Pah! What a stereotype! However, with my website being off line for 16 hours, I was starting to feel frustrated and very annoyed. With the kids being off, I was / am more tired than usual, so maybe the website frustrations were the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

However, it soon transpired that there was nothing I could do in any way, shape or form. All that was being done, was being done by my provider. My ISP and two others were also rolled into this bundle of fun and trouble, so all I could do was sit back and try and chill.

Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth
Eight of Vessels ~ Rebirth

The tears could fall, but in the end, they didn’t. However, the Tear Fool reminds us that being frustrated, caring enough to get all worked up, is a part of life.

The trick is, to let the tears fall when they need to, so that you can heal. My mind suddenly thought of this Tarot card from The Wildwood that links to overflowing, renewing, rebirth.

The Fool knows that like a river, water has to flow if it’s to be free. Stagnant water stinks when you move it. It’s unhealthy, smelly and downright awful. If you let it flow, it’s cleaner, healthier.

The same is true I feel with tears and emotions. They have to flow to be reborn, to be released and free. Keeping them penned in is like drinking poison. Dangerous stuff!

So this week, if you need to let the waters of emotions flow, let it go. It’ll help you heal.

With blessings to you this week! I used Sonia Choquette’s Fools Journey & The Wildwood Tarot for this weekly post.

Week Ahead : The Wish Fool : 23rd March 2014

The cute Fools Oracle reminds us that we have to believe in ourselves and our own wishes. What do you truly desire? What outcomes do you wish for? Lets be really clear here.

There is a lot to be said of being clear about what you want and what you wish to happen. Sometimes it takes a while to work out what you want, to work out what your desires are. It does require some focus and with today’s busy life-style, that can be much harder than in previous generations.

Number 7 – Wish Fool

The question is always, what are your wishes? What is it you believe in? What is it you want to realise? Do you believe in the magic that we’re born with? Before things become a reality, we have to dream them. If dreams aren’t wishes coming through to our conscious minds, I really don’t know what is.

Dreams can be cloudy, confusing, but the dreams we have when we’re asleep aren’t the dreams that I’m mentioning here. These dreams are the ones when we decide to find that person, start that family, or not. When we decide to have that career, climb the corporate ladder, or not, when we decide to work for ourselves.

Dreams can start small but the Wish Fool reminds us that without that initial wish, we can’t let desire, drive and ambition make it grow. Believe in your own heartfelt wishes, so the book reminds us on page 21. So, this coming week, let’s gets our dreams in order and focused; for only then, can we really work on building them into our reality.

At this moment, I wish for calm mind, clear communication and a good nights sleep free from this silly cough and cold. I hope you get what you wish for this coming week. Make it a good one!

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Week Ahead : The Wonder Fool

The whimsical Fools Wisdom Oracle comes out to join us and reminds us that we should always retain the sense of wonder we’re given when we’re kids.

When was the last time you looked at the world with a sense of wonder, curiosity and discovery? I forget, being a busy mum that my children have this question of “why” at least once a day from the two that can talk. They’re curious, they ask questions, even if it’s not a why it’s a “Daddy, how does” type question.

The Wonder Fool
The Wonder Fool

I forget that there’s more to discover in this realm of life, but we take things for granted when we’re adults. When life of raising kids, the job, commuting, working the system and in general, being alive in this modern age, we forget that life is magical and wonderful.

We forget to discover the magic that surrounds us. At the worst, we’ve lost the curiosity, closed our minds off. When we get depressed, it can manifest in this way, that we get bored. Basically, we’ve lost the curiosity from our hearts, shut our minds off from the wonders that are happening all around us.

I’ve been busy in the garden recently, side by side with the boys helping. We’ve observed that the plants are budding, the snow drops are dying back and the daffodils and tulips are starting to come out.

The key with this card and with us all I feel is this: Keep your mind open and never assume you know it all. (p19 from the book). Which makes me think of this song to Free Your Mind. I hope the rest of it flows for you and that your curiosity is at full strength.

I’ve used the Fools Oracle by Sonia Choquette for this post, so enjoy!

Week Ahead : The Doubt Fool

It’s time to borrow a Latin phrase; “nullius in verba” with the Fool that doubts and doesn’t believe everything that he sees.

Seeing is believe, or so people tell me… Have you heard that phrase from Alice in Wonderland? It’s been years since I heard that musical, or the songs it contains. I don’t usually do musicals, I can’t watch the Sound of Music, or many musicals. I did manage to watch Les Miserable one day. Not sure how though.

5 - Doubt FoolBut the phrase, despite coming from a musical, is apt with this card. Do you believe all that you see? Do you believe the doubt and cynicism others spout out of their mouths? Sometimes we do, as we leave their presence feeling a hundred times worse than when we bumped into them. It’s hard to ask for help too, when we doubt ourselves and listen to the demon inner voice that we all have.

However, we have a lesson to learn here and that’s to listen to the voice inside us that isn’t negative, but hardly gets heard. Ego is the negative side, but the Id, its opposite, hardly gets heard. Some people are good with their Id’s, some aren’t. We go through situations, huge changes, where the ego takes over and it takes a while for the Id to come through.

Don’t doubt that the Id will be heard, but rest assured that the ego will be louder for a while. It’s been my experience that the ego will fade away, there’s less energy about you if you’re not heard.

So, this week, listen to yourself, don’t doubt yourself and when the ego kicks in, feel free to doubt it.

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Week Ahead : The Meaning Fool

Mercury goes direct this week and the Meaning Fool comes out to remind us to say what we mean and ensure that it holds a meaning for you.

Mercury retrograde (for me anyway) has bitten hard, I’ve had technology die, play up, birthdays have arrived, loom, medical appointments are scheduled and I’ve taken the time this week to enjoy my children during their half term.

Fools Wisdom
Meaning Fool

The Meaning Fool (p11) is inviting us to reflect upon our present intentions, choices, priorities, direction and words. So, what’s the purpose of your course of action now? How are they significant to you? Others don’t need to understand what you’re doing, or why, that’s for you to know and them to work out. If they suggest that what you’re doing is meaningless or futile, well, carry on with confidence and a smile on your face. If you understand the meaning, then that is all is necessary.

Are you honest about saying what you do? Do you really mean it? If not, why not? The only person who really needs to believe what they say is you, so if you’re not, what are you doing about believing in yourself?

Fools waste their words when they blab words that don’t come from the heart, when they don’t actually reflect the truth that they believe. The Meaning Fool reminds us to pause before we speak (a lesson this Pisces has a hard time remembering), take the time to find the right words to convey the feelings inside.

Now that Mercury is going direct this week (though we’re still in the pull of Mercury being a pain in the rear end until the 20th of March or so) the chance to find the voice within is here, but if it’s still not with you, there’s time to revise, practice, review and catch up. There’s still time to learn how to honestly express yourself and learn the power that is within.

This is The Fools Wisdom Deck by Sonia Choquette, with the copyright being held by Silas Toball.

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Week Ahead : Fools Wisdom ~ Duty

The second card from the rather cute Fools Wisdom comes to join us this week and if Duty wasn’t on your list, it looks like it’s going to be for a wee while!

The Duty Fool

The sense of duty comes to us all at some point, sometimes, we embrace it and sometimes we try to avoid it. However it comes, our immediate attention is required, demanded. Having a positive attitude during this time can be hard if you have duties that divide you. There is, I believe a time when you have to say; no more! I can’t take on anymore, I can’t keep splitting myself around like this! And you cut back your duties where you can, where you have to.

What are the most important duties to you as say, parent? A spiritual being? A man? A woman? A witch? A child? A brother? A sister? A friend? A close cousin? There are so many roles within our lives now, that one duty can cancel out another. I think this is a pity, but we’re programmed to be Superman or Wonder Woman every day. Can we be?

There are many things that we call or label up as “duty”, but are they really so important? Are they really “duty” ?  At the end of the day, you know the answer, you just needed a wee reminder about reality and truth and to undertake the real duties with time, love and perhaps, enthusiasm.

This week, Duty has come to bite not only my ankles, but tug at my heart-strings, hence why this post is slightly late. Doing so with love in my heart is hard, but I shall try! However, as I tend to my duties, I wish you good fortune in attending to yours.

I used the Fools Wisdom deck by Sonia Choquette and all images are copy right of the artist, Silas Toball.

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Week Ahead: Fools Wisdom ~ Hope

We have a new Oracle come and join us for 2014. I hope you like this cute little Oracle deck and the wisdom that it contains within.

The first card up is the Hope Fool. Like The Fool from the Tarot, we have the little dog, the faithful companion who loves us unconditionally. The fool tends his little plant, aware of the hope that a new life can bring. Such great things can come from something as small as a seed, full of the information from its parents, striving to live and be all it can.

The Hope Fool

Hope is there, it’s always here, but at times we’re fearful of success or of hoping for too much. This little plant has its roots firmly planted in the ground, firmly connected to the divine flow of life that pulses its way through the earth.

This little plant isn’t waiting for the Universe to fulfil all its dreams, it’s working towards its goal, one day at a time. It’s not waiting for someone to help it, it’s in the right place to grow, the conditions for it are right.

Here’s some questions for you. Are you full of hope? If not, why not? I need to work on improving my hope, but it’s an elephant task: one bit at a time. Are you working towards achieving your hopes? Give the Universe a sound reason for your hopes,  dreams and trust and then fulfill your role to the best of your ability, without hesitation.

Talk about having a kick-start to this year! Hope it’s not too painful a start for you. But as the song goes, the only way is up! right? (A lot like this little plant *wink* )

I used The Fools Wisdom Oracle by Sonia Choquette, in case I hadn’t made that clear above.