Wildwood : Wake Me Up

It’s time to get something new under way. The winter nights are drawing in, so what’s going to wake you up and keep you entertained? Wake Me Up by Evanescence sprung to my mind as soon as I saw this

Wildwood : Dealing With Mercury

Mercury is retrograde. Often, it’s an excuse to blame the Cosmos for poor communications, can the Wildwood help in this regard? I asked The Wildwood, What do I need to know about this Mercury Retrograde? So using three cards, I

Wildwood : Follow the Path

Path working is hard work and taking Tarot advice as you walk along life’s winding road, can be a good thing. If you want to know, ask. If you don’t want to know, avoid asking. This week, I’ve taken the

Wildwood : Bridge The Gap

This week, we’re going to bridge the gap for the Story Board. Katie at my Tarot group came up with this gem about a year ago. We call it “The Bridge Spread” and here’s how it works. We all find

Wildwood : Back To Life

Back to life and back to reality. Notice I didn’t say, normality. That, would be insane of me. I’m glad I took a few weeks of rest and chill out time with the family. I’d like more time away, but

Wildwood : Tribal Help Afterwards

This week, the Wildwood suggests that we ask for help with our responsibilities so we can move forward.   Certain things in life are sent to try us; being intruded upon in a violent way in the shape of a

18th August : Energies Around Us

Back from a great fresh air holiday, I investigate what energies are around myself and mine as we end one chapter and work out what comes next. It’s great to get away and relax. It becomes essential when you can’t

3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

It seems all I am doing at the moment, it trying to catch my tail. If I were a dog, I’d be dizzy. Actually, I’m dizzy most of the time anyway, running here, there, everywhere, doing this and that for

27th May ~ Wildwood : Half Term Know How

It’s Half Term and the kids are driving me potty already! Can the Tarot suggest a way for this hassled mum to cope? Kids are enough to turn your hair white, wear you out, drive you to drink and goodness

15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

It’s been a wee while since I posted to the blog. Like everything else, life gets on top of you and things go ca-ca for a while. Hopefully, I’m back on top again with the help from The Wildwood and

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