Tarot Blog Hop : The Litha Contest Begins

It’s Blog Hop time & I managed to catch the train on this one!

This Litha Hop celebrates the contest between the Oak King, Cernunnos, the Green Man &  his “Tanist”, or chosen replacement, Lugh, the Holly King, or Red God.


For Litha, our wrangler, Aisling, gave us this as a backdrop for our Blog Hop today.  “This Hop celebrates the contest between the Oak King, Cernunnos, the Green Man, who is God of the Waxing Year and fertilizes the land with plants and babies in women’s wombs, etc., and his “Tanist”, or chosen replacement, Lugh, the Holly King, or Red God, who brings the Harvest and creates the Waning Year by means of blood sacrifice of animals so there will be meat, reaping the grain and vegetables and plants, and otherwise clearing the fertile ground and taking the results of the Green Man’s cycle of fertility, making it the Red God’s cycle of harvesting.”

She also points out that this is two aspect of the same being, just in two guises. So we’re asked to find the two faces & then reconcile them this Litha.

The cards & Interpretation:

LithaShe then asked us to do 3 main things with this Litha Blog Hop.  The first was to pick out my “significator”. With this deck, well, that was fairly easy. This is how I see myself when I’m reading the cards.  In typical Aisling style, I need to explain to you now why I see myself as this card. In truth, I do try to do this, but I’m human after all. However, when I’m reading the cards, I’m the one being objective, the one that says what’s in the cards (that may already be going through your head). I say the unspoken words, that is after all, why you’ve come to see me.

She’s also about giving you options, the possible paths that you can take. That is what I believe this Seer sees in that cauldron of hers.  Of course, we can’t see the path before us, all we see is how bad it can be & how hard it can be.

justiceTo combat The Seer, the “other” side of her is The Woodward. He’s more than Strength, he’s the emotional backstop when fate or the situation is beyond that of normal hope. The Woodward is beyond the state of limbo, he’s been stripped of any emotional baggage that may hold sway over you. He’s free, the same as that Lynx is. He can come & go as he pleases. He’s a balance between the energy of The Hunter & The Guardian, he’s the protection & inspiration.

It’s not easy balancing life, we have to find the courage within ourselves. The Seer isn’t one for being strong within ourselves physically, she’s more the mental one. This fellow, you can see is strong. You’d take his word as it came out of his mouth.

The Rest of the Cards;

How do I understand these two, in my mind?  Ace of Arrows

This card suggests that I keep it simple, don’t over-complicate things. Let the simple things help tie the two facets of this pairing together. Don’t ask for too much from others, or expect it from yourself. The Seer is quite passive, the Woodward isn’t. I sense that she’s happy to “hand things” over to The Woodward at this time of the year.


How do I engage that will & show my passion? 6 of Bows

Enjoy the abundance that I’ve created. It’s not often I get to sit & just “be” with nature, with the kids. There’s always something that needs doing.  I’m getting better at just enjoying it, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no more work to get done! I’m just being told to enjoy it.

How do I act upon that in practical terms? Page of Stones

The Page of Stones says watch, observe, take hints, take it slowly. You can observe the differences, embrace it but you don’t have to act on it if I do not want to! The power is mine to embrace. Notice that this is the second time the Lynx has come out? I’m loving this quiet big cat.

How do I use my intuition between them? King of Vessels

The King of Vessels comes to help out. Most people don’t like him, but I rather do understand him here. He’ll move on if conditions aren’t to his liking, he trusts his judgement. His message here is; trust my own.


There are a lot of elements at play here (it was set that we addressed each element) and I have advice from each quarter. Keep it simple, enjoy the moments, watch & observe, then take action if I am happy to.

Thank you for reading & enjoy the next hop!


Tarot Blog Hop : Advice for the Future

Looking at the past for the future, the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop of 2016, where we’re looking at the past to help with the future.

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Welcome to my input for the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. Whether you’ve come from Stella’s link at USGames, or you’re doing the traditional widdershins (backwards) and arriving here from Alison Coals’ link, I say hello!

This year, I set the theme of the Sa-veen Blog Hop to “get advice from the ancestors for the future”. Fifteen of us rose to this challenge, and I hope you’re able to come along with your choice of seasonal drink in hand, to join us on on a journey of what our ancestors could advise for us.

As the veil thins, it’s easier at this time of year to talk with those that walked before us, to ask them questions. Sometimes, we get a curve ball, a left hook reply. Other times we get a watery reply, their voices and replies lost to the harmony of distances and time. I created a 6 card spread to try and help cut through the noise which can happen. You’re free to use, adapt & change this to suit your needs.


Samhain Spread
Samhain Spread

1 Use this position to represent your ancestor

2 What do they suggest will help you in your situation?

3 What do they suggest will not help you in your situation?

4 What should you carry on doing?

5 What should you stop doing?

6 What’s the final message from your chosen Ancestor?


I didn’t choose one ancestor, I chose the whole lot. I know there are spirits in there that I don’t like, but there are plenty who I do (or did) and I want to hear their collective voices. The Ancestor was the card I chose for the central card: thankfully, the Wildwood has this card instead of The Hierophant.

The Reading

1 Your ancestor – The Ancestor
This is the card I’ve chosen to represent all the ancestors that have come before. It’s rather fitting, isn’t it? My specific question was: What do I need to do to make my business a success?

wp-1477776893947.jpg2 What do they suggest will help you in your situation? – The Ten of Bows
I feel what they say here is to take charge & be responsible for what I’ve put into motion. Finish the job at hand, don’t skimp, don’t cut corners, don’t pass Go or collect £200 until I’ve done all the tasks I’m supposed to do. There’s some things I’ve set in motion that need addressing.

3 What do they suggest will not help you in your situation? – The Ten of Stones
Hiding in the home, not doing the things that need doing. Retreating inside myself is part of the issue I have had since the moment I was born. I do at times like to retreat away from life, this time though I’m being advised to not do that.

4 What should you carry on doing? – King of Bows
In this card I see a lot of snakes, vying for the top position. I’ve never read this card as “reach for the stars” from S Club 7, but more of a Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”. There’s a snake at the bottom of the pile, slithering away from the others. Hin is leaving them to their own devices, they’re going their own way. I rather like Fleetwood Mac over S Club 7. 😉

5 What should you stop doing? – Major 10, The Wheel
Stop chopping and changing what you’re doing, how you’re doing it. Small changes are great, but you’re doing it too often. You’ve got your niche, please follow it.

6 What’s the final message from your chosen Ancestor? Four of Vessel
The Four of Vessels has to be one of my least favourite card in the deck. I believe this time it’s asking me to not sit back and wait for things to happen to me. I need to engage, I need to find the excitement in life, it’s not going to come and land on my lap. Well, drat. I was hoping the answer would just drop into my lap. I do not know where to look for the answers I need. So I must keep looking, searching and engaging.


My ancestors are basically saying to take care of the responsibilities I have, don’t start looking for new ones, stick to the path I’ve started to carve for myself. Make the changes I see are needed but don’t disengage from life, love or the path I’m on. For the first time in a long time, I’m quite happy with the cards and their message. What do you see? I’d love for you to share!

I am about to hop off to see what Alison Coals has to offer to us. I look forward to you sharing any results from this spread via reply. Thanks for stopping by!

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Tarot Blog Hop : May I?

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May I please present to you, my entry to the Tarot Blog Hop? Thank you!

Welcome to blog hop entry, especially if you’ve hopped on over from Chloe’s blog. Karen Sealey, our esteemed wrangler for this Hop, wanted us to play on the word “May”, as we’re posting this up on the first of the fifth month. She’s something of a laureate with a waterfall of words and is far better than I am at using them. If there was a competition for word structure and playing with words (Countdown style) I think she’d win it. There are several others who are good like that in our Tarot community too. I envy their ability to understand the structure of our language better than I.

permissionHowever, may I be grateful for being able to make myself understood? I think I may! (See, playing within the remit there!) What tarot card shows you the “May I?”  question, more than any? “May I” is asking for permission. Sometimes, we don’t need it, but we seek it anyway and get upset when we’re not granted it. Well, duh, why ask for it if we know we’re going to be denied it?

The first card I picked out was the Five of Bows. This giant isn’t asking for permission, he’s not saying the other side of may either. He’s creating his own permission, is own empowerment.

I think it’s Rule #18 from Leroy Jethro Gibbs, NCIS, which says: It’s better to ask forgiveness than to get permission. May I be forgiven for that one?

What else, can the word relate to, if not just for permission? It can offer one of help too. “May I get that for you?” is another, asking for permission and offering help, both at the same time.

Six of Stones

Help comes in many forms, but we so often use the word “Can” in today’s vocabulary. However, it’s all the same when you come down to it. There’s a want, a need, a desire somewhere and we want permission to go for it, reach for it, try it. We don’t want to hear that we can’t, we want to hear that we can. That we may try.

The other image that came to mind was the more traditional 6 of Pentacles, but here again, we see the beggars holding out for more, asking, may they? When they’ve done nothing to help themselves in the first instances. How reliant are we on the permission of others? Why do we seek that permission if it’s going to make us miserable? Why do we rely on others rather than just doing things ourselves?

Major-6-The-Forest-LoversTake a busy family, mum, dad, kids; a little like mine. If the kids didn’t ask permission to eat certain foods at various times, they’d never eat what I cooked for them, or eat with the rest of the family. If they didn’t ask for permission to do something, they’d miss out on family activities, or get hurt. I don’t want them to get hurt. Communication is the key thing when using the word “May”. Permission is sometimes needed.

There is, at this time of year, there was often the biggest question in the minds of Pagan folks. The ultimate permission giver we all seek, are afraid of and at times, are glad we did undertake the biggest adventure of our lives. May I spend the rest of my life with you, please?

That by far has been the biggest and best adventure I’ve ever been on. What has yours been?

So, now I’ve bamboozled you with my limited wordsmith abilities, how about you hop on over to read Joanne’s laureate take on this whole word-play thing. Now, she’s a clever lady who may enlighten you further.

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Office Party : Tarot Blog Hop

Office Party season. The Wildwood comes bearing the Secret Santa gift for one of you, my co-workers. What does it contain? Read on to unwrap the gift at your office party!

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Welcome to the latest Yule Tarot Blog entry from me. Whether you’ve landed here from Arwen’s entry or directly because you like coming by, blessings of the seasons to you and yours!

The Office Party season is upon us and the usual “Secret Santa” was handed out weeks ago.What did you decide to bring to the office party and for whom? Me, I bought a duplicate of The Wildwood card of the Moon on Water. I’ve made it into a bookmark, so I’m able to hang it on the very well decorated Christmas tree with some golden curling ribbon and smile knowingly.

Upon the back of the duplicate card I’ve printed and stuck on a note. I smile as another person places their gift carefully within the tree, but I pay no attention to who has placed what. There’s plenty of people here at this party, so there’s plenty to engage with. I personally, like to sit in a corner and chat with friends, make friends with the host’s dog (if they have one) and maybe have a wee dance later on, if I like the music.

As I watch, some usual characters reveal themselves. There’s the drunk loud mouth who has had too much to drink way too early in the evening. Probably the Knight of Arrows. I see him wind his neck in as the boss walks around the room. Clearly, he’s not that drunk yet. I wonder how much the boss heard? Looking around to another group of people, I see the mother of the office. She’s the one who makes sure we all have what we need. Food and drink are on the agenda tonight, but during the day, it’s the information we need, easing interactions between departments. She says she’s in PR, but PR is also considered to be internal relations, even at the office party. That’s the Queen of Bows.

office partyThere’s another character I see from the corner of my eye. Up he comes to me, smiling sweetly and greets me with alertness and deference. He’s playful and wise, but don’t mistake his play for actually being nice. If he can use you for his own goals, he will. Stepping on you to get where he wants to go, won’t be an issue. He’s determined and very much, the Knight of Bows.

By the bar, an argument has occurred, but I haven’t seen it all take place. However, both parties are being separated and the girl  is being taken to the ladies by the mother hen of the office, the Queen of Vessels. She’ll be looked after, but the so-called boyfriend is nowhere to be seen now. I sit back and watch as people are asked to take a gift assigned to them. I notice that my gift is taken down from the tree by someone who others hardly see at the office. They say it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for, and this lady is no exception. She watches and makes note, listens and acts as a result of what she sees. People are often surprised by her ability and speed to get what she needs from any department or anyone. She looks around, trying to read each co-worker and work out, did they put the card and the message there? I take a sip from my drink and continue to watch. I need not say anything, for there is no reason for me to say anything. She won’t look my way, though she’ll have seen me.

earthI make my way to retrieve and my coat to make my way home, hoping that this coming year, someone’s life will be transformed by themselves. I hope that they’ll  begin their inner transformation and awareness, rather than trudge the endless wheel of the office job. I hope that they’ll want to research something that speaks from their core, that excites them and transforms their soul, for the better. In these dark days, that’s one thing to do rather than sit in front of the goggle-box, eating and drinking yourself into a stupor each and every night.

What did I write on the back? “You’re within the consciousness of the Universe, it’s not within you. Be transformed this Yuletide Season.”

I hope you enjoyed my little Yuletide tale and I thank you again for stopping by! Now, if you’d kindly leave a comment, compliment, a word of acknowledgement before you hop to Joanne Sprott’s tale of the Office Party.

Merry Yuletide!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Commune, Communicate, Commemorate


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Commune, Communicate, Commemorate with those who have gone on before us.

It’s Halloween and our lovely wrangler, Arwen of Arwen Tarot, gave us this brief: “It’s Samhain or MidFall. This is the last of the three harvests in the Northern Hemisphere and the advent of Spring in the Southern hemisphere. It is a time that I know as being a thinning of the veil…a time for the honouring of those who have crossed over before us. This will be a hop focused on communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones.

communeIf I could ask my grandparents a question or two about their lives, I’d have to pick my maternal Grandmother. She’s been “felt” around my life a few times, but I usually send her away with a snarl and a reminder to never darken my thoughts again and for a while, she hasn’t. In life, I really didn’t know her, I don’t remember her at all. In truth,  she has more peace to settle with my mum than she does with me, but that’s over and done wi’. She’s buried now, I cannot change that. But if I wanted to open the veil….??

I do know, she read tea leaves at one point, then stopped doing so when my mum was in her teens. I never knew why. I never got to ask her if some of my gifts come from her side and why she never passed on those skills to my mum. Did she read cards at all? Playing cards, perhaps?

Major-13-The-JourneyIt got me to thinking, if she could answer me in Tarot, what would she say? I did ask for the reveal to be in a dream but I didn’t get a reply that I can remember! However, the Ancestor card is certainly one to pull out of this fabulous deck, since I’ll be asking to commune with my ancestors.

Another card that might come into play is The Journey Card. This is certainly about the ending of a cycle, the end of not knowing what my chosen ancestor was like, how much of her is really within me. It’s about taking what is useful and then using it in a clever, constructive way. Not easy, but certainly do-able.

The ravens are the guardians of the spirit of the dead. What doesn’t serve us, needs to be recycled and let go, so that we can make way for the future.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe final card for me this season is The Guardian. He’s the Challenge that lies before us and as afraid as we might be, we can’t move forward until we face that unknown. Are you afraid of him? If you’re not, you’re either a Fool or a God who has nothing to fear, but (and Star Trek, TNG reference here) even Q had lessons to learn.

What fears do you need to face now? Who do you need to talk with to overcome those fears? We’re all afraid of something, we’re all human. I know what I am afraid of, but I need to face that fear and perhaps this year, I will. Instead of running, I’ll face it. Why now? Well, I’m the big-four-o next year and I no longer wish to carry this burden around with me. I’m finally ready, I think, to let it all go. (No, Elsa’s not coming to sing for you here, sorry! She ran and didn’t quite face up to what she needed to until well after that song 😛 )

So, for my sanity (or what might pass as sanity) I’ll meditate with my grand-mother this Samhain and put my ghosts to rest. I know she’s been ready to commune with me for ages, but I have not. Now, I am, so I’m going to do this. Guardian, bring it on.

Hope my post wasn’t too dark for you! If it were, Chloë (going forwards) or Morgan (heading backwards) might have something lighter for you.

Blessed Samhain!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Mabon Creativity

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Welcome to my entry for the Mabon Blog Hop! Mabon is the second harvest and this time, we’ve been asked to design a card that shows the spirit of Mabon! Damn, Maureen Aisling Duffy-Bose has corralled us right into the middle of things this time!

Reading her brief again, I can include a proper Tarot card, which is good! Whew! I don’t have the time this weekend to get a Tarot style image together.

6-of-Bows-WMBut before we go through that, what does Mabon actually mean? It’s the second harvest, which is when you’d harvest your potatoes, carrots, soft fruits, cabbages… Can you tell I’ve got an allotment with all this produce ripening and waiting to be picked? Walking the dog, as you do, I’m seeing a rather large stack of blackberries growing this year. The daughter and I are enjoying a sneaky handful of blackberries on our morning walks. There’s certainly more wild soft fruits around than last year. I have a sneaky feeling that the winter is going to be rather harsh this year.  Time to bring all that goodness in, if you can! It makes me think of the Six of Bows. Look at all the baskets of produce set around the clearing!

Mabon is the festival for thanksgiving, for restoring balance and integrating the summer into winter. Yes, you read that right. Winter; the time of snow, cold winds, roaring winter fires, hot chocolate and big winter coats.

Blackberry & Apple Crumble – Fruits

Mabon is an Equinox, the time when a Pagan is supposed to balance themselves out, reconcile opposites and working on seeing things as part of a whole. It’s also the time when day-time and night-time are of equal length. It’s time to understand the unseen (or even just believing that they’re there!) and working them into the seen, balancing creation and destruction, death and rebirth, materialism and spirituality. It’s time to celebrate our whole selves, male and female aspects, the conscious and unconscious. It’s time to celebrate it all, good and bad! Just as well I’ve got three celebrations this weekend alone! Birthday parties and wedding anniversary, to name the three!

Blackberry & Apple Crumble with oat topping

We’re also in a rather perfect place to enjoy custard with that crumble. Oh, I’ve not shown you the full thing! (Before it was cooked, but of course, by the time you’re reading this, it’ll already be eaten!)

I’ll be stuffed by the time this Mabon is finished, but I for one, shall be thankful for all the fruits that I’ve managed to grow this year, and those that failed dismally! (My tomatoes in the greenhouse, failed, but those at the allotment did fantastically well!)

It’s encouraging my friend and I to plant more next year, and plan where we want things in 2016. Bring it on! But first, where’s that crumble? I need to make some for Karen (who is up next) and Chloe (who came before me) whilst I prepare to do more consultations.

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I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot and some of my imagery for this blog hop, but the Double Spiral below is from Page 192 of my Sacred Earth Celebrations book by Glennie Kindred! Time to dream a new dream!
Double Spiral

Tarot Blog Hop : Distasteful Neighbours

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tarotbloghopWelcome to my entry for the Tarot Blog Hop on Beltane. Our wrangler this time, Morgan Drake Eckstein, asked us to talk about the distasteful cards. The last Blog Hop, the consensus was, that we needed these in the deck.

Hello if you come here normally, or arrived as you’ve skipped forward from Maria’s blog entry. Now, which cards for you (I’m listing just  3 below) cause you to have a negative reaction? Which ones have you hanging your head and wishing for another card, other than the one you’ve turned over? Which ones make you go “eek” when they appear with nicer cards? In The Wildwood, there are a few.

Distasteful Neighbours
Major 8 ~ The Stag

To my mind, Justice is always one that makes people go: Oh bums! Or something similar that might be more colourful! In The Wildwood, Justice is The Stag. The protector of the greenwood, holding in his hands a tree of life shield and a double-headed axe.  Like the old tales of Herne the Hunter, this being is dressed in animal head and hide, implying that the Justice this Stag gives out, that nature gives out, is long-lasting. Nature can be cruel and devastating, but the idea of “forgiveness and reward” are not applicable to mother nature. Those are human terms and we’re responsible for our actions. The consequences are ours to bear and be aware of. The Justice of Nature reminds us we are but guests upon this Eden.

Distasteful Neighbours
Major 11 ~ The Woodward

Another distasteful Neighbour that makes folks go: Oh what?! with the Wildwood cards, is The Woodward. I guess, he’d be Strength in the RWS versions, but in truth, The Stag and The Woodward are a combination of them both. This is where the RWS meanings don’t apply to The Wildwood. The Woodward is strong, he symbolises inner power that comes from facing fear, understanding the darkness.  He’s the strength we turn to (or find within) in our darkest hour. Unless you’re in Africa, you’re not going to find a lady putting her head into a Lion’s mouth, you are more likely to find a strong person, standing at the back, being the buck that ends it all. That is not done through fear, that is done by acknowledging that there is fear, and using it to their and our, advantage.

Distasteful NeighboursMy third and final offering of distasteful neighbours for this hop, is a Court Card, one that I’ve had an issue with of late, and one I hardly ever pull from the deck or from the app, and that is the King of Vessels, The Heron.

Now, whilst they might be gorgeous birds to some, I don’t see it/ I see them as lonely creatures, I’ve never seen a baby Heron, not even on the Wildlife programs I love so much. The Heron might be gifted with psychic perception and reflection, or hold many esoteric secrets, or be the equivalent of The Crow in Celtic mythology, but I really don’t get him in this deck. Is he the distant father, who never gets to see his kids, supports them from afar and loves them regardless? Or is he the quiet uncle that quietly sneaks you another few sweets, after mum has said “no more” ? This is one I’m going to have to get over and create an Oracular Anomaly for.

On their own, they’re not so bad, are they, but if you were to get a spread with those three in it, I’d be sat there, for quite a while, and thinking insane thoughts. Even if they come up in a spread, I’d still have to take my time with them in this deck.

Lets see what my lovely (and not disgruntled) neighbour & wrangler, Morgan, has to say on the subject. He’s up next!

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Deck used, The Wildwood by Mssrs Worthington, Ryan and Matthews.