Wildwood COTD: 9 of Arrows (14th May)

This card has the keyword; DEDICATION to it. However, I felt very far from it yesterday. If you look at the card, the lady in the blue dress with the ivy patterned shawl looks sad as she tries to play the bow with the arrow. I certainly did not feel very protected nor very dedicated. Like her, I felt sad. But I have no explanation as to why.

Wildwood COTD: 6 of Stones

This shows two people asking for something. They’re holding their bowls out, looking up to the Heavens, asking their Gods and Goddesses for intervention. Why are they being treated or exploited in this way? The fields in the background are desolate, lifeless. The beehives are empty and broken.

This shows the capacity to exploit things to our own detriment, believing we have a right to do so. We’re exploiting things and we have no right. This is our time, yes, but we have children who need to use this planet after us. And our grand-children aren’t here yet.

To those that died on the M5 today, I pray you are now safe and out of harms way. To the cause of the crash, may you be forgiven. To those left behind, I am sorry for your loss. To those inconvenienced: you live. Others do not.

And to Becki: I’M SORRY I FORGOT! 🙁

SIx of Stones ~ Exploitation

Wildwood COTD: Queen of Bows: The Hare

I guess Bows in this deck would be Wands in others, but it’s not a strict correlation. To me, the Queen of Wands is a fiery woman: she’ll be the one buzzing about, having ideas and passing them on. This Queen of Bows is very fleet footed (which ties in with the RWS) but she’s not one that will run in a straight line. Have you ever seen Hares run? I haven’t, not with my own eyes right before me (and I don’t count seeing them on Spring Watch as with my own eyes) but (again, Spring Watch!) I do know, from watching the television.

So, what does this Queen have to tell me today? Her energy was around before I left the house this morning. We went to see a furniture manufacturer directly as we’re in need of a new sofa / couch but the ones on the market do not meet our needs, for one reason or another. So, we’ve visited a local chap to see what he can make. It was from there, to home, then back out again to take the toddler to a new environment (a new playgroup) and said toddler loved it. Then back home and back out and back home and… so on and so forth. It’s post dinner / tea time as I write up the card for today and even now (when I’ve finished typing) I’ll be watching out for my two, like this hare, guarding, protecting, nurturing…. it never ends. But then, I chose to be a mum and I never expect it to end: even when they leave home.

And the book’s description ties in well. She’s far gentler in this deck than I have seen in others, this Queen of Bows / Wands. Love the mid-summer connections.

The Queen of Bows

Wildwood COTD: Card 7, The Archer

If anything in this deck is to strike  a cord in this deck that possibly shows Maid Marian as a tough warrior-ess, this is it. Whatever is in this Archers sight, she’s not letting it go. Nothing is going to distract her and even the large white Irish Wolfhounds behind her are watching and waiting patiently. This lady has it all under control and she’s calm, serene in her surroundings.

I do not envy her. I want to be her. Her energy is with me today, so lets get on with it! (And I did 🙂 )

This is one of the cards I felt “at home” with the first time I glanced through the deck. The other was The Seer, Eight of Stones (I think it’s the Eight of Stones) and there were a whole bunch of others. But it’s strange that most of the people I’ve spoken with (via TABI’s Forum or via Facebook) feel the same about this deck.


But I ask that Connections, who published this deck, pay attention to the quality of it. Some of the decks that have come through have not been up to par and this is a damn shame! Not this copy (thank Herne!) but if you DO have an issue, here is a link to the publishers.

Wildwood COTD: Card 13: The Journey

If you were to see this card before you, you might not be very happy to see it. It’s almost gory, but nature is like that. Nothing is left behind that can be of use or if it food to some creature. In this card we see a crow sitting upon a fallen stags skull, ripping out the last pieces of flesh. Other crows fly above, circling like vultures. But that is nature’s way. Things die, life goes on. The stag has served his time and so returns to the earth. The crow is taking advantage of the free food and keeping the others away from his “hoard”.

Now, I’ve read the book between the paragraph above and this and while this card in its book description deals better with death than most of the “traditional” death cards (and we have a funeral to attend next Monday) I do not feel that this is what the card is trying to tell me. My first thought when I saw it was: leave behind and let die what you do not need.  So, time to work out what I can leave behind and let the crows have it.

Major 13 from The Wildwood

Wildwood COTD: 10 of Vessels (9th May)

I totally ran out of time yesterday so I didn’t post this card. Apologies if you were standing by the bed, waiting for it!

The whole deck’s art work is just so beautiful. Will Worthington, I am in love with your art work my friend! And I’ll hopefully tell you when we meet in July at the TABI Conference and birthday party!

But anyway, down to this card. I was in a good mood when I pulled this card out yesterday and the good mood ran all day. I didn’t do much in the way of housework, I spent the day playing with the toddler, fighting against the weather to put the washing out (or not as it turned out!) and sorting the lunches for said toddler and myself, as well as the dinners out. But, I didn’t stress, I just let the day flow and unfold. I had no expectations and very little targets to meet.

Even when the plaster came around to see what I need doing with regards to the bay window, I was chilled (although I had mistimed dinner and it was in the oven going nice and crispy) and soon enough, the evening befell. I’d been trying to work out how best to do a certain Tarot reading and yesterday, it just flowed. Once I’d worked out the positional meanings, it fell out of me like the waterfall in this card. A glass of red was the reward once the Reading itself was sent off via e-mail. A good day all around!

How I hope for a good card like that for today.  Best get shuffling and see what the deck holds for me today, hadn’t I? 🙂

Wildwood COTD: 5 of Stones

I had this card 4 days ago. I have therefore probably done one of two things:

1/ Not listened to the card and not taken its energy on board


2/ Come back around to this card as I need another dose of this cards energy.


I am thinking it’s more of 2/ than 1/. But only time will tell.