March Advice For You : The Week Ahead

A new week & new month begins. What is on the cards for us this week?

Like the weather report, let’s a take on what the Tarot suggests will affect us during the week ahead now March has begun.

Using the Tarot like a weather report can have its uses. It’s March, so knowing that you’re going to need an umbrella is almost certain; wrapping up but not as much as you have been, is also good advice. What advice can the Tarot give us for March?

The Cards & Positions

1/ What will help me? The Page of Vessels

2/ What will hinder me? Ten of Stones

3/ What do I need to keep in mind? Major 5, The Ancestor


The Reading

This is a strange answer I feel:  The Page is represented by the Otter, which are usually seen as playful & observant, intelligent & close-knit. I can see that in me for sure! The Ten of Stones as to what will hinder me is what gets me, though I can sense that the energies are what it may be going on about more. Look at the carvings in the doorway. There’s a male & female. It’s not the “home” in the physical sense, I feel it’s the home in the body sense.  That being out of kilter will hinder me. The Ancestor reminds me to be wise, that this is a gateway that I will pass through like I have all the others.

There’s no right or wrong here, there’s a balance that I need to strike within me. Get it wrong and things may go off kilter. Get it right and I can be my playful, happy little self. The huge piece of advice comes from that wonderful anthropomorphic Ancestor. The calmness in the stag’s eyes, the drum that we see which can beat to its own tune & time. Take your time, beat this drum as fast as you wish, pass through this gateway as quickly as you wish, or not. The choices are yours to make: Always.

I think though I’ll come in from that frosty, cold outdoors & sit inside my nice warm house, doing something constructive & helpful to others. Watch this space!

Deck used is The Wildwood & images used with permission and credit to the creators; Mark, John & Will. 

Getting Off the HangUp with The Wildwood

Have you ever wondered how on Earth you got suckered into worrying about the small stuff & how do you get off the hangup?

I know it’s time to let go of the hangup I’m having about my own social media numbers, whilst still keeping a track of them. Let’s explore how I can let that go.

This year I’ve been paying attention more to my social media numbers than I did in 2016. Partly because it’s a target or drive in my business, but if you don’t know I’m here, how can you buy a reading from me? It’s rather a complex situation that I’ve gotten rather “hung up on” recently. So after a quick discussion with some others, another reader asked me: “What do your cards say?” So, thanks to Hermit’s Lamp shining the way for me, here’s this week’s blog post. I hope it helps you get unstuck too!

The Cards & Image:


Why am I hung up on this? Four of Arrows
What can I do about letting it go? Knight of Bows
What can I do going forwards? Page of Arrows

Why am I hung up on this? With the new planner I have for the business this year, I’ve focused more on the numbers than the content. Like this card depicts, rest: don’t sweat it. Yes, record it, but let the numbers transform on their own when they’re ready & organically, properly.

What can I do about letting it go? The Knight of Bows is the opportunist, the chance taker. He’s the one that will just go with the flow & not get stuck behind a rock (which is where I feel I am!)

What can I do going forwards? The Page of Arrows is learning about communication. This little bird isn’t just about talking, she’s also about listening to understand (not just to respond).

Conclusion: So that’s how I sort out my hangup: I communicate in a simpler way, I take the chances I can when I see them & whilst I keep an eye on the numbers, don’t get hung up on it. I communicate & listen to understand, not just to respond. I need to keep the messages I send out clear & uncluttered. That’s going to be hard, I can waffle sometimes!

Feel free to comment, I appreciate it!  I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot deck here to do this reading, but I’ve others available.

Exploring The Loving, Wildwood Style

It’s the week of “Lurve” & I’d like to take a look at how loving is represented in the Tarot. 

Love isn’t just about loving someone, it’s sometimes about loving ourselves too.

What examples does the Tarot have about love, romance, self-care, nurturing, loving & promoting the other person, as well as ourselves? It can get complicated & hard, but when the journey ends we have to look & decide if it was worth it.

Do you recall our parents or grandparents, saying that if you want something, you have to work at it? Being broken didn’t mean you threw it out, you repaired it, you worked at it. Relationships can work like roads: you give & take, you travel in either the same or opposite direction, you give way, you park up when you can & you travel the road, together.

So, analogies about love aside, let’s get on with exploring the “Love” cards from the Wildwood Tarot & another deck that’s based on this theme.

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood TarotFirst up, is The Forest Lovers.

I’ve seen this card so often over the years. It’s about promising to love each other & look after yourself. Allowing someone else to do that is also important & part of the trust you promise to bestow.

It’s about working as a team & coming to the other when life gets hard & difficult, so you can face it together. That I feel is what loving is all about.

There’s the rather pleasurable physical side too, as well as all the cuddles, beer & chocolate sharing that goes on. Occasionally, you get date nights: a night to eat in peace without any off-spring biting your ankles!

lovingThis is The Lovers from The Love Tarot. Aptly named & shaped, it’s got rather a nice little colour scheme to it.

Notice how there’s light & dark? You can’t really have one without the other & neither gender fits on one side all the time. We all have our “bright” & “dark” sides: The trick with loving someone is dealing with the darker times whilst enjoying the warmer times. Think of it this way: If you turn the light on, you cast shadows. Some part of us is always in the shadow; like the Planet we live on, we don’t show our face to The Sun all the time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog post on love & loving another & whatever you’re doing on the Day of Love (Valentines Day, 14th February) do what pleases you & your partner.

What do  YOU do for your partner that tells them you love them?

What do they do for you that shows you that you’re loved?

What do you do for YOU to love yourself? 

Sending love to you all!

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Imbolc : Spring Has Sprung, Finally!

Today is Imbolc, the First Day of Spring, so it’s claimed. 

With the days growing longer, the Year of the Rooster upon us & the daffodils already sprouting up, Spring seems to be certainly sprung!

I saw this Spring / Imbolc spread on pInterest & thought I’d share. It comes from Kiki’s Cauldron on Tumblr.


Here are the cards & positions: 

1/ What is still frozen in your life? – Page of Vessels
2/ What will keep you warm & comfortable? – 5 of Stones
3/ What clutter needs to be cleared? – 10 of Vessels
4/ The first signs of spring you’ll see this Spring – 5 of Bows
5/ A project to being immediately – 10 ~ The Wheel
6/ A message of inspiration for you – 12 ~ The Mirror

spring / Imbolc spread

The Interpretation

For what’s still frozen in my life, the Page of Vessels comes up. This is usually a card that reminds me to have fun, so is my fun the item in my life that’s frozen? It’s possible, things don’t seem to have been much fun recently. What should be fun hasn’t been, at least not recently.

For what will keep me warm & comfortable, the 5 of Stones comes up. Knowing that this frozen situation is temporary is the key here, it looks like quite a negative card, but it’s actually a reminder that the storm will fade out. No storm can last forever; like the rain that falls, it’ll pass.

What clutter needs to be cleared is answered with the 10 of Vessels. Now this, I am going to have to think on, at least for me. Give up on happiness? Well, no, that’s not it. Give up striving for perfection? That sounds a lot more like it: that “perfect” moment is made up when things just fall into place together, without being manufactured or forced.

The first signs of growth that I’ll see come up as the 5 of Wands.  Empowerment is the first sign; of people taking charge of their own lives when they realise that others aren’t going to do it for them. It’s also about me stepping into another aspect of my own personal power. It’s never a one trip pony, this empowerment aspect. It comes in waves, like cake. Bake it, eat it, bake some more. Use it, generate more, use it… I’m sure you get the idea.

A project to begin immediately is answered by 10 ~ The Wheel. Making small changes now… there’s one I’d LOVE to do, but I’ll be letting others down if I do. What I can do, though is change my attitude towards that, which is something I can begin to do now. This is something for me to meditate & sleep on for a little while.

The message of inspiration comes up as 12 ~ The Mirror. Be reflective, be the person I know I am & not the person that others make me out to be. Ha! I stopped caring a long time ago about what certain people thought of me; however, I’ve come to realise that whilst I don’t care about them, others need to make their minds up for themselves & I’m kind of sad that they’re not. Well, all I can do is be me. No one else can & I need to be me; I’m unique, I’m powerful & now it’s Spring, I need to put a spring in my step again!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Imbolc post & thanks again to Kiki for posting that spread on pInterest!

Let’s Talk : Expressing My Authentic Self?

It’s time to see how you might express your authentic self. 

There’s a lot to do now that we’re well & truly into the New Year, how can you best express your authentic self?

Being true to yourself is often a way that people trip up with things. There are so many pressures on us from others; their expectations & their noise drown out our own self-perceptions. We sometimes struggle to get our own thoughts to focus on the positive & the future. It can take a time to get them to do that, such is the loudness of others.

There’s no such thing as normal, everyone is weird! Honestly, we all are! Celebrating it means being a little brave or sometimes, a lot brave. It’s about trusting ourselves to our very core & displaying that trust.  Sometimes that comes over arrogant or over-confident, but it need not be the case.

authentic self cards

The Spread & Cards

Card 1: what does my authentic self, look like? 2 – The Seer

Card 2: what’s the worst way I can express this? The 2 of Arrows

Card 3: what’s the best way I can express this? 21 – The World Tree

The Reading: 

What does my authentic self, look like? The Seer is intuitive, she’s not great at speaking up, but she knows more than she’s letting on with things. She trusts her intuition & is willing to guide people but will only tell you what she thinks if you’re brave enough to ask for it. Though, you may not like some of the answers that come back.

What’s the worst way I can express this?  The 2 of Swords hints that being indecisive, unsure of your thoughts or expressing yourself badly is not going to be the best way to achieve this.

What’s the best way I can express this? The World Tree is a complicated message. How can I express The World Tree? Act like I’m entitled? Well, the whole World seems to be doing that, I don’t want to jump on that particular bandwagon. I do feel that this says to keep changing things up. I like how the tree shows all four seasons, the tree changes. Everyone changes. Perhaps the best way to express this is to do just that: keep on changing, growing, exploring.


The World Tree is the card I’m focusing on here: this is the most complicated card to have come up in the last position, but for one of the best reasons, it’s going to have to sit with me for a little while so I can get it and I have a feeling that it’s going to be a message I’m going to hear over & over this year.

I need to keep on progressing, changing & guiding. I ask you: So do you, don’t you? Think about it.

You can find & book me right here.


I’ve used The Wildwood (with permission) & you can buy that directly from Will’s site. I love comments, replies & other insights on what YOU drew! Please DO leave a comment, I’d love that!

Hello 2017, I’ve Been Expecting You.

2017 is finally here, so let’s hello to the New Calendar Year.

As this year begins, let’s set our intentions for what we want to achieve.

It’s only been a week or two, but what kind of start has it been for you? We said “Hello” to 2017 as it handed us a blank 365-blank book for us to write our life stories into. I hope no-one else is holding your pen, by the way!

I’ve shared this spread from Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot site, with permission.

The Cards: 

Hello 2017

1. What do I leave behind in the Old Year? ~ 3 of Arrows

2. What do I open up to in the New Year? ~ 6 of Arrows

3. Key Opportunity of the New Year ~ Major 18, The Moon on Water

4. Key Challenge of the New Year ~ Major 21, The World Tree

5. Hidden concern (pull from bottom of the deck) ~ Knight of Bows

6. Deep Wisdom / Advice from God/dess (pull from middle of the deck) ~ Major 0, The Wanderer

7. Key Theme of the New Year ~ Major 10, The Wheel

If you keep records of your readings, the last card (#7) could become the first card (#1) in next year’s spread. Something for you & I to do next year!?

New year

The Reading:

What do I leave behind? The 3 of Arrows suggests that I leave behind the heartache & lies from the previous year. Having my heart & my head out of balance and kilter isn’t good for anyone.

What do I open up to in the New Year? The 6 of Arrows suggests that I open up to just taking one day at a time, taking one step at a time. When I look back at last year, I realise it whizzed by.

What is my Key Opportunity of the New Year? Major 18, The Moon on Water is rather reflective, the path before me isn’t clear. It’s already sent me some wonderful things for this year, nothing though is set out in stone, it’s not a set path. So, follow my own way.

What is my Key Challenge of the New Year?  Major 21, The World Tree suggests that I take the chances as they appear when they appear. They may not come around to me again, so I’m to go with the flow, the ebb & tide.

What is my hidden concern? The knight of bows is versatile, entrepreneurial. My concern is that I need to be going to need to keep my eyes open so often business wise that I’ll miss the other things going on before me.

What’s the deep Wisdom / Advice from Goddess? Major 0, The Wanderer says to trust me and leave the past behind, just go for it. Be brave, trust myself & go with the path that I see before me, even if I can’t rationalise it with logic. Trust the connection I have with my higher self & soar!

What’s the Key Theme of the New Year? The Wheel, Change. Changes can be small. They can be big. They can be acting in confidence when you don’t feel it, they can be trusting you when everyone else thinks you’re bonkers. Trust me, I get that one regularly! However, knowing that there’s magic & connection all around, that there are changes afoot, helps you to embrace what’s going on around you.


There are changes afoot this year, so now I just need to work my way through it. The signs one might expect aren’t there: there’s so many ways & options to me this coming year, that it can go wherever and however I want it to. The possibilities are entirely down to how I play the cards as they’re dealt to me. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed this first proper post of the new year, welcome to the year of change!  To book your reading, just follow this link