The Wildwood Cards for June with Video

Flaming June has arrived & weather aside, what’s in store for us?

It’s a whole new month (again!) and now we’re half way through the year, I wonder what’s in store for us in June!


The cards for June are right here & I thought I’d record it as a video. I haven’t done these for about 3 years – oops!  The link to the video is right there if you can bear to hear my voice!

The cards as I drew them can be seen here. So, enjoy the video & thanks for stopping by!



cards for June 2017


You can buy the Wildwood directly from the website here.

Gemini New Moon & Middle Beltane

New Moon in Gemini cards

It’s a New Moon & the fires of Beltane still burn brightly.

What can the Gemini New Moon provide us on insights?

We’re in the middle time between Beltane & as we’re approaching a new moon (which will be in Gemini at 20:45 25th May BST) I thought it prudent to see what energies are around us at this time.

Gemini’s love to ask questions & find out answers. If you’ve ever worked with a Gemini they can be fantastic & very “bulldog” like in their endeavours. On the receiving end, they’re not known for letting go until they’ve gotten what they’ve set out to find. Woe betide you if you even dare to lie to them. You’ll be done to them if you do!

Gemini attention to detail can be both fantastic and a proper pain in the proverbial. It depends on how they come across with their tenacity. They also love self-reflection. Some of us shy away from that, but even so, we need to be the horse that’s led to the water & we need to drink.  They don’t tend to throw stones as they too live in a glass house. They’re not perfect but they’re so close, it scares them!

The hot summer nights are on their way, so if you jumped over the fires at Beltane, your weather wishes came true!

The Spread & Cards

I created this New Moon spread with the analytical Gemini in mind.

Gemini new moon spread

Three of Arrows: This card suggests that I need to reflect on what I feel & what I let others feel. We can all be a little insensitive at times, but this New Moon, I feel I’m being told to have a little care & reflect on what it is I am saying, doing & acting towards others.

Knight of Arrows: this one is telling me to just be honest & direct both with myself & others. Be swift & take action when you need to. There’s no need to beat about the bush (well, I don’t tend to anyway) but if I being more sensitive, I can be a little “wishy” in how I talk. Do I need to be more eloquent, perhaps? Even say it with feeling!  Do you want to poke that hornet’s nest? If you do, be prepared to fly off when you’ve said your piece.

Three of Bows: The new pathways will be a few, but it’s your choice as to which one or ones, you follow! There looks to be more than one route to where you’re going, so just decide.

Major 12, The Mirror: This card adds to the card before. To decide on what path to take, decide on how it might sit with you. Decide what kind of person you are, how you want to be. Use that as your moral compass. You have to be true to yourself in all you do with how you act, interact & behave in life.

The Hooded Man: he suggests that the likely outcome is that I find better solace in my own company, again. Not that I don’t need or want my friends around me, but it’s time to work on me & that can be a hard, solitary thing to do at times. This is one of those times; I need to make me some “thinking time” & reflect on myself inside & out. It may seem that I’m more aloof; that may be the case, but I am working on me, inside.

New Moon in Gemini cards


I need to realise that I am worth more than I give myself credit for. It’s time for me to work on myself & decide what kind of person I want to be, how I want to be perceived. The way I do that is down to me, but it all depends on what I want to be known for.  I need to work on myself & at times, just leave situations that don’t better my higher self.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this New Moon Spread that I created. I’d love to know if you tried this & what your conclusion was!  I’ve used The Wildwood here, which you can order directly from their website.

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Using the Tarot as a crutch

We can create dependencies or a crutch on so many things in this modern age. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, tarot readings… 

Yes, tarot readings. Relying too much on what your cards tell you rather than experiencing life itself, can cause issues. 

It’s easy to get hooked into things that you know help you & you inadvertently turn them into a crutch. You continue to want their help ALL the time. It’s a bit like walking perfectly fine when you’re 10, even if you do fall over when you’re rushing or playing, but then becoming younger, to toddler stage and you can’t do anything without holding onto your “one thing” that you know supports you, but isn’t designed for the nth degree of things.

The use of Tarot can get like that. From consulting the cards every hour to not getting out of bed to being nosy about what someone might be thinking. You can use it to micromanage everything, it becomes your crutch. The question I have is this: Do you really want to!?

I get that there’s an element of control within us all that sometimes, can be a British BullDog. It just will not let go. Even though we know we’re being irrational, that “bulldog” whispers: “Yes, but just check, to be sure!”

Honestly, it takes another part of your psyche to say: “Oi, NO!” (Imagine Harry Enfield here!) Yes, really imagine Harry Enfield in your head, shouting out: “Oi, NO! No more Tarot for this! You DO NOT NEED IT!”

I designed this spread more for other readers, who come across this, but it can be used to work out of you’re relying too much on the cards to even get out of bed, or see certain people. That’s what your own will power is for & the cards should never replace that power. Enhance it, work with it, empower it; but never replace it with the Tarot.

The Reading & The Cards: 

Top Card: Why am I relying on it so much?

Left Card: What can I do to reduce the dependency?

Right Card: What will the outcome be if I do?

Tarot as a crutch


Top Card: The Page of Stones suggests that you’re using it to see things you could see if you actually just opened your eyes. The answers are there before you, but you’re not really observing or watching. You’ve stopped trusting or using your own senses.

Left Card: The Queen of Arrows suggests you already know you’re not using your own communication to yourself. You “see” what’s going on, but the information to your brain isn’t either being processed or it’s being blocked. Is it time to have a bit of self tough-love?

Right Card: The Four of Arrows suggests that once you acknowledge what’s going on, once you accept the self tough-love, you’ll finally be able to let it go & rest! How long has your brain been going over and over the same situation, or plaguing your mind?


The quicker you can give yourself that stern talking to, acknowledge why & what it is you’re trying so hard to avoid, then you can rest & let it go. The peace that you need inside your head can be yours, but deal with what’s causing the internal noise!

Learn to listen to yourself, trust yourself, acknowledge your own thoughts & impressions. They are far more relevant to you than any pieces of cards with 78 snapshots of life!

I do hope you’ve liked this blog post & my take with The Wildwood cards. They can be helpful, but like GP’s, hairdressers, mechanics, beauticians & other skills, they need to be used wisely!

You’re welcome to book your own Tarot Consultation right here

What Might May Hold For You?

We’re now in the Month of May, so what might it hold for you?

I gained this spread idea from a post in Tarotholics Anonymous, thanks to Lisa  at Angelorum 

The idea Lisa posted is here; You can either divide the deck into 3. One pile for the 22 Majors, one pile for the courts & one for the minors. So you’ll have 22 cards in the first pile, 16 in the other & the rest in the last; OR keep going until you come across the first one of each. Shuffle well, folks & let’s look at the cards for May from the Herbal Tarot

Card 1 is the Main Development for this month from the Majors; The Star

Card 2 is the best mental attitude to embrace & is from The Courts; Page of Pentacles

Card 3 is the Action to Take * is from the rest of the Minors. 8 of Swords

The Cards & Spread

The Major is The Star Card, with the herb Skullcap is the main development for this month. My dreams need developing this month, they need my focus & they need a clear head. The herb Skullcap is used to combat flu, aches & shivers. Skullcap is about preparing the mind for meditation but counteracts sleepiness.

The Court Card is the Page of Pentacles with Blue Hag as it’s herb. Pages are all about learning, so this month, I should find a way to learn that is good for me, practice learning & be practical in achieving my goals. Listen to the messages within, smell Iris & be careful if you’re taking Blue Hag as it can cause digestion issues, as well as helping you think straight.

The Minor card is the 8 of Swords. The action advice is not to over think it, keep things simple & be in the moment as they present themselves. The other two cards herbs are about calmness & black cohosh is similar in that regard (don’t take it if you’re pregnant though!) This card has a great affirmation from the Herbal Tarot book by the way: “By releasing myself of the thoughts that bind me, I am open to new concepts coming my way”.



I need to find my inner calm this month, look after myself (as skull cap suggests) & be prepared to learn of things in a new way. Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom or reading. The affirmation of the 8 of Swords is the best one, so I’ll take that forward. Release the thoughts that bind me.

I’ve used my new Herbal Tarot for May’s review & thanks again to Lisa Eddy for her post that inspired it. I can feel more will be coming in the next few months!

You can order your personal Tarot consultation here, which will come to you via either email or MP3. 

Venus Is Now Direct, which means… ? 

Venus went direct in the skies as of April 15th, 2017. 

What does that little planet of love going direct mean to us?

Well, firstly, it just isn’t that simple, as much as I’d love it to be! To move forward, it firstly had to square up to another planet, Saturn. Now that this seems to be over & done with, we can get on with things, can’t we?

Well, yes… there are other planets in retrograde, Saturn being one & it will be until August 25th. So, we’ve several more months of time seeming to drag, when in fact, it’s doing its normal thing!

However, we can still take the time to do some self-loving & care, now that Venus is back to something of her “old” self. Even Mercury is beginning to pull forward (it goes direct again on May 2nd) so things should start to clear up. Well, one can hope!

venus direct

Cards & Spread

I asked the cards: What does Venus going fully direct mean for us?

Card 1: What are the positives here? Major 5 ~ The Ancestor

Card 2: What are the negatives here? Major 20 ~ The Great Bear

Card 3: What’s the further advice for right now? 5 of Arrows

The basic advice I’m seeing here is that there is a path before me, it’s there if I would just be kind enough to take it! There’s a challenge here, so do I face up to it, or back away & play dead? Anyone who knows me knows that it’s certainly not going to be the latter & if you think I would just “play dead”: Think again! You might get frustrated at my ability to completely ignore you, that’s your issue though, it certainly isn’t mine!

What is it you see in these cards? What does the 5 of Arrows suggest to you? Are you the one frustrated, or are you causing that to others? You decide here.

The deck I’ve used is The Wildwood & you can buy it here.

What Do You Need to Hatch?

It’s Easter or Ostara & this weekend is all about eggs & fertility.

It is also probably going to be a wet one as it’s a bank holiday, so time to plan what you need to hatch!

I’d like to explore what it is you want to plant now to enjoy in the future. Since I’m not near my beloved Wildwood this weekend, the ever portable Vanessa Tarot was used.

what do you need to hatch now?

The Cards

The top card is the 2 of Coins. It’s time to put things back in balance, don’t juggle too much, re-learn how much you can handheld and stop when you reach that amount. No is a complete sentence in its own right.

The left card is the 10 of Cups, remember what makes you happy, do more of it and do it with those who love to do it too. Make memories, be present in the lives of those you love, that’s all we leave behind besides a headstone. Hatch some wonderful plans & make memories

The right card is The Hierophant, asking that you apply knowledge, wisdom, kindness and emotional maturity to those you interact with, spend time with and don’t judge others (that’s a different card) as that’s not needed right now. Educate yourself and others, but wisely.


So, this Easter, the cards suggest that you hatch how to be careful with yourself and others, re-educate yourself on your boundaries and respect those of others. You’re not the only one resetting things down to a lesser scale. Remember to re-learn how to love yourself.

Pyramid Spread & Saturn Retrograde

There are many spreads that are available out there, easily accessible thanks to the Internet. 

One of my favourites is the pyramid spread, wider at the bottom then up to the point of what to do next.

It can be reversed from the single point again to be as large going forwards as you need or want it to be. I often use this pyramid spread when I want insight on where I am, what to overcome & what the outcome is likely to consist of.

The question for this week is; What do I need to be aware of during this Saturn Retrograde? FYI, Saturn doesn’t go direct again until August (yes, that long) so these months may be zooming passed in reality, but it’s not going to feel like time is moving or things are progressing at all. Days may feel longer than they actually are.

The Spread: 

Bottom, Row 1: Where I am now.

Middle,  Row 2: What to do between now & August?

Top, Row 3: What’s the next step?


The Cards & Interpretation: 

Row 1: Major 18, The Moon on Water; Two of Arrows & Major 5, The Ancestor

This row shows me that the basis of where I am isn’t set in stone. It’s rather fluid, a little like a watery path. Things aren’t in balance, that I know. They haven’t been for a little while & with this Saturn retrograde, they’re not likely to be for a while to come! The Ancestor says that there’s a way through this, but the path isn’t one I’ve walked upon, yet. The choice is there if I want to walk down that avenue.

Row 2: King of Bows & Major 12, The Mirror

Between now & August, the cards say “Go my own way” & do what it is I need to do that is true to me. That’s hard, standing up by yourself & walking your own path, ignoring the pressures of others. The cards say to act as I want to be remembered or acknowledged for. So, how do you (or I)  want to act? How do you want to conduct yourself as you walk your own path?

Row 3: Seven of Arrows 

There are two ways to take this card for the next step; Either I can let the insecurities within overtake me, or I can listen to the voices of others & cause even more monkey to mess up my mind than my mind monkeys can come up with. It seems all rather complicated and I’m not sure what else this could be hinting at. Reading the description of the card from the app (as the book is in another room & I’m not moving to go get it):

“We may not be able to change the past, but we can learn to evolve strategies from the lessons of life & apply them to future scenarios. This process may also involve forgiveness for past failures, either of other individuals, belief systems or, more importantly, oneself.”


The cards of the middle row & top row of this pyramid spread are quite interesting. Go my path, do what I need to do & be true to myself, forgive myself (?) for the decisions I didn’t take, or those that I did take. Don’t let the mind monkeys out to play!

Now that, I can take forward! What is it you see in these cards? What do your cards say? I’d love to see or hear about the cards you’ve drawn using this spread.  I’ve used The Wildwood but you can use whatever deck you wish to! Feel free to let me know via comments!!