Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

This week we’re reminded about injustice within our personal world and within The Wildwood. Have you made a decision? A few times recently I’ve heard this phrase (or something pretty darned close to it): not making a decision is also

Wildwood : Skills to Change

This week’s Tarot card reading comes from the Stones suit of The Wildwood Tarot, with the keyword of “skills”. Combined with the context of “What we can Change”, we’re entering into an interesting time! The Eight of Stones is often

Wildwood : The Ancestor becomes a Partner

For the reminder of this week, the Ancestor, the person from whom we gain tradition and past knowledge, comes out to partner us and provide their ancient influence. There’s a song I recall that had the lyric of “the history

Wildwood : Doing New Things

The Wildwood brings to us The Wanderer crossing the rainbow bridge, starting something new, taking a leap of faith whilst being aware of what we’re doing and the why. The Wanderer comes out and joins us today, reminding us to

Wildwood : Let It Go Now

The painted skull and burial offerings remind us we have the right to mourn. It’s time to let it go, to release what holds and traps us in the past. We all have situations where we wish we could have

Wildwood : The Hooded Man has the Character of You

The Hooded Man comes out to join us and reminds us that we have our own character to attend to. Attending to our own character, our own attitudes, energies and thoughts is often a hard one to do, until we’re

Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

Life is a lesson, there is however no dress rehearsal, this is the exam to beat all exams and a decision is to be made. So what’s the lesson? It’s Sunday and The Wildwood likes to throw down a gauntlet!

Wildwood : The Real Question

The Wildwood wishes to address the real question, the true heart of the matter, not what I want to  address, it’s what I need to address. Oh boy! I’ve been feeling quietly rebellious these last few days, since my last

Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

Sparks fly from the Ace of Bows today as it comes out to join us and I wonder if we will see any more in the next few days? It’s a Sunday, usually a day of rest, right? Not always.

Wildwood Hope : Major #17 ~ The Pole Star

Today we have the hope of the Pole Star to journey through. Given the events in Boston, Massachusetts on Monday. Hope seems to be the order for the next few days. The events in Boston on Monday the 15th came

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