Happy Imbolc / Groundhog Day – Lighting the Fires of Self

Today is Imbolc or Ground Hog Day. What fires will you light on this festival of Brigid, the Keeper of the Sacred Fire? It’s important today to remember to listen to our intuitive selves, listen to the inner wisdom of our intuitive selves & bring the new growth into our lives.  It’s Imbolc & this […]

Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!

It’s very easy to get swept up in the roles of modern life. Sometimes though, we need reminding to act our shoe size & not our age! How can the Tarot help you do just that? Whatever your shoe size is, the Tarot can help you get your head out of your own butt. It’s […]

Gemini New Moon & Middle Beltane

It’s a New Moon & the fires of Beltane still burn brightly. What can the Gemini New Moon provide us on insights? We’re in the middle time between Beltane & as we’re approaching a new moon (which will be in Gemini at 20:45 25th May BST) I thought it prudent to see what energies are […]

Using the Tarot as a crutch

We can create dependencies or a crutch on so many things in this modern age. Sex, drugs, rock n roll, tarot readings…  Yes, tarot readings. Relying too much on what your cards tell you rather than experiencing life itself, can cause issues.  It’s easy to get hooked into things that you know help you & […]

Venus Is Now Direct, which means… ? 

Venus went direct in the skies as of April 15th, 2017.  What does that little planet of love going direct mean to us? Well, firstly, it just isn’t that simple, as much as I’d love it to be! To move forward, it firstly had to square up to another planet, Saturn. Now that this seems to […]

Pyramid Spread & Saturn Retrograde

There are many spreads that are available out there, easily accessible thanks to the Internet.  One of my favourites is the pyramid spread, wider at the bottom then up to the point of what to do next. It can be reversed from the single point again to be as large going forwards as you need or […]

The After Effects of Trauma

Going through something traumatic such as a mugging can really bugger you up. I explore ways of dealing with it & the after effects of trauma with the Tarot.  Having something violently removed from you shakes you up, no matter what was removed, how it happened or where you were. Items are just that, items. […]

Wildwood Shares ~ The Bow Spread

When the Wildwood was launched, it came with a worthy book, detailing a lot of things about this earthy deck. One of the sections has the spreads that Mark designed for this deck & I’ve chosen to illustrate the Bow Spread for you with this week’s question. To be honest, I’ve never gotten into the […]

How Wild Are You? The Wildwood Finds Out

I asked for questions for my blog and this one made me chuckle.  How wild are you? Let’s find out (I can draw you 3 cards for £10) and have a little fun with the Tarot.  The Cards & Spread  Image What’s your inner wild side? 3 of Stones What’s your public wild side? 10 […]

Getting Off the HangUp with The Wildwood

Have you ever wondered how on Earth you got suckered into worrying about the small stuff & how do you get off the hangup? I know it’s time to let go of the hangup I’m having about my own social media numbers, whilst still keeping a track of them. Let’s explore how I can let […]

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