Wildwood COTD : Queen of Arrows

Today’s Card of the Day is the Queen of Arrows, symbolised by the white swan swimming on a river. There are some people in this world who are direct, say it as they see it and can engage in articulate discussions. While I am like this some of the time, I’m not calculating with it. Some people are. But if you want an honest answer in life, then a Queen of Arrows is quite good at telling it to you very straight and directly. Should you not want to know, don’t ask a Queen of Arrows / Swords! The reference book has emotions with this card that I had not associated with it before. They are a state of separation, which may bring with it sorrow, privation and misfortune. You may need to break old bonds and find new rivers in which to swim if you are to move beyond this place of darkness and loss (quoted verbatim there). So I wonder now what yesterday’s message (Ace of Arrows) means with this card following it. Do I go through with it? Or now that I’ve had a night to sleep on it, do I go my own way? (As Fleetwood…

Wildwood COTD : Ace of Arrows

Today’s card is the Ace of Arrows. I won’t admit quite yet what I was thinking about when I  was shuffling this deck: the idea though has been born. But what does this card suggest? The key phrase with it is: The Breath of Life. We see an arrow riding up as the smoke from making a mark in the ground below rises up into the overcast sky. The arrow is rising with the smoke, allowing our ideas to fly. I need to give this idea a little more time, but the idea is there. All I can say is (in the words of one Dr Samuel Beckett: Oh boy!!)

Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows

Today’s Card of the Day is the Two of Arrows, with the keyword of “Injustice”. We can see, if you scroll down, that this lady sits beneath a set of scales. The scales look balanced, but they are not. How can a single white feather and a pile of coins possibly be balanced? The two arrows crossing her breasts and the bow at her feet suggest that she has shut herself off, but is still keeping herself grounded. But why and to what else? Is there an injustice occurring? Am I a part of it? Am I a witness to it?  I do not wish to be and on that, I must be careful.

Wildwood COTD : Three of Stones

Today, the card of the day is the Three of Stones, whose key word is Creativity. This lady is tapping into the tree roots, feeling the beat of the Wildwood through all and every fibre of her being. What is she trying to create? This is the Stones suit, so it would be Pentacles in RWS decks. The stone trilithon offers some  protection and shelter while she concentrates on her work. The book says make yourself free to listen to the muse within, the intuition. I managed a small meditation this morning while the kids ate their breakfast with daddy. It was nice, lying in bed, musing and thinking. I love how the Tarot provides synchronism in modern life and I love how this deck manages it for me quite often. I will update the post tomorrow with a picture.