What Did I Do Wrong : The Tarot Answers

From the list of questions for the Sunday Blog post; What Did I Do Wrong?

This is a question I know that we adults (often parents) ask ourselves semi-regularly,  but when things do not go as planned,  we look to ourselves and others for an explanation.  So,  what did I do wrong?

The question itself isn’t the best.  It assigns blame, which isn’t always a healthy thing to dish out to anyone,  especially ourselves. Beverley Knight sang it well,  with “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” (though you’re not a Fool). What you should have done, would have done and could have done are all questions in hindsight,  but they don’t assign self-blame, or blame anyone.  Opportunities are missed all the time, its human nature to not take a path or to go our own way.

With Ms Knight’s song in mind,  here’s a little spread for you,  to work out your mind on whatever it is that bothers you. Let’s take a step forward from last week’s Guest Blog post. What could you have done differently?

wrong - Shoulda woulda coulda


Shoulda –  what should have been done – The Sun of Life
What a pain to have such a positive card come up for this? This does happen in the Tarot, frequently. That’s where having a good Tarot reader, with ethics and experience, are essential. There are plenty of us around!

As for the should have? Well, this reads for me as you should have been genuine to your higher self, not your ego, not your demands or ambition. So, you should have set that aside and been true to yourself. You’ve stifled your inner power, not shone brightly enough or allowed others to shine too. Did you help someone up, or put them down? Did you help them focus on their dreams? Did you ask for their help with your dreams?

wouldaWoulda – what would have been good – The Journey

Well, the Journey came out on this one. This card is all about change, adapting. It would have been good if you’d allow the change to happen, instead of fighting it. It would have been good if you or the other person didn’t let things rot away and took the chance, the opportunity.

It would’ve also been nice if some sharing had occurred. Look at this crow; he doesn’t look like he’s shared that carcass! Is it wrong that he didn’t share?

Coulda – what could have have been done – Knight of Bows ~ Fox

couldaHere’s the cunning in the tail: the Knight is a cunning person, someone who can and does adapt and change plans in a heartbeat. They think on their feet in the heat of the moment.

This card is saying that reaction, or doing something, may have been better than doing nothing at all. Reacting and acting, may have saved you from some of the hurt, or caused more. We don’t really know what it would have done for you, had you gone the other way. It was just something you could have done.

So, there you have it. In this case, it’s saying that you’re not “wrong” my dear, there was no set right way. You’re just sadly out of time to work it all out! As happens to us all at certain times in our lives. We don’t have time infinite to work it all out, which is another reason I believe our souls come back to this mortal coil. To work more stuff out.

I’ve used The Wildwood for this spread, which I designed (Please feel free to use it, I’ll post it up on TA and on its own via Twitter or G+ if people ask!) and the interpretations are my own too, based on the cards that have come out. I tend to create my own spreads for consultations I’m engaged with.

Always Correct : The Tarot

The Tarot is always correct, it’s our understandings that are often off base.

This came in answer to my question query from Facebook. “Why is the Tarot, always correct?” Not me, I can be as wrong as a “U” bend at times! But the Tarot, that’s not wrong.

I’d love to say, I’m personally right all the time. However, I am human, I’m fallible. The cards are just cards, with images that trigger thoughts and reactions inside your head. So, why is the Tarot correct when the reader isn’t always?

looking for the correct experienceFor one thing, personal experience. My experience is going to be so very different from yours. What triggers in your head is going to be different from the thoughts that go through my head; even as we view the same image. It’s just like having a different view on a piece of art. It’s subjective, depending on your experiences in life. I wouldn’t say I had a sheltered life, but thanks to the decisions my parents took, it was an easier life than maybe I’d have had in Glasgow. We’ll never know, for sure. (Unless I can get a parallel universe me to compare notes with 😉 )

You’ll find when people create a spread, we assign positional meanings to them. That’s because we want to know something specific from that card in that place, along with the rest of the cards. It’s not just left to “Oh, what do we see??” as we draw the cards out. Well, not all the time!

offering the correct opinionLife experiences can influence intuitive readings, which is why I took the time to learn the traditional meanings as well as build on my intuition. If I had carried on when I was 16, I’d have a lot more wealth of information to hand, but I didn’t. I did as I was bid and put the cards away. I’ve over 90 decks now, I wonder what my mother would say to that? I’ll ask her when I see her next!

Each time I write a blog post or any Tarot reader writes a blog post about a card or a set of cards, or any Tarot reader reads your cards, you’re asking them for their opinion, their thoughts. They’ve taken the time to learn what the traditional meanings are, built on and worked with their intuition. They’ve invested time and often money on courses etc. to build that up. Reading the cards for someone isn’t just a “throw away” thing. It takes energy and for the good ones amongst us, we adopt an ethical responsibility to help the querent to their highest good. That does result in sometimes, saying “I can’t read for you, I’m sorry” and may contain things that you’d rather not hear, but need to. Sometimes, we’re the advice you need, not what you want.

The cards are just literal. I’ve demonstrated this with the two Queens I’ve chosen to illustrate this blog. Their nuances and applications come out of your experiences.

I hope that gives you further insight into how Tarot readings work. I’ve a guest post coming up next week and I hope you enjoy her input.

If you’d like the opinion of the Tarot, with my insight, you can book your reading with me right here.

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Energies During a New Moon

Energies rise and fall. We can sense them more at the New Moon. Which way will they fall for you?

Finding your feet and keeping them grounded when your energies want you to fly, can be tricky. With the broom at the ready, what does this New Moon have to share with us all? If you’d like to find out, let me know.

I know that this month’s Full Moon is in Taurus. To me, this Sun Sign is stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, hot-headed, temperamental, possessive. They can, however, be the most helpful and loyal of family members, staunch friends, great advisors and frugal. They’re dependable, generous, down to Earth. I designed this little spread with the question: What do I need to know about my Lunar energies this Full Moon?


The first card drawn doesn’t matter, they’re read in a circle, for there is no light without shadow and there is no bright light without understanding the darkness. Lay your cards out any way you wish.  New Moon Spreads tend to last for about 2 or 4 weeks, depending on when the next Full Moon & New Moon hit. This is a long time to be stubborn!

Here’s what The Wildwood offered for this Taurus New Moon Spread.

earthNegative Energy To Release : The Onyx, Page of Stones.
This might be a strange one, but since the Lynx doesn’t and can’t actually speak, this suddenly becomes quite easy to understand. No more can you sit in the shadows and do nothing. Something has to be said and keeping silent isn’t going to help. Something has to be said, though it may not amount to much. When they (The establishment) come for you, who will speak up then? Release the silence, let them hear your roar. Be stubborn, be the bull in a china shop, cause havoc, make people think. For only by doing that, will a true and informed decision come to light.

energiesPositive Energy to Utilize : The Ancestor
There’s wisdom within us that we do not understand or comprehend. It’s there, guiding us. Call it intuition, our drive, Vulcan logic or something else, there’s the ancient wisdom passed down as it pulses through our veins.

We should tap into it, like the snows that fall, melt, vanish and fall again, it comes back to us again and again. What does your deep intuitive self, say when you meditate on this image? It’s the beat of that ancient drum in your veins that you need to listen to.

It’s time to pass through the gateway of the Silver Birch trees and connect with the elder wisdom within us. Please leave your emotional baggage at the gateway, you won’t be needing it where you’re going in this card. It will only take longer to talk with this lady if you wish to try to take that nonsense with you.

Dancing energiesGrounding Energy : 5 of Vessels ~ Ecstasy
This is an unusual card to have as the base card. It took me the time to write the other two to work out what this one was on about. It’s about being happy! And going through the motions. It’s about dancing through life rather than crying and whilst you’re dancing, you may as well do something useful, like dance a spell.

This is a card I relate to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Going through the motions. Nothing seems to penetrate your heart, but you can’t sit back and wait for the feelings to come back to you, you still have to get up in the mornings, go to work, school, food shop, feed the kids, walk the dog, scoop the poop (bet you never thought I’d say that on this blog!)

Well, once you get going, you often forget to be miserable or forget why you’re doing what you’re doing.

There’s always a catch, though: Try playing a Taurus at their own game! See how far that gets you. If of course, you want to play their game at all. It might be wiser to just forget that and find something else to spend your energies on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this New Moon Blog Post, I look forward to catching you soon!


What Do I Need To Know : The Week Ahead

To know what is coming, is to be prepared, correct? Well, maybe….

Knowing what is coming, or what may come, is like looking at the weather forecast and deciding if you’re going to wear a rain jacket, or a fleece;  a combination of those two. Or whatever suits your needs.

Sometimes we want to know what may be coming our way. Either we need an umbrella, or to girder our loins… Others use it as a crutch, the ultimate word before they leave the bed in the morning. Even some, to the extend that they WON’T leave bed until they’ve drawn a card.

This spread, comes courtesy of Lisa @ Angelorum. Mary and I used this at our last Meet Up, and whilst Lisa may have created this for Mars retrograde, we found it to be pretty useful in general: so I’ve used it this week. Please, enjoy!

situation, knowSituation : Page of Arrows : Okay,  please, you need to listen. People are telling you things but you don’t hear what they’re saying. This might be because they’re using big words, or because you don’t want to understand what it is they’re saying. Or even the person its coming from, you dislike. Please, pin your ears back and close your mouth. The two don’t often work well together. One or the other, yes?

You have two ears and one mouth, for a reason. Why is that, do you think?

Don'tDon’t : Two of Arrows : Make a decision rashly. Find out all the facts first, but don’t make a decision without knowing as much as you can find out. If someone is asking that you decide on the bare facts, what is in it for them? What are they hiding? If they insist on you agreeing to their plans, NOW, know that there’s something not right. Don’t agree. Take a step back.

Things are SO out of balance and kilter, you can’t see it. That’s OK, but knowing that they are, may help you.

know, mournDo : Seven of Vessels : Now, you may be hurting, you may feel rejected, but that’s no need to react in a bad way. This week, take the time to let go of what it is that’s hurt you.  Know that the feelings associated with that, don’t need to be projected onto another person. Work it through, let it go and say good-bye to the hurt. Forgiving isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign that says you acknowledge their hurt to you, and you’re not prepared to carry it around any more. That’s its Strength.

Now that, is great!

I hope that this weeks’ mini reading has helped you. If you want to book your own reading, full or otherwise, you can do so right here.


Career Path – Is This The Right Path?

We’re often stuck in our career as much as we are in general life, sometimes more so!

What  happens when you’re not sure if you’re on the right career path? Let me offer you a reading on that subject.

We spend so much of our lives working, often working for others in jobs we don’t like with people we’d rather not be friends with on social media. I find that a damn shame, but I’ve been there, done it, walked away. Sometimes though, we get it right and if that’s the case, you won’t be needing my help. If you do, I write this for you.

RespectWhat are the pro’s of work? Every job has it’s good and bad points. Focus for a few moments on the good.

The Woodwose suggest that you’ve got the respect and you command it. You give it out when you need to and you make sue that those you work with respect you, even if they don’t like you.

That’s a damn hard thing to pull off in an office, even more so if you’re working for yourself. The other pro here, taking on the self employment aspect, is that you have to respect yourself & treat your business as a proper career. You have to create rules and processes and you can’t hide behind anyone else’s nonsense any more. Rather cool!

earthWhat are the con’s? There is always the other side of the coin to consider, the shadow side, the side most people don’t want to deal with.  Mostly, it’s the management, the boss.

Sometimes, it’s the work and this card hints that you’re having to watch your back all the time and watch what you’re saying to whom. Often, office gossip can be more of a hindrance than anything else you ever do, or achieve.

Page’s are often the messengers of their suit.  In this case, the message is that you’re still learning how to deal with these aspects of your career in a practical sense.

career answerWhat’s the answer? The King of Bows comes out as the final card and you’ve got to hand it to this Tarot deck: It doesn’t mess around! Take control, it says! Be in charge and just do it, get to the top, fight your way to it.

Be honest, have good intentions and show your integrity.

Employ your maturity and strength of wisdom, your resolve and your positive energy. Don’t allow your leadership to be undermined or challenged. Your career path is strong and you’ll realise your goals.

All in all, these are 3 positive cards to say “Yes”, You’re on the right path, just watch what you’re saying and how you’re acting and own it. Own it all!

Let me offer my services once again, should you have doubts on your own career path.


Appreciating Your Mother

How can you show appreciation to the wonderful Mothers in our lives?

Appreciating our mothers (the good ones!) and showing that you’re grateful for all their hard work doesn’t have to cost the stash of pocket money of the children they loving bought into this World. And if you’re a mother yourself, do simple solutions work best? What are the simple solutions that are available to you?

Appreciating anyone in our lives who has, for whatever reason, gone over and above the call of duty, can be hard. You want the meaning of the thank you, to be really heart-felt. Appreciating our Mothers can be harder, because they never really stop. Honestly, we don’t! So, I asked the Tarot “How can we show appreciation for our Mothers on Mothers Day?” In the UK, we celebrate this day before our American cousins, but that doesn’t matter, I’ve created a 3 card spread for you to use at any time, for anyone you need guidance on this for.


Your first card on What to Appreciate, is: Queen of Stones. Appreciate your mother’s ability to pull rabbits out of the hats at the eleventh hour, when you finally show her the school letter you were sent home with two weeks ago. Appreciate that your mum won’t have had a full nights’ sleep. She may have stayed up way past her bed time to do your project, or finish it off.

The Middle card of How Not to Show It, is The Seer. Don’t be a sulky bum or a quiet mouse. Your mum can tell, without you speaking, what’s going through your little mind. You being a little sulky pants is an indication that you’ve don’t appreciate all her hard work.

The last card of : How To Show It, is The Two of Stones. Don’t fight and pick fault with her hard work. If you didn’t want it the way she’s done it, you can do it for yourself and ask for help. Be nice, say thank you; don#t cause conflicts just because you can. Put the effort in yourself, so you appreciate the hours she spends later on, when you’re tucked up in bed.

Here’s how the cards looked, when I laid them out.


Celebrate your supportive parents, regardless of who they are. How do you do show support? How did the kids show support, love and appreciation? Let me know! I’ll pop back during the day and look for comments / feedback!

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Making Plans in Advance

What plans are you making this half term week?

Even during the school holidays, making plans is essential. They can be as loose, or as tight as you wish, but having one can help! If you want help making one, I’m right here.

A change in routine can be a pain in the rear end at times, a blessing in disguise in others. School holidays are usually heralded by stroppy, tired kids, their parents or teachers. Sometimes, all three at the same time! That’s okay, if you know it’s coming and you have a plan.

plansSome things in life cannot be planned for, though. Sometimes, the next move on the chess board of life isn’t ours to make, so what on earth do you do then?

The King of Bows from The Wildwood can help. He’s all about being honourable and magnanimous, standing out from the crowd. Have you seen all the memes on Facebook recently, talking about being individual and coming into your own power? Male or female, this card is all about owning your own power and taking command of it and the situations you may find yourself in.

This card is certainly full charisma, lots of adders are trying to be unique, being assertive and enthusiastic. Do you need to borrow these characteristics, this half term week? Where do you need to take charge? (Ha, any parent at home with the kids at half term, knows the answer to that!) Or do you need to bolster your self-esteem, because the kids are tearing it out of you? Another positive characteristic of the King of Bows is to be benevolent, and gentle with the kids and yourself, to a certain point.

So for the remainder of this week, lets keep the dominating, self-righteous and bullying aspects of this card down to a minimum. As is sometimes necessary with kids, bribery and corruption are common place, but only for sweets and technology 😉