Gemini New Moon & Middle Beltane

New Moon in Gemini cards

It’s a New Moon & the fires of Beltane still burn brightly. What can the Gemini New Moon provide us on insights? We’re in the middle time between Beltane & as we’re approaching a new moon (which will be in

The After Effects of Trauma

Going through something traumatic such as a mugging can really bugger you up. I explore ways of dealing with it & the after effects of trauma with the Tarot.  Having something violently removed from you shakes you up, no matter

Energies During a New Moon

Energies rise and fall. We can sense them more at the New Moon. Which way will they fall for you? Finding your feet and keeping them grounded when your energies want you to fly, can be tricky. With the broom

Wildwood : Endurance Path

It’s half term, time to hunker down, teach and not make it all such a challenge! Endurance is certainly something any parent finds that they need when the little darlings are off school. This week, whilst I love time with

Wildwood : Dodge Goat!

Dodge those arrows, you clever goat! Shortly after the last time this card came out, wheels fell off my home wagon. Time to ensure I don’t make the same mistake as last time! The trick with the Tarot, when you

Wildwood : Dodging Them Tricky Hurdles

This week, I feel there’s a lot of dodging to be done, some hurdles to jump and basically, sharp pointy things to avoid. Life I think, is an obstacle course. Only, it’s not a straight line, you don’t know what

Wildwood : A Hard Day’s Night ~ Endurance

The Wildwood’s Five of Stones comes out to join us and my immediate thought was: the night is long, we need endurance, then the Beatle’s Hard Day’s Night comes to mind, and the keyword suddenly comes into play. And endurance

Wildwood : Empowerment & Clothes Shopping

Today we link the Wildwood into a rather mundane task: Clothes Shopping. How can the Five of Bows, with the keyword “empowerment” aid us in clothes shopping? The weather for today was mixed and with the need to get out

Wildwood Answers : 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 26

We’re into the last five days of this brilliant little challenge and today, the question from Ree at 78Keys is this: Have you ever regretted a particular reading, either for yourself or another? I had to think on this for

Wildwood CotD : Five of Vessels

It’s a TopLoader kind of day, to dance in the Moonlight! And if this lady is any example to go by, dance your cares away! As is obvious from the image we see to the left, she’s dancing within a

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