Be Proud of Yourself!

We’ve all had our noses to the grindstone of late. Lift your head up & be proud! Being proud of what we’ve achieved is not a bad thing, providing we leave the dining table when the feasting is done. Lifting your head up & acknowledging what you’ve accomplished is something some of us are better […]

It’s Being Better By Doing – Get Up & Get Doing

How often do we wish we were good at something, but then, don’t do anything about it? In order for us to be good at something, means we have to be doing it, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it does! You have to get better by doing. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t […]

Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!

It’s very easy to get swept up in the roles of modern life. Sometimes though, we need reminding to act our shoe size & not our age! How can the Tarot help you do just that? Whatever your shoe size is, the Tarot can help you get your head out of your own butt. It’s […]

What’s The Insight On…

The Tarot can often provide an insight into things that we already know. We sometimes need to understand a situation at a deeper level. You understand what’s happened, but not the why. Perhaps you know both, but need insight to help you “get it” so you can move on. I was asked this question via Twitter: I […]

What would happen if I Focus on…

What would happen if you focused on the results of your efforts rather than your efforts?  What could happen if you choose to focus on both: The end result and the efforts you put in? Deciding what to focus on can be tricky.  We all need more money,  we all want more things,  we all want the better things. […]

Office Party : Tarot Blog Hop

Office Party season. The Wildwood comes bearing the Secret Santa gift for one of you, my co-workers. What does it contain? Read on to unwrap the gift at your office party! Blog Hop Before | Master List | Next Blog Hop Welcome to the latest Yule Tarot Blog entry from me. Whether you’ve landed here […]

Wildwood : Slippery Little Suckers

The slipper little sucker that is the Knight of Vessels comes out to remind us that we have the ability to change, adapt and move as circumstances dictate. I’ve been feeling in and out of water for a few days, with this coming up, I understand now I have the ability to slither across dry […]

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