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Wildwood : Carpe Diem, Mr Fox

Posted by Louise

I asked the Wildwood Tarot app what energies I needed to aid me this week and Mr Fox says:  "carpe diem". Remind me to keep him away from my daughter though, she loves this card and she will seize him!

carpe diem

Knight of Bows

Once again, the born survivor comes out to say, seize the day (carpe diem)! The determination the Fox has can lead to success, but I'd rather not do it at a personal cost. The Fox is full of natural wit and cleverness, and this card can guide us towards being fulfilled. The fox anticipates the future, which is a gift to cherish.

Being quick-witted isn't one of my strong points, but avoiding the headlights is. The fox reminds us that leaving old ways behind, being innovative, creative, cunning and improvising a way forward are good characteristics of the fox, as is the phrase "carpe diem", but he has his negative side too. He can be reckless and overly competitive, violent, impatient.

What situation do I need to seize during the coming week? What situation do you need to seize? Where do you need to take the time and make haste, slowly? Yes, I did say slowly. Foxes might be quick enough to get out-of-the-way of an on-coming car, but they're not that quick in their own arena, or so I am told. They like to take their time but they're creatures that very much "carp diem" (seize the day) when they need to.

Have you seen Blackadder? I was sure my favourite phrase about having a plan so cunning I could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, was in there, but it turns out the final animal is the weasel. Not quite the animal we have before us and I rather like this fox's tail!

So, with that in mind (and since my memory about Blackadder shattered enough that I need to revisit some old episodes) I hope this week doesn't require too much thinking, but plenty of "carpe diem" moments! I hope you seize the day(s) coming too!

Thanks for dropping by, you can like this post, +1, re-tweet and do other nice things with it that'll make me smile, including commenting. I'm off to take Baldrick off the spit and tidy away the Wildwood cards.


Wildwood : Snuggle Up

Posted by Louise

The clocks here in the UK have gone back and hour and the time has come to snuggle up. But, what to do with the extra time?


Knight of Stones ~ Horse
Card of the Day

Having an extra hour (supposedly in bed!) for the first few days after the clocks "fall" backwards, is always entertaining, especially with the kids. What I really want to do is to sleep, snore my little head off but the kids are young, proof life is for living.

They're all galloping around, a little like the Knight of Stones, where as I'm far more like the 4 of Arrows. However, there has to be some middle ground and it comes I feel, in the shape of being a family.

If you were to pick a Tarot card to show a family, sitting down and being a family, what RWS card would you attribute that image to? The Six of Bows, full of abundance? Nine of Cups with being nice and generous to each other? Ten of Stones with the image of happy families? Or is it more like the Five of bows and full of conflict?


Nine of Bows

What do you feel is important, when you're forced to spend time with those little people who you bore? I want to, they have other ideas and "snuggle up" usually means bed (fight) time. Is it one thing? Is it another? Is there one, unique, magical answer? Should I consult the Shaman for the magical formula I need? I was complimented the other week by a total stranger, a much older lady who would have been my grandmothers age, were either of the auld battle-axes still alive. I was then told I run a "tight ship" and that they're a compliment to me. My Nanny MacPhee retort to the nice auld lady  aside,  I expect children to show respect and have manners; showing that they're at least grateful for the effort a parent puts into looking after them. But am I that bad? The Woodwose is another card that speaks about spending the half term with respect being the first command. He's certainly not the snuggle up kind, is he?

However, there's another way, which was the original thought behind this Tarot blog entry. There's time to snuggle up, cuddle up and just be together, right after kicking up leaves and having a good walking the brisk air with the dog. Now, what card would you have to represent snuggling up and spending windy days, indoors with some hot chocolate and a kids movie? Come on, share, I'm intrigued :)

I've used the Wildwood Deck, in case you were still wondering 😉


Wildwood : Court-ly Advise

Posted by Louise

This week, I've pulled a three card reading from the Wildwood and for the first time in a long time, every card is a court. Crumbs!

Courts can be a royal pain in the bum. They can represent other people, the type of situations, parts of your thoughts and psyche: They're diverse and as such, a pest to translate and work into your readings. Alison Cross does a fan-tabulous blog on Courts, called This Game of Thrones, so if you're struggling with the Courts, get visiting her blog.

However, with three of them, using the Wildwood's Pathway Spread, we've a lot to work out, so let's be getting on with it. Here's the first card, the Knight of Stones, which is the middle card.


What does this Court represent? He's the one running at full pelt. Is he running away from someone? Is he running towards something or just going through life, hell for leather? For me, the Knight isn't stopping and that is probably part of the issue. Did he stop to consider things? Did he give himself time to think? I often don't, so like him, I carry on regardless, wishing I could slow down, not knowing how to, regretting things along the way.

The King of Stones to the left advises us of what not to do. I struggle with him, because a) he's a court but b) he's a lone wolf. Do I not do things on my own? I had first hand experience of him Monday night, trying to work out logistics of this weekends travel for me. I sat there, doing it "on my own" and whined once that I couldn't get into the City of Birmingham for 5am to catch a very cheap coach to London, as local public transport doesn't start until 6am! With the husband and sisters help, the logistics got worked out and at a very reasonable rate. If I'd done it on my own, it would have cost 1/3 more, or I'd have missed a connection by mere minutes. The lesson, is to ask this week; don't be the Lone Wolf and do things on your own, even if they seem small things to ask for help with. This Wolf may be howling at the moon, but now I feel he's asking for help, not doing things alone, as I first thought.


Queen of Bows ~ Hare

And finally, we have the final Court, the Queen of Bows, represented by The Hare. She's Mrs Practicality, isn't she?  She's the wise, witty friend who never leaves your side, no matter how much of an ejit you've been. However, she'll tell you, gently, that you've been a silly sausage (or words slightly stronger) but that it's okay with a hug and helps you sort out what you need.  Is this you? Could this be me? I suspect I know who will appear or be like that at the weekend (when I finally meet her - it's only been some 6 years we've known each other, but never met!) but nothing is set in stone. It could be anyone that comes into my life, or it could just be I take on this persona over the weekend. We'll see.

So this week, we've so many possibilities that can work out for us, but it'll work out as it needs to. I must remember to pack my Tarot deck (or a few!) and tickets, directions and travel cards for the weekend: I will be needing them!

The Wildwood Tarot deck is the one I've used for this weeks Tarot blog entry, in case you were wondering. And if you'd like to leave me a comment on your thoughts with this spread, I'd love to chat Courts with you!


Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 10

Posted by Louise

We're finally into double figures of the 30 Day Challenge, a third of the way through. It was originally set in December by Ree at 78 Keys, but today, her question is this: What card best represents you/your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread)?

Knight of VesselsEel

Knight of Vessels

I hinted at this yesterday when I thought about the most popular card I've blogged about in 2012 and why that might be. Usually, to represent me, based on my birthday, is the Knight of Vessels, but my age and Sun-sign point me towards the Queen of Vessels. Here on the right we can see the Knight of Vessels. He's adaptable, fluid. If he needs to get his tail end out of the water, he will. When he needs to go back in, he will and always, he finds his way: somehow. Eels have a great homing instinct, nearly as strong as, or very comparable to, The Salmon, who in this deck, is the Queen of Vessels.

She for me, is the calm one, the one who will often jump through hoops for her family, children, spouses, because she loves them. Like the Eel, she'll get out of her own comfort zone, her own environment, to do what must be done. Yes, even to the point of sacrificing herself, her health (physical and mental) or otherwise for family. But she's a loving mother, a nurturer, the one you'll get cuddles from, who will eat the things on your dinner plate (peas perhaps?) that daddy says you have to eat, but mummy knows you won't touch with a fork the length and size of a barge pole!

So, what can these pair bring to us today? For me, they're adaptable, giving, wear their heart on their sleeves, able to ride the emotional roller-coaster of life. So, which ever-one appeals to you more today, their energy is yours to borrow. That is what the Tarot does: it helps you find the answers you need. And I am here to help interpret the answers from the Tarot.


Wildwood CotD : Knight of Bows

Posted by Louise

Today we have been watched by the Knight of Bows, which appears to us as the sly, cunning, observant, entrepreneurial and daring, Mr Fox.

Knight of Bows

To me, the Fox is observant. He encourages us to see and not be seen, to be observant, agile, skilled. They're also unpredictable, they're not "set" in their day and night routine all the time these days, not when there is free food to be had in the left-overs we humans leave behind.

What else comes to mind for me is that the fox is sheer determination. Do they have that characteristic to their own detriment? Do we, if we borrow the energy that this Knight presents to us today?

Our lives change so much in such a short time, we have to be clever, cunning and willing to change direction at the drop of a hat. We have to trust our instincts. If they say: "Leave the old ways behind" we need to trust in that.  Of course, it depends upon who is saying that to us and why it is either being said or felt.

Today, I have been watching things unfold. Watching and hearing my children play, doing chores, arranging engineers (more of them!) for next week to fix certain pieces of machinery, obtain quotes and ideas for other aspects in the house. Watching can be boring, but sometimes, we need to observe to understand what exactly, is going on around us.

Have fun and be safe, watching the world go by for a day. I also wonder if today is a day to think?


Wildwood CotD : Knight of Stones

Posted by Louise

Today my youngest son pulls the card of the day and the Knight of Stones comes galloping towards me. Like him, today, I have been restless and I am at some loss to explain why.


Knight of Stones ~ Horse
Card of the Day

It has been hard to explain, this feeling of being out of control, whilst fully in control. I'll wager that statement doesn't even make sense, but that is how I have been feeling: galloping head-long but in control a little of where and why I am going there.

The colours on this wild horse suggest that he is healthy. Since he is wild and healthy, it suggests good self-sufficiency and activity. He's very physical, very fit and any decision this Knight makes is because he is fit enough to make those decisions. I wonder if pleasure is important to this horse? He's a Knight, or representative of one, so he might just do things because it makes him feel good, like, run for a while or enjoy listening to something.

He's daring, full of pride and loves the Earth and will try most things at least once. I'd love to go riding on his back sometime, but I think he might buck me off! And since I'm 20 weeks pregnant and don't ride for real, that might not be a great plan, but the idea of being free, doing something amazing, persevering and being active are all ringing true!

Now, I really need to find a way to get rid of all this nervous energy! It's making the little lady jump about a bit too much right now!


Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

Posted by Louise

It's midweek, but the Wildwood isn't getting all in a hump about it! Instead it sends out the Knight of Bows, Mr Creativity and Cunning to help us out today.

Card of the Day

Knight of Bows ~ Fox
Card of the Day

The fox is so much more than cunning and creativity personified though, he's got great shamanic qualities, which you can find here. Mr Clever paws here last visited us on the 13th of May. The feminine courage of this character is quite powerful for me at the moment, and it has me wondering and hoping about something in particular. Foxes are also persistent, swift and full of stealth.

And these skills start with foxes when they're cubs. My sister had a first hand experience of a fox cub that had followed her cats into the house via the cat flap. Who says that they're not clever or inquisitive? Something of a fright, especially for her two cats!

So, today, the ability of the fox to observe (mostly) unseen, to be persistent, to perhaps shape shift and be invisible can be of benefit to us. In some ways, he's very similar to the Lynx (Page of Stones) in the quiet, observational way that they both seem to have.

However, today, I shall borrow some of the foxes better qualities and enjoy today's tasks. If you'd like your own personal reading, you can book it  via this page.


Wildwood COTD : Knight of Vessels

Posted by Louise

It's a Monday and the Wildwood, as always, has a message for us. It comes to us in the shape of the Knight of Vessels, represented in this deck by the slick Eel. But what does the Eel represent to you?

Card of the Day

Knight of Vessels ~Eel
Card of the Day

For me, I see him as slippery and rather a negative character. He's the romantic cad that'll leave you just when you need him the most. But he must have a positive side, mustn't he? Time to pick up and read the book....

There's some good background about the eel shape changing,  becoming spears and swimming through water where weeds and cresses drift. (Cresses are like water cress, edible water plants)

The eel, according to the book, has purity of intent. I'm thinking here, someone wearing their heart on their sleeve. The book also says that the eel is able to bring wisdom and maturity to the tasks that need undertaking today. Good, I'm going to need a darned good dose of that today!

What else?

The book says that embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onwards. My vision? If it means my battle plan for the day, yes, I have one. If it means my life / mission statement, that's a little beyond a card of the day post, but I get what it's aiming for. For once! It also says that my deep feelings are expressed at every turn. Goddess I hope not!

So, what have we got for today? Possible attraction, conquests, seduction? There's also agreements, induction, a possible union, people coming together. Let me know how your day goes with this fellow floating around. I'll share my insights later on.

Blessings to you this day and if you'd like my help, you can book your slot with me here.


Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

Posted by Louise

Today, on Sunday, the Knight of Bows kindly comes out to greet us. Since we had the Lynx yesterday, I find it interesting that I pull out the Fox and continue the weekend skills of observing and camouflage.

Card of the Day

Knight of Bows ~ Fox

The fox has a lot going for it, Shamanistic-ally speaking. The list for him is as long as my arm, but there are a few that stand out. Female courage is the first one that comes out. We don't know by looking at this card if the fox is male or female, and to be honest, it matters not. Its the energy surrounding them that is important, not their gender.

But what else has the fox got in store for us today? You can visit its Shamanistic traits here. He last came out for me on the 5th of April, when I probably needed the help of the good Doctor and his Tardis, but I do not feel the need for time travelling or the need to travel to the land of the Sidhe.

However, the ability to observe unnoticed is rather useful, especially with two small children around. It's also useful for people watching. The fox has other useful skills when seeing clients, such as gentleness and swiftness. So today, I bid you well and take care and if you wish to book your reading with me, you can do so here.


Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

Posted by Louise

Today, Mr Fox, the sly, sleek, conniving opportunistic soul comes out to join us. I might just borrow some of his skills for today!  But what are his skills? In Shaman terms, the fox brings anything from gifts from the Gods to Healing to giving man fire.

Card of the Day

Knight of Bows ~ Fox

He can be a guide to the Faery realm, the realm of the Sidhe, which is understandable since he's an ingenious, nocturnal creature that lives pretty much anywhere these days. They're opportunistic, often seen as time travellers, shape-shifters, experts at camouflage, agile, skilled and unpredictable.

All of these skills will certainly help fulfil my plans today. I'd rather have the time travelling skill though! How does one engage the good Doctor and his Tardis?

Since I've more chance of plaiting fog than getting The Doctor to help, I'd better get on with it on my own. The ability of the fox to be seen in several places in quick succession is one such useful skill.

What skills of his can you borrow today? We're all born with the full 16 court cards already engaged, just we prefer to use some and not others, depending on our education, experiences etc. I shall certainly enjoy borrowing the skills of Fantastic Mr Fox! Will you?

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