Gemini New Moon & Middle Beltane

New Moon in Gemini cards

It’s a New Moon & the fires of Beltane still burn brightly.

What can the Gemini New Moon provide us on insights?

We’re in the middle time between Beltane & as we’re approaching a new moon (which will be in Gemini at 20:45 25th May BST) I thought it prudent to see what energies are around us at this time.

Gemini’s love to ask questions & find out answers. If you’ve ever worked with a Gemini they can be fantastic & very “bulldog” like in their endeavours. On the receiving end, they’re not known for letting go until they’ve gotten what they’ve set out to find. Woe betide you if you even dare to lie to them. You’ll be done to them if you do!

Gemini attention to detail can be both fantastic and a proper pain in the proverbial. It depends on how they come across with their tenacity. They also love self-reflection. Some of us shy away from that, but even so, we need to be the horse that’s led to the water & we need to drink.  They don’t tend to throw stones as they too live in a glass house. They’re not perfect but they’re so close, it scares them!

The hot summer nights are on their way, so if you jumped over the fires at Beltane, your weather wishes came true!

The Spread & Cards

I created this New Moon spread with the analytical Gemini in mind.

Gemini new moon spread

Three of Arrows: This card suggests that I need to reflect on what I feel & what I let others feel. We can all be a little insensitive at times, but this New Moon, I feel I’m being told to have a little care & reflect on what it is I am saying, doing & acting towards others.

Knight of Arrows: this one is telling me to just be honest & direct both with myself & others. Be swift & take action when you need to. There’s no need to beat about the bush (well, I don’t tend to anyway) but if I being more sensitive, I can be a little “wishy” in how I talk. Do I need to be more eloquent, perhaps? Even say it with feeling!  Do you want to poke that hornet’s nest? If you do, be prepared to fly off when you’ve said your piece.

Three of Bows: The new pathways will be a few, but it’s your choice as to which one or ones, you follow! There looks to be more than one route to where you’re going, so just decide.

Major 12, The Mirror: This card adds to the card before. To decide on what path to take, decide on how it might sit with you. Decide what kind of person you are, how you want to be. Use that as your moral compass. You have to be true to yourself in all you do with how you act, interact & behave in life.

The Hooded Man: he suggests that the likely outcome is that I find better solace in my own company, again. Not that I don’t need or want my friends around me, but it’s time to work on me & that can be a hard, solitary thing to do at times. This is one of those times; I need to make me some “thinking time” & reflect on myself inside & out. It may seem that I’m more aloof; that may be the case, but I am working on me, inside.

New Moon in Gemini cards


I need to realise that I am worth more than I give myself credit for. It’s time for me to work on myself & decide what kind of person I want to be, how I want to be perceived. The way I do that is down to me, but it all depends on what I want to be known for.  I need to work on myself & at times, just leave situations that don’t better my higher self.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this New Moon Spread that I created. I’d love to know if you tried this & what your conclusion was!  I’ve used The Wildwood here, which you can order directly from their website.

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Mercury Retrograde : What Did We Learn? 

Mercury retrograde is nearly over,  but what did you learn? 

Mercury, the planet of communication, goes direct again on the 22nd. Not a moment too soon! What did you learn  through this period of stuck,  backwards and jarred communication?

Communication with important,  though we don’t always know how or what to communicate when Mercury is going backwards in the skies above.  We sometimes find out  when Mercury goes direct & the answers come, or when we don’t hear from someone for a time & we wonder why.

I asked the Tarot,  “What was my recent lesson with this Mercury retrograde?”

The Spread:

triangle spreadThe positives from  the situation: The Knight of Cups

The negatives from the situation:The Page of Cups

What to take forward: 3 of Pentacles

The Reading:

Mercury Retrograde spreadThe positives from this Mercury Rx are interesting. The Knight is one of the dynamic four of the Courts, Knights are energetic, young, impetuous and in this case, the emotional one. He’s learning what is acceptable to others, what sits well with him and what doesn’t. He’s all about the self-learning of his emotional self. He’ll stir things up a little just to learn more about himself and others. To me, he is not emotionally trying.

The negatives from this Mercury Rx leave me sad. This Page is a step back from the Knight we have above. The dove near the cup being raised aloft isn’t quite letting the Page stroke it and the ships are sailing away. The mermaid might be safer, but I don’t feel that she’s learned anything of use, except maybe how to get things go. Maybe, in hindsight, that is not quite such a bad thing after all.

What to take forward: now this is interesting. The figures in this card haven’t yet worked out how to work together, to play on each other’s strengths or pick up the other’s weaknesses. At the moment, there’s not much co-operation. That may yet come, so there is hope, though it’s not going to be a simple walk in the park.


Most of this Mercury Retrograde (Rx) is down to what you’ve learned emotionally, about yourself & others. Therefore you need to act with some kindness and take a step back. Sometimes, you just need to carry on regardless and others need to accept that about you. They’re the ones that need to build a bridge to get over their emotional selves. They, like you, need to work in partnership to bring out the best in everyone. It’s not always about them or you, sometimes it is so about others outside of the immediate equation. Hence there has to be a new dynamic created, to get things done. Finally, the question here is: how are you going to make the dynamic work?

I’ve used my cropped Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner for this post, which you can buy from Amazon.

What Did I Do Wrong : The Tarot Answers

From the list of questions for the Sunday Blog post; What Did I Do Wrong?

This is a question I know that we adults (often parents) ask ourselves semi-regularly,  but when things do not go as planned,  we look to ourselves and others for an explanation.  So,  what did I do wrong?

The question itself isn’t the best.  It assigns blame, which isn’t always a healthy thing to dish out to anyone,  especially ourselves. Beverley Knight sang it well,  with “Shoulda, woulda, coulda” (though you’re not a Fool). What you should have done, would have done and could have done are all questions in hindsight,  but they don’t assign self-blame, or blame anyone.  Opportunities are missed all the time, its human nature to not take a path or to go our own way.

With Ms Knight’s song in mind,  here’s a little spread for you,  to work out your mind on whatever it is that bothers you. Let’s take a step forward from last week’s Guest Blog post. What could you have done differently?

wrong - Shoulda woulda coulda


Shoulda –  what should have been done – The Sun of Life
What a pain to have such a positive card come up for this? This does happen in the Tarot, frequently. That’s where having a good Tarot reader, with ethics and experience, are essential. There are plenty of us around!

As for the should have? Well, this reads for me as you should have been genuine to your higher self, not your ego, not your demands or ambition. So, you should have set that aside and been true to yourself. You’ve stifled your inner power, not shone brightly enough or allowed others to shine too. Did you help someone up, or put them down? Did you help them focus on their dreams? Did you ask for their help with your dreams?

wouldaWoulda – what would have been good – The Journey

Well, the Journey came out on this one. This card is all about change, adapting. It would have been good if you’d allow the change to happen, instead of fighting it. It would have been good if you or the other person didn’t let things rot away and took the chance, the opportunity.

It would’ve also been nice if some sharing had occurred. Look at this crow; he doesn’t look like he’s shared that carcass! Is it wrong that he didn’t share?

Coulda – what could have have been done – Knight of Bows ~ Fox

couldaHere’s the cunning in the tail: the Knight is a cunning person, someone who can and does adapt and change plans in a heartbeat. They think on their feet in the heat of the moment.

This card is saying that reaction, or doing something, may have been better than doing nothing at all. Reacting and acting, may have saved you from some of the hurt, or caused more. We don’t really know what it would have done for you, had you gone the other way. It was just something you could have done.

So, there you have it. In this case, it’s saying that you’re not “wrong” my dear, there was no set right way. You’re just sadly out of time to work it all out! As happens to us all at certain times in our lives. We don’t have time infinite to work it all out, which is another reason I believe our souls come back to this mortal coil. To work more stuff out.

I’ve used The Wildwood for this spread, which I designed (Please feel free to use it, I’ll post it up on TA and on its own via Twitter or G+ if people ask!) and the interpretations are my own too, based on the cards that have come out. I tend to create my own spreads for consultations I’m engaged with.

Getting Unstuck with The Wildwood

What do you do when you’re stuck? The Wildwood offers help.

Getting stuck with what to do next is often the way of the world we now live in. Working out the next step  or getting unstuck, can be hard. The Tarot is great for helping you articulate those thoughts into something tangible. It also helps if someone who can read the cards, can be your confidante and give you the time to think.

So, you’re stuck. You want to be unstuck. You’ve come to a cross-roads and you don’t know which way to go, it’s often good to sit and think, but if you can’t think, I find the Tarot really helpful in getting over the obstacle in question.

Do you move house? Move the kids? Stay where you are? How do you improve your finances? What do you do about your boss? Why can’t you get on with a colleague? What do you do about a specific group of people you are a part of? Do you change the car or stick with what you have?

Being stuck doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. A lot of the being stuck is to do with how you’re thinking about it, so, let’s get you unstuck by tackling that.

The Reading

issue, psychic, tarotWhat’s the issue, dear? The Mirror comes out to ask you to give form to the issue. Things aren’t clear about what you perceive to be the issue, so reflect back and think. Is it emotions that are being stirred up that you dislike? Do you dislike someone and can’t fathom out why? What emotions do you feel when you think about this issue?

What is it you want to be seen for, or as? How do you want others to think of you? What is it you want to be known for? That is what you need to reflect on going forward.

The answer lies in what you’re feeling and why. Once you work that part out, you get the chance to deal with the why and how.  That’s the last card, so let us see where you’re wanting to go to, shall we?

knight, directness, tarot, wildwoodWhere am I going to? There’s not another suitcase in another hall, you don’t have to keep running and you’re not going to hide anymore either. This Knight as the destination card indicates that you want to be clear on what you are willing to do. Until now though, you’ve not been, which has contributed to the feeling of feeling stuck. Did the cat get your tongue? Well, let’s put it back!

The Knight is one of the “go-get-em” brigade, they just do what they feel is right and consequences be damned. The need to say what is on their mind, to take action, outweighs the middle card. Being silent and tongue-tied just isn’t an option anymore.

The will stir things up, as a plummeting hawk does when it dives for food, there is a ripple & there is certainly a consequence. Once the words are said, they cannot be taken back, so it’s worth being careful what it is you say, as much as you can with this dynamic character.

unstuck, bear, courage, challenge, fear, tarotHow do I get there? The Great Bear is here to advise you that fear isn’t an option, this is a challenge that you need to overcome.

You’ve been scared to speak up, fear has probably held you back, but it doesn’t have to.

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself, so said Franklin D Roosevelt when he became president. Fear is a challenge to be overcome and if people aren’t around you after you’ve spoken, then were they ever “on your side” to begin with? Is their loss such a hardship or drastic to your life? If so, you’re going to need a private reading. If not, it’s time to stand up tall (metaphorically if you have to) and face the challenge.

There’s the fire in the belly, the strength and the drive, but also the care of the heart. Minimise the hurt or the pain as you move forward to those that you leave behind and to yourself. Be kind to yourself & others.

The fear you may feel when you face this challenge, initially, can either have you running back the way you came, or grabbing a stick and being brave. The choice on that is yours, but just like Buffy & or Diana, try the latter.

Overall, Getting Unstuck

You could do with reflecting on what it is you are stuck on, where you are wanting to go & what you’re wanting to achieve. It’s time for you to be honest with yourself, directly honest. You’re not used to saying to yourself what it is you’re thinking, nor are you used to saying your thoughts out loud. Now is the time to do that. You can start someone off on a path, but you can’t do it for them. The same goes for you!

The challenge you’ve got with yourself is that you lack the experience. There’s also a lack of confidence & a little bit of fear perhaps going on too. The ego is stepping in to try & say you’re not good enough, you’re not worthy enough. Well, poppycock!  As the song goes; if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself! That includes getting yourself unstuck. So, now is the time to face the music (fear!) and dance. Dance through that cave, dance in spite of your fear, dance because of your fear.

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Comments are always welcome!

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Direct, Mercury Style

It’s Sunday and time to take a direct look at what the week has in store!

Being direct is sometimes a good thing, though unless you’ve been asked for an honest opinion, it’s often not wanted nor welcome. I don’t offer advice, unless I’m asked and then, it’s in confidence.

With Mercury at long last, going forwards from tomorrow, it’ll be a welcome relief to being able to say things as you mean them, without them being twisted around by the planets above or people using that as an excuse because they’re not wishing to communicate properly.

directThis week, the Wildwood seems to be in something of an agreement with my mind-set. Though, I swear I dreamt about the middle card last night! The Knight of Arrows is represented by the Hawk, a bird of prey with sharp talons and a good hunting instinct.

The Hawk is good, Tarot wise, for seeing through the clouds of mis-information that others give out.  He’s the person who champions and upholds beliefs, for themselves and others. Is that your issue this week? It certainly seems to be mine, for I tend to speak out before I engage the little grey matter. The issue is  that I also need to be vigilant, not impulsive.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe Action that I’m advised to avoid taking is the Wildwood’s version of The Devil. This Guardian in-stills fear, so giving into fear, or reacting out of fear or irrational thoughts is not advised. The Devil can invoke the fight or flight instinct, and I’m not often one to run from a battle,  if the odds are favourable.

The Devil is wise, courageous and strong, those as the aspects I need to employ, not the negative ones. The challenge is here, do I take it on or walk away? I need to be direct and not keep changing my mind.

Major-2-The-SeerThe Action to Take comes in the form of The Seer. This card, I love and totally get! She’s suggesting strongly that I use my instincts and insight. That I put into voice what my inner self is telling me I need to do. The Seer also balances emotions, intellect and willpower, urging us to create the change in our world that we wish to see.

If you’re going to do something positive, this lady is there to help and foster those positive vibes and turn it into something we can use. It’s time to focus my power, let it flow through me and use it where I need it to heal partnerships, sexual relationships. In this case, I feel it’s more to do with the manifestation of my own powers and esoteric insights.

It’s my time to direct myself, to bring joy and knowledge to others!

Digital Sig

Wildwood : The Commune with Grandmother


It’s time to grab yourself a coffee, for a long post about me communing with my Grandmother, is coming up following on from the Tarot Blog Hop.

Mentioning either of my Grandmothers is usually a cause for me to spit with some distaste. Whilst my children know exactly whom their grandparents are, I really do not recall mine. I couldn’t pick them out of a Police line up. They were there, clearly, as my parents are their children, but it was more a case of name only. The faces behind the names weren’t known, I hadn’t seen or spoken with them since before I was eight years old, leaving Scotland behind (for a lot of good and difficult reasons).

Yet, for a while, I know my deceased maternal has wanted to chat with me. Usually, she visits my sister and I get messages from her that way. Though, my dear sister learnt quite quickly that I’m not always receptive to any of my grandmother Mary M’s messages. (Both my grandmothers are called Mary, so I use Mary M to distinguish her as my mother’s mum, so you know)

grandmotherHowever, as part of the Tarot Blog Hop, we were asked to commune, communicate and commemorate with our ancestors and since Mary M won’t leave me alone (even though I’ve been trying to avoid her for a few years) I decided now was the time to get “our wee chat” out-of-the-way.

I sit before the wood burner, that roars into the night. The room is warm, silent, quiet with just the dog before the fire, the Wildwood Tarot deck to hand and my huge footstool to lay my cards upon.

To represent and invite Mary M, I drew The Ancestor card first. The others I drew in answer to the questions I asked her. I advise you now, some of my questions to her can be sharp, but since she was one of the many reasons I got dragged away from Scotland, I feel I’ve a right to be a wee bit curt with her.

My first question: What were you thinking? I know she died of heart failure, bought on by excessive drinking. I also know she was part of the reason we left Scotland. Could she not see the harm she was helping perpetrate? The card I pulled out was the Knight of Vessels, represented in the Wildwood by the eel. I believe via this card, that she wasn’t thinking. She got lost in the ruin (mothers ruin / gin) and couldn’t drag herself away, or put up much of a fight. This Card has he elemental assignments of Earth of Water, but I’m reading this in reverse of Water of Earth. Emotions ruled before common sense and emotions continued to rule, the head didn’t get much a chance to get out of the alcoholic fog.

I recall now an incident, when I was much younger. I had the chance to sneak a fair few alcoholic drinks from the parental liquor cupboard. Occasionally, I did, but I remember stopping myself one night (or one of the voices inside my head shouted stop) and me vowing to never be like “her” (Mary M). I am aware I have an addictive personality and the best way for me to get over something, is to never actually start. (I never smoked as a result, because I knew I’d never quit). She was alive at that point in my life, so it wasn’t her that stopped me.

Ten of Stones HomeMy next question: I’m told you read tea leaves. Why did you stop? The answer comes in the form of the Ten of Stones, Home. She did it to protect the home. Protect it from whom, I wonder? Neighbours? The Church? (This would be in the 1960’s and a very Roman Catholic part of Glasgow, so… ) I wonder if her husband, my grandfather, had something to say about it? I pulled a quantifier and the Eight of Bows… Well, there’s my answer, family disapproved. Whether they be brothers, sisters, her parents, my grandfather’s parents, husband, I don’t know. But, the pressure from the Clan was enough to call it quits.

DedicationMy third question: You’ve been hovering around for a while, what did you want to tell me? The Nine of Arrows, dedication, comes up as the answer. Wow, I didn’t actually expect a word of encouragement from my Grandmother. I really expected blame and a huge argument, awkward cards. But if there’s any indication from the other side that I’m actually doing what I’m meant to be doing, this is it. Like anyone, I have my self doubts, but I try to not feed the ego wolf, but feed the id wolf instead. It seems to be working and I am certainly on the right path! Keep going and keep being dedicated to it is the message I read here.

4-of-VesselsWhat action do you suggest I take? is my fourth question. For this I get the 4 of Cups in answer. Boredom? Seriously? What the heck do you mean by that?! That I stay doing just this? Give up? Or to not get bored and not waste my energy? There’s inspiration around this lady in this card, there is around me; I know, I’ve three of them!

Reading the book (as this card really did throw me in reply to that question!) the last sentence drew my eyes. It reads: “Challenge should not be feared; opportunity should be grasped and utilized to its natural limit”. That, as an answer, I can take.

Knight-of-Bows-WMOkay, you’ve helped me out, so what can I do for you, Grandmother? The Knight of Bows (my daughters favourite card) comes up in answer and I’m wondering just what to make of this card in this position? Foxes are clever, they’re savvy, street smart, determined. As I said above, I never really knew Mary M. Maybe these were qualities she had, but never used. Foxes are able to change paths at a moments notice, their cleverness can guide you towards fulfilment. Does this mean I will sense you around again? I know another ancestor who is around me and mine, dislikes that idea, which is why I’ve had to clear the space and air to talk with you this evening. I guess time will tell on that score! But perhaps I need to be as ambivalent to Mary M as I am to foxes? I’d love your views on this, readers!

Queen-of-Arrows-WMLast question, then I shall let you go. What are your final thoughts? The Queen of Arrows comes up in the last card and I know from previous blog posts, that Swans are great gliders, but their huge webbed feet do all the hard work under the water. I feel a sense of a lot of hard work coming my way (not sure how I feel about that, but hey, I’m a mum of three, I should expect it!) but work I can take in my stride, with grace and style. I’d like to think, Audrey Hepburn, eat you heart out, but I think it’s more than that. I’ll have to let you know, post event. Swans are also very protective of their young when danger looms. Don’t think I need any assistance in that regards, but if it’s on offer…

Thank you for staying with me for well over a thousand words, and just a few more to say thank you to Aj Brokaw at the 4 of Wands Blog for their Ancestor Spread blog post, where some of my questions came from (as I didn’t know exactly what to ask Mary M).

Thanks also to AniaM for the fabulous Wildwood Reading cloth, my sister for the opening gambit question (isn’t she fabulous?!) and to the creators of the Wildwood (Mark, John & Will) for creating such a wonderful tool!

Wildwood : Carpe Diem, Mr Fox

I asked the Wildwood Tarot app what energies I needed to aid me this week and Mr Fox says:  “carpe diem”. Remind me to keep him away from my daughter though, she loves this card and she will seize him!

carpe diem
Knight of Bows

Once again, the born survivor comes out to say, seize the day (carpe diem)! The determination the Fox has can lead to success, but I’d rather not do it at a personal cost. The Fox is full of natural wit and cleverness, and this card can guide us towards being fulfilled. The fox anticipates the future, which is a gift to cherish.

Being quick-witted isn’t one of my strong points, but avoiding the headlights is. The fox reminds us that leaving old ways behind, being innovative, creative, cunning and improvising a way forward are good characteristics of the fox, as is the phrase “carpe diem”, but he has his negative side too. He can be reckless and overly competitive, violent, impatient.

What situation do I need to seize during the coming week? What situation do you need to seize? Where do you need to take the time and make haste, slowly? Yes, I did say slowly. Foxes might be quick enough to get out-of-the-way of an on-coming car, but they’re not that quick in their own arena, or so I am told. They like to take their time but they’re creatures that very much “carp diem” (seize the day) when they need to.

Have you seen Blackadder? I was sure my favourite phrase about having a plan so cunning I could pin a tail on it and call it a fox, was in there, but it turns out the final animal is the weasel. Not quite the animal we have before us and I rather like this fox’s tail!

So, with that in mind (and since my memory about Blackadder shattered enough that I need to revisit some old episodes) I hope this week doesn’t require too much thinking, but plenty of “carpe diem” moments! I hope you seize the day(s) coming too!

Thanks for dropping by, you can like this post, +1, re-tweet and do other nice things with it that’ll make me smile, including commenting. I’m off to take Baldrick off the spit and tidy away the Wildwood cards.