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Wildwood : Take A Break

Posted by Louise

It's school half-term here in the UK and I don't know about any other parents, but can we parents have a break and send them back, please?

Well, no, not really. I don't want to send them back to school just yet. I actually want to spend time with the off-spring. I want to share some creative things and time with them, I want to sit down and watch Guardians of the Galaxy with them under a duvet, eating popcorn whilst the toddler naps (she won't sit still and watch it and I suspect the 5-year-old will struggle too!)


Four of Arrows

But they also need some mornings when things don't have to be done at 80 mph, ready by this time, shoes on by this, lunches mostly prepared the evening before. They need the break but frankly, so do us parents! Everyone's idea of a break is different, even the Tarot has a card for that.

That card, is the Four of Arrows. A time to mentally take a break. Arrows is like Swords in the standard RWS, so this represents a time to just mentally, disengage, switch off and rest.

How often do we want to just switch off the motorway of our brains when we're trying to sleep. Our minds go at 200 miles an hour just when we don't want them to.

It's important to take a mental break from things regularly, but we forget that we're not meant to be plugged in, Matrix style, all the time. We're so plugged in now with smart phones, tablets, laptops, we just forget. Then we wonder why on earth we have issues when we're burnt out. Or why others are burnt out.

So, this week, I'm going to enjoy (I hope!) my time at home with the three kids. We're going to take a break, be a family, laugh, enjoy being together. Yes, we'll probably argue (kids will lose ;) ) and there might be some banning of electronic gadgets. But I am determined we're going to rest. At least, sometimes!

I've used the Wildwood Tarot (here) by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & illustrated by Will Worthington.

3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

Posted by Louise

It seems all I am doing at the moment, it trying to catch my tail. If I were a dog, I'd be dizzy. Actually, I'm dizzy most of the time anyway, running here, there, everywhere, doing this and that for one member of my family. Can the Tarot help or advise me how to slow down?

I'm sure it's June, but the weather has other ideas. Life, however, carries on at break-neck speed and I'm sure I need to catch my tail. I'm not sure what for though, but I am sure I need to! So, I pulled three Tarot cards to advise me on how to deal with this feeling of never-ending-dizziness.

Ten of Vessels Happiness

Ten of Vessels

The first card up was the Ten of Vessels, with its keyword of Happiness. Be happy in the moment! I enjoyed a little dance with my baby girl today, Jimmy Somerville & Mighty Real came on the iPod. I got dancing in the kitchen, doing the chores, the baby started dancing in her high chair whilst trying to eat her lunch. It was so carefree, it was great! We then had a dance to Dire Straights, The Bug. So, be happy no matter what you're doing. Okay, Jimmy dancing in front of a big screen that shows planet Earth is rather metaphorical, but if dancing makes you happy, dance like you are on Top of the World.

LethargyThe next card up was the Four of Vessels. Bored? Well, with the break-neck speed of life at the moment, I really need to learn to catch my tail quicker, but don't get bored! If you do, you're in a rut and it takes an age to get yourself out of it. Well, it does with me and I'm pretty sure it is the same for a fair few folks too! So, if you're bored, what do you?

Ace of Bows

Ace of Bows

You jump along to the next card and light a fire under yourself and find that spark of life again! The last card up is the Ace of Bows, with the key phrase, Spark of Life. I grew up listening to quite an eclectic mix of Country & Western (as it was then called) and heavy(ish) metal / soft rock, so I often had Deep Purple, John Denver, Rainbow and goodness knows who else blaring out from my father's HMV music system when I came home from school in Scotland. What a greeting to come to, a house full of music!

I grew up with music and the first song I ever remember singing to someone outside of the family, was one of John Denver's tracks (featuring Emmy-Lou Harris): Wild Montana Skies. I love the words in this song, I love the sentiment behind it. Please do listen if you can, this is what to me, the Spark of Life is about. The hopes and wishes for a son you'll never see grow to a man, the wishes and hopes for yourself. The finding of your own way back home in this sometimes huge and sometimes, small World.  I am lucky, I'll get to see my children grow, at least for as long as the Goddess allows me to be on this Earth, but if you want a fire under you,  light yourself some motivation.

I've used The Wildwood Tarot for this post. I trust you'll find a way to enjoy the songs I've picked and that you're not stuck in a rut. Right, best I be off to catch my tail. My bottom is getting hot!


Wildwood: 13th February 2014 : Chill

Posted by Louise

The Tarot does have a sense of humour and today is a classic example. When all around you are losing their heads, hunker down and chill out; endure the storm.

It's as easy as breathing to get frustrated with life, the people in it, family, work, yourself. It's totally understandable that as a result, you get frustrated with yourself too.

Pathway Spread from 13th February 2014

Pathway Spread from 13th February 2014

Using the Wildwood Tarot app, I pulled these cards using The Pathway Spread before I'd even set a foot out of bed. The first card up was The Seer; mysterious, knowing, psychic. She was / is my question. What does she say to you? What question do you have deep within that you'd love to know the answer to? You already know what you want to ask, but perhaps you don't want to give that question a voice of its own quite yet.

youtubeAction to avoid shows us the indelible Goat, with a commonly felt keyword during this mercury retrograde; frustration. Are you trying to do much? Are you getting nowhere? Have you too much mentally going on? Do you feel as though you're free-falling or missing the mark? The advice from the Tarot is simple: avoid that which is frustrating you. Fly above the snipes, comments, hocus pocus and mind games of others.


Five of Stones ~ Endurance

This brings us to the final card, the five of Stones, with its advice on what positive action to take. This little person, whomever they are (our young wanderer, perhaps?) is enduring the storm outside by taking shelter and doing practical things to survive, sustain, keep warm. It doesn't look like they're totally enjoying themselves, but every storm has to run out of puff at some point: it's natures way.

This song, by Ronan Keating, was used at a family wedding and it comes to mind now. You say it best, when you say nothing at all.

The time to speak your piece isn't here with us yet; wait until Mercury goes direct again.

Stay safe and if you're into it, enjoy your Valentines Day. I hope that it's special for you, however you celebrate it!


Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

Posted by Louise

The weekend is nigh and I slide under the barrier for posting any cards beyond the Blog Hop this week as if I were scoring in a rounders / baseball game. There's a decision to be made but how swiftly do I make this said, decision?

youtubeThe vLog will do most of the talking, but here are the three cards. I hope that WordPress does what I want it to do with the graphics, but whilst I babble on, here's my written thoughts on it.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

King of Arrows is a character that's direct, straight to the point, swift, dangerous. He strikes quickly and accurately, without discrimination. Whatever he's representing for these next two days, it's going to be swiftly and directly. The Two of Arrows is about making a decision, though her bow certainly does not appear to be broken under her feet. She's weighing something up, but it's not adding up. Maybe that's what is causing her the issue and why she's got the blindfold on, to avoid distractions. The Eight of Vessels is about rebirth, getting rid of the emotions that we no longer want, letting them return to the river from which they came.

This week, we need to make a decision, swiftly and let the consequences flow to where they need to.

Some decisions are easy to make, others are not. Some we don't want to make for we fear the consequences; but I find that the decision is made, even if it's unconsciously. The question is, do we act upon it, as the Kingfisher does, or do we procrastinate and do ourselves and injustice, then have to forgive ourselves afterwards? I hope that you're able to make a decision and let the consequences flow out and return to the river of emotions from where they came.

I've used the Wildwood Tarot Deck and if you'd like your personal reading, you can find the booking page right here.


Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

Posted by Louise

As promised from my Tarot Blog Hop Post, here's The Wildwood advising me for the coming year, using the Samhain Tarot spread.

This Samhain Tarot Spread comes courtesy of Theresa Mills in the Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook and the Aeclectic Tarot site. As a quick reminder, here's the spread from my Blog Hop. I've put the title of each card that's come up in that position.

Samhain Spread


1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) - Ace of Vessels
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) - Major 1 - The Shaman
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) - Major 3 - The Green Woman

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) - Four of Stones
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) - Seven of Stones
6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) - King of Bows

7. What to say goodbye to… - Four of Vessels
8. What to remember… - Three of Stones
9. Results/conclusion - Two of Stones

Samhain Tarot Spread

Samhain Spread for 2013

Major 3 The Green Woman

Major 3
The Green Woman

Lets take the first three. 1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) - Ace of Vessels, 2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) - Major 1 - The Shaman, 3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) - Major 3 - The Green Woman

On a personal front, these three say to me that I can and ought to begin again, emotionally. I've undergone a lot of change this year, it's time to start over again, I don't need to be in control and "make the magic" happen, what I need to prepare for is being the mother and nurture the life I've given.  On the business front,come to the business with a new sense of emotional love, don't try to control everything or every aspect, you can't do it alone. Nurture the business and the ideas that you have, let them surface when they're ready, but hauld yer whest until they're ready.


King of Bows ~ Adder

King of Bows ~ Adder

The next three are just as interesting! 4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) - Four of Stones, 5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) - Seven of Stones, 6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) - King of Bows.

Personally, I need to take time out and protect myself, perhaps physically (psychically comes to mind here too) whilst finding time to meditate and heal thyself (and put to bed the niggling current medical condition I'm suffering from) but be prepared to meet someone fiery! (Too late, already met and married him!)  On the business front, take things slowly, learn to think about things before speaking and acting and if someone has a good idea, give credit where credit is due. Perhaps that mysterious meeting gives me an insight into other aspects I can take the business during 2014.


Two of Stones Challenge

Two of Stones

The last three cards aren't looking so hot, more specifically the last card,but let's get on with it. 7. What to say goodbye to… - Four of Vessels, 8. What to remember… - Three of Stones, 9. Results/conclusion - Two of Stones.

Personally (and business wise!) if the Wildwood Tarot thinks that I have been bored this year, it had better think again. Seriously, I've not stopped with one thing or another! Though I have been bored with the lack of time to do the things I have wanted to do, business wise.  What I need to remember on both fronts is to be creative, to tap into my muse and take the time out to connect with the earth and the Woodlands again.  The Results will be that this is a year of standing my ground (personally and business wise) and keeping my boundaries. It will be a challenge to balance both the major aspects of my life, but something that can be done.


Pagan Penagram

Pagan Penagram

This past Pagan Year I've met some fantastic fellow Witches and Tarot Readers, some are just starting out on their Tarot Journey (or out of the broom closet Witch-wise themselves) but they're with me to connect with as and when we need each other. The internet, being the wonderful useful thing it is, has bought together some great people. I hope to continue to learn more, meet new people and merge it all together in The Green Woman's Cauldron.

Some shout-outs for the sisters walking the path with me. TABI, Emma, Gayle Dee, Claire, Jo, Sue, Jess, Tina, Alison, Rowan Tarot,

That's me for this Samhain Tarot Spread post. I hope you've enjoyed it and it's given you something more of an insight into how I read the Tarot. You know where to book a reading with me, right here. If you'd perhaps like to leave a comment, please feel free - I love comments :)


Wildwood : The Hearthfire ~ Attitudes with Thoughts

Posted by Louise

Thoughts and attitudes join us in combination with The Hearthfire. We're reminded us to join in and celebrate, which can help address thoughts towards others.


Eight of Bows ~ Hearthfire

Quite often of late, we've had the Tarot and the Camelot Oracle say, give, give, give. This week, with Pelles, we've been reminded to replenish our thoughts, our inner-selves and it seems that not only does The Wildwood agree, but it's even saying: don't do this alone!

The nights are drawing in, the air is cooler, the leaves are falling from the trees and the rain comes pounding down (down one of my chimney's, as it happens!) and so having fnu on our own isn't so appealing. However, light a fire, throw in some good company, food, drink and you've a party in the making!

Attitudes and ThoughtsOne great way to list one's spirits and replenish the well is to do it in company, preferably with a few bottles of alcohol and no early get up from any off-spring the following morning!

However, it isn't always adults that you have to have fun with! What of the children? We're entering "that time of year" where serious pagans and witches think about those that have passed, how thin the veil between our worlds is. Children have no such bothers or concerns. They're interested in their sweets, toffee apples, dressing up and having fun and whilst I dislike children coming to the door and asking for sweets etc. (especially if they're nothing to do with us, I think it's begging) I do think it's fun to teach them in a fun way what this time of year is really about.

For me, it's about saying good bye and giving thanks to the ancestors that have gone before. It's about paying it forward for the coming lunar year and bringing smiles to the faces of the smaller people, making them use their thoughts. There will be time enough to weep when their grand-parents pass on, but for now, lets sing and dance and have some fun! Let us make the good times and the happy memorie, for we never know when our time is up.

Decks used are the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews and the delectible Mark Ryan, with the Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.

Wildwood : Skills to Change

Posted by Louise

This week's Tarot card reading comes from the Stones suit of The Wildwood Tarot, with the keyword of "skills". Combined with the context of "What we can Change", we're entering into an interesting time!

Card of the Day

Eight of Stones ~ Skill

The Eight of Stones is often about taking stock, developing and honing our skills. As the image depicts, it shows someone who has isolated themselves to craft items of use from oil lamps and arrow heads to bowls and other tools.

The trick for the reminder of this week (as Scorpio's influence hits us on three sides from Saturn, Venus and the Moon) as we dig deep and find the skills within. This could be a time to start a new project for the winter (patchwork quilt, anyone?) that calls on new skills, or further stretches the skills we already have.

This time of year is also quite popular for Tarot Readings, as a lot of people finally give time to themselves and start to change things that haven't been working so well so far this year. With only five months of the year left, the nights drawing in, the time for frolicking outside in the warm evening air departs. Summer is still with us, but the heat has gone, we're on simmer (or the back burner).

What you can change

What you can change

It's homework time! What skills do you need to brush up and improve upon? What new skills would you like to learn or investigate on learning this coming winter? Now is the time to start planning, investigating and ordering the books for reference that you'll need. The other thing you'll need is practice! Keep at it, even if at times, you don't feel like it's going anywhere. You won't be sewing garments like a professional seamstress at the start, but if you keep practising and trying, improving with each stage, you'll be there soon enough. Like Tarot reading, all and any practice makes perfect!

I'd love it very much if you shared my blog entries. I love sharing!

Deck used was the Wildwood Tarot, illustrated by Will Worthington, deck by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. Context card is from Tierney's Saddler's Deck of 1000 Spreads.

Wildwood : A Hard Day’s Night ~ Endurance

Posted by Louise

The Wildwood's Five of Stones comes out to join us and my immediate thought was: the night is long, we need endurance, then the Beatle's Hard Day's Night comes to mind, and the keyword suddenly comes into play.

And endurance is certainly going to be a keyword any parent of a newborn baby will testify to! In case you're wondering, the Royal Family here in the UK have a new heir to the throne. He will be the third in line to the throne, so the country is all-a-flutter over the news. Now that we know he was born safely, that mum is doing well, I'm all for heading off and letting her and Prince William get settled in and get used to the task ahead.


Five of Stones ~ Endurance

As privileged as they are, they're living in a gilded gold-fish-bowl, they'll have every decision monitored, scrutinised, criticized and in public. I know what it's like to be at home and having the juggernaut of parenthood hit you. It hits you sideways, knocks you over, messes with your head so you don't know which way is up any more.

I was lucky, I had a great group of people to help me (the local NCT Group) through the madness that I found myself in.

Unfortunately or not, this is something Kate and William will have to endure, something I am sure that they both were very aware of before they even married and things that they have endured since.

This is something all parents have to endure. Having the endurance to go through the fourth trimester (no, I don't think that's a euphemism) where the little ones are as dependant on you for everything as they were in the womb.

I just hope that they get left to enjoy the first few weeks in peace, but the media seems to be "on them" like a pack of wolves.  Look at the lightning in the background of this card. It is not something I would have liked to endure, as much as I love thunderstorms!

So, this week, lets remember that what we have to endure, others do too. You're not alone, despite the fact that you might feel like that. Despite all the "help" Kate will have, I'm hoping she won't feel alone. Best of luck Duchess!

I heard one sound piece of advice the other day on Radio 2: Listen to the one voice of experience you trust, use them as your sounding board. Don't pay heed to others who may offer their expertise. Use this one voice as a sounding board, but trust your own instincts. What brilliant advice for the Duchess and us all!

Deck used is The Wildwood by John Matthews, Mark Ryan and (c) Will Worthington.

Wildwood : Lethargy and Rest

Posted by Louise

Today the Wildwood reminds us that lethargy is sometimes good and sometimes it's not.

LethargySo, today we have the boredom card come out and join us. I'm not bored today but I am under the weather, lethargic and struggling to do things today, including sitting up or changing the baby.

I am having to rely on my support structure in the form of the husband, for things that are usually taken for granted, the basic stuff like getting the kids dressed, fed, out to school, the baby dressed and fed, her bottles washed, cleaned and made up.

It's not that I am bored, but I am certainly not wanting to move very far or very often today. So today, I'll be copying this lady today by sitting down and not moving too much, if I can help it. It's more a case of rest that is needed than being bored, though because I can't move very far, I probably will be somewhat bored!

What does this card say to you today though? The Universe responds favourably to decisive, forward movement. Boredom causes issues and if you're going to sit on your rump, you might find nature throws a whole bunch of opportunities your way.

So today, if you are bored or a little lethargic, perhaps you need to be so that the new opportunities can come your way. So sometimes, it is good to suffer lethargy, if only for a little while! Especially if you're ill.

I'd also love it if you shared this post through Social Media - I like sharing!

Deck used is the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews and (c) Will Worthington

Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?

Posted by Louise

The fire flame from the Wildwood remind us to engage, reach out. Is there ever a problem with that?


2 of Vessels

What does this card say to you? What do these two characters say to you? Their first spark of friendship, companionship has struck. Under what realm is the question.

We all need companionship, friendship, a kindred spirit and we need this support in various realms. We need friends in all areas of our lives but are we big enough, brave enough, to ask for that help? Are we brave enough to start-up a friendship?

The problem comes not from having a friendship / relationship, the problem comes when we don't have the guts or courage to stand up when we're in a toxic one.

We get attracted to others from physical looks, personality, humour, skills... the list can go on and on. This card can also suggest kindness, the need to help people out and be gentle with ourselves, our souls.

ProblemI read something interesting today, a note from a daughter to her mother about how fat she was. It wasn't about actually being fat, but the attitude behind the concepts of modern living, that only skinny, fit women are successful mothers and wives.

It made me think of how I've physically changed over the last decade, from being fit and intensely active two or three evenings a week, to having three kids and wanting to be in bed by ten pm. The seventeen years of intense physical exercise, before starting a family, have helped me keep my figure in general and while I still think I should lose some weight, it's not because I think of myself as fat.

I want to be able to run after my three kids, I want to stay healthy and I find that I don't feel as well as I can feel when I'm carrying that little extra weight. It took me nine months or so to put this little bit of weight on, and I have that long to lose it.

I do care about what I look like, like everyone does but I am working on being attractive mentally, as well as physically. Before that, can I have twelve hours of sleep. Please?

If you'd like help in changing your mindset, you can book your personal tarot reading here.

Decks used are 1)The Wildwood Tarot by Will Worthington, John Matthews and Mark Ryan and 2) Deck of 1000 Spreads by Tierney Saddler.


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