Tarot Blog Hop : Advice for the Future

Looking at the past for the future, the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop

Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop of 2016, where we’re looking at the past to help with the future.

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Welcome to my input for the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop. Whether you’ve come from Stella’s link at USGames, or you’re doing the traditional widdershins (backwards) and arriving here from Alison Coals’ link, I say hello!

This year, I set the theme of the Sa-veen Blog Hop to “get advice from the ancestors for the future”. Fifteen of us rose to this challenge, and I hope you’re able to come along with your choice of seasonal drink in hand, to join us on on a journey of what our ancestors could advise for us.

As the veil thins, it’s easier at this time of year to talk with those that walked before us, to ask them questions. Sometimes, we get a curve ball, a left hook reply. Other times we get a watery reply, their voices and replies lost to the harmony of distances and time. I created a 6 card spread to try and help cut through the noise which can happen. You’re free to use, adapt & change this to suit your needs.


Samhain Spread
Samhain Spread

1 Use this position to represent your ancestor

2 What do they suggest will help you in your situation?

3 What do they suggest will not help you in your situation?

4 What should you carry on doing?

5 What should you stop doing?

6 What’s the final message from your chosen Ancestor?


I didn’t choose one ancestor, I chose the whole lot. I know there are spirits in there that I don’t like, but there are plenty who I do (or did) and I want to hear their collective voices. The Ancestor was the card I chose for the central card: thankfully, the Wildwood has this card instead of The Hierophant.

The Reading

1 Your ancestor – The Ancestor
This is the card I’ve chosen to represent all the ancestors that have come before. It’s rather fitting, isn’t it? My specific question was: What do I need to do to make my business a success?

wp-1477776893947.jpg2 What do they suggest will help you in your situation? – The Ten of Bows
I feel what they say here is to take charge & be responsible for what I’ve put into motion. Finish the job at hand, don’t skimp, don’t cut corners, don’t pass Go or collect £200 until I’ve done all the tasks I’m supposed to do. There’s some things I’ve set in motion that need addressing.

3 What do they suggest will not help you in your situation? – The Ten of Stones
Hiding in the home, not doing the things that need doing. Retreating inside myself is part of the issue I have had since the moment I was born. I do at times like to retreat away from life, this time though I’m being advised to not do that.

4 What should you carry on doing? – King of Bows
In this card I see a lot of snakes, vying for the top position. I’ve never read this card as “reach for the stars” from S Club 7, but more of a Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way”. There’s a snake at the bottom of the pile, slithering away from the others. Hin is leaving them to their own devices, they’re going their own way. I rather like Fleetwood Mac over S Club 7. 😉

5 What should you stop doing? – Major 10, The Wheel
Stop chopping and changing what you’re doing, how you’re doing it. Small changes are great, but you’re doing it too often. You’ve got your niche, please follow it.

6 What’s the final message from your chosen Ancestor? Four of Vessel
The Four of Vessels has to be one of my least favourite card in the deck. I believe this time it’s asking me to not sit back and wait for things to happen to me. I need to engage, I need to find the excitement in life, it’s not going to come and land on my lap. Well, drat. I was hoping the answer would just drop into my lap. I do not know where to look for the answers I need. So I must keep looking, searching and engaging.


My ancestors are basically saying to take care of the responsibilities I have, don’t start looking for new ones, stick to the path I’ve started to carve for myself. Make the changes I see are needed but don’t disengage from life, love or the path I’m on. For the first time in a long time, I’m quite happy with the cards and their message. What do you see? I’d love for you to share!

I am about to hop off to see what Alison Coals has to offer to us. I look forward to you sharing any results from this spread via reply. Thanks for stopping by!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain Master List

This is the Master Link for the Samhain 2016 Master Blog Hop.

Use this if you get lost in the blog or you need to pick up a particular hop to carry on where you had to leave it.

1/ Morgan Drake Eckstein ~ http://gleamingsfromthedawn.blogspot.com/2016/10/talking-with-honored-dead.html
2/ Joy Vernon ~ http://joyvernon.com/Blog/looking-to-the-past-to-guide-the-future/
3/ Chloe McCracken ~ http://www.innerwhispers.co.uk/advice-from-ancestors/
4/ Jay Cassels ~ http://metaphysicalangels.co.uk/tbh5
5/ Deirdre Doran ~ http://thewillowpathtarot.com/2016/10/31/tarot-blog-hop-asking-advice-of-our-ancestors
6/ Karen Sealey ~ https://pureblessedtarot.wordpress.com/2016/10/31/dead-and-unburied/
7/ Olivia Destrades ~ http://firstearthtarot.blogspot.com/2016/10/samhain-blog-hop-guidance-from-our.html
8/ Boglárka Kiss ~ http://shadow-work.blogspot.com/2016/10/tarot-blog-hop-samhain-2016.html
9/ Meniscus Tarot ~ http://meniscustarot.co.uk/by-gad/
10/ Stella Passer ~ http://www.usgamesinc.com/tarotblog/tarotbloghop-ancestors-advice/
11/ Louise Underhill ~ http://www.priestesstarot.co.uk/2016/10/tarot-blog-hop-advice-for-the-future
12/ Alison Coals ~ http://alisonsalembic.blogspot.com/2016/10/tarot-blog-hop-samhuin-2016.html
13/ Ania M ~ http://aniam.co.uk/blog/alas
14/ Arwen Lynch Poe ~  http://tarotbyarwen.com/18911/wake-the-dead/ 


Tarot Blog Hop : Commune, Communicate, Commemorate


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Commune, Communicate, Commemorate with those who have gone on before us.

It’s Halloween and our lovely wrangler, Arwen of Arwen Tarot, gave us this brief: “It’s Samhain or MidFall. This is the last of the three harvests in the Northern Hemisphere and the advent of Spring in the Southern hemisphere. It is a time that I know as being a thinning of the veil…a time for the honouring of those who have crossed over before us. This will be a hop focused on communing, communicating and commemorating our loved ones.

communeIf I could ask my grandparents a question or two about their lives, I’d have to pick my maternal Grandmother. She’s been “felt” around my life a few times, but I usually send her away with a snarl and a reminder to never darken my thoughts again and for a while, she hasn’t. In life, I really didn’t know her, I don’t remember her at all. In truth,  she has more peace to settle with my mum than she does with me, but that’s over and done wi’. She’s buried now, I cannot change that. But if I wanted to open the veil….??

I do know, she read tea leaves at one point, then stopped doing so when my mum was in her teens. I never knew why. I never got to ask her if some of my gifts come from her side and why she never passed on those skills to my mum. Did she read cards at all? Playing cards, perhaps?

Major-13-The-JourneyIt got me to thinking, if she could answer me in Tarot, what would she say? I did ask for the reveal to be in a dream but I didn’t get a reply that I can remember! However, the Ancestor card is certainly one to pull out of this fabulous deck, since I’ll be asking to commune with my ancestors.

Another card that might come into play is The Journey Card. This is certainly about the ending of a cycle, the end of not knowing what my chosen ancestor was like, how much of her is really within me. It’s about taking what is useful and then using it in a clever, constructive way. Not easy, but certainly do-able.

The ravens are the guardians of the spirit of the dead. What doesn’t serve us, needs to be recycled and let go, so that we can make way for the future.

Major-15-The-GuardianThe final card for me this season is The Guardian. He’s the Challenge that lies before us and as afraid as we might be, we can’t move forward until we face that unknown. Are you afraid of him? If you’re not, you’re either a Fool or a God who has nothing to fear, but (and Star Trek, TNG reference here) even Q had lessons to learn.

What fears do you need to face now? Who do you need to talk with to overcome those fears? We’re all afraid of something, we’re all human. I know what I am afraid of, but I need to face that fear and perhaps this year, I will. Instead of running, I’ll face it. Why now? Well, I’m the big-four-o next year and I no longer wish to carry this burden around with me. I’m finally ready, I think, to let it all go. (No, Elsa’s not coming to sing for you here, sorry! She ran and didn’t quite face up to what she needed to until well after that song 😛 )

So, for my sanity (or what might pass as sanity) I’ll meditate with my grand-mother this Samhain and put my ghosts to rest. I know she’s been ready to commune with me for ages, but I have not. Now, I am, so I’m going to do this. Guardian, bring it on.

Hope my post wasn’t too dark for you! If it were, Chloë (going forwards) or Morgan (heading backwards) might have something lighter for you.

Blessed Samhain!

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Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain Master Hop List

I’m the Wrangler of the 2014 Samhain Blog Hop and the challenge to the participants this time, was this: Who would you invite to tea on the Day of the Dead.

Here’s the remit the participants were given. Below that, is the Master List itself.

The veil between the living world and the spirit world is at its thinnest at Samhain. To those of us that celebrate this as the Pagan New Year, we’re often asked to look back and be grateful to our ancestors, invite them to tea, learn from them. (If you’ve ever heard me mention my ancestors, you’ll know I’m not keen on quite a few of them visiting, so they’re never invited! 🙂 )

The topic of the Samhain Blog Hop this time, is to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they’d be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).

My fellow hoppers are:

1/ Louise Underhill –  http://www.priestesstarot.co.uk/2014/10/tarot-blog-hop-time-afternoon-tea
2/ Leeza Robertson –  www.tarotscapes.com/samhain2014
3/ Bonnie Fernandes –  http://wp.me/p20b4f-FZ
4/ Arwen Lynch –  http://tarotbyarwen.com/?p=18221
5/ Joanna Ashhttp://sungoddesstarot.blogspot.com/2014/10/An-Invitation-To-Tea.html
6/ Joy Vernon –  http://joyvernon.com/Blog/afternoon-tea-on-the-day-of-the-dead/
7/ Amethyst Mahoneyhttp://amethystmahoney.com/tea-with-jackie-o
8/ Chloe for TABIhttp://tabitarot.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-life-and-times-of-pixie-colman-smith.html
9/ Christiana Gaudet – http://tarottrends.com/content/you-are-invited-tea
10 / Ethonyhttp://ethony.com/invited-dinner-samhain-tarot-bloghop/
11/ Robin Bondurant Wood – http://thequartzcafe.blogspot.com/2014/10/samhain-2014-tarot-blog-hop-much-ado.html
12/ Karen Sealey –  http://pureblessedtarot.wordpress.com/2014/10/31/all-the-swords-came-out-to-play/
13/ Chloe for Celtic Lenormandhttp://www.celticlenormand.com/2014/10/tea-with-mademoiselle.html
14/ Stella T’arot – http://www.usgamesinc.com/tarotblog/tarotbloghop-afternoon-tea
15/ Joanne Sprott http://cosmicwhisperstarot.com/2014/10/31/time-for-tea-with-love-samhain-tarot-blog-hop/
16/ Bridgett Trejo – http://blessedpagan.blogspot.com/2014/10/samhain-celebrations-with-henry-viii.html
17/ Chloe McCrackenhttp://innerwhisperscouk.blogspot.com/2014/10/across-veils.html
18/ Alison Coalshttp://alisonsalembic.blogspot.com/2014/10/tea-with-ancestors.html
19/ Ania M – http://aniam.co.uk/blog/weeja/
20/ Morgan Drake Eckstein – http://gleamingsfromthedawn.blogspot.com/2014/10/cypher-lunch.html
21/ Jera-babylon Rootweaver –  http://tarottaxi.com/2014/11/01/seeking-asylum-in-the-tarot/
22/ Olivia Destrades – http://firstearthtarot.blogspot.com/2014/10/samhain-blog-hop-catching-fireflies-in.html
23/ María Luisa Salazar – http://misteriostarot.blogspot.com/2014/10/samhain-blog-hop.html

Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

As promised from my Tarot Blog Hop Post, here’s The Wildwood advising me for the coming year, using the Samhain Tarot spread.

This Samhain Tarot Spread comes courtesy of Theresa Mills in the Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook and the Aeclectic Tarot site. As a quick reminder, here’s the spread from my Blog Hop. I’ve put the title of each card that’s come up in that position.

Samhain Spread


1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) – Ace of Vessels
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) – Major 1 – The Shaman
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) – Major 3 – The Green Woman

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) – Four of Stones
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) – Seven of Stones
6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) – King of Bows

7. What to say goodbye to… – Four of Vessels
8. What to remember… – Three of Stones
9. Results/conclusion – Two of Stones

Samhain Tarot Spread
Samhain Spread for 2013
Major 3 The Green Woman
Major 3
The Green Woman

Lets take the first three. 1. Autumn Yield (what can be used) – Ace of Vessels, 2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside) – Major 1 – The Shaman, 3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to) – Major 3 – The Green Woman

On a personal front, these three say to me that I can and ought to begin again, emotionally. I’ve undergone a lot of change this year, it’s time to start over again, I don’t need to be in control and “make the magic” happen, what I need to prepare for is being the mother and nurture the life I’ve given.  On the business front,come to the business with a new sense of emotional love, don’t try to control everything or every aspect, you can’t do it alone. Nurture the business and the ideas that you have, let them surface when they’re ready, but hauld yer whest until they’re ready.


King of Bows ~ Adder
King of Bows ~ Adder

The next three are just as interesting! 4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods) – Four of Stones, 5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide) – Seven of Stones, 6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters) – King of Bows.

Personally, I need to take time out and protect myself, perhaps physically (psychically comes to mind here too) whilst finding time to meditate and heal thyself (and put to bed the niggling current medical condition I’m suffering from) but be prepared to meet someone fiery! (Too late, already met and married him!)  On the business front, take things slowly, learn to think about things before speaking and acting and if someone has a good idea, give credit where credit is due. Perhaps that mysterious meeting gives me an insight into other aspects I can take the business during 2014.


Two of Stones Challenge
Two of Stones

The last three cards aren’t looking so hot, more specifically the last card,but let’s get on with it. 7. What to say goodbye to… – Four of Vessels, 8. What to remember… – Three of Stones, 9. Results/conclusion – Two of Stones.

Personally (and business wise!) if the Wildwood Tarot thinks that I have been bored this year, it had better think again. Seriously, I’ve not stopped with one thing or another! Though I have been bored with the lack of time to do the things I have wanted to do, business wise.  What I need to remember on both fronts is to be creative, to tap into my muse and take the time out to connect with the earth and the Woodlands again.  The Results will be that this is a year of standing my ground (personally and business wise) and keeping my boundaries. It will be a challenge to balance both the major aspects of my life, but something that can be done.


Pagan Penagram
Pagan Penagram

This past Pagan Year I’ve met some fantastic fellow Witches and Tarot Readers, some are just starting out on their Tarot Journey (or out of the broom closet Witch-wise themselves) but they’re with me to connect with as and when we need each other. The internet, being the wonderful useful thing it is, has bought together some great people. I hope to continue to learn more, meet new people and merge it all together in The Green Woman’s Cauldron.

Some shout-outs for the sisters walking the path with me. TABI, Emma, Gayle Dee, Claire, Jo, Sue, Jess, Tina, Alison, Rowan Tarot,

That’s me for this Samhain Tarot Spread post. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and it’s given you something more of an insight into how I read the Tarot. You know where to book a reading with me, right here. If you’d perhaps like to leave a comment, please feel free – I love comments 🙂

Tarot Blog Hop : Samhain and Love


Welcome to the latest Bog Hop! This time, our wrangler,  Alison Cross of Game of Thrones fame (and former TABI Chairman) set a simple but wonderfully open challenge: Love. So, along-side twenty odd others, I’m here to share with you what I love about Samhain, Autumn, Tarot and life in general.

The Blog Hop Before Me  |  Master Blog Hop  |  The Blog Hop After Me

Love my park
My local park in early Autumn

If you’ve come from Ania’s blog, taken a step back from Morgan’s latest posting, or just dropped by because you regularly do, welcome!

I love kicking through Autumn’s golden gown. I never thought of it like that before, until I really got into listening to War of the Worlds and the song “Forever Autumn” entered my head. My children throughly enjoy doing that too and they take great pleasure in throwing the leaves around (when they can) or hunting for sweet and horse chestnuts.

Another thing I love, beyond the family, walking the dog in the park, playing with the kids, keeping warm, baking and sleeping, is reading the Tarot.Major 15 ~ The Guardian

The deck I love the most, out of all the decks on the market, is of course, The Wildwood and most of you know that it has connected with me on a level that no other deck has reached.

Autumn for me is about clearing up and packing away. It’s about taking it easy (*cough*) and getting ready for the coming cold months. I’ve no corn dolly again this year but I have a few more Halloween / Samhain decorations around the house (away from the front door) that the kids can enjoy. I’ve got their sweets ready for trick or treating (more treating than trickery) and a day out planned with family.

Major 13 The Journey
Major 13
The Journey

What do you love to do? I love talking Tarot with other readers and sharing spread ideas. In The Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook, Theresa Mills shared a Samhain Spread from the Aeclectic Tarot site. I share it with you here and over the weekend, I’ll document and share this reading. At this time of year, The Wildwood is about facing the challenges of the winter, taking stock,  facing up to and over-coming our internal hurdles.

The two Majors I have shown here indicate that strongly and I love working things out in my head, even if I never get them to materialise in the real world.

Here’s the spread I mention above.

Samhain Spread


1. Autumn Yield (what can be used)
2. Reserve stock (what can be put aside)
3. Winter ordeal (for what to prepare to)

4. Passage between the worlds (new paths & methods)
5. The gifts of Samhain (gifts of the new tide)
6. Mysterious meeting (some unexpected encounters)

7. What to say goodbye to…
8. What to remember…
9. Results/conclusion

Wheel of the Year Spread
Wheel of the Year – 2011

It looks much simpler than my Wheel Spread of 3 cards per month (this image to the left) that I tried to blog with monthly a few years back. Do you remember that? I certainly didn’t love updating it each month, but I did enjoy doing it!

Now, I shall enjoy some quiet time tomorrow evening and do the Samhain spread above. I will also enjoy some chocolate and a glass of white wine whilst sitting near one of the log burners (other things I love to indulge in) and perhaps grab an early night.

So, as the veil is now at its thinnest, what do you love? Who have you loved and lost and wish to remember this evening? This could be pets (I’ve a few of them) relatives, grand-parents, brothers, sisters, friends… the list of who has gone before us is endless but I hope you remember them with gentleness, love and a smile.

Now, if you’d like to visit Morgan’s site, the links to his after me and Ania’s before me, are below. And should you be lost in the fog, Ali has the Master Blog Hop list in the middle.


The Blog Hop Before Me  |  Master Blog Hop  |  The Blog Hop After Me


Wildwood CotD : Major 16 ~ The Blasted Oak

Today was certainly informative and helpful! The Blasted Oak (Or The Tower) was felt and for the first time, I think it’s come right when I needed it. Usually, when it lands, it’s forced upon us and we don’t want it; Things like redundancy, divorce, job loss… something negative and life changing that lasts for months.

Major 16
The Blasted Oak

However today, for the first time, I totally believe that whilst it has been forced upon me, it was a good thing. Any one who reads this blog knows I have two boys, both at school in varying years. The eldest is in year 2, the youngest in afternoon nursery. However, they’re both subject to the school holidays. It had escaped my notice that the school holidays (half term) was next week. Imagine how daft they and I would look if I had gotten the eldest to school for 8am (to have breakfast club) to find the school closed?

Okay, so I felt a twit this morning when I was asked: “But aren’t your kids on half term like mine?” and I had to shrug my shoulders and go: “No idea! Is it half term already?!” A quick text and a reply from another better organised mum than I, confirmed it. Whew!

So I can relax now, the pressure to have things organised like clockwork for 3 men in the house (or shall I just keep the general term of boys?) doesn’t need to be so tightly executed until Friday.

Which reminds me: My hours for the coming week have reduced as a result, so please see my bookings page for the updated times. But what a welcome blast and heads up from another mum! Now the question is: What on earth do  I do with a 6 and 3-year-old in the house for a WEEK!?  Library is one venue on the agenda, reading and gaining / practising comprehension is another… Oh, it’s going to be a rocky week but you know, I’ll get so precious little time with them alone before their little sister arrives, I’d better appreciate it!

I’d also better get ready for Promoting the Riviera Tarot Conference down in Torquay, get on with papering the front room and do the laundry. I’m tired just thinking about it all! Good night!!