Tarot Blog Hop : Yule Hop ~ Christmas Present

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Major 9
The Hooded Man

We’re at the time of Yuletide, so near to Christmas and here in the northern hemisphere, it’s cold! Mention snow, December or winter to a child and they’ll almost certainly mention Christmas and presents.

Presents is what this Blog Hop is about. There are many meanings to the word “present”, for it depends if you use it as a verb, noun or adjective. Do you want to unwrap the moment that is presented to you, or do you want to digest it? The Wildwood has various cards that are designed to “sit” at this particular point of the year. The two that have appeared for me more than most of late, are The Great Bear and The Hooded Man. Within the card of The Hooded Man, we see the shrill little Wren sit upon a rock, observing quietly. Behind the Hooded Man lies the ill-fitting door to the World Tree, which boasts a wreath made from Holly and Ivy.

Major 20
The Great Bear

For me, this time of year is often the time of year we all sit and think of resolutions for the New Year, things we want to change, improve upon, things we need to stop doing. The Hooded Man is The Hermit, we find our own way by taking the time to listen to our inner-self.

The other card that pairs with the Hooded Man is The Great Bear, the Wildwood’s answer to Judgement. Once we have decided on what we want to change within our lives for the coming year, how we determine our course of action comes up next. What we do in nature, nature balances out. Simple, huh? Here, the Great Bear reminds us of the same. How we do something causes a reaction to balance it out, so do what you need to in order to achieve your goals, but keep things balanced, keep things in check and remember that what you do has a consequence somewhere along the line. Hopefully, it’s a good consequence, an improvement on the current situation.

Major #18 ~ The Moon on Water

The Great Bear protects the initiate inside the Passage Grave and if you notice, above the bear, the constellation of The Great Bear itself is shown. Whilst you work out what move to make, when to emerge from the Passage Grave, I have the impression of whomever is inside (you, perhaps?) is being protected, shielded.

Major 0
The Wanderer

The other two cards that come up in the Wildwood Wheel of the Year are the Wanderer, for we often begin new adventures, or decide to, during New Year. They’re called Resolutions for a reason: We resolve to make things better for ourselves and those nearest and dearest to us. We know what we want to improve with the help of the last card, The Moon on Water. It’s one card of intuition, the dreams and instinct that has not yet, manifested but sits deep within us, waiting to come forth at the right time, when we’re ready to finally listen and realise what we’re feeling and instinctively know.

So, with four Majors coming out to help us, not to forget the entire suit of Stones (aka, Pentacles) what are YOUR resolutions going to be? Are they going to be as big as the Majors, or will it be little things that change us in small, but still, significant ways? I personally, will be going for the Suit of Stones, to make small changes personally. I’ve more than enough “big” changes coming my way, right around the time of Imbolc.

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And with this message, I wish you a very Merry Christmas, Yuletide or whatever you celebrate! May you keep your family safe and close by, if you love them enough!


Wildwood COTD : Six of Bows

Friday’s child may be loving and giving, but this card speaks of it in volume’s too! It’s the Six of Bows and its key word is: Abundance. If there ever was a word for loving and giving, abundance is it.

Card of the Day
Six of Bows ~ Abundance

As you may be able to see from the image, there’s a camp-fire burning in the centre and you can see baskets of fruit and other goodies to the bottom. This location feels secret, hidden, almost like a surprise party.

The card itself (according to the book) indicates that it is time to reap the benefits of the summer abundance. We’ve not had summer yet, but does that mean that we cannot be grateful for what we have or for what we are sowing?

I don’t think so, there is plenty already to be grateful for. Birthday’s happen at lots of different times of the year, we always have a generous feeling of giving when a friend or a close family member has a birthday.

The bows in this card are laid out like spokes of a wheel, the wheel which turns regardless of whether you want it to, or not. There is a joy in sharing things, time, stories, wine, food and companionship. It’s a good feeling and if it should happen your way today (as it will for me!) then enjoy, partake in it and savour it. Enjoy your Friday!


Wildwood COTD : Major #6, The Forest Lovers

Today we have one of the best Majors in the deck (and my birth card, according to Mary K Greer): The Forest Lovers. This of course is The Lovers in RWS Tarot decks, represented in this deck by Robin Hood and the Lady Marion.

Card of the Day
Major 6 ~ The Forest Lovers

This card is just brilliant for a lot of reasons. It is a card of promise, of intent, of pure and simple love, regardless of what may come in the future. It’s also about loving yourself: if someone else can see that good in you and you can see that good in them, then it’s time to believe in others and yourself.

The only person who is preventing you from doing what you want to, is you! During the weekend, I had the Lighthouse Family’s Ocean Drive go through my head, specifically the chorus, which is 1:18 in on the link. I asked my guides for help in understanding where I was to be taking my business this year. This was one of their answers.

Love is a universal gift, if your heart is generous enough. Seek love and you shall find love, balance and healing. These two are creating a positive spiritual force of creating emotional energy and a universal desire for harmony. And they’re starting with themselves. This could come in the form of being true lovers or that of  friendships. Whatever happens, allow the light of love to shine with you, from you and it will no doubt illuminate the darkest corners of your world. If you allow it, it could support you through whatever you set out to do.

I am back in Tarot action today and if you need a reading, delivered by whatever means you wish, I am here.

Wildwood COTD : Nine of Arrows

And today on this day of Litha (The Summer Solstice), Priestess Tarot turns over the Nine of Bows * Respect. Happy Solstice everyone!!

I’ve not pulled this card out of this deck before and this fellow certainly seems to demand respect. He’s coming right towards me over the roots that hide his camp, short bow in hand, arrow held in place. He’s not happy I’ve found him and he’s demanding and commanding respect.

The two words are very different. Demanding to me is screaming, shouting, like a toddler would. Commanding is like an older man or parent would. Quietly, strongly, with stature. This fellow has both going. And what, pray tell, am I being told to be respectful about?

Lots of things I should imagine. My family, my friends. My car (it’s in for service) the loan car (it’s a Discovery, so err… yeah!), this Tarot deck (yes, it is that way inclined) and life in general. And in the final case, be respectful of nature and myself.