Wildwood : Inner Power & Respect

Inner power & self respect are two things I think of when I see the Woodward emerge from The Wildwood: I love this guy, his energy and his power. Not to mention the Lynx cat! This is someone who certainly commands respect. It’s interesting that I pull him from the Wildwood app on my mobile at Lammas, which is the time of year he represents. Now, the summer wanes, the Guardian is back on his rounds. What do you fear? What darkens your soul? What do you need to be passive about? Now, passivity isn’t weakness, by any stretch of the imagination. Sometimes, we need to be passive, rather than full on aggressive. Sometimes, we need to be the velvet glove, not the iron hand. If you’ve seen Frozen, you’ll know that the Trolls sing about people make bad choices when they’re mad, scared or stressed. You just need to put a little love their way! But the Woodward isn’t exactly a loveable character, he’s not hug-able. To me, in this image, he’s taking a moment to digest, to think. He’s drinking (or has drunk?) from the cup of intoxication that sits in his right hand. He’s giving himself permission…

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Stones

As I wrap up today, I was hoping for the Four of Arrows to emerge, but you know, this one works just as well! I am not the character doing the healing, I’m most certainly the one on the ground, being healed. After a hectic weekend of mislaid plans of mice, men and women, I’m home. I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, with my husband (who will probably push me to the edges of it as he’s had it to himself for the last two nights!) and in the same house as my children. No air con machines going off, no loud TV from the other room until 1am, or first thing in the morning. Though, last night I slept rather well, there really is nothing better than coming home and enjoying your own bed, food, comforts and toothbrush! So today, no matter whether you’ve been watching the Olympics, driving home (however long you may have been driving) or delivering something over technology platforms, we all deserve a time to heal, rest, recuperate and recharge. Mine starts right now, so good night, bless you and thank you! Catch you all tomorrow! (And I’m available for bookings from…

Wildwood COTD : Major #7, The Archer

I pull this card right at the end of the day. I’m at the TABI Conference, having met up with some old acquaintances, meeting new ones and waiting for others to arrive, mostly by aeroplane. Unfortunately, the bad weather in Milwaukee is causing issues and I see the Archer today as trying to cut through that and get the point across. I’m not sure if the point here is Theresa Reed is supposed to Skype in this presentation or break hell and high water to get here. Come what may, she fully intends on making it to the Conference. Skype’s the backup plan. But even as I tried to sleep, it would not come, until the texts arrived that said Theresa was being disembarked. I can swear like a trooper, but I have young children at home, so I usually refrain and chastise those that swear near my children (they like to repeat things that they ought not to!) but I am sure you can insert quite a few colourful, perhaps Scottish, expletives into the parenthesis above: Trust me, I already have, mentally at least! But as Theresa said in a blog post yesterday: It ain’t going to get her…

Wildwood COTD : Major #16 ~ The Blasted Oak

And so I draw this card in the evening of Saturday. After a horrible 24 hours, I’m not surprised that The Blasted Oak has come calling. It even jumped out of the deck as I was shuffling. And frankly, Wildwood, its influence can just go back to where it came from please, thanking you not so kindly! You may wonder what on earth I’m talking about. Well, it’s quite simple really: We (husband and I, along with the children) keep chickens and in 36 hours, we’ve lost two of the wonderful birds we kept. One escaped and we lost her to a fox, the other one we lost due to ill-health and she passed away naturally on the vets table. Mrs Red’s loss on the vets table hurt more than Missy Pink escaping and being taken by an opportunistic fox. So, damn and blast, my world has been rocked There are bound to be some silver linings to these strikes, but at the moment, I cannot see them all. One for sure, is that the husband and I are here together to deal with it: it is not something that he has to do alone next weekend when the TABI…

Wildwood COTD : Major #19, The Sun of Life

It’s a Monday and the Wildwood clearly isn’t a deck for sitting down and resting on its laurels! Today, it gives us Major #19, The Sun of Life, which at first glance makes me think: Let your light shine! (Which then makes me think of Katrina and the Waves, Love Shine a Light) So today, will you let the magic happens? This follows on rather nicely from the blackthorn tree of yesterday and indeed, this week. But what does that mean? You can take inspiration from the Love Shine a Light Song but the light has to start from somewhere. Are you letting your heart and love and true self shine? Someone asked on a group in FB are you hiding your light under a basket or are you going to remove the basket and let the light shine. Such a great question! What else does the Sun of Life say to you? To me, it’s about fire (the Sun in the card indicates that rather well) and creativity, the next step into the awareness of the mind. It’s also a symbol of fertility (and indeed, came up a lot whilst I was pregnant with both my children) It also…

Wildwood COTD : Major #0, The Wanderer

What a perfect card for a Friday! The Wanderer in this deck is The Fool in others. It’s a perfect card for the weekend and the half term school holiday! As you can see from cards image, this person could be male or female. I remember Mark and John saying at the TABI Conference last year that they asked Will to intentionally make this person androgynous. It matters not the gender of the person walking out onto the rainbow bridge, it only matters that they are doing so. They have faith, they’re willing to try and they’re game for it, no matter the consequences. Which brings us to the question of the day: Where are you going? What baggage are you carrying that you really should just leave behind? Do you have enough faith to walk across that rainbow and start fulfilling your dreams? For now though, I wish my eldest luck and love on his first adventure weekend with his elder cousin (whom he adores, it’s not hard, she’s a real treasure!), his uncle and one set of grand-parents and no mum, dad or little brother in sight. Have fun my boy!

Wildwood COTD : Ten of Bows

Today’s card of the day is not as joyful as the card my eldest pulled out for us all yesterday! It is the Ten of Bows, or the Ten of Wands and carries with it the keyword of: responsibility. In the traditional Rider Waite, the Ten shows us someone carrying ten wands or staves but with no idea why, it’s a burden to him. In this card, we see why he’s carrying ten bows. He’s carrying them to the camp fire / holding at the top of the hill. I don’t know if these Bows are for fuel or to be seasoned into bows to protect the village, but whatever the reason, this chap has the responsibility of getting them to that destination and it’s now within sight. He’s nearly there! That matches with the 10’s, for it’s at the end of the number run. So, what responsibility to you have today that could very well be close to being completed? For me, it’s a reminder to get the TABI Conference finalised this week so it can be advertised from next week, as well as other TABI Responsibilities that need doing. Not to mention the usual ones that come with…

Wildwood COTD : 4 of Arrows

And on this Monday 25th July, the day post TABI 2011 Conference, Priestess Tarot pulls out the Four of Arrows. Being honest, I’d like to retreat to my bed. So would Alison & Caroline probably…. but alas, I cannot. Early nights are the best I’m going to get. That said, it was a brilliant weekend and Alison, as usual, did a hugely fantastic job of it! Got to work on how we can come up to the same standard next year. And yes, my thinking cap is well and truly on for that! 🙂 But for today, I have The Bow spread to practice with, the rest of my Druid Craft set to finish off, as per Carla Tate (if I can find a pen that will not rub off on the cards!) the washing to do & a load of other things to sort and pack, I doubt I’ll get the chance to rest… at least, not until around 10pm this evening. Wish me luck, won’t you?

Wildwood COTD : Two of Stones

And on this Saturday, at the TABI Conference, I pull out the Two of Stones with the key word of Challenge. And sitting in the workshops that are running, I can feel it’s going to be hard work and a challenge in expanding my Tarot business, kicking off my magical practices again and having time for me, being with the family and being an important part of my children’s lives.  All I can say is, like these boxing Hares, bring it on!

Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

Today we see a card I’ve talked about before: The Queen of Vessels. A woman (or fish!) that knows where she wants to go and why. She’s happy being in the water, out of it, jumping about, anything to help achieve what she wants and needs. I’ll be a bit like her this weekend I think, with the TABI Conference occurring this weekend. It’s going to be chaos but in the most fantastic way! I’ve got my pens, paper, folders etc. all sorted and I am seriously looking forward to meeting up with old friends and making new ones!!